In honor of Chromecast, iMore is giving away Apple TVs!

In honor of Chromecast, iMore is giving away Apple TVs!

Leave a comment below telling us why you'd prefer an Apple TV to a Google Chromecast and you'll be entered to win one FREE from iMore!

Chromecast looks like a great solution for people who have a select range of devices and want to stream a select range of content, so double thumbs up to Google for that, and for keeping the smart TV space interesting. However, Chromecast doesn't seem to offer Apple users anywhere nearly the power, performance, or experience of the Apple TV and AirPlay, at least not yet. But, Chromecast is only $35 and Apple TV is $99. And for some, cheapness is a feature! So, to help even the playing field for anyone torn between the two (or wishing they could more easily afford both!), we're going to give away three (3) brand new, Apple TVs! (Technically US$100 gift certificates.)

All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a comment below telling us why you'd rather have an Apple TV than a Google Chromecast.

That's it. That's all. Contest starts now and ends next Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Usual rules apply.

So what are you waiting for, comment and enter now!!

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In honor of Chromecast, iMore is giving away Apple TVs!



I'm currently using a crappy old PC laptop as a media center. I have ZERO love for anything Android, and an Apple TV would solidify my home's Apple domination in the neighborhood. Oh, and I NEED it! NEED NEED NEED. Lol.

I sure would love an Apple TV. I really need a "smart box" for one of my rooms. Plus, I live in an Apple ecosystem with products like the iPad and iPhone. This would complete the circle of entertainment for my home. THANKS!!!

Because it's an Apple product!

No just kidding, I feel it offer's more right now. No HBO or ESPN on Chromecast so no 35 dollars from me!

1) It has more partners.

2) My wife can figure it out easier since she already has an iPhone and understands that.

I'd much rather have an Apple TV than a Google Chromecast, for several reasons. But I think the most important reason is AirPlay. I'd love to be able to use my iPhone & iPad with my Apple TV seamlessly. Thanks for holding the contests!

If you lose the AppleTV, you can't use the remote still. [that's the equivalent in your statement not lost remote vs lost device]


I don't know how you'd lose the Chromecast since it's directly plugged in to the TV. Unless you want to manually unplug/plug in the the power supply to the Apple TV every time you want to turn it on, I highly doubt you'd want to lose the remote for it.

Works best with my Apple gadgets, has built-in content (don't need a dedicated device to watch something), looks cooler, lets me purchase content from iTunes, Google can't track what i watch, it isn't app-dependent.

Apple TV has far more to offer, content-wise and ecosystem-wise. Its always good to see new streaming options though to keep the innovations flowing!

I am an apple junkie and am super excited about the mavericks extended desktop feature!!! Plus I have tons of media on my iMac that I would love to watch on my main TV in another room.

The fact that its Integrated with all my iOS devices and can use my iPad/iPhone as the remote... Win. Not to mention airplay mirror with my MacBook. My mom has one and it's so much fun to play with every time I go over. I also love the photo stream feature

Because it won't be natively integrated with me iPhone / iPad and because I've been wanting an apple TV for a couple of months now.
(And I haven't given up on an SDK for the Apple TV)

I want an Apple TV for my parents. They don't know what chrome is and want screen mirroring...
Is this give-away US only?

For me its because the Apple TV does so much more than. Getting content from Apple, but also so many other 3rd party services.

I would much rather have an Apple TV than a Chromecast, simply because it is a much more functional device. Sure it it larger, and is more difficult to move between TV sets. BUT, it doesn't require your iPhone to play Youtube or Netflix videos. In addition, there are many apps you can stream to your Apple TV and view pictures using Airplay.

I would love to win an Apple TV because Apple makes the best gadgets out there
Google is a great manufacturer but googles solution lacks AirPlay and all other iCloud goodies that Apple TV has to offer

I hope this competition is open to the UK :D

Apple TV because it does more than just media ;-) it does SO much more!

Because Google has tried and failed at this TV game before. What's to say that they got it right this time? What good-will have they built up with the consumer public to show that they understand the TV space?

It looks cool and interesting, so did that Dell USB dongle that was supposed to "Save the PC industry." Remember that? Me neither.

People want an integrated experience that "just works." Apple has always understood this. And maybe one day Google will too.

My TV already supports Netflix and YouTube. Sharing any video content with Airplay display mirroring is much more powerful.

Just purchased from Apple Store to replace my Roku box. Love, just love air play feature and Apple TV has You Tube already. Only issue is that picture gets very fuzzy for an instant and then back again. Other than that..Air Play!!! My wife likes that she can stream the Big Brother feeds from the CBS web site right on to Apple TV. I wish Amazon would work with it though. Just get audio and no picture.

I'd prefer an Apple TV than a Chromecast as Google does not have the best track record when it comes to streaming devices such as the ill fated Nexus Q. The Apple TV also offers built in content on the device whereas the Chromecast seems to be a glorified Airplay receiver of sorts. The Apple TV also offers better compatibility with devices such as my Mac, as Airplay Displays make their way to the ecosystem with Mavericks.

I like the Airplay capability honestly. It'll work well with my iPad, MBP and other Apple gadgets.
I like the Chromecast idea. I'm sure this wont be the last of this type of device.

AirPlay. So I connect my Mac smoothly and efficiently to a monitor for my students to enhance learning.

Because I just don't want something I can stream to, I want something that can access my music, movies, and have a screen saver of my photos. Not to mention the other apps on the Apple TV, and I'm sure more are coming soon. So if I won one, I would use the crap out of it. Chromecase, not so much.

AirPlay, ubiquitous and more compatible within my Apple ecosystem. Apps are built right in. I don't have to charge it.

Apple TV feels more like an "entertainment" device than a USB drive would. Google while their ideas are good just feel gimmicky. An Apple TV would definitely help me enjoy my (very) large media collection more and hopefully help justify more future purchases. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

I'd rather have an Apple TV because I use more of Apple's hardware, software, and services than I use Google's. The Apple TV is also far more powerful, being able to mirror a device's display as well as stream things like Hulu Plus. The Apple TV includes an optical audio port, which isn't present on the Chromecast.

I'd love an AppleTV over Chromecast because Apple makes better quality products and has a lot of partners, plus I can link it to my Apple ID without even thinking about thinking about it. Would be awesome at the hotel.

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I like the Apple TV because it's integrated with all of my devices so perfectly. I specifically love the airplay mirroring feature.

I'd rather have an Apple TV because I am pretty sure that Google is going to have to make up for the $35 cost of the Chromecast by flooding it with advertisements and/or selling tracking data!

I would prefer apple tv because imo apple products just plain work better, are more simple to use, and apple takes care of regular updates etc. Thank you!

because I'm sick and tired of plugging in via HDMI, as well as getting up, going across the room, and putting on something different on Netflix during my weekly binges.

I'm lazy.

I don't want one more than Chromecast, I already ordered one, I want one to find out which one is better. Sure, Apple TV has more content options out of the box - but it won't work with any ol' device. And yeah, Chromecast will work with almost anything I throw at it - but will it be as seamless? Which will be better for me to access the content I want when I want it? I'd love to find out and I'll compare the two and post my findings in the forums.

The apple TV is a way better product - particularly considering that the ChromeCast doesn't do anything a basic Smart TV or Smart BluRay player can do already. Apple's integration of apps onto the Apple TV makes it a much better fit in our home.

I would rather an Apple TV instead of Chromecast because of my technology choices. All of my Apple products just work together...Mac, iPhones, and iPad Mini just work together without any hassle. Adding an Apple TV to the mix would just be that much better and support things like AirPlay and mirroring.

I would rather have an Apple TV cause all my 200+ TV Shows and 200+ Movies are all in iTunes! Getting sick of watching them all on my computer monitor. Would love to watch my TV shows and Movies on my 65 inch HD 3D TV. That would be nice!

1) Apple TV, iOS device, and Made for iPhone controller = Most portable game console ever
2) Stream any content from a computer through an iOS device and AirPlay it directly to an Apple TV with a number of different apps
3) Apple TV can be controlled via the remote or any iOS device
4) AirPlay
5) Who needs a SteamBox? AppleTV plus Mac plus Mountain Lion = AirPlay Mirroring of all your games to your television
6) It's sexy
7) Have I mentioned AirPlay, yet?
8) This list is too long, and there are still plenty of other reasons. I just want one, okay?

Because it is its own Device you don't need any other thing to control it ! Apple TV can do some much more as a standalone device ! And all 1,000,000,000 iOS app can be mirroed on the tv with any changes to an app ! Thanks hope I win :)

I'd rather have an Apple TV because it will work far better with my iPhone, MBP, and soon to be iPad.
Also I have never won anything from you guys and would really like to at least once. :D

I prefer Apple TV because of the integration with the rest of my technological ecosystem. I have one already, but would really like another to use on my secondary TV.

I've been on the fence about getting a Roku or Apple TV, so this would be a good way to at least try one without a big investment, although the AirPlay feature might be the deciding factor.

We just moved into a new house and finally have room for a big flatscreen TV. Been wanting to dump Comcast in favor of an Apple TV for awhile and our contract is up next month. It's the perfect time to switch.

Why Apple TV instead of Chromecast? Design, features, Apple ecosystem, sexy, need I say more? :)

Apple may be more locked down or Apple TV
But, I have had mine for a year and never Had it lockup
Or freeze. Have heard some bad stories about google chrome cast. So I prefer Apple TV over most others for the reason that it isn't open source.

I would prefer any device which is a SOLID member of the best ecosystem on the planet, that is why I would like an AppleTV instead of that Chrome "thing-a-ma-jig !

So I just purchased an apple tv at best buy the other day and let me say that I love using it with my iPhone and Macbook Pro to steam Movies, Pictures, and music to my 42 inch and sound system. Hahah iv'e left the media center pc off for a few days since I pluged in my Apple TV :) Hoorah!!!!!

I like the Apple TV because it's Apple. I'm an Apple fanboy and the Airplay feature would be awesome and the mirroring feature would just be amazing for doing pretty much anything on my iPhone. Plus it would be an amazing product to do a setup and review video on for my YouTube Channel as well as my blog.

iTunes Match, iTunes content, AirPlay stream & mirroring, Netflix, HGO GO, WATCH ESPN, Aereo, and the list continues, you can even stream games to your Apple TV, and the best part is that is all integrated with your iOS devices...... Or like they said today in today's Google event "It just works."

APPLE TV is more intuitive and definitely pairs well with the apple ecosystem which is also intuitive. Chromecast is not as powerful - it is not even a dual band stick. Therefore, you want to stream HD content? You are better off with an APPLE TV!!!!

AirPlay, More Options such as MLB.TV and the like. Also it just works with my Apple Ecosystem. Best of all my Apple TV is backed with AppleCare, which makes for hassle free replacement should something go wrong with the device.

As much I like the ability to control my app in the background on chromecast. I don't see myself using the chromecast as it require developer to integrate the api/extra button on the android or ios app. Where compare to iOS with mirror the screen on the TV which is much simple and easier to use (one button for all app), apple tv has much more functionality compare to chromecast and as well as I don't use chrome but i don't see myself mirroring youtube unless it airplay .

Simply because of how Mavericks and an Apple TV will let you use your TV as a second or third display! Awesome!

I've always liked how rich the images are from Mac products. As far as features go, I'm somewhat more or less indifferent. But after using plenty of other Samsung products, the Mac stuff just looks better!

Because my Media Center HTPC is long in the tooth, and my wife and I have iphones already. I would like to experiment with Airplay and stream content over my LAN. An Apple TV would be wonderful! Thanks :)

I want to buy all the apple product when compared to google product so i need Apple TV

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Chromecast for 35$ gets you only one of the many features available on the Apple TV. With Apple TV you can Airplay, stream content and play all your iTunes content. You're also guaranteed software updates as long as the hardware supports it.

I believe the Apple TV has already ruined Cable Boxes and just like the Google TV, chromecast will never make it.

I'm completely emerged in the apple ecosystem and would only be able to access anything through Apple TV. AirPlay is really awesome too.

Because I have an entertainment center on my ipad and its the only way not to have a headache when streaming from it. Oh and its from Apple!!

Give me the chromecast any day. I've got an Ipad mini for work but I just don't get on with ios. I feel suffocated with it, no freedom to do what I want like on android. And my nexus 7 is 100 times better anyway. I want a device I can stream to from any of my devices, be it my Ipad, Nexus, PC or Samsung phone. Apple just can't offer that. If your device isn't Apple it just won't work with the Apple TV box. And it way cheaper. Perfect.

It'll totally be great with the rest of my apple kingdom in the house. And I can show the wife how to use it too!

I would love an Apple TV because I already have an iPhone 5, iPad Mini & my boyfriend has an iPhone 4S. It would just fit in with our entire home and we wouldn't have to keep plugging one of our laptops into our tv just to watch our iTunes content. Chromecast wouldn't fit in with us because we don't have anything Android & we have lots of iTunes stuff that wouldn't play over. Plus what's better than staying in the Apple/iOS Family?

Because I'm already hooked into the Apple ecosystem. I buy my music and rent movies through iTunes and I don't have any plans on switching anytime soon.

An Apple TV would be great with my other Apple devices. Look forward to Airplay. Also, Rene wants to give me one :)

As household CTO, I cannot risk exposing my family to Google TV 2.0. It is my duty to provide technology that makes the lives of my wife and children better, not more complex, so I'm taking a stand.

If not me, who?
If not now, when?

Id like a apple tv because its more versatile but the chromcast is very innovating and interesting but i would still rather have my apple tv with my apple eco system in my home

I can stream movies/Tv show stored in my iTunes library or AirPlay from my MacBook Pro, all while using my iphone as my remote!

Apple's overall user experience - from opening a product box all the way to actual daily use - continues to be superior to what Google currently offers.

ATV is just more functional for my household. We use Macs and iDevices so the Chromecast is just not as appealing. It doesn't bring anything to the table for us other than a 35$ price tag. Also- Apple could kill the CC in 5 minutes by opening it up to the rest of it's ecosystem. Which I am anxiously awaiting.

I would love to try the Apple TV, I hear good things about it but I never own a streaming media gadget beside my phone

I'd rather use airplay and stay within the Apple ecosystem. Being a Copper Mountain Employee and staying at employee housing, I have 20 channels. Apple TV would solve that problem!

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Apple TV is more robust. Meaning it come with services that I use daily, such as Netflix,NBA,MLB, and amazon prime. It's nice to just have all the services when you need the bc my laptop is not always with me at home.

Too anger my wife? Sorry, didn't know she was a stark Android fan until after I said 'I do.'
J/K - I think it is a great piece of technology and well....the price is right! :)

I am in the Apple Ecosystem and LOVE it. An Apple TV would just make this union that much better. PICK ME PICK ME!!!!

I prefer Apple products for their quality and it will work nicely with the family's ipad, two mini ipads & iphone 4s.

Since they are giving away 3 months of free Netflix with the device (including for existing members,) this thing basically pays for itself if you use Netflix.

But it still isn't nearly as robust as an Apple TV (think AirPlay, Airplay Mirroring, photostream etc.) It will depend in whether or not developers choose to support Chromecast and what the API allows them to do. But comparing the possible future of Chromecast against the current and possible future of the Apple TV, there's no question which has a huge leg up.

Apple TV already has content deals with kingpins ESPN, HBO, MLB, iTunes Store etc. in addition to services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc.

Chromecast gives you YouTube and Netflix, which are pretty much supported by any other set top box already.

Chromecast has a promising future and is likely worth the 30$. But coming from the same company that axed the Q and many of its services, color me a bit skeptical about Google's long term support and developer evangelism for this platform.

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I would love an Apple TV because APPLE RULES! We have 3 iPhone 5's in our house and a few Mac computers as well as 1 iPad.. Adding an Apple TV would just be the icing on the cake. The googleCast can't touch AppleTV :-)

I need to put PowerPoint presentations on the large screen when I'm with my clients. So, I prefer the Apple TV to the Chromecast because Apple supports Microsoft Office (I cannot believe I'm promoting Apple's support of Microsoft).

Apple TV offers better integration with my other devices, and the ecosystem is more content-rich. Thanks for having the contest!

i like the idea of the chromecast. but i live in an apple ecosystem and i believe that the apple tv would be the perfect way to put media more smoothly in the living room

I was looking for a way to get one to work with my iphone and i pad without my gf getting mad at me for spending money so what better chance then this :p. Also it's better than a Chromecast because the apple tv is a much better esthetic fit and the black box looks better than what seems to amount to little more than a dongle.

I'd love an Apple TV to go into my room!!! Apple over google for this apple fanatic!

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Because it allows actual screencasting, as opposed to specific-services-casting. I can already stream Youtube from my smartphone/tablet to at least three devices attached to my living room TV. I don't see Chromecast substantially improving things without a significant expansion of its capabilities.

We are an all Apple house. I would have no use for a Google product no matter how less expensive it is. I will take an Apple TV over Google thank you very much.

I'd love to have an Apple TV because our family already owns a wide variety of Apple products. (iPhone, iPad Mini, Macbook Pro, etc) This would be great for us to use because we could stream movies from Netflix, play games on our TV, and more. I'd love to also use it for personal uses and do other cool things with it.

I'd like an Apple TV because apple makes products that just work. It connects like it should with no hassles. My Bluray player that allowed me to stream Netflix died (Samsung ): ) and now my wife and I are stuck watching the same movies. We were thinking about buying one but right now we aren't able to shell out the bucks for it.

I have a few reasons why is rather have an Apple TV than a Chromecast for a few different reasons: one, because it would flow so much better with the Apple ecosystem. I only have apple products and they would work so much better with an Apple product than a Google. Second, because of the quality. Apple is notorious for great quality. I would much rather have an Apple product over a Google product. Look at every product each produces: MacBooks vs. Chromebooks, Mac is better, iPhones vs. Androids, no question there. The third reason why I'd rather have an Apple TV than a Chromecast is because my family loves looking at pictures. It would be so nice to have a quality device to do that. We could just hook it up to our TV and instantly stream videos, pictures, everything! That's why I'd rather have an Apple TV than a Chromecast.

I'd love to have an Apple TV, as it looks more powerful to me than a small HDMI stick and it works better with my iPhone

I like the Apple TV more because it allows for full mirroring of an iOS device, allowing me to share anything, not just select content.

I want an AppleTV so I can Air Play my movies onto my big TV and not have to perch my laptop precariously on top of the cabinet where I know at some point one of our cats is going to knock it over :(

I'd rather have an Apple TV because Apple doesn't sell my data. It's also easy to use, unlike every single Android product I've ever tried.

I want an Apple TV because it is an extension of my iPad and it is my favorite home media center. Airplay is awesome!

I would love an Apple TV to use with my Apple devices. Not to mention that Google more or less is just now catching up to the Apple TV, how much farther is Apple TV going to jump ahead in the near future? I don't know, but I'd sure like to watch it happen from my couch!

1) No PhotoStream or iCloud integration on ChromeCast.
2) The industrial design of the Apple TV wins hands down

I'd still love an ATV because I don't have one and having MacBooks, iPhones it makes a lot more reasonable to own one than a chromecast. I like the idea of AirPlay. Would love to be able to use it at home. Now my baby girl is the most important so ATV exists only on my amazon wish list;P

iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad 2 only makes it obvious my family needs an Apple TV. MacBook Pro will be ordered next week.

I'm from a family that only has apple products so getting an Apple TV would make it easier to connect everything. Airplay is a feature I could take advantage of with my phone, tablet or mirroring on my Macbook. I am also looking to get rid of my cable subscription altogether so this would definitely help with that process since the iTunes store has a large amount of content in addition to Netflix. I'm a student so getting one for free would definitely be a bonus!

Well I've never even heard of chromecast and I prefer apple products anyway. Plus i saw someone mention there's no HBO on chromecast, so the obvious choice is apple tv

I have spent more money in iTunes on music and movies than I care to admit to anyone. I would love to be able to stream my iTunes movie library to my television and be able to watch netflix and huluplus all in one convenient place without having to connect my Ancient MacBook Pro via hdmi with adapter.
In spite of google claiming chromecast will work with ios, I really don't believe it for a second. The Apple TV would just work better with my already established apple ecosystem.
Plus I don't trust google or their products and services.

Absolutely the Apple TV. Airplay, a little iOS gaming, screen sharing from our Macs, iTunes Store, iTunes content, Airplay and Airplay....

All of my products today are Apple, so for this reason I would prefer to have an Apple TV over Chromecast.

I know that the Apple TV is going to be compatible with my older digital TV and our iOS home infrastructure - why experiment?

I need an Apple TV & I don't want to infect all my Apple products with something from Google. It's bad enough I have to use a Samsung Plasma TV, but until Apple comes out with a 64" AppleTV I have no choice.

Having an apple tv would be a fantastic addition to the living room. Its already proven technological prowess is unmatched by any home entertainment systems. You get an apple quality product with endless amounts of streaming entertainment!

I'd use an AppleTV because it fits into the ecosystem of devices I already own. I don't need a cross platform device because I rely on the interoperability of the Apple ecosystem.

- We already have an iPad, and Airplay will take care of what Chromecast does, and more such as stream photos, web content, and, well, everything else on my iPad all in pretty 1080p.
- Apple TV is the perfect home theater PC replacement, able to stream content from the apps on the box as well as the limitless amount of material on synced up Apple devices.
- Airplay, Airplay, Airplay! By itself, Apple TV has similar functionality to the Chromecast. Coupled with another Apple device, the content is literally infinite.
- Although Chromecast will work on Google apps in iOS, Apple TV works with ALL apps in iOS.
My family would LOVE an Apple TV for all the streaming and content possibilities, please choose us :).

I have a bunch of apple devices and would like to be able to mirror it on my tv. It will also go alone way in college this fall. Thanks!

I would much rather have an apple tv than a chromecast, because I'm more involved with the apple ecosystem, and airplay is a MUCH better solution.

I'm thrilled about the prospects with OS Mavericks and AppleTV, being able to use multiple desktops, one on my Mac, the other on my tv , and another on my iPad :)

I would like an AppleTV so I can use AirPlay mirroring from my iPad mini and also to use my TV as a second monitor over AirPlay under OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

I would love an Apple TV so my 6 year old grandson can watch his shows in his room instead of the big TV in the living room.

For to listen and watch the wonderful things on my ios and mac on a system worth watching and listening on. My world is all Apple.

I need the Apple TV so I can use mirroring with my iPhone, iPad & mac. It would complete my system. Don't need to go outside of the apple ecosystem

Would love an Apple TV because then I could stream and control my keynote with my iPhone and/or iPad when I'm giving a speech in my Oral Presentation and Communication class! No need for a USB anymore! :)

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Why would I prefer an appleTV to the google product?

Because I am already in the apple ecosystem and need an update for my functional but older appleTV (720p).

I need an Apple TV because I'm a downtrodden Comcast customer who can't use HBO Go on my Roku 3 because, for reasons nobody understands, Comcast has not approved HBO Go for Roku.

They have approved it for Apple TV however.

I prefer Apple TV to the Google Chromecast because I can completely mirror (AirPlay) my iPhone to it, making the Apple TV a lot more functional for Apple products than the Google Chromecast!

- I would prefer AppleTV over Chromecast because of my current Tech Eco-System (Apple dominated).
- Airplay would be one of my many reasons. My daughter loves to see her iPad games over our HDTV.

For me it's easy. Apple TV let's me stram videogames from mi iPhone to the TV, and it let's me use the iPhone as a controller. Chromecast is interesting, but the best use case I find for a device like these ones is mobile gaming on a TV, so Apple TV for me.

An AppleTV let's me stream all my iTunes movies and shows, and with the new addition of HBO GO and Watch ESPN, I have 90% of everything I watch right there!

ease of use, viewing photostream, hbo go, streaming purchased itunes media, airplay, soon-to-be second monitor with mavericks, etc.

nothing can compare to the style and grace Apple makes their products with. I would prefer an Apple TV over chromecast for the style and for the functionality of airplay!

Because I would be able to stream all my purchased movies and shows in iTunes to my TV without the hassle of hooking up my PC.

I would love an Apple TV because I am an educator and have an ipad for work. I dream of a classroom that is connected, where students can airplay their work to the screen via the Apple TV hooked up to the projector. I can't get the same service and ease of use with any other device.

Because anything Apple is better than anything Google. And it would work with my iPhone and iPad!!