Apple Developer Center returns after an eight day outage

Developer System StatusApple's Developer Center has returned after a long eight days of downtime that began in response to a security threat last week. The recently launched System Status page shows that the iOS Dev Center,Mac Dev Center, and Safari Dev Center are all back up.

Developers will still need to be patient though as not all functionality has returned. For example, the developer forums remains down, while other functionality, like downloading beta release software, is already back up. This is definitely a promising sign for developers.

Nick Arnott

Security editor, breaker of things, and caffeine savant. QA at Double Encore. Writes on about QA & security, and as @noir on Twitter about nothing in particular.

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kch50428 says:

iOS7-Beta4 Monday maybe? :)

Richard Devine says:

They could have delivered that as an OTA by now as with Mavericks if they really wanted to, surely?

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kch50428 says:

Only Apple knows for sure - and they probably won't say... :)

steviet02 says:

Not quite, still can't get documentation or anything like that for some strange reason.

bamf-hacker says:

Tried to register a new device. It worked but when the iOS was installed it said the device was not registered. I will try again later on.