Why Candy Crush is killing console gaming! - Talk Mobile Report

Why Candy Crush is killing console gaming! - Talk Mobile Report

We spent a whole week on Talk Mobile covering the impact of mobile gaming on the console market, on developers, on our lives, and on the future of the industry in general. But we were just getting the conversation started. After our intro, we handed the topic over to you, and thanks to your comments, suggestions, votes, and survey responses, we got a ton of information back. And here it is!

From where we play to how we pay, why we're on mobile to what still has value for the consoles, the following Talk Mobile infographic shows the big trends in gaming that you told us were most important to you.

Check it out below, tap/click for the full-size version, and then let me know what you think - any surprises or is this pretty much where you see the current and future state of mobile gaming?

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Reader comments

Why Candy Crush is killing console gaming! - Talk Mobile Report


Mobile gaming doesn't even come close to a good consle game for quality. It might for instant anywhere fun but that's it.

Killing Console gaming ? Get real. Mobile gaming is cool to kill time when your stuck at the airport, but it will never ever KILL console gaming. It will COMPETE with it but thats about it. Just wait and see this fall when Sony and MS Unleas their console wars, look at their sales reports and get back to us then about the death of console gaming.
Sure, Candy Crush , A FREE GAME, will have more people DOWNLOADING IT, vs $400-$500 UNITS , but in the end , true gamers will always stick to their console.


Mobile games will never replace consoles, they won't even replace handhelds in my opinion. The 3DS is selling very well even if it's games are $40. Mobile games are just time wasters, if you really want a good experience they are found on consoles and even handhelds. Not to say their aren't any available on iOS, just not a replacement

I used to be a fan of video games consoles, the graphics were better and the gameplay was awesome. There also was a wide variety of games you can play. But too me, video games consoles and video games cost a lot of money and unless you can afford it, you will want to play something else. Mobile games are cheaper, but can be expensive if you pay a lot of money for in app purchases. I dont know why, but i dont play video games consoles tthat much, and i prefer mobile games, because they are easier to play and i dont mind the graphics that much.

But i think, video games consoles are going to get better and the graphics are going to be more intense, so i really dont think mobile games will ever replace video games and it depends on what you prefer.

It's hard to take a report on gaming seriously when it is presented by Blackberry, a company that knows nothing on the subject.

BlackBerry sponsored it, they didn't inform it. If Molson sponsors the UFC, they're not actually in the ring fighting.

YOU guys, the commenters on Talk Mobile, informed the report. And you guys know your stuff!

BlackBerry just had the testicular fortitude to sponsor it, cross-platfom.

Yes Rene, you (Talk Mobile ) got the opinion of MOBILE users about gaming.
Had you done your research in a videogame website like IGN, you wouldve seen different results. Thats a fact , Jack !

One thing that turns me off from mobile gaming gaming is the lack of tactility in the controls. Try playing a FPS on an iphone. It just sucks! Nothing beats the feel of a handheld controller.

Very true. Have you ever heard of the moga controller for android? With that, it's easy to see mobile gaming eating into (but not killing) console gaming.

Never heard of it since i dont own any Android product. I have over 500 paid iOs games but i dont really play any of them. Candy Crush was hot for a while and got to level 50 but i quit playing cause its so damn frustrating! Lol
EA's Peggle is what im wasting my life with now.

I think the mobile gaming is taking away the casual market, the same people who bought the Nintendo wii for the casual games.

LOG OUT of candy crush, go into manage apps. Tap candy crush. Tap clear data. ( wait for it to finish computing) exit..go back to play candy crush, log into facebook, and POOF! Full set of lives! Don't do this if you have saved up lives in your messages, you WILL LOSE THEM ! but there is nothing to lose if not ! Logging back into facebook putz you right back on the last level played!
As for how much time I spend on candy crush... WAAAAYYYY TOO MUCH! as for money, about $3.00 USD. Yep just 3 bucks! If you're wondering, I'm on level 414 yep, I'm addicted! At least it's not hurting me, or anyone else like other addictions lol, justify and deny ! Lol