Apple releases iOS 7 beta 5 - Developers, go get it!

Apple releases iOS 7 beta 5 - Developers, go get it!

Apple has released beta 5 for iOS 7, which as usual, will contain all manner of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and minor and major tweaks as they continue the long haul towards fall release.

Registered developers can get it now by going to Settings > General > Software Update and doing an over-the-air (OTA), on-device update. It should also be available, in full binary form, via the Apple Developer Center.

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Ajay2010 says:

Hey is anyone else's reception dots stuck on 5 mine just never goes down they were fine until beta 4 came an I thought it would be fixed after I updated to beta 5 but nope there still stuck ?

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KFronz782 says:

i said the same thing.. mine is still showing 5 dots.. idk..

dunn.brian says:

Since Beta 4, my iPhone 5 has been showing all 5 dots for 4G (AT&T). The dots drop to 1 or no service in the mid section of my house (my house is pretty much a deadzone). By a window, however, my iPhone shows 1-2 dots of LTE (which is normal).

KFronz782 says:

my sister lives in a dead zone, and since Beta 4, i now get between 4-5 bars of service. mostly 5, and this is on AT&T on 4G. My friend, also on AT&T said that he has noticed that his service seems better. i did read a blog, that many people were expierencing this, however, it didn't actually effect your service. i don't beleive this is true. at my sisters house, where i only get 1-2 bars usually, i turned off wifi and was using 4G, and sent a text and usually take 2-3 minutes to send. litterally after i hit send, it was sent.

bandityo says:

Surprised you didnt guess this one Keith lol

iphone32gbwhite says:

wow settings menu look amazing

counterculture says:


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graljackal says:

Yeah! Windows Phone for iOS.

counterculture says:

Love to see the new improvements, tweaks. Not going to lie...had my doubts but I'm getting more and more excited for the final release!

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tricqster says:

Exactly my thoughts. I was worried when saw beta 2, 3, even beta 4. But looks more and more polished, and while I was wondering if I will stay with iOS 6, now I believe I will be happy with iOS 7 final release.

counterculture says:

Yeah dude. The look definitely struck me as a little too cartoonish and I even debated staying with iOS 6 too. With this more polished version, my sentiments have changed :-)

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jgabler5025 says:

I'm happy for the quick turnaround from the last beta update. This probably means that the bugs are getting smaller and that we're moving towards a GM soon. Hopefully.

kch50428 says:

GM likely out on the same day the next iPhone is announced... just a guess... :)

Avenged110 says:

Still hate iOS 7 but beta 5 is at least a step in the right direction, I guess.

Daytona says:

With each beta that is released I hope to see a Quick Reply feature for the Messages App. Sadly, nothing has come yet and it is somewhat disheartening. I love that it is a feature in OS X Mavericks, but feel it would be more useful to me on my iPhone.

counterculture says:

1 FREAKING AGREE! I don't understand why I would need it more on my MacBook than my iPhone.

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Adem Reka says:

I just installed it. Is very smooth now and the settings menu is beautiful. Also some of apps don't crash now.

Druce says:

So, for anybody trying to read something special into the fact that this release came on the heals of the Beta 4 last week, don't. Beta 4 was delayed because of the security "event" that shut down Apple's developer center. Apple is still on track for releasing a new beta every two weeks. There were three weeks between Beta 3 and Beta 4. Beta 5 was just released on schedule.

Orlando Caceres says:

Just installed beta 5 and it finally fixed the issue i was having with my iPhone 5 not giving me sms nor imessage notification. ALL HAIL iOS 7!!!!

Ajay2010 says:

Hey does your signal dots stay at 5 dots ? Or is it normal

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lucky8919 says:

My signal dots are increasing and decreasing normally.

Pavel Sulimenko says:

I've got this issue (or maybe feature?) on beta 6, but reboot helped, no idea if it will happen again

counterculture says:

Oh and the Play/Pause and Skip headphone bugs have been fixed. Happy camper here so far. YouTube app still crashes when trying to copy link/share to other sites though.

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Chuck Halverson says:

Curious....does anyone know the average number of beta versions before final release? Havent touched IOS 7 but looking forward.....

KFronz782 says:

depends on how often they release betas.. but usually after beta 4 or so, the releases are longer in between each other (meaning not 2 weeks). i beleive for ios 5 & 6 there was 7 betas before GM.

M4rK K says:

Lol it looks like Symbian main screen on my old Nokia N8

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redbeard says:

I wonder which beta will see the return of the UI?? This outline they are using as a placeholder is pretty fugly..;)

theKHMERboy says:

while i am waiting for the official release of ios 7... the last time i had beta tested ios7 on my device was version 2 and although i liked it alot i just couldnt deal with some of the glitches and some of the apps not working properly so i have switched back to ios6... i was wondering for the beta tested version 5 for ios 7... is there any apps that dont work and is it still glitchy as it was before? i am kinda anticipated in installing ios7 on my device again