1Password 4 going on sale, 55% off for a limited time!

1Password 4 is one of our absolute favorite security apps, and for a limited time the developer Agilebits is putting the iOS version of the app on sale with a massive 55% price reduction. The app, which usually runs for $17.99 can now be had for just $7.99.

The sale is in part to help those folks still using 1Password 3 make the transition, since the Dropbox API used in this older version will be retired on September 1. If you're running a device pre-iOS 6, then sadly you're out of luck and you'll need to follow alternatives steps outlined by Agilebits in order to keep 1Password sync in operation. But, if you're on iOS 6 and above, we can't recommend upgrading highly enough.

Source: Agilebits

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Reader comments

1Password 4 going on sale, 55% off for a limited time!


Really bro? Not happening... Don't know why this rumor keeps being so damn persistent. While biometrics is a considerable form of security, It has been proven to be tricked and beaten on numerous occasions.

Plus, the iPhone is so damn thin and they can barely put a decent battery in it. So I find that fingerprint scanning to be highly unlikely.

I've the same question. I own 1Password iOS and Mac, but if iCloud Keychain in iOS 7 works, then I'll have to look hard for a reason to keep using 1Password.

Cross-platform is one reason to keep 1Password, another if you manage several Apple devices which don't share the same iCloud account.

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can't possibly understand why this app costs $7.99 for my iphone, yet costs a whopping $49.99 for my imac??? I will never buy an app for $49.99 for any reason. I use a password keeper by the name of "msecure" for both my imac and iphone and it works perfectly. What does this app have to offer that they price it at $49.99??? It certainly does not do the dishes for me,that's for sure.

Considering how well this app functions it is definitely worth $7. Now $15-$17..... that's a different story. Perhaps the regular price is so high based off of the well known name of this app. It's quite possibly one of the most popular/used password apps EVER.

I'm still annoyed I bought the Mac version a month before iCloud Keychain was announced. No real point for this app once that comes out (for iOS/Mac users anyway). Great app/developer but Apple basically eliminated this market.

Its very expensive, there are so many apps out there, and free, the quality is not bad, or we just wait to icloud keychain

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1Password does so much more than the iCloud keychain thing. For one, you can access it anywhere you can hit Dropbox. I can get my data on Windows machines too. Second, you won't be locked to Safari. Third, it stores way more than just passwords. Fourth, it is indispensable for generating secure passwords on the fly. Fifth, many apps are adding 1Password support, so it will open 1Pass from the app, then return you to the app when you have retrieved your password.

Seriously, it is so much more than just a cloud based keychain.