1 Minute Survey: How many times per day do you use your phone for the "basics"?

We're in the process of cooking up another sweet Talk Mobile infographic (this one based on our social and communications week) and in doing so we need to reach out to the community with one more big question.

Specifically, we're looking at how many times per day you use your phone to do the basics... send a message or email, check what time it is, add an appointment to your calendar, etc. Easy stuff.

The survey will take you only a minute, so hit the link below and getter done and we'll love you long time.

Take the Survey!

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Kevin Michaluk

Kevin Michaluk is Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations and soon-to-be owner of a gold Apple Edition watch!

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1 Minute Survey: How many times per day do you use your phone for the "basics"?


Quite hard to be accurate as almost every item can vary dramatically by the day and tasks in hand. Also I'm finding that more of my tasks are dependent on where I am and how handy my iPad is, ie the iPad screen size is an advantage for a lot of tasks plus iMac, Apple TV give options too.

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really hard to answers. some times a lot sometimes none. Some of these things aren't basic to me. Playing a game on a phone isn't basic to me considering the bulk of my life cellphones let alone regular phones didn't have games. And i struggled cause about once a day i'll reply to a words with friends game but does that count. Cause i've got like 5 other games on my phone that are game games, like fifa or tiger woods or Angry Birds. I never ever play those. Got them all free. Never play. And i've never ever used the calender so it's zero, but i use Siri maybe every 3 days. That's less than 1-5 per day so the answer is zero. But it's not zero in reality like the calender. You're talking every 3 days for two years, that's something as opposed to not once in 2 years. Anyways. hard to answer with accuracy. I use things as i need. So it an vary.