Find My iPhone gets updated, glitching out for some iOS 6 users

FFind My iPhone gets updated, glitching out for some iOS 6 users

Find My iPhone has just been updated to version 2.0.3 and all Apple's saying is that it contains bug fixes and stability improvements.I haven't seen anything particularly of interest but I know I was experiencing crashes periodically while using it so we'll see if those issues are corrected over time.

We've had a few users reporting issues when attempting to sign into the updated version. One user said he was prompted to update to an iOS 7 beta before he could use the app. May be a one off issue and none of us were able to duplicate it. If any of you have any issues, make sure you let us know in the comments!

Allyson Kazmucha

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leocapot says:

It's not working for me. it says "Developer Account Required", "You must be a registered iOS developer and have iCloud configured on iOS7 Beta to use this version of Find my iPhone".

KamranMackey says:

Odd, it works for me just fine.

beastcmg says:

they released the version that was in beta I think someone messed up v2.0.3 is still beta

RevJar says:

Requires developer access for me as well. Good thing I know where my phone is.

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Michael Mrak says:

Seems to be an iOS problem. I have no problem using the App with iOS 7 Beta 6.

frischa says:

I had this problem and turned Find My IPhone off in iCloud settings and turned it right back on and then I was able to log in.

markm says:

Same problem here on the first login attempt. I then tried again right from the same screen and was able to login. Still l not right, but at least it's working. Subsequent sign out and login went normally with no further error message.

jgabler5025 says:

The icon is quite obviously iOS 7, but the graphics on the inside are not, which is confusing me.

Mario Jad says:

I have the solution!!! :
In ios 6 it automaticly types ur apple id, just delet it then retype ur apple id with the pass. It worked for me

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SpankyTim says:

This worked for me too! I was having the same problem as everyone else..needing to have a developer account/iOS 7 Beta. Just typed in Apple ID/Pass manually and it let me log in.

wiztype says:

thank you very mach you are so extreme!!!!!!! BMXXXXXX!!!!!! Ameriiiicaaaaaaaa

kch50428 says:

Apple's System Status page - - reports an issue that is now resolved: "Users of version 2.0.3 of the Find My iPhone iOS app were temporarily unable to sign in."

Mike Luz says:

Happened to me but its working just fine now

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Chris Phelps1 says:

Thats odd mine works just fine iPhone 5 running on iOS 6

mclarensr says:

I am not a developer and running iOS 6.1.3 on a 4S. Downloaded and works as expected for me.

Looks like just the icon is new. Everything else looks like the old version.

Dysharn says:

works fine on my iPhone 5, iPhone 4s Developer Account Required Even Tho I Use The Same Apple ID

Underworld_11 says:


I am not able to download the same on my Iphone 4 with 6.1.3 it says it need iOS 7