T-Mobile reportedly cancels vacation time around September 20, likely suspect an iPhone launch [Update: AppleCare too]

Rumor has it that T-Mobile is planning a vacation blackout on its employees between September 20 and September 22. This could be in relation to whatever Samsung is announcing in Berlin next week, but more likely we'd punch for something a little closer to home. David Beren of TmoNews:

"I’m hearing whispers T-Mobile is planning blackout dates between September 20th and 22nd. Like all good rumors, we should take this with the standard “subject to change” warning but my sources suggest this could be iPhone related."

If Apple holds to pattern, September 20 is exactly when we'd be expecting the iPhone 5s and 5C to go on sale following a September 10 launch event. The question isn't whether or not they're just being jerks to their staff, it's what they might be acting upon. Is the blackout based upon actual, insider carrier information about the launch of the new iPhones, or is it just a case of hedging bets based on the ever churning rumor mills?

On behalf of T-Mobile employees everywhere, we hope it's the first one.

Source: TmoNews

Update: AppleInsider reports that Apple is blocking employees who work on AppleCare support from taking vacations from September 15th through the 28th. The implication is that AppleCare employees will have their hands full from mid-September onward, presumably helping customers that have ordered new iPhones and those that will be upgrading to iOS 7.

Source: AppleInsider

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T-Mobile reportedly cancels vacation time around September 20, likely suspect an iPhone launch [Update: AppleCare too]


I'm trying to understand what this means. Description is kinda puzzeling. Does this mean T Mobile well postpone the Iphone launch till later on?

Announcement on the 10th?
Pre-orders at midnight on the 10th?
In-store availability and pre-ordered iPhone 5S/5C arrive on the 20th?

Announcement 9/10
Pre-orders start 12:01 am Pacific 9/13
iOS 7 launch 9/18
New iPhones 9/20

My iPhone 5, White with 64gb on T-Mobile works fantastic. Live in Boston area, getting 5 bars inside and outside, very fast LTE. Couldn't be better. Only had it for about 2 months and probably going to get the new 5S.

Rumor has it Verizon is blocking front-line retail employees from any vacation or scheduled days off between 9/18-22 - standard procedure ahead of a major device launch...