GetGlue for iPhone updated with new design, streaming integration, episode lists, and more

GetGlue for iPhone updated with new design, streaming integration, episode lists, and more

GetGlue, the popular social service for checking into your favorite tv shows and movies, has just received an update to version 5.0. The update brings with it an all new design along with remote control capabilities for DirecTV customers, streaming options for many different providers including Netflix and Hulu, and more.

As far as updates to content and information, show pages not only have summaries of shows but full episode lists when they're available. You can add shows to the new Want to Watch list from the Summary page as well so you're reminded to watch those shows. Aside from the brand new interface, you can also choose your providers and watch content on demand when available. GetGlue is support Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, TMC, HBO GO, Showtime, and more for on demand streaming. You will need to set your content providers and have access to those channels of course. For DirecTV customers, you now have the option to use GetGlue as a remote as well.

The new Search & Discover section breaks GetGlue up into several sections including schedules, the Want to Watch list, friends, and more. This is a good place to drill down into content faster. Other than that, it's the same GetGlue many people already know and love. If you happen to try the update and notice any other changes, let us know in the comments! The iPad app doesn't appear to have received the update yet.

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GetGlue for iPhone updated with new design, streaming integration, episode lists, and more


It is the first App I've seen that has an iOS7-ified icon. Maybe the PayPal one that was released today does too, but I don't have it.

Actually, just set up my DirecTV receiver and checked into Thursday Night Football. The whole UI/UX is iOS 7ed...

Sent from the iMore App

I'm glad there's more than one. It means we're getting very close, and should see a flood of them now.


I downloaded the iPad version, which apparently hadn't been updated yet.

I couldn't download the iPhone version because it is iOS 6 and above, only. That's silly but it's also very problematic for long-term users of Apple products.

The last time they updated the app it totally ruined the whole experience for me. It became so much harder to just login and talk to people about the shows I watched. I had to search and I couldn't figure out how to talk to people. I would add my comments but then I didn't see it the whole thing was so horrible I just stopped using it. I think I'll give this new update a try and maybe I'll start using it again like I once did.