Xbox Music now available for iPhone and iPod touch

Microsoft has finally released their Xbox Music service in iOS form, with the new app now available to download for iPhone and iPod touch. Microsoft had promised Xbox Music would be coming to iOS some time ago, and it's been a bit of a wait – we've seen a web client release in the meantime – but fans of the service can now rock out using their iOS devices. It comes alongside a simultaneous launch on Android, too.

As our friends over at Windows Phone Central point out, these new apps aren't exactly on feature parity yet with the Windows Phone client, the most significant missing feature being offline mode. The iOS app seems to at least have artist based radio, where the Android app does not, so features are even differing between the two non-Windows versions of Xbox Music.

There isn't a dedicated iPad app either it seems at this point, so you'll need to run the enlarged iPhone app for some tablet based music. An Xbox Music account is also required. We're going to take a much more detailed look at Xbox Music for iOS in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for a full review. In the meantime, if you want to check it out then grab the free download from the App Store at the link below.

Source: Microsoft, Windows Phone Central

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Reader comments

Xbox Music now available for iPhone and iPod touch


oh! my best friend and lil sis is gonna be happy
to get Xbox music now :)
by the way thats Nokia Purity Pro Headset right?
I got one too

It's not the wireless Purity, think they're the HD ones. They're my wife's, but they look and sound pretty awesome. Even in pink ;-)

YEAH! I enjoy listening with them on with yellow
I have Lumia 925, htc one and iPhone 5 looking forward for the next iPhone 5s
excited for 10th sept 2013 :)

Strategic brilliance. They're launching this the day before Apple's event where they're likely going to talk about their streaming radio app again. If Mr. Softie wanted to make a dent they should have done this a long time ago.

Light in features perhaps, but at least it's there. *coughGooglePlayMusicAllAccesscough*

Oh, and it actually works in Canada which is huge considering the only option (without valid US billing) has been Rdio. Major kudos for that!

Just posted the very same thing ;-)

Was thinking about Google's failed promise in the bar last week while listening to some Spotify. Microsoft never said when they'd bring it to iOS, so we could be kept waiting as long as they wanted. Google's head of Android and Chrome said "a couple of weeks" and well...

Not often I prefer the Microsoft approach to something!

I'm a bit confused. I have 20k songs uploaded to Google music for free. Does this xbox music allow me to do the exact same thing or is it simply like a pandora or spotify, for a fee.