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Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPhone 5s!

Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Reader comments

Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I love Apple SO MUCH it's insane!! And I can't even begin to explain how much I love iMore! Great place to find out about the great products I love!

Apple is great is the best mobile phone and OS. I am looking forward to the iPhone 5S and iOS 7. I can't wait!

iMore is the best place to go for Apple news, commentary, and discussion. I love coming here.

It's hard to think of a way I can like apple any more, but, if I win this 500, and if that's enough for an unsubsidized 5C, yeah, that's the way.

I never win anything, but it doesn't mean I won't try. Thanks iMore for this opportunity!

Sent from the iMore App

It is 2013, the android invasion hit the earth. The Machines took control of everything. The GoogleNet killed almost all the resistance. The Blackbery's Battalion fell in the Waterloo battle. The Redmond's company sent their soldiers to suicide attack. We are the last stand before the Android dominance. Because the Iphone 5S is what the earth deserve, but not the one it needs righ now. So they keep hunting it, because it can take it. Because it is not our hero. It's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark (silver) Iphone 5S.


Then, please give it to me.

i want a iphone whether it is 5s 4s 4 or 3 but the thing i love it bcz of its features its really amazing it brings some imaginative feelings in my heart its a cell-iphone i have ever dever seen in my life its really abusive....just if iphone company give me chance to win this i would really like to work in the company with the entire managemaent

me too I really need one I never had one before I would like to see all of the phones feautures no matter if it is a 4 or a 5 or a 3

It's all about quality. Apple makes a quality phone that just works. And iMore is quality writing about quality topics. Chase quality, shun junk. Woot.

Certainly love Apple products and love reading about them on! Keep up the good work and reward a frequent reader from back in the days

It is 2013, the android invasion hit the earth. The Machines took control of everything. The GoogleNet killed almost all the resistance. The Blackbery's Battalion fell in the Waterloo battle. The Redmond's company sent their soldiers to suicide attack. We are the last stand before the Android dominance. Because the Iphone 5S is what the earth deserve, but not the one it needs righ now. So they keep hunting it, because it can take it. Because it is not our hero. It's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark (silver) Iphone 5S.


Then, please give it to me.

I have been waiting for the iPhone 5s forever! My parents never let me get an upgrade over my 4S and now I am a student I just can't afford to upgrade it myself :(

P.S Have been a long time lurker on iMore and have been reading for ages. Love your intelligent take on everything so much I hardly read other blogs! ;)

Apple compny is the number one compny for mobile,ipad,etc.I love iphone 5s and want to use Please give me iphone 5s please.

The reason I like apple is because you can do a lot of stuff on it and it very tight I likemore than any other brand that reason why iI like it

I love imore because i just do! their my number 1 source for all my apple news :) i love browsing the forums and i love every single one of the people on this website :) you make getting the latest apple news so simple!

and apple. gosh, i have had a sick obsession with apple since the release of the first iphone. i can't explain my love for apple. it just is...

I don't know which I check more often daily - my iPhone or iMore! Can't get enough of these companies :)

I know we're supposed to temper expectations given that this will likely be a "S" revision, and not so much a brand spanking new design, but a couple of features have me intrigued, like the fingerprint sensor. Gimmick, or OH MY GOD HOW DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT IT?

Pleaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeee I want to win. I don't want another contract.

Sent from the iMore App

I love apple and iphone enough do dump my BB at the beginning of the contract to have an iphone.
No seriously i like apple for its ease of playing and sharing music!!!

Love apple this much: -------------------
And imore this much : ---------------

For reference, I like Android this much: --

Excited to get this iphone party started today. Going to be converting from Android come Sept. 20th (?) and iMore has been my favorite stop about 20 times a day for the past couple months to get my fix until then!

I love Apple because all of it is just great, reaching perfection on every new phone, ipod, desktop, ultrabook and whatever they just want to do, I mean, who can look those white apples and dont fall in love with them!? xD and of course I love imore and mobile nations in general because you guys and girls are all day and night working to bring us the news on the best way possible and always on time, I'll love to win that iPhone 5s :D please pick me

I love Apple and the iPhone! I've had every iPhone since the 3G! And more importantly, i love iMore!! My homepage and go to site every. single. day is your site. Great work!

I love Apple and their products! They always seem to put out a strong showing in everything that they do. iMore is the best site to find out more about Apple and iOS. They bring a diverse view of the tech world.

I love apple gear I've had an iPod touch up to the 4th gen never got the 5cause I didn't have the money but when I saw this event coming I'm hoping to see a new iPod touch but I just love how amazing all apple gear is!! It works amazing and keeps people around the world connected to people and family and this imore really helps people stay up to date on everything apple and it is a very easy website to use!

I love apple because they make great products without following everyone else like other do( did I said samsung) and impress because because they tell when a new beta is out. And the news of course.

Sent from the iMore App

I would be lost without and if it weren't for Apple, I'd probably still be using a Blackberry Pearl... I know, pretty sad! Thanks for all you do!

I love the consistency of apple. My phone always works, unlike the robot.. I'm not pointing any fingers at android.

I love coming to iMore to check out their deal of the day. Always excited to see what case is for sale today.

Apple always comes out with some of the most refine products on the market and imore is quite honestly the best source for news about anything Apple.

Nothing better than a chance to win my favorite device from my favorite company on my favorite website. Viva Apple! Viva iMore! Viva La Revolution!

I tried an S3 for six months..I'm back to the iphone for good. imore is making my decision to get a 5s easier to make.

I love Apple hardware. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve generally thought Apple products were overpriced and overly-simplified. Realistically, the restrictions make them easier for non-techies to use. After all, not everyone spends their days working on software and immersed in the latest technologies. For people who want a computer with no hassle, who want to use it primarily for fun, its a great experience. I always felt that Apple products were not the best fit for me, though. I knew I could get devices with better specs for cheaper and I really do like the recent Linux OS’s and I like Imore because it keeps me up to date on everything apple!

I seriously woke up 5 times throughout the night due to excitement to see what Tim Cook & company finally make official today.

My first iphone was the 3Gs and I fell in love with it.. Have got every iteration since then because they always come out with something that just wows me.. please, I'd like to save some money this go around :)

Easy, Apple has some of the best build quality out there, hands down. And iMore covers every aspect of it. Win win.

Sent from the iMore App

Well, we have a MacBook, an iPad mini and my wife and I have iPhones... Much love to Apple! Regarding iMore, I'm surprised that I haven't worn a hole in my screen hitting refresh to read the articles! Good luck to all!

I love Apple because they are second to none! iMore is my go to source for anything Apple related.

Sent from the iMore App

Why do I love apple? I'd have to go with the "it just works" philosophy.

As for iMore, I've been following the various smartphone experts and mobile nations sites since "visorcentral". Great coverage with a really nice variety of story types.

I love Apple because everything they make just works so well and seamlessly with each other.
And I love iMore because y'all let me know everything I need to know about Apple.

I love the iPhone so much that I stood in line for both the 3gs and 4s and went into a mini depression when I had to go to an android. I currently still have an an android and I STILL get on more than any other mobile website, including iMore keeps me update with the new products and best perks of the Apple products which allows me to share what I see with Apple product owners. I LOVE APPLE! I LOVE IMORE!!

I love iMore more than I love Apple, well because iMore just helps me get much much more outta my otherwise brilliant device! ;)

Apple is the most interesting company around right now and iMore provides some great insight. Keep up the great work, iMore!

I been with iMore since they were the iPhone blog/tipb...

I been following and watching the live streams and met great new friends (especially jadestarr)

And because of this site. I have made a whole new community or apple fanatics that I can go to for advice.

I love iMore!

I hope I can win an iPhone 5S

I love my phones from Apple because they just work. My Android phones and tablets always had issues with crashing and randomly deleting useful things like...a couple hundred (!) text messages.

And iMore is great because they've got a source of info specifically for the phone I love.

I can't decide which I love (i)more? I love both so much. Nothing goes better with a great piece of hardware then a site you can read about it on everyday!

Apple products are great, been using an iPhone since the 3G. iMore is an awesome site and the podcasts are excellent. Good job guys!

I love Apple so much it's become almost an obsession, but that's OK!!! iMore is amazing because you can tell how much they love Apple products, and are committed to giving us all the information we need! Thank you for this opportunity!

Been an avid iPhone addict since 2007 with the original 8GB iPhone, upgraded immediately when the 16GB iPhone was released and had every iPhone since. iMore has always been my go-to website for all things Apple since it was The iPhone Blog then TiPb and now iMore. You guys rock! iMore For Life! =D

I love Apple so much that I have to explain my relationship with the brand to my girlfriend. And I love iMore because is getting better day by day.

With four Apple devices purchased for myself in the past several years, and several for family members, you could say that I am now a diehard Apple user. The iMore podcasts are on my weekly "must listen to" list. Love 'em !

Apple is just a reliable company. My wife is on her 6th android phone and it always has bugs. Apple really puts time into making a great product. iMore is the best site to gather all information that I need to know and your mobile app works flawlessly! You guys are great!

Sent from the iMore App

I love iMore, best way to stay up to date on anything Apple related! Thanks for having this drawing and opportunity!

I switched from Android and couldn't be happier with the iPhone. I visit here every day to read the latest news and rumors.

I love Apple this much > ..... < and iMore this much > ..... < and $500 gift certificates this much > ............... < !!!

Seriously though, Apple because of design, build quality, and a buttery smooth OS. iMore for a good mix of fact, rumor, app reviews (which most other Apple sites don't seem to have), and the forums.

Honestly, I am really hoping I win this gift certificate so I can get my wife a new iPhone. Her phone was stolen and unfortunately we did not have the money to use my upgrade on an iPhone 5; instead we had to use the upgrade on an iPhone 4, 8 GB, which is crap plain and simple. She literally has no storage for anything and I know it's frustrating for her. She's always given me her upgrade and she's always taken the older model phone. I think the time is now for her to get the new upgrade phone. Unfortunately funds are tight so winning it is the only way. Please pick me so I can give my wife the phone she absolutely deserves!

I love Apple and iMore, I love apple because of the ecosystem and dependability, I love iMore because they are my go to for all things apple and more

Nothing is equal to Apple and their products. Me and the wife love Apple. I read everyday to get the latest tidbits about Apple products and they are the most accurate out there. I would love the gift certificate to put toward the new iPhone. Thank you.

Love is such a strong word. I appreciate Apple for what they do and that is to make things mainstream and tell people what they need to have in their life. I like their products, too.

As for iMore, I'm love the coverage given to the competition and how it could possibly affect Apple. It keeps things balanced unlike other pro-Apple sites.

Well, this does seem easy.
So first of, iMore is, IMHO, the best Apple blog out there, so that's one love ;)
as for Apple, no other company out there creates with such perfection, two love

Love you both, and getting a 5S to replace my 4S would be FANTASTIC. Thanks for the contest.

OMG!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. I love Apple products and have been patiently waiting to add another awesome, sexy, and sleek piece of hardware to my collection. I love iMore for always keeping me up to date on everything Apple.

HELP! Save me from my Galaxy S4! I should have never left you Apple. I was so blind but now I see the light. Will you ever forgive me? I heart you!

I love apple so much I use 3 (sometimes 4) of their devices when im in the bathroom! Why you ask? Because i am listening to my favorite iMore podcasts, catching up on Twitter, playing games, and taking names! Love me some Apple and iMore!

I love my apple products so much! I enjoy the quality. The usability. And most of all. The design. I can't wait to see what the new announcements are today.

iMore is my go-to source for all things iPhone/iPad. Your coverage is great and I know I can find the latest news here. I'd love to be able to get my wife a new phone so that she doesn't have to keep lending hers to our two-year old. She's terrified that he's going to drop it!

Quite simple really. I love Apple because they provide the products I use daily. Sure they are a bit short on innovation but they are good at what they do. I love iMore because it is my main source for Apple news. Usually I read the news here first. You guys always have great reads.

I love Apple because their products are designed well and perform great. I love iMore because you keep me up to date on all things Apple. :-)

Oooooo I love my iPhone 5 so I NATURALLY want an iPhone 5S!!! In champagne!!!!!! And I love iMore because it is THE PREMIER Apple relates site on the web AND a member of the Mobile Nations family of tech sites!!!!!

True story: all of my apple products were destroyed in an apartment fire last month. I'm hoping I'm due for a little good luck.

iMore and Apple are, of course, highly awesome. I'd love to win the gift card. : )

Been waiting for today for quite awhile. iOS 7 look amazing and I'm eligible for an iPhone upgrade. What could be better?

The iMore staff does a great job at keeping us informed. Keep up the good work!

I love apple for their design and attitude towards customer experience! I love you guys for your up to date blogs and news feed. I check it out every day!

Whoever said that Apple was a beautiful, walled garden is absolutely right, and I thank them for it. After toying with Android for a short stint over a year ago, and a lot of Microsoft products prior to 2007, I actually feel more productive and creative with Apple products as a whole, as I'm not feeling like a hacker who has to continue cobbling a bunch of things to work together in order for me to work properly.

That being said, iMore has been a great go-to place for all Apple-related news, and their store has been fun to shop in every so often, especially when they provide reviews on featured products. And, of course, they're Canadian. What's not to love about those people?

Thanks again for yet another contest, and keep up the great work.

I love Apple like she was my 18 year-old girlfriend and is the perfect age.
I love iMore like she was my 24 year-old girlfriend who knows what she wants.

I want to win one so I can get back to the sanity that is the iOS ecosystem. I was a fool and opted to trade my 4S for a Windows Phone. Now I have an iPad Mini and want a 5S in my pocket!

VAMOS Apple and VAMOS iMore. Apple has made of technology what other companies tried to do. And I come to iMore multiple times a day to read and learn about this amazing experience.

I have a mac, an ipad, a macbook, ipod, appletv... Of course i love apple!!!!! And i need that iphone because now i lost my job and cant buy it :(

I have never had a iphone before. I don't have a android phone. Real talk i have a old school phone. I would like to win to see how the iphone is. I have thought about getting one a lot. I would love to have a chance to win to see how the iphone is.

I love Apple because I appreciate good products that work well. I've been with them for years now (I'm only 15!) and have yet to be even slightly disappointed. iMore is always where I go to stay up to date on the latest news, and just like Apple, I have yet to be disappointed!

Apple is future, plain and simple. iMore gives great insight into Apple's doings, therefore, we got an insight into future! Thanks for everything, great job!

I love Apple because they care about their customers and all their products have a certain quality which no other company has. I also love the exclusive apps for iPads and iPhones/Pods. iMore I love because it is the number one go to place for all the latest Apple related news and your articles are written so exceptionally well. Thank you!

Today is the day!!!!
Apple, iMore, Apple seen through iMore! Ah! I cannot contain my excitement! :-)x1000

Sent from the iMore App

 Who doesn't love Apple or iMore?? Apple provides great products that work and iMore provides fantastic reviews and coverage of all things apple. That said id love to win!!! :) 

Sent from the iMore App

Its the best of both working equipment as well as the best reporting on Apple tech. Love it!

No company can beat Apple, they are the best. I love everything apple and iMore is the place to get the latest Apple news. I heart imore and apple.

I love the elegance and ease of use. I just would want better multitasking and more flexibility iOS

I love the simplicity of Apple products and have fallen from the product for the recent Z10 device. I would love to get back into the iPhone!! Imore keeps me informed and updated on all things "i"

I love how all things Apple are sleek, cool, and "just work". I live iMore for expanding my knowledge and introducing me to new things. Love ya both!

I REALLY LIKE APPLE and I really hope I win I can't afford the iPhone 5s :( I have a 4s I didn't buy the iPhone 5 I've been waiting for the 5s the hole time :) god with me and thanks and iMore you are the best !!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. :D thanks for the contest I finally got a chance to win a cool phone :) and I love apple for their amazing products

I really love the apple iphone :)
My son took a bath in the sea with my iPhone 5... and now
I'm using a S4... hate it. Can't wait 2 get back in the right team! :)

I would love to win a new iPhone. I always check in with iMore several times a day through Flipboard. IMore rocks!

I was reluctant to ever buy anything apple until the 4S. Now, I am coverting everything to apple - with apple TV being the latest purchase.

I would've never made the switch without all the valuable information available on iMore!

Apple - hardware and software that push forward into the future, even if it drags us kicking and screaming.

iMore - Podcasts. Need I say more?

Apple always gives me the best and most reliable products out there! If I need a device to get me through a daily routine without problems and hassles, I can always rely on my iPhone. AND, iMore is my one stop shop for all of the latest apple news! I definitely couldn't get through the day without all of their tweets of the latest, most important Apple news!

I love apple bc they make some of the best products in the world. They may not make the most speced out products but they work for me.

Man, I have been following you guys for years via your website and podcast, even before I had an iPhone. I love that you team up with the other mobile nations people to crosstalk. This website was one of the reasons I moved to Apple to begin with. As far as my iPhone goes? I love that it is easy to work with across platforms and most people hate hearing this, but I love the vast amount of apps available and compatibility with other products (can't wait for iPhone in the Car). Crossing my fingers that I win.

iMore is the best place to get the most information about Apple products. Looking forward to the new iPhone and especially iOS7 the next generation of SmartPhone OS.

I love how you guys keep us so up to date on imore with the Apple products that my kids love so much. I would love to have an iphone of my own to try out.

I want to win one so that my hubby can't rub it in my face that he got the newest Iphone and I have to wait a year for my contract to be ready for renewal :)

Used to hate Apple so much. But my perception changed when I got an iPad mini. Always fought on FB on how Android is superior to iOS. All I heard was that you need to own an iOS device to experience its awesomeness. Guess I was wrong all along. Happy to be so. :) Have never owned an iPhone and would love to own one. iMore is the place to go for all things related to Apple and is the only place where I get to know about all the upcoming apps and features. Keep up the good work, guys.
Full disclosure: Dumped my Android devices long ago and I love Windows Phone. But I seriously hope I own an iPhone someday :)

iMore always has the most insightful commentary and level-headed analysis on leaks and rumors. My #1 spot for all things Apple.

Sent from the iMore App

I love iMore because it gives me the top news regarding apple. I love apple because... Well, I'm a satisfied customer.

Sent from the iMore App

iMore and Apple is always there to make suprises for us.We were eager to see new iphones but this competition will make this more entertaining.To make great things u should never forget get entertain.This is why we love Apple&iMore.

I was a hard convert being a windows/ blackberry user - once i saw what my daughter could do on her iphone, and i got my own - i was sold - daughter has an older macbook, wife has an older ipad and we all have used iphones (4-4s). I have followed imore daily for over a year and i have learned lots - do not know what i would do without it! Would be a real privilege to get a new apple product.
Lets hope!

I love Apple enough to use almost all their products (hardware and software) and I love iMore enough to check it right after I turn off my alarm in the morning. I've been reading your articles since before my first iPhone and a long time before you changed the name from tiPb. When I started writing this comment only 6 other comments were posted (that's to give you an idea about how often I check for new articles). Goodjob and please keep up the good work!

Apple and the iPhone have made our lives so much easier, and iMore makes having an iPhone so much easier with the forum and the articles. Thanks for another great contest!

Very exciting time every year when the new phone is announced. All apple everything! Browser will be locked into iMore all day at work today. Thanks to all contributing!

i would love to win the new iphone because i'm buying a house so i'll b poor for the next year and my iphone 4s is on its last capacitors.....

I love Apple for their design and innovation and I love imore for the exciting updates and informative user info.

Apple has changed my life in an enormous amount of ways and iMore has been there the whole time to keep me updated and informed on everything Apple.

iLove Apple, iLove my iPhone and Macbook Pro and would LOVE a new iPhone 5whateveritscalled!!!!
iLove iMore TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the information you provide on Apple products. My Apple is user friendly and has so many apps available for it. I do wish my battery lasted longer though

I love apple products. And love checking out what's going on with apple on imore. And the women at imore are beautiful.

We already know Apple is great, and I love my MacBook, iPad and iPhone! iMore is the blog I go to when I want to read sensible commentary on Apple products! Now, can I have a new iPhone?????

How much I love Apple and iMore? Words can't describe! Apple always makes one of the best devices (obviously, they manage to get a recognition for it) and not to mention After Sale product support - the best in the world. iMore has been very helpful to me in many ways. You guys are always on alert and I just love everything about iMore. It is my go-to website for all things Apple.

I'm so excited to see what Apple announces today! I've switched my entire family over to iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and Macbooks, and everyone is thrilled with the way everything just works without any major problems.

Thank you for making this contest.

I love Apple because of the simplicity, ease of use, ecosystem, and the security. This is make Apple the most trusted company for me.

Imore are the sources for me to look or find about Apple product, review, tutorial, news and of course the contest! ;)

And again, thanks for this contest!

I love Apple SOOOOOOOO mutch because they don't rush to release a product. They care about the product, not just the money. I love iMore because it is so easy to go to the website and get all my Apple news

I'm always on the run but I of course wanna stay connected, iMore helps me handle my iPhone when I'm lost with what's more on iPhone

i love the iphone, smartest gadget around.. tipb is the first tech blog that i came across and started reading. since then i read as much as i can from the mobile nations family, checking the site more than a few times a day. (p.s. ive never read a book in my life)

Using macbook products as video server. Always listen to Renee podcasts as well as macbreak,great Canadian addition to us podcast telling it our way.

iMore is my favorite place to get my apple fix! i need it and they have it!
i've been waiting on today forever. can't wait to switch back to an iphone ( i should've never left!)

Glad that iMore keeps up with Apple and posts great reviews about their products. This is my go to site for Apple news!

I do visit iMore everyday for all interesting news and articles from iMore about Apple. Well, I cannot deny the fact that I like Apple because of its extreme simplicity it offers to all it's users. Thanks iMore.

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple! Miss working for them at times. Love my iMac, Macbook Pro Retina, iPad, Apple TV....sadly, I wanted to venture to android. I would love to win this phone!!!!!

Simple...I LOVE Apple, they are amazing! I LOVE iMore even more because they give me all my Apple news!! you guys are great and I go to the website multiple times a day!

I love Apple and iMore because both are committed to delivering the best product possible in a way that is pleasing to the broadest audience possible. ...and Geogias easy in the eyes :)

Hi! I switched to Apple and iPhone two years ago, from another Mobile Nation ( RIP beloved webOS ). The site that's now known as iMore came along with that switch. I continue to read iMore because of the balanced and thought-provoking stories. Keep it up, y'all! New hardware, ahoy!

Sent from the iMore App

Oh I can't say how much I love Apple, because it's too much. Apple is an incredible company and I love all of their products. Every year I watch the keynotes and every year again I'm fascinated about this incredible concern from Cupertino. I will be the new iPhone, but because of my money is always scarce, I would be so happy to receive your gift certificate for the new iPhone.
I think, Apple is the future of our generation.
And, of course, I love iMore. Every day I read the important Apple news in a simple way: on At this time, it would be hard to find a better english blog about Apple & Co. I'm glad that exists! ;-)

Greetings, Alex! :-)

I like iPhone for the design and it's simplicity. I like iMore because it tells me what I need / want to know.

I love Imore because they are the one stop place for the best apple news! I love apple because of how well the devices sync together.

I love apple because they make the greatest products in the world, i live my iphone 5, would love to get that 5s

Sent from the iMore App

It goes without saying that I've "always" loved Apple and the attention to detail they put into their products. I'm not a fanboy, when they get something wrong I call them out on it and that's why I love iMore cause you guys do the same! But right now I'm loving you even more than normal (who knew that was possible?) cause you giving us this awesome chance! :D

I have just discovered imore and its what I have been looking for. All my tech updates in one place with a focus on Apple, all in an app too. We have so many apple devices in our house now and with a contract that's just ended I am looking forward to the 5s announcement!!

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple as much as Garfield loves lasagna and coming to iMore to read articles is as joysome as that new sock/underwear feeling!!!

I love Apple because of it's build quality and focus on user experience. I also love iMore for it's professional approach to reporting tech news, without violating NDAs or using sensacionalistic articles to get clicks.

I always get excited when Apple releases new products. I'll be watching iMore to see what is released and the hits/misses of the new iPhone, etc... Only thing I don't like ~ knowing that I'll be out hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone and cases... :(

Imore. The single place for all iPhone news in my house.

Apple for keeping me and wife connected through iMessage and our calendars. Trying to add my daughter on board with this contest

Been an iMore fan for 3 years now. I love all the content and can't wait to read Rene iPhone 5s review. Free phones are great too!

I love Apple because everything just works. I know that is an old slogan of theirs, but it still stands true. I love iMore because they keep me up to date on every single thing I could possibly want to know about the electronics I buy. Win/Win

Been checkin imore since Tipb everyday! Had an iPhone 4 it stopped working. I love Apple's stable OS and would like to get back to using iPhone, until then I'm on my s4.

I'm British, Jony Ive is British, the iPhone5S will have British design at its heart and I can't wait to hold one.

i love anything apple i have one of the very first apple ipods and it still works great and i have had every iphone since they came out and now having the iphone 5 is great and now with the new iphone 5s coming out with finger sensor that would be a great security for me and i would have to use it every day and i love the imore site keeps you up to date with everything going on thanks

Each year apple always put a good terms and create innovative phone that would blow everyone's mind. It's easy to use, user friendly and lots to be surprised about on each features. Thats why more people are getting iPhones nowadays, Ive noticed alot of people are more excited about the new iPhone than any other phones guess why? Because of it's sleek, sossy, absolutely companion than any other phone. I love iPhone because of it's straight forward features that definitely hooked me up! I've been a follower of iMore as far as I could remember just like iPhone it's a good companion on any scoop about Apple. I couldn't be late on every news about Apple and iPhone. There so much to learn about every blogs that I wouldn't want to missed! Omg, please pick me! :)

Ohhh Yeahhhhh Baby!!! I’m almost upset with myself because of how much I love apple. I feel like there are better products out there but they don’t make me feel good like apple does. iMore is the only website that feels that void for apple so in a way I'm addicted to you both. Feels good to get that off my chest!

I love Apple because of it's sexy design and simple, usable interface. I love iMore because I get the latest news about Apple!

I love iMore and Apple so much, If I was female I would have its baby! I would name our love child iMoreka Siri Roberts if a girl, and iMore Steve Roberts if a boy!

I love Apple sooooo much, I cannot even describe it. And I love iMore that much for keeping up-to-date with my obsession.

Not as touchy-feely as some of the other comments but...

I dig Apple's deliberate, generally well-planned, and dependable approach to their products. It may not sound sexy but it means I had somewhere worthwhile for me and my family to go when my previously beloved platform embraced the long sleep. Apple provides a solid product and ecosystem that lets us have fun and get work done, reliably and predictably.

iMore provides the iNfo & iNsight that allows me to approach the many decisions and commitments involved in this industry with a measure of confidence and the relevant considerations. Without that, we would be faced with many impressive options but no clue about their distinguishing traits. Infinite choice + no insight = no choice at all. In true geek fashion, iMore helps me balance out that equation, such that it benefits me and those I love.

I may not have an Apple or an iMore logo shaved into my chest hair, but I am an appreciative and, I hope, appropriately respectful fan. Thanks.

I love apple because they just work, and I love imore because they provide great apple related articles that are not only informative, but also provide an interesting read.

I love Apple because of their rich ecosystem. I love how all of my Apple devices can connect. Their rich app library, on both iOS and OS X, is also a plus. There's an app for just about everything, something that's hard to find on other platforms.

iMore is awesome from the giveaways to the insightful articles just the best hands down apple oriented site out there. Apple is pretty good in it's own right. While I will still be an Android fan (unless I win this) I will still always rock the Macbook!

Amazing innovations, simple and subtle elegance, true class, premium, the list could go on and on, but most of all: "it just works". Thanks for the opportunity iMore!

I love imore, and I would love to have a 5C. I would give it to my beautiful pregnant wife because she deserves nothing but the best.