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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Reader comments

Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I love Apple because the devices are so clean and [usually] intuitive! I'm loving iMore because the design of the site is beautiful!

I love iMore's coverage of Apple as much as I love Apple. You and Apple are the best the tech world has to offer!

apple is the best ever since it came out everybody is dieing to get a iphone/ipod and a ipad its crazy like right now apple beats andriond/ windows/galaxy and most of the phones

i remember i had a Chemistry exam the same day as the original iPhone was introduced. it was really hard to concentrate. you know the feeling.

hi...i am crazy lover of apple i phone! its look,touch,design,apps all are the best ...imore
tnx to ir for showing a way to get in more close to i ;-)

I am Loving my iphone and Enjoy reading everything that Imore has to offer (even though I switched from Crackberry....sorry Kevin!)

iMore gives me the information I need about apple without all the flagrant speculation. Thanks iMore.

Omg i.just love apple it ls the mark tht all ny electrinics mostly have I also love I more I love this website its like the bestest website ever made but I really want the iphone for my lil cousin thats in dah hospital but I wish I win it

imore and apple both are great combination,i love this site because it tells each and every news about apple products and i'm obsessed with apple products.I would love to win 5s.I haven't any apple product i really want it well i hope to win but although i love this site,i visit everyday and apple is my first Love to be honest,I can't afford.I despretly wanna win.

Love Apple! And the tech updates from iMore are one of the only pieces of company news I constantly follow.

The only way I could love Apple and iMore MORE, is if you can somehow figure out a way to add bacon, thick cut, smokey bacon....mmmmmmm.

I love Apple because they create world-class products and value design, usability, and quality. And I love iMore because of all the great Apple coverage!

I wouldn't say I love Apple, but I respect their product line and what they have done for the smartphone and tablet market. I come to iMore to keep up on the latest Apple related news especially since we have their mobile devices in our stores.

I love apple because their products just plain work and are always smooth. I love imore because there is always an interesting article to read that is informative and unbiased

I peruse over to iMore from your sister site Android Central to see about news on the Apple side of the world for my iPad. I've been reading for a long time and am considering making the jump from Android to iPhone. I like the experience on my iPad and enjoy reading the articles here.

I probably love iMore more than Apple, because they are quiet and iMore give us rumour, hint, tips, comments... but Apple gives us the best hardware available.

I love apple!! And iMore is the best! Way better than any other website!!!!

Sent from the iMore App

I'm so excited today. I'm getting out early and picking up our 2 month old to watch the event (hopefully) live streamed!

I love iMore because of great content and contests like these! And I love Apple for their ingenuity and for keeping things simple all while their products work seamlessly together.

I love apple for their seamless connection between software and hardware. While the iPhone May not have the best specs the software takes advantage of the hardware to such a degree it doesn't need the best specs to beat other phone.

I also like imore for their amazing content and reviews.

imore has always treated me well with friendly conversations around the forums, awesome contests to win, and plenty of friends to be made.

Apple has always treated me well. Superb customer service, great quality of products, they as a company are one of the many reasons I continue to choose iPhones over anything else on the market

I love Apple but I love iMore much more, know why? Because iMore let's me comment on stuff, whereas Apple doesn't let me write reviews on apps I BOUGHT!!!!. Stupid Apple (still want that 5s though.)

Love I more for updates. Likewise with apple due to all the capabilities it extended to me for projects at work, my kids homework and personal use :)

I love iMore and Apple as they're both something I have to check on a daily basis. You never know what's coming up next!

I love apple, I own a mac and iphone and ipad, and I like iMore because it keeps me up to date! I really want a free iphone! hook me up!

Well, whether I win or not, might as well enter right? But how much do I love Apple and iMore?! Gosh, probably too much! I'm on this website constantly on flipboard refreshing to see if there is a new story up!

Hi all,
First of all I would like to thank you guys for your commitment to Apple and your readers.
iMore is the absolute best place to keep us all up-to-date with all the news and views on what we are interested in.
No point of explaining why I love my apple products as we all know the answer. Once you own an apple there is no turning back to any other product on the market. :)

I would love to get the $500 towards my new iPhone!

Sent from the iMore App

I love iMore because you help me stay up to date on all things Apple. And I love Apple because they have their finger on the pulse and give the consumers what they want! Pick me to win!!!

I like the fact that Apple doesn't release 15 phones per year like some manufacturers and that their phones are just easy to operate and the screen quality is superb. iMore is a great place to keep up with the latest info about Apple and it's products.

I love Apple because they make innovative products and have a great ecosystem. And they do it by their own timeframe. I love iMore as my goto site to get Apple news and just about everything Apple. Love the team. The team got even better this year. I check you guys out several times each day.

Sent from the iMore App

I wish I could be around for the event today, but I have to teach! Poor planning of my teaching schedule, I guess.

I am all in Apple fan. But my 3s is growing long in the tooth! I need help!

iMore is the go to place every morning for all my Apple obsessions. One of the best and most reputable in the tech world. Keep up the great work guys!

Sent from the iMore App

Love Apple because of the attention to detail and because at the end of the day, no phone works like an iPhone.

Love Imore because they rock, no place else to get as much helpful information in one place and the writers are cool.

Apple products have enhanced my life greatly and I'm always on the lookout for what's next from my favorite company. The best place to do that is iMore.

Would love to win an iphone 5s last time I had an iphone was when it was first released. Can't wait to see how ios 7 is

Love reading imore. Best place to be to read iphone and apple news in general. I love apple because they just make the best stuff. From computers to phones to tablets everything is better then all the other stuff other companies come out with. I look at apple as the premium product maker and Samsung as the generic product maker. Nuff said

iMore is one of my regular and favourite stops on the Web. I love iMore. And I love Apple. (there, I said it)

Let's see what I think of Apple: I own a Macbook Pro, and iPhone 5, and iPad mini. My wife owns a Macbook Air, iPhone 4s, and full size iPad. Oh and we have an Apple TV. You could say we love Apple. And iMore is pretty much my go-to tech source for Apple related stuff now. You guys are all incredibly awesome! Would love to win this and give the wifey a new phone (it's actually her b-day today)!

I love Apple for making an amazing product, and I love iMore for giving us all the opportunity to win an amazing phone!!

I love Apple for making great reliable products, and iMore for helping me get these products!

Sent from the iMore App

iMore is the best place to get news on anything apple and apple is the greatest company/ecosystem ever! =)

I love apple products because they are made with quality, style & their hardware is top of the line technology. I love imore because they are consistently on top of apple trends and news for consumers.

iMore is the first site/app I check when I wake up, and the last site/app I check before bed. Love the coverage, and glad to have the Mac side brought in recently.

As far as Apple, I have been using their products since at least 1983, at least that is my earliest documented use!

Sent from the iMore App

Why i love apple?
Because it works. It's simple, userfriendly, has a multiplicity of apps and helps me with my daily routine.

Why I love iMore?
iMore has allowed me to use my apple devices better with neats tips, tricks and how-tos. Without iMore i may have never been able to maximize my use of my apple products. They're also a great source of current info.

I love unboxing Apple devices so much. They put thought into the package. I love iMore because it gives me all the iOS news I want.

I love Apple because their products just work for me and my family. After being on a computer all day at work I don't have to come home and be tech support. I love iMore because they keep me up to date on all things Apple and help me get more out of the Apple products I already own!

Apple because they make the best consumer electronics products.
iMore because Renee and the team are fantastic.

Could use the upgrade (I use my contract upgrades for iPhone upgrades, and buy others unlocked so I can test/play with all of them). Would be a nice way to save an upgrade! :)

Its simple Apple is the only company who thinks to make a dent(mark) in the hearts of people. No other company does that and apple does it to perfection. It's not profit minded, apple just want to be remembered as the company that makes incredible products. Frankly i don't like imore much its my third mac fan site which comes after cult of mac and tuaw.

I never thought I'd get to be in my 60's and still be obsessed with all things Apple - bring on that new iPhone! And thanks for the contest!

I know that my chances of winning are small but I'll always be glad I found iMore to help me stay current with the latest tech news.

Sent from the iMore App

Apple products usually give the user everything they expect. I've been checking iMore website for sometime.

I love all apple product especially iPhone, i love imore because i love all about apple and i cant get it on imore. Thank You Apple nd iMore hope i win my dream phone iPhone 5S

I love Apple because their hardware and software are unrivaled on both iOS and OS X products. I love iMore because of the featured articles/tips that are available to me on a daily basis.

I should also mention that I love imore because it has the best comprehensive coverage of apple products around. I love apple because of their great hardware designs and seamless user experience.

Sent from the iMore App

iMore has become the go-to spot for news and articles. Also MN has great and informative podcasts.

Apple? They just can't pry me away from an iPhone no matter how much I try. That's a pretty good product.

Wishing for an awesome iphone 5 event today! With all os the rumors flying around, I am curious if there will be anything we don't all ready know!! FIngers crossed!! Cant wait for it!!


when you love someone you offer them something meaningful, and that seems to be the case with iMore, which is going to give me a brand new iphone5S... how could i not love iMore? they are giving me a better replacement for my favorite Apple gadget.

thank you!

Well I love that Apple makes strides to be different, risky strides that only them in their position can make. People will always dislike the most threatening, but their is no denying apple deserves to be where it is today. I only own one apple product and that's my iphone 5 that I just got 6 months ago, I'm enjoying it and hope I will enjoy iOS7 soon. Apple has made a great product and while I would love to have the latest and greatest my iPhone is doing quite well on it's own. Good luck to everyone!

iMore is the greatest place to get the latest and greatest concerning apple and the iPhone 5S is a great phone that would look real nice in my hands.

I think I love apple and I more and appropriate amount. I more definitely has the most in depth coverage of anything apple and what can I say. Apple makes quality stuff

I re really hope that the fingerprint scanner goes beyond just lock screen entry. Love iMore. Rene, I drink every time you say "change aDverse". :)

Well I love Apple because their high quality standards, and I love iMore because it's a great website that keeps me up to date about rumors and other news about Apple.

Well I love apple enough to know that Im already going to buy a 5S. As an apple fan, iMore just makes sense.

I love apple and imore because their products are simply the best and u guys always bring accurate information about them. i need that 5s!!!!!

I love Apple because they make the best products in the world that integrate so well with each other. I love iMore because they provide unparalleled coverage on Apple with great editorials and reviews that are informational. I hope I win!

After navigating BBs and Droids, landed on a 4s a couple of years back. Time to upgrade again. New phone and new IOS... Cannot wait!!!!

I love apple because their software brought me to study filmmaking and audio production. And I love iMore because they keep in informed about Apple!

apple is hands down the best phone manufacturer out, and imore is hands down the best tech blog on the web

Thanks iMore! Only way to stay in touch with what is happening. Today should be very interesting

I think I've already commented on a similar contest-entry post, but I'll put in my two cents anyways. I think the 5C's going to be exclusive to markets across the pond.

I've had my 4s since it came out so I'd love to win $500 to get a new 5s! Thanks everyone at imore!

Sent from the iMore App

iMore is where I get all my iPhone news. It is great! I have tried all the platforms and I keep coming back to Apple. I am still on an iPhone 4 and would love to upgrade. I just need the funds...

I love Apple so much I have actually given up my PC repair business and replaced all of my home computers phones etc. with Apple products. I've been a long time avctive member of iMore since it was TiPB ever since I switched over from CrackBerry.

What's not to love about Apple and iMore. Neither gives in to pressure to produce faster or cheaper products.

I used to be an android fanboy all the way, but that changed when I started looking at iMore. I became more and more interested the more I kept up with this site and it made me take the plunge and buy the iPhone when it came out on Verizon. I've loved Apple products and iMore ever since and I have never looked back!

Sent from the iMore App

I love all things Apple. I guess you could say I am addicted to Apple. I am probably way to excited about today's event. I am equally addicted to iMore. Absolute best site for all of my addiction needs. You guys rock!!!!

I love my apples! I love how my iPhone and ipad communicate seamlessly with each other. They just work and they look and feel awesome. I love imore because you have the best and most accurate information about all things Apple. You also have some pretty funny and great contributors! Can't wait for a new iPhone :)

I love Apple because they make the best devices. They just work. I love iMore because it is the best place to go for all Apple news! Can't wait for the new 5s

wish i could be there, but i cant, im so Excited to see the new iPhone or iphones and maybe ios7 today..hope i can win..good luck everyone..

iPhone (and all Apple) News, Apps, Podcasts, How-to's, Reviews. 5 Categories. Add in Contests as a Special topping 5S and you have iMore!!
Great services!!! Keep it going!!!

Sent from the iMore App

I love your site! iMore is always the first place I come for my Apple news. The Apple environment is essential to my workflow, so of course I love Apple products!

I love Apple cause they make quality products that last and i love iMore because the staff is knowledgeable and provide me with updated news and info about my favorite tech toy!

Oh my God!!! I'm a huge fan of Apple!!!! I have an iPhone 4S!! And I really want to put my hands on the new amazing iPhone 5S!!! I'm really excited to know what Apple is gonna show us today!!!! This will be the best Tuesday probably in the year!!! I really want to win this so bad.

Apple is a the only brand which challenges my world perspective and philosophy. My world perspective includes that major corporations shouldn't be able to place their money in the Cayman Islands nor use VERY cheap labor to create their product - BUT with Apple I don't seem to care because they're just THAT good.

Because Apple concentrates on few products, I know when I buy an Apple product, a lot of thought was put into it. And I love imore for their smart analysis and insight on Apple.

Wow! Apple is simply the best one out there when referring to computers, cellphones and MP3 players. Every keynote they do their best to keep everything secret until their great unveiling.
And which else could give us readers a great coverage of Apple's world as iMore does! Every single day you guys post the best info out there, making the best experience following Apple's big news!

I'd love to wind a $500 gift certificate to put towards an iPhone 5S. I love Apple because they have well build (albeit expensive) hardware and are children friendly with their settings and apps. I love iMore because there is no better place to go to get the most all-inclusive news on iOS.

I love all my Apple products. Ease of use. Quality. Fun! I also love iMore lots of great news, tips and reviews.

I prefer apple, but I luv tipb I MEAN IMORE! iMore. Deals on cases are awesome n the forums are 2nd to none helping me "tweak" my idevices.

I am a huge fan of apple because of the thought that goes into the experience for the end user. They are simple and elegant - not an easy combo to find in the world of tech gadgets. And I am a huge fan of iMore because they write about things I care about and I can tell they care too.

i have started with when i got my first apple product (iphone 4) to know the latest trend in apple and its been a daily routine even in office, now i am hook with apple from mac mini, ipod, ipad seen it all here, thanks imore.

I loved my iPhone, then I dropped it and now my finger doesn't love me. iMore doesn't look as pretty with cracks running through each post!

I love Apple because their products work best for me. I love iMore because your news/help/insight are worth reading! Not many sites fit in that category.

I had a lapse in judgement in October 2012. I had been an iPhone user since 2008 but decided to jump ship to an Samsung S3. I came back in June 2013 with an iPhone 5. I still used Android central while I had an S3. I still type "" out of habit as I have been on this forum for so long.

I've had an iPhone 5 for a year and gone through 2 cell companies. I'm very happy now. Imore is the best place for information on newest and updated software and gadgets. You guys do a great job. Thank you.

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple through its wonderful "hey it's magic" lineup of iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac, MacBook Pro and so on. I love reading iMore for making the above so wonderfully more magic and so simple to use through its tips and their insights and comments into the fascinating and yet still so mysterious world of Apple to all of us (except of those working in the inner sanctum of Apple!)

Sent from the iMore App

I love the suspense and creativity of Apple and I love the straight forward journalism of iMore, the visibility, and clean forums!

For 10 years Apple has made my life much easier with awesome Macs, my iPad, and my old iPhone. I can't imagine owning anything else. There is no other source of Apple info that can touch iMore!

As always, very excited to see what Apple has in store! Big fan of the website, hope it is a random drawing! I always plan my days around these Apple announcements at work. Radio silence at 1pm here eastern! :)

iMore is the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views of Apple products, the most elegant smartphones, tablets, and computers around.

I love Apple because because they offer me the best mix of hardware and software. They do what I need my stuff to do... most of the time anyway. My do I love iMore? How can you not love a site that has people like Rene, Peter, Richard, Georgia, and Ally?

I can't wait to dump my BB and get my hands on an iPhone 5S. I really enjoyed reading about the history of the iPhone (thanks Rene!) and all of the articles leading up to the September iPhone event. Thanks iMore!

I love Apple because of the quality of their products! The innovation, simplicity and amazing services! iMore is an excellent source of information about the Apple world and bringing to us the best information at time. It's a must read website for Apple fans

I love the full coverage on events that imore provides to Apple fans, I couldn't find that level of insight and coverage anywhere else. Apple as a brand continues (a hopefully will in the future) to push the limits of what can be, I'm always excited to see what is next!

I love Apple because their the best overrall, and iMore because they give the best coverage on anything apple.

I drug my feet coming into the apple ecosystem. But the first time I tried the iPhone 3G I knew I had to have it. My family has since gone all in getting multiple iPhones, Apple TV, iPad mini, and a Mac mini. We love apple products because they work well together. I started reading iMore in 2009 I believe back when it was still The iPhone Blog. I have learned how to make the most of my devices and learned about some great apps I might not have tried if it had not been for iMore. I check iMore daily now as well as their forums.

Sent from the iMore App

i would love for them to say we are getting the iphone 6 but you know apple 5s will do. hope they shock everybody and say here is the iphone 6.

I used to give my boss/mentor/friend a hard time about being a Mac Addict. From having an iPhone, to iPad, to iPod, to MacBook and an AppleTV, and thing and everything Apple he had. I'll admit I had an iPod, but at the time that was it. I got a iPhone 4 and after that went to town... His role and mine well flipped. I became the addict. I have now a iPad, iPad mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, AppleTV, and a iPhone 5.

I blame iMore for all this, due to the their awesomeness. Okay, maybe not all, but some at least.

I've left the iPhone a couple times (4s for GS3 and 5 for GS4) only to return to the rock solid iOS. Apple makes the most reliable phone and their app store is unparalleled.

Apple: Simple User interface with all the functionality you could want!
iMore: Simple, always on top of things!

I love Apple because they make very solid products. They make very few different types of products, but they make them well.

I love iMore because the quality of reporting is intriguing, informative, and fun.

I've been coming to imore since 2009 when I got my first iPhone, the 3GS. I love the tips and the articles. It's a great community in the forums as well.

Before I got the iPhone I could never understand why people were willing to pay a premium for Apple products. Now I do. Owning an Apple product is an experience. From opening the package, to customer support, to company events. Before the iPhone I owned every other operating system and they all fell short. The iPhone was so polished and so much attention was payed to detail. I've never looked back.

I love iMore because they consistently provide me with accurate and current news, and commentary, about the technology I am passionate about. I love Apple because they make high quality products that integrate themselves into my life and make most daily tasks significantly easier.

iLove iMore. I check it daily and read almost every article. It's my 'news'. What can I say about apple that hasn't already been said. I won't change from apple as long as I can see.

Sent from the iMore App

I love apple for always thinking of the "little" things. I also love the fact that Rene and the rest of the staff always answers their emails.

Let's Go IOS 7!!!!

I know everyone is gonna say how much they love Apple and obviously that is true of most everyone (including me) who reads this site. Just wanted to thank you guys for being here to read and for contests like this! Congrats to whoever wins either way I'm getting my 5s on launch day. and Apple are like Ying and Yang, you can't have one without the other! The best Apple Tech News and the best Tech Products!!

Apple and imore rock. I more is the reason I keep up with apple news as they make it interesting, and apple builds a solid product. Oh and contests like this certainly don't hurt!

My love for Apple products stems from their ability to design products with functionality that while can be simple in nature provides an enjoyable environment whenever I use any of their products. As for iMore...Your site provides great updates on upcoming events / rumors and more importantly you provide great tidbits that help me make the best use of my Apple products. In addition your editorials provide engaging and thought provoking comments. Keep up the great work.

ilove iMore, ilove Apple, when it comes to technology news, especially Apple news, I look no where but iMore and when it comes to using electronic gadgets, iuse Apple.

Sent from the iMore App

My day is never complete without numerous visits to iMore to get my fix for my Apple addiction. Especially when there are new products on the horizon.

I love apple because of its ecosystem, because of OsX, because of a thousand app that help me manage my life! I love apple because they hired, years ago, a great information architect, and whatever the competitors do, they did not understand that this is the key to create a great OS. I love their hardware and I love their software, and I love iMore for giving me reviews about the latter one and staying on the news about Apple ecosystem! And I would love you even more if you give me an iPhone! I am now stuck with an Android (damn thieves!) and I would love to return home! :D

I've been a faithful member her since the days of tipb and I love imore just as much! It's my homepage in chrome and the only place I go for all things apple. As for apple it's a love for a company that shows you what you never needed yet want obsessively. My next tatto will be an apple logo to show my love for the greatest company ever!!

Sent from the iMore App

iMore is simply the best source for apple stuff, I love your site and would be the most happy person in the world to get a Iphone 5S

I've always had an android but with the new iPhone 5s & 5c plus the new features of iOS 7 apple has definitely made me a believer. I'm switching over to team iPhone. I've always been a fan of androids customization but now I can do that on an iPhone. I'm definitely going to be buying the 5c when released. I might even preorder it. I see why everyone is in love with Apple's products. They have beautiful products made with quality & made to last. They are worth every last penny unlike androids that seem to easily have software issues and not to mention how easy it is for an android to get a virus. I bought the nexus 4 in April & I love it but I'm going to leave it for an iPhone.

I love imore because i just do! their my number 1 source for all my apple news :) i love browsing the forums and i love every single one of the people on this website :) you make getting the latest apple news so simple!
and apple. gosh, i have had a sick obsession with apple since the release of the first iphone. i can't explain my love for apple. it just is...

imore is my go to place for everything apple!!! Would love a new iPhone!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

I've been using Apple since OS 9 and I got the original (expensive) iPhone so I know and love Apple well. It's great to see a site like iMore come along and do such fantastic work covering them. Thanks for all you do and I'm anxious to see what will be unveiled today!

Sent from the iMore App

I love iMore for their ability to predict the next big thing from Apple. I love Apple for their ability to surprise everyone - including iMore!

As usual, iMore has been the place to find out what's coming up in today's announcement. Great work once again!
Can't wait to use my new 5S!

iMore is an innovative website that I have surfed while finding truthful updates about the latest rumors for the IPhone. I love IPhone for different reasons but specifically for me, I love iMessage. I love the bubble that comes up when people are responding back to my text!! That simple feature fulfills me. I am new to the IPhone family and I am grateful!

I have had all of the phones including the original and too many MacBooks, iPads, and iPods to count.
Apple all the way !

Best products available and the best news site to get information on those products. Can't wait for the new iPhone

Can't wait to see what is unleashed at the event today. Can always count on imore to keep me updated. Been using the site sense it was Tipb

I usually check out imore everyday to stay up to date on things and see what's new out there. And apple is my go-to for quality products

I just started using apple products at my work and got my first iPad a few months ago. Highly anticipating the new iPhone! Amazing products!

I love Apple. I can't wait for next year when I can buy a new phone. Or you know... You could just pick me to win this one.

Why I Love Apple: Their products make my life infinitely more simple.
Why I Love iMore: Their site makes knowing how much longer I have to wait with a cracked screen for the iPhone 5S infinitely more simple. <3

I love iMore, it's my only source of news for Apple.
I love my iPhone, I couldn't live without it.
It is broken and I need a new one.

I love Apple products....why? Because of how easy they are to learn and use.

Having a daughter in grade school now, I am simply amazed at how brilliant Apple is. Our school district has all Apple iMacs and EVERY classroom and EVERY computer lab. They also use iPads in several classrooms.....BRILLIANT!!! You introduce this "ecosystem" of Apple products to the kids at a young age and then when they become consumers guess what they will lean towards.....Apple products.

My kids dont tell me they used the computer at school, they say they played on the MacBook.....

They dont go onto the internet, they go on to Safari......

Kudos, Apple..... you're doing it right.

iMore love Apple than you!!! And iMore always gives me the latest for the next gadget I'm going to be getting! Apple always does a great job connecting all my stuuf together. And with Apple, the iMore the better!

Hell, I love iMore because it was easy to find news for my new iPad, coming from Crackberry!
I still own a BB phone, but I'm looking forward to embrace the iPhone 5S and the lovely iOS7 that comes with it...

I love Apple [<--------------------------------->] much, and I love iMore
[----------------------------------------------->] much.

Was planning on buying my daughter an iPhone 5S for her birthday in November. Would love to win it and give it to her.

I'm a Windows Phone guy myself but she is all in with Apple.

Apple: best experience on a mobile device. great customer service.
imore: great articles and great podcast

I would love an iphone 5s. I've been rocking an iphone since summer of 2008 and literally have bought all other Apple products since then. Thanks imore, you're the best!!!

As a long time android enthusiast, Android is getting stale. I have owned every nexus product except the Nexus 10. Android hasn't had a significant update since Jelly Bean first launched a few years ago. Jelly bean is good but not perfect and I am getting tired of looking at the same holo ui for years. I am excited to see what Apple has in store for the new iPhone and am excited to see more about iOS 7. What I've seen so far is a beautiful update to a stable software suite that updates what is needed and keeps the features that work best. iMore and the whole mobile nations community is by far the best place for mobile device news.

We love iMore and Apple and would really Love a New iPhone 5s for our 20 year wedding anniversary 9/12.... It would make a great additional Gift for my wife. Thanks iMore for running such Great Give aways.

iMore and Apple, oh how do I love thee...let me count the ways! 1.The products just work. I don't have to jailbreak my phone or iPad so it'll do what I wish. It does it right out of the box! 2. Sexy. Can I say that in a comment? Because the iPhone sure is! And iMore well you guys are freakin' awesome. You're my number 1 source for news as well as how to's! You make me look good when I can solve my friend's iPhone/Apple problems. Man I love that search option!

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The style of Apple is greatly complimented by the clean substance of journalism provided by the great people at Imore. Apple + Imore = Tech Love.

Im really excited on the new iphone 5s, I just cant wait for the event at 1pm. Im so sure it will brighten all people's day ! Thanks for iMore for the latest update on iphone 5s, ive been logging in every single day for the past 1 week reading latest iphone 5s news on iMore. Love iMore love Apple what more i can say.

If this leads to a 128 GB iPhone I will be in heaven. Apple makes products as they should be work. And when I put in my preorder and go through the impatient process of waiting, there is no no better place to wait and discuss my iPhone hopes and dreams with then at imore. :)

This is gonna be a great day! Can't wait to see what Apple will pull out of their hat and raise the bar again! It would be an even more awesome day if I won an iPhone 5S :)

From the great iMore app: i love my iPhone And almost every Apple product. Can't wait for the Keynote. Even do it hasn't started, i'm already refreashing the iMore website. Tnx iMore And Apple for brightning up my day

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i love apple because they make the best products and imore because they are THE authority on the best products