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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

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That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I love Apple simply because the products they make are solid. They're well designed and well built. They do what they say they're going to do.

Had the original iPhone, went over to Android, and now I'm craving something new. Besides, the budget is a bit tight nowadays, and I need a way to get out of my VZW contract (which means paying an ETF). Not having to buy a phone on top of that for T-Mobile would go a long, long way. I just really love Mobile Nations in general, that we constantly get these opportunities to win awesome stuff. Thanks so much iMore and Mobile Nations!

Made the switch from android to iPhone as soon as Sprint made them available and I haven't looked the other way since. Sometimes I even feel like an Apple spokesperson when I start talking about iPhones, it's funny.

I have to say, that Apple is my go to company for hardware. I have had several iPods and just got my first iPhone last year, and realized how much I really like the hardware that Apple creates. Being able to multitask and be efficient is key, and Apple products help me do that.

iMore is my one stop shop for Apple news. With Rene at the helm and a host of a great writers, the info I get here is informative and extremely helpful. iMore keeps up on trends and is able to stay on top of Apple news as it happens. Keep up the great work gang!

My love and passion for Apple's products came from my downfall with Windows Products. 4 PC in the last 5 years, all broke down. I bought my first Apple product, the iPhone 3G. Followed up with every iPhone after that. Eventually buying an iPad 3. Finally stop using Windows PC buying my first MacBook Pro. Apple products have change the way I think, feel, and even dress in my life. I'm energized, more productive and overall better today because of Apple's products.

I first got into Apple's ecosystem when I started a new position 5 years ago. Since then, I have used an iPod Touch (4th gen), iPad 2, and now an iPad mini. I use the iPad mini as my main computing device and cannot imagine ever going back to playing games on a console or surfing on a clunky laptop :)

The only thing I don't have, though, is an iPhone. I use only prepaid plans (ever since ditching my $100 per month Verizon plan a couple of years ago), so price is a huge concern for me. I am ok with my crappy Android phone (as long as I just use it for calls and iPad for everything else). But a free iPhone 5s... please, please, please!

As far as iMore, I just stumbled upon this site a few months ago. Now it is my main source for all Apple news! I probably visit this site half a dozen times a day to catch new articles. Keep up the good work!!

I have been a huge Apple fan since I was in grade school 17 years ago. I love where they have taken the business over the past 5 - 10 years, and look forward to the products that will be released in the next 5 - 10. iMore ( has always been a great source of all things Apple. I particularly like the iPhone app when I'm out and can't catch up on all my news.

With Apple's intense focus on end user experience with their devices, It's no surprise that the iPhone has been the only smartphone I've ever used. It has changed the concept of what a smartphone should do and I depend on it for almost all my day-to-day activities

iMore on their part do not disappoint either. The content-rich website always keeps me engaged when I've got time to burn. Another plus for iMore is their customer relations. I had an issue some weeks back with an iPad case from P

I love Apple because they make great products that "just work" and iMore because they provide great news about Apple!!!!!

Read about the silver ring finger print tech, golf iPhone 5s probably various colors and model too....iphone 5c ....goingmad on imore Website refreshingthings .....can't wait....5s in all my braincells

iMore is my first web stop of the day, and the last, with plenty in between. It's my go to place for Apple news and I love all the apps and products they showcase. Thank you guys for an amazing job, and keep it up!


I'll tell you a story why i am in love with apple and imore.
When I was in 9th grade I had a friend who bought an iPod Touch 3g which was the very 1st product of apple i had used and it impressed me a lot. My birthday was right around the corner and I had decided to demand for an iPod touch. So i went to my parents and i asked for it and the said a clear NO. I was very sad and decided not celebrate my birthday. Just a day before my birthday my parents gave me a surprise and bought me an ipod touch for my birthday. And since that very day I had become one of the biggest fan of apple. The whole day I used to search for different sites and i got across this site (imore). I really loved it and decided to follow this site. Every day first thing in the morning was that i open this site to see the latest stuff happening in the world of apple. Even my brother was irritated me getting addicted to your site. My brothers used to watch movies and i used to watch apple keynotes. I always used to feel apple is my own company. If it failed i used to thinki have failed and if it passed i used to feel i have passed. Today i hav and iPod touch and iPad 2 and would surely like to get an iPhone dumping my old stupid blackberry Torch which i hate like hell (And i couldn't buy an iPhone because my parents just dont buy me one as the thinkk i'll get distracted from my studies). So hope you give me one .And love your site.

I love apple because of the exquisite desing of all of their products, the way os x look's and feel when I use it. i love the old "Hi i'm a mac" ads! and i love the reliability of all of the products that they've sell

sorry for the misspelling (if there is any)

I just love apple so much!!! i want the iphone 5s! :D iMore is the best site for staying updated about apple news ;) !!!

I like things that are well executed. That's why I like Apple products and services and that's why I like the Debug Podcast.
This is the first time I'm on iMore so I don't know it yet, but I've put it pretty high on my iPhone Bookmark list (right below

I love apple because of the great quality that they put into their devices, computers and operating systems, and I love Imore because it is by far, the best place to find Apple news on the internet.

I really love Apple! How can I explain it... that's all I use at work, for personal stuff... I always LOVED the designs, how MUCH the battery on their laptops last... the quality is absolutely amazing. Also, thanks iMore for always writing so many news. I check your website on a daily basis :) - Would love to win!

Ignacio from New York :)

I love Apple because their iPhones are so well integrated with, well, basically everything. And I love iMore because they have awesome giveaways like this one!

i'm not sure which i'm checking up on more often, Apple products or iMore!! i've owned every generation of iPhone and iPad!! thanks for all the updates and keeping me informed!!

I love Apple, they make the best tech, and I love iMore because they tell me about it. I would love them both more if i had a new iPhone 5s in my hand...

imore rocks! what more i can i say?! you guys provide the most up to date information for all apple products. I been a huge fan for years and follow up on all the articles that are posted! Apple has lead the way for innovations and companies to know the true meaning of competition when it comes to phones, tablets and computers. I been to the android side earlier this year for a few months, but decided to return back to apple. Apple has it down packed when it comes to apps, product, accessibility, and of course customer service. Keep doing what you do best imore!

I love imore because of all the information I get and the website is so easy to navigate. I love the how to's those have definitely helped me out in the past. I love apple products because they give me a peace of mind, I haven't had a problem with any of my apple products.

I love Apple products because they are so simple and yet so elegant :)
And iMore, I mean, where else would I get the latest news about Apple products?

I love Apple because they keep me connected with relative ease. I love iMore because they keep me in the know about Apple!

I love imore because they recently made the switch from blackberry to a used iPhone 4 painless. If I knew apple made the phones this well I would have switched a long time ago.

I check iMore everyday to see what is new and innovative in the Apple world. Best place to keep up on all the great Apple products

I love iMore because I love all things Mobile Nations up to and including the Apple coverage. :-). I don't love Apple so much but I certainly want to be involved in the ecosystem as a developer and, since Apple requires it, that means I need development devices! :-D

I love apple because they thought so much how the their product could be very simple and efficient to use and imore is the best place to get news and updates about apple

iMore is the best news site for the best smartphone company in the world. They both deliver excellent products to their costumers.

It's really hard to say which of the three I love (i) more: my wife, Apple, iMore (although I met Apple way before my wife ;))

What could be better than winning a new iPhone - the only piece of tech that I truly adore - from the site that consistently has the most substantive commentary and analysis?

I love Apple because they make sure to produce intuitive, elegant, extremely functionnal products at a decent price! I love iMore because you guys provide tons of information to your followers! Thank you so much!

Sent from the iMore App

I love apple and have since I got my iPhone 4, now on a iPhone 5. I love iMore for all the great info on apple news and help/workarounds in the forums.

I love Apple because its products is simple yet beautiful. I love iMore because it discusses all things Apple right to the core, not to mention this kind of giveaway. Best of luck everyone.

Why do I love Apple? Simple, because of Apple there is an iMore, without Apple the is no iMore. I'm proud to be part of the iMore family

Wow had to scroll a long way to comment! I am really looking forward to hearing about today's event and thanks to iMore for bringing this opportunity to win! I am definitely seeing how great iMore is for bringing great info and tutorials! I am an Apple convert- I was always a PC girl but my husband was always pro Mac. When mine would be crashing big time, he would always say...You can always switch over! I finally did a couple of years ago and I haven't looked back! I have a 27"iMac, 2 apple tv's, iPad2 and iPhone 4s but it is time to upgrade so the next thing will be the 5S or whatever they call this one. Thanks again! I hope I am chosen to get the $500!

I love Apple because they make products that just work, whether it be an iPhone or a MacBook. I love iMore because you guys bring all the latest Apple news right to my screen without me having to go around the internet finding all the info from various places.

I just love to be informed about all the new Apple products that I love by the best Apple information website!

Keep up the good work ;)

I love Apple because they make the best tech products, and I LOVE imore because the team consistently provides the best, most accurate journalism about the company and it's products!

I love Apple because every product they make works with the others. Also the designs they have are amazing. I love imore because they bring the most accurate apple news and all mobile news in one place. I always turn to imore if I need help on something, and the first site I look at when browsing the web. Hope to win this awesome contest!!!

Apple should just acquire iMore because they provide the best in news coverage and real world insight. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

I love my Iphone since the 4 cant wait for the next one. I have been reading IMore and mobile nations since I have had my blackberry. I read it everyday!.

The products are simple, well-built, and just work. iMore tells us what we need to know. Simple. Great analysis.

Apple keeps my life organized and iMore helps me keep my Apple ecosystem optimized! Keep up the good work guys (& gals!)

I love apple because my phone just works. I love iMore because I get all my iPhone news here. Thanks for the great contest!!

Why do I love Apple?! Well, they started innovation with smartphones and their products never cease to amaze me as well as iOS! They are the company that changed everything! Why do I love iMore?! iMore is like the local news, always bringing us fanboys the latest coverage of everything Apple! If I miss a tad bit of something Apple, iMore will have me covered! Most of all, I love the contests! It shows us that you really appreciate us members!

I would love a new iPhone 5S! Who wouldn't? If awarded this AMAZING prize I would be glad to give any user reviews or share my experiences with iMore. It's the least I could do for all the hard work iMore puts in. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the daily updates, needed distractions and tips. So, pick me please! Also, it might help to mention that I use my old Samsung Galaxy as a coaster for my favorite beverage. Ha!

I love iMore. They keep me up to date with all the latest Apple information, news, and rumors. I love Apple for their innovation.

My favorite place to find news for my favorite company, Apple. :) Thanks guys, like you a lot better than a lot of link bait sites out there. You rock. Your articles rock, keep up the good work.

Have had every version of the iPhone since the first one..and the chance to get one for free...count me in.

Thanks to iMore and Rene Ritchie for putting together an amazing resource for us Mac & Technology Degenerates.

I love Apple for the simplicity. I tried to be an Android guy and found that rooting my phone just to get it to work close to properly wasn't the way to go. Became an Apple guy last fall with the iPhone 5, and then the iPad mini. Been in love every since! Got 2 Apple TVs and got an AirPort Extreme and Airport express. I love imore because you guys keep me in the know of everything apple! I've gotten some great app and accessory recommendations. It is a daily visit for me. This is a great opportunity and props to you guys for giving back to the readers. Good luck to whomever wins and I hope it's me :) thank you for the opportunity.

iMore is the best place around for Apple news and Apple is just the best. I have a 3GS so it's time to update with this contest! Otherwise no iOS 7 and that would be a shame! ;) gonna follow the event today hoping to get lucky in this contest! :)

Good job for all the things you share with us and all these contests! Thank you!

I love Apple because they're machines carry thee most user friendly OS out there. Even from my first Mac back in 2000. I like that Apple thinks different while perfecting at the same time. iMore is great because they are all about Apple, all the time.

I love Apple because it just works. I love iMore because you have the best site to get info.

I love Apple as there products just keep getting better. Imore is my go to site for info on what is up and coming in technology.


Can't wait to get my hands on iOS 7, if it's on an iPhone 5S, better still. On the other hand, if the specs on the "cheaper" iPhone are good, I would love to have a plastic phone that I didn't have to cover and protect as much. The aluminium (as Jony says) fells great, but it scuffs and bends. I already have dropped mine twice, once with no case, and now it has two dents.

As cool as iOS 7 looks, it begs the question of what developers are going to do with it. it will be interesting.

Here is to the greatest company and to the best app on the planet! iLove because simply put "iDo"

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple so much because it is the best in hardware… I love the imore because it is the best place to stay on top of the lateast news and information!

i wish I could be seating in front seat of iphone event watching the tim cook introducing new iphone the best smartphone in the world
because its awesome , fabulous and smart
this is the iphone 5s will beat Samsung note 3 and other smartphone of samsung

Apple definitely makes a great product! I can't wait to have hearing aids that connect directly to the phone. That can't get here soon enough. Thank you Apple for considering those of us in (hearing aid connectivity) need!

Reading imore helped my decision to jump over to iPhone. I've been hooked on both since.

Sent from the iMore App

Apple produces some of the most polished products, and imore is the source for all the latest information. Iphone 5s!

I love iMore for providing me with up to date and informative articles on the Apple products that I love. However, I would love Apple and iMore considerably more if I won this contest though!

iMore, thanks for the outstanding coverage leading up to today's announcement. I'm looking forward to arming my 3 kids with 5c's and hoping that Apple comes through with the goods in terms of price. Can't wait and thanks again.

Apple and the iPhone has absolutely changed my life!! Just finishing grad school, all my books, notes, homework were done with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple computers. I couldn't possibly imagine my life any simpler without Apple technology. (And not with them over-saturating the market !) I'm constantly looking for the latest and the greatest. I rely on iMore to give me the inside scoop on all Apple news!

Keep up the great work!

Apple has what other devices don't: class and elegance, and that's why I've always loved their products! And I've loved this site from the moment I started reading it. I always check for news here on my fave apple products :D

I have been one of the first 10-20 people on line on release day every year since the very first iPhone was released and plan to be again!

By the Way, please Rene, go as often as you can to Macbreak Weekly. Leo has jumped ship and we need some balance on that show.

I love iMore because its my source for everything Apple related , even though I haven't used iOS since iOS 3 .
I truly appreciate all the hard work you guys do & all the effort you guys do to make iMore the best website/news site in everything Apple related....

I love Apple because it's a fruit which gave with one "bite" human kind some knowledge about world and I love iMore because gave knowledge about Apple.

In my opinion Apple has the overall best ecosystem at the moment...and iMore is one of the best sources for news regarding this ecosystem.

Yes, Please and Thank you!
I very much enjoy reading the thoughtful articles on imore, and I love reading the opinions of many of the regulars in the forums. Apple makes an outstanding hardware and software combo, and I would be very grateful to give a new 5s a loving home ;-)
Count me in please!

So many things in life can be complicated. Taking more effort to make happen than really necessary. Apple products are some of the things in my life that work as they are supposed to with minimal effort. Love that!

iMore has become my go-to place to get Apple news. Mainly because iMore doesn't take itself too seriously and always backs up opinion with fact. Love that!

I switched from Blackberry to the iPhone 4S two year ago and was afraid I would miss the keyboard, but I have learned that I love the iPhone and Apple. I enjoy all the useful information I get from iMore and its seems that iMore is the best place for all information Apple. Looking forward to the new products.

Hope its not too late. But then to hope is the best thing you can do. Apple and iMore usually dont disappoint.

For Innovation I turn to Apple.
For Innovation news I turn to

Will not be able to watch the event today but will keep my iPhone posted on for all the updates!

I love using the Apple products. My iPhone 4s was the first one that I owned and I am so glad that I have had iMore to teach me everything that I needed to know to use it.

Apple makes pretty darn awesome products. (I still have and use my 20Gig dinosaur iPod (CLICKWHEEL!) I just recently joined the iPhone family with a iPhone 4 (Free is for me!)

I love iMore because they keep us in the loop with iOS/new handsets news as well as app recommendations!

The only thing I need to say it's an iPhone, designed by apple in california.
It's simply the best on the world, great, fantastic...
Hope you read my comment and choose me.

I love and respect apple for there innovation. There products make the world jealous and yet respected.
I love imore for there comprehensive and informitable articles. I can always count on imore to keep me up to date on everything apple( and more). They are my CNN.

Switched from android to iphone because of slow updates. Apple is on top of it all so much better. Imore had the best information on anything iphone which is a perfect match.

Sent from the iMore App

I had no money through out my entire university, due to my obsession with apple, using all my funds to by a mac and later iPhone and I have just rendered myself in the same predicament by buying an iPad.
My love is unconditional.
I am hungry, as I can't afford to eat (lol) but I'd feel a lot less so if I won!

I'm stuck with my 4S until June, 2014 thanks to Verizon's new upgrade policy so I'd love to win this. iMore is my favorite site for tips, news, and rumors!

I have gone back and forth between Android and Apple but in the end, it is always Apple. I am definitely going to be getting a 5s.

My daily feed of Apple information comes from none other than!! And I check for daily information because I obviously love Apple! Now bring on the finger print scanner!

With Apple's intense focus on end user experience with their devices, It's no surprise that the iPhone has been the only smartphone I've ever used. It has changed the concept of what a smartphone should do and I depend on it for almost all my day-to-day activities

iMore on their part do not disappoint either. The content-rich website always keeps me engaged when I've got time to burn. Another plus for iMore is their customer relations. I had an issue some weeks back with an iPad case from P&Q. Michelle (@_Miche11e_ ) made sure it was all sorted without me doing much.

I'd really really love to win the iPhone 5s, Goodluck to the rest of you guys. Now let's see what Apple has for us in today's event, can't wait! #fan

Ive used Windows Phone, Android and everyone is trying to convert me to iOS... I would like to see if iOS7 does make me convert.. but I can only see that if I get an iPhone 5s! So are you going to convert me?!

Apple is amazing they continue to impress me and keep designing amazing products. Unfortunately I have not been blessed with the money to buy all the latest phones. I'm still using the 3GS but I'm still happy with my iPhone!!!

I enjoy reading about my favorite Apple products on iMore! I'm interested in high quality, informative articles; and you guys deliver! Thanks so much! I would love to have the new iPhone!

Apple products are amazing. Connecting the world in new and exciting ways. The designs are easy on the eyes as well!

Why do I love iMore? Because it's my number one source for my iPhone and it's on my bookmark bar too! Simple as that. I made a switch from Apple to WP but then I made another switch(back) to Apple, because I couldn't resist the awesomeness of Apple.

Apple + iMore = OVER 9000+

My wife doesn't like a lot of tech podcasts, and will sometimes ask me to turn them down or off. But when she hears Rene Richie, she will say, "Well, he's alright. You can leave him on." You guys are great! As for Apple, If it didn't exist, how many of you (us) would even be writing or interested in computer tech news at all? They truly did put the "personal" in computers and continue to generate inspiration in most of us here!

Sent from the iMore App

I am only 15 yet I follow every press event from apple through your website. I read your articles every day and I love apple so much. I live in Australia, so I wake up early in the mornings just for the press events. Apple is a company which I love and iMore helps me become updated about the newest technologies. And for that, I thank and love you.

I love Apple! Love using all the apple gadgets during college! I check up on imore everyday to here news about new technology!

Feel in love with Apple and the way they do stuff since my first iPod. From then on I can't buy into the whole "old specs & overpriced products" criticism - Apple is simply making premium products, that are reliable, work and stand out due to their design.

Since I'm not an iPhone or iPad user (yet!), I check various Apple related sites just to keep up to date. iMore (as well as fellow sites on Mobile Nations) is my primary source, especially for the rumours part of the news :) Keep it up, guys!

I love apple because they make products that work! I love imore because they show me how to make the products work better!

iMore is the greatest and if I won this I would be the greatest in my Wife's eyes because she loves the iPhone

I love Apple because it is the best company in the world that sells the best products and I love iMore because it is the very best way to get your Apple News :)

This would be a great gift! Always wanted to try out an iPhone and see if it's as good as all my friends say it is.

I love Apple because they're more concerned about quality and customer care & satisfaction more than any others. They just do it right, and then they continue until they perfect it. I'm a part if the Apple Eco-system, and it just works.
And I love iMore because they're relentless in their pursuit to keep you involved in all things Apple. It's a daily reading requirement for myself.

I grew up building PC's and hated Macs. 20 years ago, you could walk into any software store and see which platform had the advantage. In 2009 I broke down and bought my first iPod because it was the only model (The Classic) that came with the storage I desired. A few months later I bought myself and my mother iPhone 3GS's, and working in cell phone sales at that time, I started exclusively offering iPhones. Up until last summer, I had the opportunity to really play with and know the different devices and my recommendation in sales always came to the simple reliability of the iPhone. Today, I have replaced my desktop, my mothers desktop, and a close friends laptop with two iMacs and a Mac Mini, and put my 90 y/o grandmother on an iPad, too!

iMore is a great source of news and their senior editor is an attractive ginger, what's not to love? Lol :)

iMore allows me to stay up to date with latest Aplle news and gadgets! My wife introduced me to Apple & the iPhone several years ago and now I rely on it everyday. In desperate need of a new iphone and this contest would be awesome!

Apple creates the best hardware. Their OSs are the best available. iMore is the best site for all things Apple info. Great articles

I love Apple because they make insanely great products. I love iMore because they provide insanely great coverage of insanely great products.

I've love Apple since my father brought home the Macintosh II SI
I love that the iOS is a stable and solid interface!
iMORE is 2nd to none in keeping me up to date in all the latest news in the mobile industry!

I Love Apple and iMore because they are both simply the BEST at what they do. Looking forward to today's coverage.

Apple build quality is insane! They always have clean lines and use materials that don't make the phone feel like a Fisher-Price toy. If it wasn't for iMore, I would probably be using a dumb phone. So many goodies here, it's awesome!

I love apple because they have a unique user experience and that is what differentiate them from other companies. Apple doesn't look for quantity but for quality. They try to perfect a service/product before releasing it unlike any other company. And that is why I think Apple is the best company in the world!
iMore is the #1 site I check every day for reading new about Apple. I think the team at iMore is working very hard to cover the hottest news about apple.

I'm really excited for the new iPhone and I love iMore -- your podcast is way more fun than other weekly mac podcasts, even when you are a guest on that show. :)

Me and Apple been in love for about 7 years now with iMore as our lovechild. Looking forward to our 10 year anniversary and eternity.

I love Apple mostly because of their ecosystem. And I love iMore for the news and the forums. The forums have saved my butt too many times!

Sent from the iMore App

I have had a long standing love affair with everything Apple for awhile now. It all started with my first MacBook Pro. Before that I had been a Windows junkie then I was introduced to Mac OS and I loved everything about it. I have an iPhone, AirPort Extreme and have had iPads and Apple TVs in the past. I dream of the new ultra thin iMac but it is still out of reach for me *sigh*. When I got my first gen iPhone I searched far and wide for information on what I could do with it. I found iMore, then TiPb, and it was actually the first podcasts I had ever listened to. Ever since 2007 I have not missed a show, been to a couple live and have gotten the audio versions. The forums are great I've met so many people, made a few friends and hopefully helped a few Jailbreakers. I still haven't met another iMoreite in person but there is still time perhaps one day.

I love Apple because of the streamlined quality of their products. I love iMore because of the detailed coverage that they provide.

Apple and iPhone have been the best thing for me since sliced bread! And imore has been the friendliest and most helpful site. Thank you for the contest.

I love Apple. Keynote announcements are so very exciting. I love how innovative Apple is and how they put so much effort into the details of every single product they make. You can just tell that Apple products are high quality.

Thanks iMore for providing such great articles and information regarding Apple news and tips that help us all with our Apple experiences.

I do love apple from the original Mac all the up to my macbook pro retina.

I love imore for all the content they provide and how-to tips. Great site.

Telling you how much I love the iPhone to win a free one, is a much better idea than donating a kidney. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a surgery to cancel.

I love Apple and iMore for the same reason. You'd both rather do something meaningful and great over something popular. It turns out you're all three.

I love Apple because of the products they make. And they seem to really care. I think they have the best commercials out there. I love imore because of the great news they bring us. imore give reasons behind their product reviews not just the standard "I am a professional, I know what is best for little people.

I love apple insanely because im using their product. Of course Imore because it keeps me updated all the time! You both are awesome!!!!

I love Apple products, no better craftsmanship in the market, inside and out. I love iMore because it keeps me busy at work, HA!

I love Apple's ability to see the world as it should be, throwing aside all regard for their competitive landscape... iMore is simply the impassioned technologist watching over their shoulder step by step.

iLove Apple for its great devices and their awesome design and quality. And iLove iMore for its instructive articles about tech and stuff that interests me. :)

I'm a huge Apple fan and have been for quite some time. They've always been one of the most unique companies I've seen. Their products are top of the line devices that positively ooze with style. iMore is the only place I go for Apple news.

This is the best place I've found to find Apple news, and I love the guides on how to replace parts of the phone, it seems intimidating at first, but iMore's guides are really easy to follow!

I love iMore and Apple but I would love you more if I was the winner of a brand new iPhone 5S of course !

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I am an apple certified fan specifically its smarthphone and tablets category and soon iwatch. When it comes to innovation and technology advancement Apple is the one! No regrets! Tv's,laptops,computers,tablets,smartphones,ipods,earpods, and soon iWatch.Same with iMore it really2 info facts! iMore is advance in information!it gives you what you really need to know regarding tech giant Apple,superb!

Simply because Apple has redefined the technology that is available to mankind. Innovative, out of box. Every product is unique.

I really enjoy Apple. I was former Android user and once i got my Iphone 5 i was hooked. I know am all Apple. I love Apple because they are cutting edge and they dont need to create all these different phones instead make one great phone.

Hey, iMore I'd love to win an iPhone 5S! Ever since my first iPhone (4S) I'm hooked! Of course, I've dabbled with Apple ever since the iPod Video(!!!) and the iPod mini....Great fan of their handheld devices. My wife and I both hope to upgrade and this win would be sweet! Love your site.

I love apple devices because it revolutionized the lives of blind people in many ways, and by keeping up with the latest, greatest, and most reliable news from iMore, I know I will he always up to date when it comes to apple related news!

I love Apple for making the best products in the world. I very often come to their defense, my pocket app, flipboard and zite apps are full of apple articles. The best articles come from The writing is incite full and accurate.

I love Apple because they have the best products that never let you down.
And I love iMore because you all keep me up to date on everything that's going on!!!

Looking forward for today's event. Thank you IMore for keeping us up to date on the latest happenings with IOS7, IPhone 5s and 5c, (and other surprises that may be announced today).

After reading the users perspective over iPad in the iMore forums here, I bought an iPad and I absolutely love it. And now I'm ready to make the iPhone my daily driver with my current wp as backup. Love you iMore, WPCentral and mobile nations; you guys have helped me discover way too many great apps and tricks.

I've always loved iMore and Apple but now that I actually have an iPhone? Everything is actually better!!!

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I used to hate Apple, it seemed like the most horrible company in the world! They were extremely proprietary, nothing worked with their devices except THEIR devices, THEIR software, everything. But I one day decided to purchase a Macbook Pro back in 2011. I took it home, and began to play with it, and the more i did the deeper in love I fell. A year later I was upgrading my phone to an iPhone, and now I promote Apple in every way possible. When you finally get it and understand, you begin to see Apple is Premium Quality, with customer needs and desires in mind. Apple literally changed my life. I realize that without Apple changing the game, the world would still be on the flip phone.

Now iMore is an excellent place to come and find out everything you want and or need to know about Apple. They execute the highest level of quality information, in a timely manner. iMore is excellent at providing insight to the unseen and unheard info from Apple. I thank them for always being on top of the game. iMore you help extend my LOVE for Apple, Thank You!!!

Really wish I win this contest! Been looking to upgrade from my older iPhone for sometime now! Please please please let me win!

I've owned every new iPhone the day it came out, stood in lines for hours, and just enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the product. I like the way Apple just shows their products in commercials and doesn't stoop to making fun of the other brands. It's just a classy company. I would just like to win something, just once in ths lifetime, from a contest like this and what better thing to win than the new iPhone 5s. Good luck to everyone who comments.

I love Apple because they make devices that last, and are not disposable. I love iMore for reliable news & rumors!

I love apple because their products are refined and of high quality.

I love imore because the coverage is honest, detailed and accurate! No link bait and no blind loyalty!

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If how often I check iMore for Apple news is a measure of how much I love Apple products, I may be their biggest fan.

I love Apple because of their commitment to accessibility as a blind user I can take full advantage of their products out of the box. I love iMore as my daily source of all things Apple...and Rene simply is the best.

I enjoy all that iMore has to offer. I've followed iMore from it's beginnings and enjoy all the viewpoints (opposing or not) concerning all things apple and other tech giants. The forums are filled with useful information and tons of support which I am very grateful for.

It's my first source I go for news, opinions and all things Apple.

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So excited for the Apple event today! I love how iMore covers the events! So exciting. I already know I am getting the phone, so I'm excited to see what is going to be available!

I'll take one please.

EDIT: I guess it would have helped if I read the contest requirements thoroughly before commenting. I can't say I really love Apple, so I won't even start that lie. However, iMore is a different story. These guys went a long way bringing me up to speed on everything I needed to know when I purchased my iP4. In fact, the Mobile Nations community has been my go to source since I started out on crackberry with my curve and subsequent Bolds, to my iP4 and the joys of Jailbreaking, and even now that I have ventured into the realm of Google and all things Android. Thank you iMore and everyone else.

i love my phone but it's time for an update!! Today i'm gonna see the keynote listen to Bob Dylan in honor of Steve!!!!

iMore rocks and the new iPhone will hopefully be the best iPhone yet! Keep up the great coverage of the event!

As a designer I am used to the Apple Universe since the last centenary (1997). I really enjoy the design and the user experience. I love iMore as well... but not quite as long as I love the fruit company. ;-)

You guys (iMore folks) are awesome with all your free give-aways. And i do love apple and its products. The entire package of devices, services, ecosystem is really the perfect blend for everyday folks and tech addicts.

Been an apple fan forever, and imore is my source for everything iPhone and apple in general! Would love a new iPhone!

I want an iPhone 5s to replace my Galaxy Nexus since I am sick of Android not working as well as iOS on my iPad. My Nexus has constant problems with Bluetooth in the car. iOS just works. I also hate that Sprint/Samsung won't update the phone, I'm stuck on 4.2.1, there's no hope for 4.3.

I dont know, 'love' is a pretty strong word, I like Apple and iMore a lot,
I love seeing Georgia's picture in the post, now that I love!

The half eaten apple symbol of iphone makes me go oooooo.when 1 day maybe i can hold the 5s beside my ears will be because of you imorreee. i really love both of you.

Apple makes great products. iMore is a great site with solid information about Apple and isn't biased.

Love Apple because they always pull a trick out of their hat which moves the tech industry forward. Also they make quality products that last and make their owners happy for long. I love iMore because of they extensive coverage of anything Apple and the great amount of thinking and vision of what users can achieve with new Apple tech.

I love Apple products because they consistently work and do so in a much more intuitive way than most other products. iMore, I don't know what I would have done with myself if it wasn't for all of your posts/articles. They've carried me all the way to today. Thanks for all you guys/gals do.

I love Apple for being creative,designs sleek-looking gadgets with top-notch technology & qualities. And iMore makes me more Tech-update-geek, for its latest articles with some lil bit of funny twist sometime :) . Getting updated never been this fun! Thanks guys!

I am a big fan of apple products from the beginning and I'm use the 5S will be an amazing product to own. Using it for school and everything else. It's just good.

Best phone company on earth. Imore best articles best coverage best writers . Keep up the awesome work. I recommend you guys to all my friends who are apple fanatics just like you and I !!

Apple is my favorite because of the quality products. I like iMore because of the professional and helpful staff, and the community of Apple owners that are more than ready to assist with any problem.

I love apple for two reasons. One, everything works. And works well. When I need a piece of hardware to be dependable without crashing its software, apple is where it's at. Second, the hardware is not only incredibly well built and solid, but they're pieces of art they're so beautiful.

I love imore, also for two reasons. One, I can count on them for the latest news, not just about apple, but also for anything that might affect apple. I don't have to read imore and another blog, I can depend on imore for all my news. Two, imore is also incredibly reliable for being accurate. Rarely ever do they post something they know to be fake, or if they do, they state that they find the source questionable or unreliable. So you still get the news, but know to take it with a grain of salt.

Please, please let me win!!

I love Apple because they're not Google: they're only after my money, not my identity. iMore is simply the best place to keep up with iOS news.

Apple has quality products and I have enjoyed the information that I get from iMore. Up to date and unique perspectives along with a little wit at times.

iMore: Awesome information source for all things Apple

Apple: Technological leaders and innovators... Products are second to none...

It would be awesome to win an imore contest. I've submitted to quite a few to no avail.

Anyway, I'd give the iPhone to my wife since she's still rocking the iPhone 4.

One can go on and on blah blah blah about anything in order to win a contest. Hands down the best tablet that I have used and is my daily use is the Apple iPad 2. Suits what I do on a tablet and I know the iPhone is in that league. So having an iPhone to mate with my iPad should be great. As for iMore check my browser history for the last 2 years. Nuff said. (that where I get all my tip, tricks and news about Apple products, which are a part of my daily life)

I love Apple! I love it so much cos it's super easy to use and I love iMore because the more i read it, the more i lpve it!

Looking forward to seeing what new great things Apple is coming out with. I'll peek in from time to time during the day. I don't think the boss would like me just watching all day. :)