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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I've been waiting for this for a year and a half. My iPhone 4 is starting to show its age and not hold a charge. Love the site and have followed all your news about this the way through...

I really need to get my bf off his Android! We need to be able to use iMessage! We have both grown fond of the company and iMore the last six months are having a little party this afternoon for the launch. Thanks for all the great work iMore!!!

I love iMore and apple so much!!! iMore b/c you provide amazing coverage of all things apple. and apple b/c even though the pure hardware specs aren't ever the greatest. The combo of OS and hardware meshed together with the elegance of apple design is amazing!

I love Apple because of the great product innovations and love iMore for keeping me informed of these products. Thank you both!

I love my iPad and would love to be able to try out an iPhone as I currently use an Android device. Even if I didn't feel the love for the device I could pass it on to my daughter who could really use an upgrade to her iPhone 4. Regardless I do love following iMore for the latest in Apple news, apps and tips!

Apple products have always been consistently top quality which is why I'll probably never buy a different phone. I love Imore cause since I found this site they offer alot more than just news visiting this site is a part of my everyday routine now. Thank you all to the imore crew for all your hard work. :).

I love Apple and joined their ecosystem a few years ago after buying my first iPad... then it started.. Iphone, IMac, Airport, Apple TV's... can't wait to see what they will finally release today.

I love iMore and I'm following your RSS feeds daily for the past few years (started then it was TIPB). I really enjoy reading your blog.. keep up the good work.

Winning an Iphone 5S would allow me to upgrade without resigning a contract!!

I love Apple so much I'm going to name my first baby Macintosh!! (just kidding!)

Really, I'm pretty new to Apple products. I got an iPhone as an award at my office, and I slowly warmed up to it after being a big fan of Motorola Razor flip-phones. I had tried "smart phones" before, like the Treo, and just hated them. So I had gone back to the simple idea that a phone should just be a phone - nothing else. The iPhone changed my mind, and I've had one ever since. And I've branched out - now I have an iPad mini, Apple TV, AirPort Extreme, and I will soon have a Mac mini. My plan is to be Windows-free by the end of this year.

iMore has a special place in my heart. When I started getting interested in Apple products in earnest, it was the first place I found that offered really intelligent analysis and insight into Apple, its ecosystem, and its products. I've been a huge fan ever since! In my opinion, iMore has the greatest contests, launch events, and Apple commentary available.

What I love about Apple is that its products bring my family together. From shared calendars to cross country chats and picture sharing, we're closer (and more organized) thanks to Apple. I've read tipb/imore daily for years now, and that's a huge help given that I'm the family tech support for iPhone and iPads. If I win, I'll give the gift card to a family member who reaaaaallly needs a new computer. Happy Announcement Day, everyone!

It is simple. I could not imagine the world without Apple products and services. They make my and everybody's live easer.

Apple been my favorite electronic brand for more than 10 years and I can't stay away from iMore more than a day! It been one of my favorite Apple related news website since I know that wonderful site!

keep on the good work!!

I love imore because I can always count on them having the best technological articles. I've been following the imore team for a while and to see them continue to grow is great! I love Apple because of their continuous hardwork to give us techy people what we want. I'm so excited for iOS 7 & iphone 5S/6 and would love to receive this. Thank you! Team imore & Team iphone :)

I love Apple because they make a variety of products that seamlessly integrate with each other. Apple understands that technology should work together easily.

Thank you for this contest! Can't love Apple and iMore more than this... wait... maybe a little bit more if i win the phone!!!
Good luck to everyone!!!

Although I doubt I will win. But I became a fan of Apple after being introduced to imore. They made it VERY simple for me to understand Apple then I switch my entire house from PC to Apple. From that point 2.5 years and going I've change from crack berry and PC to all Apple!

I love Apple and iMore! Best products and best coverage! I've used Android and iOS and there's no comparison - iOS wins hands-down for ease of use and solid user experience. And iMore has always been my go-to site for all things Apple, since the TiPb days.

I love Apple because they revolutionized the smartphone industry with iphone. I love imore as it is the best place to get news on all things apple.

I've been using Apple products exclusively since 1982. Does that qualify as love? I discovered Rene Ritchie and iMore watching MacBreak Weekly. I was drawn to Richie's unabashed defense of Apple from attacks by Leo Laport and Andy Ihnatko. And his comments are almost always right-on in his defense, often countering with facts instead of arguments. So yes, I love iMore as my main source of information about Apple.

This for you,

I love you more than my wife
even more than my life.
IMore is the best thing ever made,
your name won't ever fade.
I want the iphone cuz it's free,
so guy's, plzz give it 2 me!
I love ya!
I love ya!
I love ya!
I love ya!
I love ya!
But seriously ,you guys are the best in the world!!!
IMore- plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Btw i love ya guy's! (Little advice! Choose me, then you don't have 2 waste ur time :D)

I have loved apple from a very young age, their pattern of innovation has inspired me to become an engineer. It's sites like iMore, with their gorgeous layout, and informative articles, that keep me in the loop with everything apple.

It would be so much fun if they decide to call it iPhone 6... then what would be the prize? xD

There is no where else i go for the latest Apple news. iMore is simply the supreme source for all things Apple! I been counting down for today. I already love my AppleTV, iTunes Match, and iCloud. Can't wait to see what we get today to make the iPhone/iPad even better!!! 5s...I'm there! Thanks iMore!!

how much i love apple? haha thats simple, apple is just the best company of everything come on, you think that google can do what iphone do? NEVER in a million years lool and ofcourse imore is the best web for look all the best news of iphone and ipad, i mean it is the best way to know this news with a very fast way and i love it, cause no other site can do it.

I Love Apple. I Love imore. I Love the new iphone <3

I also love that Apple takes their time with new products and doesn't just release phone after phone after phone. I am looking forward to iOS7. But truthfully, all the iOS's before it have worked just fine for all my needs. Especially with a JB. I love iMore because they are bringing me coverage for this apple event.

iMore is the best source of Apple news on the net, I read it daily.

I would love to have a new iPhone, it is still the best mobile device on the planet.

iMore has done a great job keeping me up to date on all of the news regarding what looks like a great phone.

Come on, we all know the iPhone is the hottest phone on the market and is going to be for AWHILE ! Apple products period is are amazing. The iPhone is the most advanced but then again the easiest phone to use without all the complications. And now this iOS7 is just freaking amazing, I can't wait for the official Release. iMore has always been my "go to" site for all information for my apple products. They never seem to let me down about anything I need to know about my apple products. I hope I get a chance to finally win something especially like this :D

Sent from the iMore App

i really love how imore provides articles of information for all apple products and i hope i could win the iphone 5s.

I love the Apple because Apple is only one greatest example of best combination of art and technology. I love the iMore too and I think this is only one place where I can read genuine Apple news and learn more and share something new.

Apple's products are unique and built quality is always superb! iMore is always on top of the latest news from Apple. The one thing that iMore offers is great DIY segments and help guides that make me enjoy my Apple products more.

I love Apple because this company has the power to influence an website to organize a contest, which gives me the chance to win the new iPhone 5S! Lol

I love Apple because their devices are innovative and dependable while maintaining a beautiful design. I love iMore because it keeps me in the loop and engages a great audience around content we care about.

I love Apple for prioritizing design and functionality. I love Apple products and as soon as they come out with a TV, I'm saving up for that sucker. I want a new iPhone soooo badly!!! I've had the 4 for two years and 7 months.

So much that I am writing in imore app for iPhone 5S. Deadly combination.

Sent from the iMore App

The most innovative hardware and software are from Apple.
I have to visit iMore everyday to read about the latest on apple's news and how to sections.

Since the purchase of my first Iphone (4s), I've be been infatuated by the smooth operation system and how it just flat out works. Apple provides there products with consistent updates and top of the line customer service. I will forever be a apple and imore supporter!

I freaking love Apple so much! I treat their events like most Americans treat the Superbowl. I prepare myself and hope to cheer by the end of it all! iMore is also awesome! I can truly rely on iMore's staff to be up to the minute (and even up to the second during these Apple announcements!)

Thanks for the opportunity, iMore! Keep doing what you do! :)

I love Apple for it's completeness and user friendliness. Imore completes my craving for what's coming up.

Just purchased my 5th iPhone for my oldest kid, I could use a 6th to go along with the insane amount of apple products I have amassed.

This will help my son. See he keeps having issues with his phone before we can upgrade. If I win this then I can give him my iPhone 5. :)

I've always been a stubborn blackberry user and making the switch to the iphone has been one of my best decisions yet. It's fast and fluent and very user friendly. The app market is constantly updated and always has the top apps.

I love apple because of it's innovation and reliability.

I love imore because they keep me up to date to the second with apple information every single day! :D

Before i loved Sony, now i loved Apple because of innovation. In addition i love imore any other web pages that has news from Apple products.

I love imore because they are the one source I trust for all apple products.
I love apple products because all my apps are already on there :D

1. I love iMore because you all provide the best mobile coverage of any site out there. You're not overly wrapped up in rumors, your write-ups are great and your staff of writers are always entertaining.
2. I love Apple because more than any other company around right now, their process from inception to consumer hands is so well thought out, and precise. They design the best looking products, and the software beneath is amazing as well.

Apple always pushes the market to make high quality hardware and software that work so well together. This is why I love so them
IMore always has great stories to both break rumors and also teach about functionality I haven't thought of.

I'm never anywhere without my iPhone and I am usually checking twitter to see what new goodies iMore has up for me to read. Keep on rocking in the free world!

Apple makes the best consumer electronic products, and iMore is the best site for all Apple news. Doesn't get simpler than that.

I love the intuitive os and the quality of Apple products. The first time I used an iPad, it was love. The ease of learning a ios set it apart from others. The layout, gestures and even deeper settings are quickly and easily understood. Then when I added an iphone 4s, I love the unity between both devices and iCloud. My daughter & son bought iPad minis, which they use for our family business. I love the ease of sharing reminders and calendars, it has made our work life much easier. I love the Apple products and iMore for all the great news and tips to make using my devices easier. Thanks!

I have always enjoyed iMore's coverage of all things iOS. Looking forward to what Apple releases today and how this will raise the bar for the competition.
Keep up the good work iMore.

I would love to win a new iPhone! After all, it is my 3rd wedding anniversary, so iMore could continue their awesome streak and get me one for it! Now just to see what colors he 5S will come in (officially...)

Why do I love Apple? It's my comfort zone; I don't have to spend time or energy fretting. It just (usually) works. And iMore? It reminds me to keep up with the news. Also, it's about to help me pay for a new iPhone.

I just love Apple so much, because of the way it feels when i use it. Just everything works so perfect. Combined with the amazing design and how everything feels and works, i just enjoy it so much. Sometimes, Apple just brights my day :)

Why I love Apple, IT simply works and is the best source for information and support for all things Apple mobile solutions related.

I love apple for its efforts to bring out the best devices in the world and enhance the human life in real sense... And imore for its ended endeavour to keep me updated about the earlier :-)

I just love iMore! It's usually the first thing I check in the morning for all things apple. The coverage and guides you guys provide is outstanding! Better than any other website I've been reading. I was never an Apple person until I saw the iPhone first shown by Steve Jobs in 2007. From then on out I wanted one. I bought the iPhone 3GS and have loved apple products ever since! Sadly I'm still using the iPhone 3GS and would love to win this contest so I would be able to enjoy all of apples goodies with the new iPhone5S! I Love Apple and LOVE iMore!

I love apple, both Mac and iOS products, and love the tight integration between the two, I am looking forward to all the new things coming out, like icloud keychain, airdrop for ios, and video photostreams, and have been reading imore for a long time, love your tutorials and contests, thanks

The REASON I like and love Apple and iMore is simple and short as the names are SIMPLE and iMore even gets awesome news in simpler ways and 99% truly updated as compared to others. Thanks regards JITESH.DEV

This is a letter I wrote to Apple days after watching their WWDC 2013 Keynote.
As for iMore, frankly, I don't know much about you. Maybe that should change.


I watched Apple's WWDC Keynote today. There's a fire burning within me. Never have I wanted to pursue a career in Apple more than right now. I need to write a cover letter. I want to stand out among any other applicant. I've tried to create one in the computer in the past, but I've failed. Several times in fact. I've been an avid user of iOS on my 4 since 2011. Late 2011. I was skeptical, but jumped into Apple's everlasting could of creativity and love. Between the time since, I've loved, hated, dropped, broken, left broken, Jailbroken, restored, fell deeply in love, waited (patiently), waited more, and now... feel the need for more. Apple is a love of mine. Among others, but in the world of today... they've wooed me, and I feel deep. Having only the iPhone isn't enough. Knowing (briefly) some of the Pro Apps for Macs isn't enough. Wanting to spread the love and knowledge hasn't worked alone. It's hard. I need help.

There's more out there, and I thrive for it. Let me share the apple that has been shared with me.

R.J. Rivadeneira

iLove Apple products for the obvious reason that they're better then the latter! And iLove iMore because without iMore I'd have NO CLUE what was going on in the Apple universe!

Thanks guys for rocking another iPhone release!

I love apple because no one does music like apple. I love imore because your very informing and up to date

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple, and I already love the iPhone 5S, as for iMore I think I check this site more than any other webpage.... cant get enough

I love iMore. Happy that Renee is on MacBreak Weekly these days. Just sent the link to your iPhone event live coverage to our lab's user group email listing so everyone can share the fun with you. Would love to win a new iPhone, but I'm going to buy one anyway. My iPhone 4 has been great, but the home button is getting worse and worse, and I am eligible for a refresh. The time is now.

I love apple especially ios7, can't wait to get it on my phone :D reading imore almost every day really love your articles :)))

I love reading iMore for all my Apple news. They are bringing the latest news on new products, features, apps, and anything else Apple before anyone else.

Apple is a great company providing solid products that don't provide the bugs of other manufacturers. Happy to own their products.

ME Me Me. But seriously I love my iPhone. Take it everywhere but the shower. Keeps me in touch with work, family and friends.

I love Apple because they make the best products in history!!! And I love iMore because you guys are the best at keeping me up to date with everything Apple!!!

I like apple products because I find them to be very reliable. They just work, not to be so cliche. My first apple product was the original macbook 6 years ago, which i still use to this day. In fact I am typing it from my macbook. I still have my iphone 3G and 4. I would love to upgrade to the 5S :)

I love apple products and with imore's great site and help I mighe be able to add one more product.

I don't shy away from the Apple fanboy label and iMore is my go to site about everything Apple.

I've always loved Apple and everything they make! It hasn't been the same since Steve died but hopefully Tim can pick it back up. I always check iMore for Apple news, especially on announcement days for the new iPhone!

Between the iPhone, the iPad, iTunes and Apple TV, Apple has created a very cohesive universe for me to bring together all of parts of my digital life. And to be honest I find that I have to check in with iMore at least once a day to find out what the latest news is on Apple and what exciting things are coming up next.

Finger print scanner sounds awesome ! Good security for sure ! Hope this comes to the ipad 5 so i don't have to worry about leaving my ipad home without securing it, Just started to read here in imore ! I only buy apple because I love the OS in them ! windows is out android is awful

Loyal Apple fan for 15 years and iPhone is the best yet. Thanks iMore for keeping us up to date on all things Apple!

I love using Apple products, and could not cope without using my iPhone and iPad throughout the day. I have converted my family to the Apple ecosystem too, so we all love Apple in my house!
iMore is my first source of news for all things Apple, and the only thing that could possibly improve iMore is making it iMoreS! :)

I am always up for the latest greatest iPhone! I know iMore always keeps us up-to-date on the latest greatest gadgets! I have an iPhone 5, I would love to have the next new phone!

I love iMore because they keep me updated and have so many giveaways! I love Apple because they make the phones that are right for me

Apple & iMore are my 2 favorite things ever, ahead of my family, health, and financial well being.

I'm new to iMore, and its been a good source of appley news. I'd love a new iPhone for my wife for our anniversary next month.

Our household is an Apple household. I love how everything works together. We have a widows laptop that hasn't been in use for months! In fact,I think it's getting ready to be donated to a family member. Imore is one of my favorite sites. You always have great info and tips.

Simple...all iphone versions have been rock solid with consistent updates that keep them alive longer than any other smart phone, as for iMore it keeps me inform of the latest craziness in the mobile world.......

Love my Apple stuff!! And love that I can get my info on iMore! Only thing I would love more would be a shiny new iPhone :)

I love Apple since my first Mac when I was in my early teens. Love Apple since the first iPhone. Love iMore since I came across this site looking for some solid info on my iPhone.

I used to be a huge Nokia fan, but one day this new phone from Apple caught my attention. Ever since I have been a huge iPhone fan and could not see myself going to any other phones because of the quality and the excellent customer service Apple provides.
I hope I get to win this contest and get my iPhone 5s for free :) ]
Thank you iMore team for giving us an update on anything i-related ! You guys rock!

I love apple, used all its stuff start with Macintosh in 85. and now the iphone 5S is about to release.. i used imore to check out the progress.... apple is the best brand name.. imore is the best site for it... thanks imore

Macbook Pro Retina, iPad Retina, and Apple TV. Best in each of their respective categories! Just need that iPhone 5S to complete the total Apple domination! iMore is the site to go to for all my Apple related news. The whole network of Smartphone Central sites are all bookmarked in my browser!

I love Apple because they give me a premium product at a reasonable price. And frankly, the damn things just work! I'm a fanboy, for sure, but I think for good reason :)

Love apple and all the products they make. iMore are the best site for staying up to date with apple.

There are many apple news sites but imore is the best. Insightful editorials, accurate news, easy to follow "how-to"s and great reviews. The perfect mix of apple news and professional journalism. If you love apple as much as I do, there is only one place to get your new. Imore! Win or not thank you to all the imore staff.

I love Apple so much that I got a job programming for iOS. I love iMore for keeping me in the loop on everything Apple. And I love free stuff ;)

I love Apple because of the stability, and not worrying about 100 different devices having 20 different OS's. Plus the integration between every device is spot on. Plus they are perty. :D

I love Apple and have been a loyal follower since the iphone 3g. Recently finished my complete conversion to an Apple ecosystem with iphone, ipad, and macbook pro! Couldn't be happier with the awesome, solid, and stable OS and iOS Apple has rolled out with their state of the art products :)

iMore has recently become one of my main go to sites for updates and info. You guys provide great info and are always on top of the latest! Thanks for the great site!!

Would love to win a new iPhone 5S - not for me but for my stubborn fiance who thinks her iPhone 4 that has been dunked in a toilet 3 times and randomly shuts off is still suitable to be using! Thanks! Haha Good luck everyone!

I used to be team android but I fell inlove with apple products from their design,U.I all the way to their community . I can't afford the 5s right now but it would be a great addition.

Um, I currently have the white iPhone 5. But since the rumours about the champagne coloured 5S, I would like to rock that anodized bling. It'll give me some added flare for sure.

I go to imore everyday to see news and different tips on iPhone. I want the iPhone 5S because i love apple products

Everything to know about Apple is in iMore, and i'm addicted to apple and its amazing products, from design to built quality, nothing compares. I love to read about iMore staff opinions, editorials and articles!
I'm looking forward for the new iphone and its innovative technology of fingerprint security that will once again be game-changing and turn the heads of many super cool functions that others advertize but never really bring any benefits to consumers.
It's all about the benefit( and iMore and Apple ) give me that all the time
Tiago Macedo

This is the best site in order to get the most up to date facts and expectations in the world of Apple. I can't wait use that double speed camera!

I love Apple because their new products are always exciting and I love iMore because it is the best place the get all the informations about Apple!

I love Apple because it delivers amazing and high quality products and, obviously, I love iMore because it writes the most interesting and up-to-date news and articles about it!

I own 3 nice apple products and support them. I am brand new to iMore, but I think I have just found a dependable source for information.

I have truly loved every Apple product I have ever owned. I could never say that about any of the Windows PCs I bought or any phone before the iPhone.
I am relatively new to iMore but it's a fantastic resource and I really can say that I love it too.

I love Apple's products, because they are all built well with great software, and just work well. As for iMore, I must confess that I have strong feelings for iMore. Words cannot describe how much I love thee.

i love apple because it has made my family closer and more connected than ever before. with facetime, shared calendars, shared reminders, iMessage, etc. i can not only see my parents every day across the country, but keep me and my wife in sync about all things we need to. and iMore? you guys not only have the best forum around for all things apple, you help people by giving them phones and accessories when they may not be able to afford them, you and your staff give us tips and tricks that we may not have otherwise known, and your podcasts and videos are informative and entertaining. you guys are the best!!!

I'm not going to lie, I am an avid Android user. I have a Macbook Pro, but I've been running Elementary OS on it for quite some time. All things Apple really attract me because of the aesthetics and functionality. The reason I never used an iPhone or iOS is because of the initial price tag when the very first iPhone was released. I started with a very entry level Android device and kept learning more and more about it. I also very much love my Macbook Pro, but I'm always interested in learning new things, in this case an Ubuntu based distro. iMore has kept me up to date about all things Apple even though I may not have been Apple's greatest fan. With the dawn of iOS 7 and the new iPhone, I would really love to take the dive into the iOS ecosystem and experience what Apple has to offer. Best of luck to everyone on this contest! I'm looking forward to all the latest news on Apple event taking place today.

I absolutely love Apple & iMore, I recently converted from Droid (the Dark Side) & am the proud owner of Apple products. I love having the latest & greatest toys so this would be really nice to win this. iMore has & always will be my #1 source of info, reading on the site every morning with my cup of coffee.

I love Apple because over the years it has gravitated me into their ecosystem from just owning an iPod nano to a complete iOS & Mac owner. Not because of their flash and awe but because of the relationships built from shared love of the culture and company. I love iMore because I once met Renee at the 5th Ave store in NYC, discussing with him various rumors, products and general excitement about Apple. I didn't even know who he was at the time; now iMore is my first opened safari tab in the morning. Cheers!

If it wasn't for imore, I likely wouldn't be using an iphone. Android can kick rocks, I'm never going back.

I love Apple so much that I pretty much have an Apple Store in my house with all the stuff I've accumulated. But I love iMore just as much since it's my go to site for anything iOS related!

Love Apple for their Panache and iMore for a complete and fantastic coverage for all that Panache :D

I love Apple due to customer service at the Apple stores. Second to none service gets the props from me. Then there's iMore which is my go to site for news related to my Apple products. Love it gang! Now about that new phone you want to give me ...

iMore is the first place I come for all my Apple news. I am very excited to get a new 5S and iOS 7.

Apple, apple, apple.
How I throw my money at you.
Apple, apple, apple.
I love you through and through.

Apple, apple, apple.
My wife is jealous of you.
Apple, apple, apple.
Because I secretly admire you and iMore too.


iMore is my number one source for apple news and Rene's podcasts are awesome!

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple! I m a bit OCD about it, I check Apple blogs non-stop for new info. But iMore is always my first and last stop for the most useful and accurate info. I can't wait for the EVENT today!!!!!! Thanks for live blogging iMore!

What is better than a fantastic Apple product and the BEST website (iMore) to learn how to use it? Nothing! Both are consistent, up to date, and knowledgeable for users of any age and literacy. iMore has a great following and community for the world's #1 smartphone!

I have been in love with Apple since the birth of the original iphone. The innovation in the technology industry trumps all others, as the imagination of the engineers along with the creativity of the designers redefine success with every new product developed and released. And as these products are released and tested, I visit my goto site iMore, as with most sites I get the news of products, but unlike most sites, I feel a connection to the writer and reviewer. It feels like its not just a column they write, but it is a passion they write about. So for that "I Love You". Be blessed.

I love Apple more than lamp. And you should know, I love lamp.
I love iMore because it tells me about Apple. But not apples. That's ok though. I like Apple more than apples. And more than lamp.

I'm excited to hear about the next set of iPhone products. I love the elegance of the products that Apple releases. I am a BlackBerry person at heart but I also enjoy using apple products on the side, currently using a BlackBerry Z10 and a iPhone 5, if it wasn't for iMore I probably would've never come upon this combination.

I'm a guy and I have trouble committing to the "L" word. I wouldn't say that I Lo..Lov...L....Luv Apple. They are a company. I don't work for them. I do enjoy their products. As for iMore? I do L-word iMore more that I L-word Apple.

Apple products are amazing, and IMore is the best place to read any info regarding apple products!

Sent from the iMore App

I love apple because the products simply work, work smoothly, and aren't hyped with useless gimmicky features.
I love iMore because it is my sole resource for anything apple.

Everyone wants an iOs device, but no one will admit it. I for one will. I want one quite simply to run Logic! No android device will ever run logic and thats why I want an iPhone and I love apple because of its build quality.. the best by far.

I love Apple so much I decided to work for them! And I love iMore so much that I recommend it to my customers to stay up to date with everything Apple!

I love apple for their ease of use and beautiful design!! I Love iMore because it's a one stop shop for all my i needs!! Love you long time!!

I have been a HUGE fan of the iPhone ever since I bought my 3GS..... Can't wait for the new versions today!!! I HAVE to check iMore everyday...It's one of my favorite websites :)

Apple products are the perfect marriage of beautiful design and ease of use not only are gorgeous to hold in your hand they are easy to use and I've even saw very small children pick up an iPhone and just know how they work also their products just work well with each other from iPhone to Mac and iPad to Apple TV they just work!! And this is why the signature designed by apple in California means so much to me!! And I love imore because you guys share my enthusiasm about apple and in my world it's hard to find someone who does just that Rene Ritchie and the entire team to a excellent job!!

I love Apple not just for the products that they make, which are spectacular... but for the sense of community that comes with owning an apple product. Fellow Apple owners have a sense of comradery with each other that is unlike any other. And what better way to get all of your apple news by going to the best site on the intertubes for all of your apple needs. Imore. The two go hand in hand. Love em.

Been with Apple for over 30 years and for for the last few that keeps me up to date on the latest and greatest news for all things iPhone/iPad! Loving it and looking forward to seeing what today's conference releases!

I'm primarily a BlackBerry guy, but my wife uses an iPhone. I appreciate Apple's design aesthetic and how they make their products desirable.

I love iMore and the whole Mobile Nations family for being the go-to source for all things mobile!

I love Apple because it makes my wife happy, and it is easy fr her to use. I love iMore because it is the Apple site that's teamed up with my favorite Android Site. (I try not to buy into the fanboy wars.)

How can I not love Apple?

I've got the Apple logo tattoo'd on the back of my neck.

And iMore is always my go to site for Apple news.

Been down with apple since the apple 2 was my first computer and gaming experience, was playing kings quest when I barely knew how to read! That and lode runner CLASSICS! Been down with iPhone since the 3G had every phone since! Been down with iMore since the iPhone blog . Definitely a love thing going on

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pick me, pick me.
the iPhone was the first smartphone that i wasn't disappointed in. I had the 3GS all the way to the 5 and was never let down, however I have recently switched to the Galaxy S4 as my primary, maybe this'll make me wanna come back.

and I still read iMore and AndroidCentral every day! coverage doesn't get better.

I love iMore because though your website & podcasts, I was able to appreciate what iOS devices have to offer.

I spend hours on this site reading articles and tutorials because the quality of iMore's features are matched only by Apple's innovation. I'm obsessed with Apple because they design beautiful intuitive products that make my life easier.

Awesome contest. Good luck to everyone! Thanks iMore.
Love Apple because it's a great company, and has the best products.
iMore, you're the BEST site for all things Apple, and are awesome. 'nough said :)

I've never had a company's committment to design and user experience change my life so much as Apple has--they have absolutely reshaped how I connect with family, create and share memories, and more, and have somehow managed to make it all seem effortless--and even fun.

And iMore! I've followed you through all your name changes--there's nowhere else I trust more for news and reviews, but most of all for the community spirit found in the forums. Such a great group, and I'm glad to be a part of it!

Former android user and Apple hater converted by my wife. I love that its seem less and just works. iMore is my source of news for all things Apple.

First I don't know what the different between the iOS and others OS.
I've been more than 6 years using others OS and I think I love it, one day I decide to try an iOS and I buy an iPhone 4.
Once I try and use it I know why I love it, the most faster gadget I've ever know, no viruses, no lag and I don't need to waiting for a second to open other application, which I can't found in other OS or brand (compare with the same specification with other OS & brand).
A few months later I decide to buy an iPad Mini, instead a tablet or tab.
And I think it could be a great day with iPad Mini next to my Macbook in my desk, iPhone & iPod in my pocket.
Can't wait for an update news from Apple...
Love it

I love Apple because of their passion and focus on products and their effort of perfecting them.
I love iMore without a doubt you are the gateway to apple for me.

iMore was my first ever blog site that had iPhone rumours and news on it, theiphoneblog when that was a thing. This was the thing that started it all for me. The love for apple grew through that into something big

Apple is always about quality and so its iMore as well. Checking iMore everyday in my iphone its my addiction!

I love Apple for how easy their products are to use and how well built they are. I'm sure iPhone 5S will be of no exception and I'd love to have one!

I love (App)le because it's the way that make things better in my life. And I do love Imore because of analysing the Apple world and bringing to my e-life...

iMore is the first site I visit in the morning. (7:30 am now. See, I told you) I own an iMac, iPad, five iPods and an iPhone. If it's an apple product chances are I want it!

Thanks for the opportunity! I appreciate what Apple has accomplished and look forward to what they bring to the game in the future. I visit iMore daily to keep up to date, I really like the way this site is laid out and the contributors are great. I needed a new iPhone a couple months ago and didn't have the option of waiting on the latest model so winning this would be about the only way I can get in on the new one, that would be awesome!

I'm a fairly recent Apple convert and iMore has been helpful getting me up to speed. That said, I want the latest and greatest! Thanks, iMore!

My tech life revolves around apple, and has for decades. I love 'em! The gang at iMore is the first source I go to in the morning, and the last I read at night. You're great!

Would love to upgrade my iphone. Have had it for years and love it. As for iMore. Well... I am checking for new content four to six times a day. Absolutely invaluable to keep up with the i-latest!
Thanks for everything you do i-More. Been a fan since before the name change.

I was a big time Android guy but the fact that new OS's were released faster than a phone could be updated became frustrating to say the least. The fact that when a new version of iOS is released that it is immediately available to all devices receiving the update is very appealing to me. I like iMore because its a great place to get all the news you need in one spot.

I picked up an iphone 4s when my Droid bit the dust a couple months ago. I wasn't sure at first but I did it because apple products age better than other phone makers. I'm a full convert now and it'd make me very happy to have the latest a year before my contract is up.
I've used imore since to keep up with the latest apple news and also as a resource to find what apps I should use and see the best ones available. Thanks for this wonderful resource.

been on this site for a long time just lurking. time to come out and show appreciation and hoping for a sweet win to hop back in the apple tree and forever ditch the boring "live tiles!"

I love apple, I own a mac and iphone and ipad, and I like iMore because it keeps me up to date! I really want a free iphone! hook me up!

"Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave
My heart into my mouth: I love your majesty
According to my bond; nor more nor less."

Cordelia in King Lear

Apple rules!

As a graphic designer, my first computer out of college was an Apple. I've been an Apple fan and jumped right into the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini craze. LOVE the ease of operation, the size, apps, phone and features. I look forward to each release. iMore is an excellent place to help stay informed about all features and release information. Keep up the good work.

Start with an iPod than iPad so decided to get an iPhone. I got tired of slow android! What's not to love about apple products

I love iPhone because is a performance device, with a very performance operating system, all the pre-installed apps, just like Camera works very well, you can use this phone with easily, is made for every kind of people, I am proud because I has the big moment to try how an iPhone works, but I will be very happy if I will have my iPhone. All the Apple devices are very performance, designed for everybody! Good job, this project is very good!