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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

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Reader comments

Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



First off, I have been an Apple fan for over a decade. They create some of the highest quality consumer electronic items on the market today.

Secondly, I have been closely following Apple for years, through a number of different sites, but after I first saw Rene on MacBreak Weekly I quickly became an iMore junkie. iMore provides the best and highest quality information about Apple on out there. I love the site!

Only Apple knows how to make a real smartphone by marrying design and technology to create a seamless platform. No other phone comes even a centimetre closer. Quality over quantity. 'Nuff said.

I definitely love Apple and its awesome products. Me loving Apple is a pretty big deal - being a former Product Manager at Microsoft here in the Philippines way back in the mid 90s :)

I pretty much was fighting with Apple in convincing people to choose Windows over Macs then. But then the iPad happened - I fell in love with the first iPad, which led me to the iPod Touch 3 & 4 and then my iPhone 4S then my iPad 2 and then my iPad mini which led to my 2 iPhone 5's :)

Totally geeking out for the 5S and 5C.

Oh and the source that fanned and ignited my Apple obsession - iMore :)

I love Apple products because they are so simple to use. When I purchased the original iPhone it was the first Apple product that I had ever owned. Before the purchase of this phone I was a Microsoft Windows fan and would have defended it to the death. Once I purchased my iPhone I began to look into the Apple product line a little further. I had friends who had macs and refused to own a PC. I began to use their computers from time to time, and began to find that I enjoyed the simplicity and the ease of use that OSX had to offer. I noticed that the operating system was less buggy and was a lot more responsive than Windows. Not long after this I purchased my first Macbook which lasted longer than any Windows laptop that I have ever owned. I have loved my iPhone since then and I am now on my second Macbook which is a Retina Macbook. I am still loving the Apple infrastructure and their model of simplicity and ease of use and I am looking forward to the announcement later today. Not long after I purchased my iPhone I found an awesome news outlet that had the news of all the latest and greatest gadgets from Apple as well as the accessories that make them better, this website was then called The iPhone Blog. This blog has grown and changed throughout the years much as the iPhone, iPad and the Macbook. The staff has refined the blog as they added podcasts and new contributors as some of the past contributors sadly went their own way. The blog grew from simply being about the iPhone to being an all inclusive news outlet for all things Apple which is now iMore. Although, the names and the faces of the contributors may change they still bring us the best, and latest news about the goings on at the ever secretive campus at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, CA. Go iMore and Apple I hope to continue to follow you both for many years to come for awesome innovations in technology and the news about those innovations!

I love Apple sooooo much I just want to take a big bite and buy stocks! I also love soooooo much, but secretly I think that "" was a better name....just saying...

I love iMore so much in fact it was the source from where I found all the great apps I have. Now for the iPhone where do I start, it's the fastest phone out there I'm in love with it. I once have had an iPhone 4S but sadly It slipped and got broke. I like the fact that the iPhone 5s has an amazing build quality I mean when you hold an iPhone it feels different it feels premium. I love it so much and what I like about the iPhone is that it has the best in screen keyboard ever no phone has ever matched the iPhone keyboard it's smooth, responsive, fast and incredibly accurate. I wish I could win the iPhone 5s, it's the iPhone we all love and more!

I do love iMore, especially on Apple launch days, and I also love Apple, most of the time. I do really hope they make compelling hardware improvements this time though. A camera that can handle high contrast environments would be enough for me. I'm getting tired of washed out images because part of the image is dark and part is light.

I am a fan of technology especially smart phones, so an iPhone 5s would be good to add to the collection. Plus I am curious to see the new iOS7 and how it plays out on the iPhone.

Ever since I got an iPhone, iMore has been the only site I turn to for anything Mac or iOS based. I have been turning to iMore since they were Tipd.

And when I moved from a BB to an iOS device, once of the best decisions I made. And now with all the linking between devices, just makes life easy.

Sent from the iMore App

Apple is the best at EVRYTHING, period! ...but there is one more thing... iMore is even better ;) have you heard of it? Yeah? It's simply the best site ever, that's all. CHEERS!

Integration - I love the fact that everything just works and my devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) all stay in sync where it matters. iMore has the best coverage, great hands-on reviews and the podcasts are awesome.

I love apple for the foresight and innovation they had under Jobs. I love iMore for Rene's insight and accuracy in rumors (really no small feat, excellent job Rene!)

I have always liked Apple for their simple, yet elegant design and products. They make them reliable and perfect. And every morning I wake up and check iMore for latest tech news because I know you guys will get it out there!

Apple and iMore are awesomely great. Apple gadgets provide almost everything I need and there are more than mere news here in iMore, this is why I rely on both of them. I love the way these two care for details, that is the one thing that makes them different from the rest.

I love Apple products because all of my devices work in tandem with each other keeping me productive and entertained at the same time. I love iMore because they help use this ecosystem in a informed way and the insight I gain is enlightening and entertaining as well. Thanks iMore!

I always enjoy the updates you guys provide on iMore. I look forward to the coverage of the event today and what Apple is going to bring to us! I love these events Apple has every year. It adds a really big "special" feeling always gives me something to look forward to. Thanks iMore for doing these contests!

Apple is the way of the future and iMore keeps us updated with everything we need to know. It's like having your cake and ice cream too. always has the latest news and best commentary on anything and everything that is Apple!

Apple products are simply superior and superior in their simplicity.

iMore's coverage of all things Apple is comprehensive and informative.

Its not a smart phone its something not from this world that apple creat just from the first smart phone that was iphone 1 and eveey time apple brings out is fixing the great stuff that brings iphone to the market that why evwry company is aways trying tu compete and apple doesn't compete true story

I love iMore because it keeps me posted and I love apple everything, apple products are high quality, zero hassle, and pretty much run my life and keeps organized and connected! ❤❤❤

I like Apple because "it just works". After using iPhone 3G long time ago, then moved to blackberry until now.. And getting tired with all the problem.. So I'd like to change to iPhone 5S

I wasn't a fan until I got my first iPhone and they hook me up with a Phone that works very well and that I can connect to so many device. It's the easiest fun to operate and the funniest one.

Apple continues to make beautiful devices that just work, and work well, thats what had me hooked. With never ever winning any kind of contest, this would sure be an awesome one to win. No better place on planet Earth for all things Apple than iMore. You guys rock and keep up the awesome work!

Apple is fantastic because it wants to achieve perfection. So many people/companies attempt to be "just good enough" and - in the end - it always feels like the easy way out. Apple refuses to compromise: design is key, and when you hold/use an Apple product, you know it.
iMore is just as good as Apple (in its target space): they attempt perfection. Rumors are not good enough, but actual journalism is the mode. Find the answers, share them with the audience, but never settle for "good enough": get the info, get it right, and keep bringing it to the table. Great job to both Apple and iMore.

i wish to be one of thous lucky ones who won with imore, and i wish apple event goes excellent, i love u apple, waiting to see the iphone 5c live, i´m crazy for this simple design

Honestly, the biggest reason for my Apple love is their customer service. Any problems I've ever had with apple products were fixed immediately and with care. It's a nice feeling to know that if something malfunctions, you will be taken care of.

I love iMore because they constantly have the freshest news and leaks as well as thought out and well written articles when news seems to slow down. Also, the community is awesome.

My first "smartphone" was the iPhone 4. Since then, I have mostly been an android guy due to OS preferences but iOS 7 has gotten my interest and I will definitely be looking at the 5s. Of course, all this is impossible without I more so thanks a lot for the coverage, guys!

Apple is amazing and I cannot wait for the iPhone 5s to come out!!!!!!!! imore helps keep me updated on all the latest news and its the best source for all things Apple.

If Apple and iMore were to battle to the death over a pit of alligators, I wouldn't know who to root for because I love them both so much. In the end, my indecisiveness would compel me to jump into the alligator pit just to never witness the tragedy of the things I love kill each other.

I can't even describe how I feel today, only a little more than 2 hours away from the announcement. Thanks iMore for all the coverage you do each and every year! ;)

Well, I’m not going to say that I love Apple; I respect Apple and the products and services that it provides. On the other hand, I really do love iMore. I consider this website the best for fair and balanced reporting on all things Apple. One can’t ask for more.
Disclaimer, I work at Apple for five years. Not all of them good years.

I want an iphone badly, i still sport a old bb 9700. I am in need of an upgrade! I have ipad, now i want a iphone!

I love Apple because it designs sleek, smooth products and iMore does the most fantastic job at covering not only the products but also the industry.

I am planning on switching to Apple from Blackberry once the 5S is released. Tired of being disappointed by my phone, and I can't wait to have a reliable/easy to use phone with tons of app content! iMore will be my place to be for iPhone info as I get used to the switch!

I love apple. It is the best brand of technology to me. People might disagree but apple has lots of new phones, computers, laptops, iPads, and you can't forget Apple TV and lots more coming out. Apple has a lot of experience in technology.
IMore is the best place to get latest apple news and upcoming events. It is up to date with everything. I would recommend this source to anyone who needs or likes Apple news.
I hope I win this iphone 5c to replace my 3.

I love Apple because of the quality, feel, culture of their products, they also seem to be the only company that you can reach at a personal level with their incredible customer service, and iMore because it reports about Apple stuff??.. =)

Ever since the release of the first iPhone apple seemed to me like the best smartphone provider. Every year when they release a bew phone its exciting almost as if it is some sort of holiday to celebrate the launch. And what imore does is great since they inform the public everything up to date in apple.

Could this be my conversion from dying Blackberry. Nahh... I would probably give it away to somebody that does not know any better.

I love visiting iMore to read the interesting articles and latest tech news. Apple is my favorite brand for their innovative and eye catching products.

Who wouldn't want the latest iPhone!
Love checking out the latest and greatest apple has to offer while viewing iMore! Thanks guys and gals!!

After years on a Blackberry, iOS is so smooth and never any problems. Imore is a very helpful positive place. Everyone has been very nice since I started coming here.

Have you ever been on a support call with Microsoft? I've been on several very frustrating calls with a lot finger pointing back to hardware vendors. Several months ago I had an issue with my mac Mini, called support, got escalated up the support levels. Each rep was pleasant to speak with and the problem was solved. Point is, Apple has closed architecture that they support completely. No driver issues, hardware issues.

I love iMore more because you keep us up to date on all aspects of Apple hardware, software and other important items and events.

Finally, I miss Leanna Lofte!

Apple has slowly crawled into my tech life. It started with a gift from my bro: the original iPhone. Then there was suspect activity going on with my PC, so got my first MacBook, black, like my coffee, which I still use today. Then the mouse. What?! Yeah. The mouse, which I never imagined I'd spend 60 bucks on. Then the iPad 2, waited in line for which I never got, which I use a lot for writing, video watching, and surfing.

I was a fan of TIPB but you guys changed to imore. Not sure why as I thought TIPB was pretty clever. But I do visit the site a lot still to get my Apple news.

Apple let's me do what I do by producing great products that just work for me.

iMore keeps me up to date with all things Apple!

I love apple coz of their innovations. They defined how a smartphone should be through iphone. Others just have to follow them. I love imore coz its the best place to find anything regarding apples innovation. Good work guys keep it up

What's not like about iMore and Apple. Apple = intuitive, and iMore is the perfect compliment to any Apple product. Keep up the useful information, very informative.

My wife is still using an IPhone 4 with only 8GB memory and 3G speeds. Would love to get her updgraded to a 5S.

I love the Apple stores - very impressive setup! I love iMore as they have contests like this and are part of Mobile Nation. :)

I'll be honest - Never had an apple device, was Blackberry then Android last year, so I can't say how much I love the company. Broke my Android last week though and been looking around for a new phone - iPhone is what's tempting me at the minute, the design of the software (especially what I've seen from ios7) and the hardware look great.

Have to say though iMore has been great - lots of information easily available and reading through the forums has been very useful in helping decide my next phone. I'll be tuning in later for the announcement too.

I freaking love Apple hence iMore too!!! Hahah I think they have the most amazing products, that makes you to not want to live without them. And iMore is awesome! Always bringing the latest on everything apple plus! Awesome contests!!!!

I love apple simply because they make their own hardware and only allow their software on their hardware as the base. Switched from Android solely for this reason.

I'm so ready and excited for the new iPhone today. Hope it lives up to the expectations.
Looking forward to upgrading from the 4 to the 5s or whatever.

Love the ease of nav around iMore. Love my iPhone. Love to get the $500 to bring my gf into the Apple family!

I will keep this simple. Imore is one of the first Icons I press everyday. The knowledge and up to date information is awesome. With imore, you don't need anymore websites to go to, they give you all the information you need. As for Apple products, I will keep it simple, Well constructed product, built to last. Most important, Apple products talk to each other so you don't have too.

Sent from the iMore App

Since i started buying smartphones, I was on Verizon. I always thought "What phone will get me the experience closest to the iPhone?" Once the iPhone finally hit Verizon, I went there and never looked back. I've also been an iMore frequent visitor ever since and still check it out every day! I love iMore, love iPhone, love everything Apple!

I think I love iMore these days more than I love Apple. Excited to read today's coverage of the Keynote, and praying Apple finds a way to shock us all

I love Apple because of all new innovations they came out every year!!!

And I love iMore because you bring all newest informations and news I have to know about Apple :))))

i love apple so much that i bought apple batteries just to use for my tv remote. i love imore because it doesn't just give us apple news but opinion and analysis pieces

Apple & the iPhone are great. IPhone is one of the smoothest mobileexperiences you can ever experience. I'd love to win a 5S!

500$ could change the world
Since that 500 is going to change the winners life forever I felt
That it would be appropriate to bring everyone into the presence
Of changing someone's life for the better
I believe that whom ever receives this wonderful gift of 5 racks
Is going to be happy when they have their new iPhone and are one of the few people who first have them after they arrive on shelfs
Thanks Imore for embracing change in people's lives
- David Wales

I am an Apple fanboy and receive regular updates aboout them through iMore.
Ijust hope that Leona is still with iMore, I miss her photography tips.

I've taken breaks from iOS and experimented with Android and Windows Phone but I keep coming back to the iPhone. While it may not be the best at everything, the iPhone just gets the job done. I'll be checking out the iPhone event and most likely will order the new one as soon as I can.

The wealth of knowledge here on iMore is the main thing that keeps me coming back, as well as insider info from some of the members in the forums.

I love Apple and love my iPhone. Can't wait for the 5s to come out. I love reading iMore to stay up to date on all things Apple.

I've been following iMore since it was called The iPhone Blog! Love your stuff. Wish you were still more focused on mobile and tablet then Mac's but someday I'll probably make the switch. Apple has been great to me. Had every iPhone except the 3gs. Can't wait for the new one to be announced!!

I totally give credit to technology for saving me. With that said I live and breathe imore and apple. It's been 2 1/2 years since my last upgrade (longest ever!) and it would be so amazing to have a new phone!

Sent from the iMore App

Short of Apple TV, all of my tech is Apple products and I love it all! We have 2 Macs, 2 iPhones, an iPod Touch, and 5 iPads at our house (4 Minis and an iPad 3)! As for iMore, I check the site everyday several times a day! You guys are the best and have the best contests!

Love iMore for the up-to-date news about apple and especially for the in depth reviews of apps. Love apple for making great stuff that helps me and, although its cliche, just works.

Thanks for your ongoing commitment to the Apple user community. Best Apple centric site on the web by far!! I've owned three iPhones myself, and we have 9 Apple products in our house currently ... No other company beats the user experience.

I'll take a brand new iPhone 5S. I need a new personal phone to use and the new features seem like the iPhone 5S will be the best option on the market.

I'm a recent convert to iPhone after years of BlackBerry loyalty. I had to switch because of a work issue and I am pleasantly very impressed with iPhone and the iPad. I've had a MacBook at home for ages and loved it but wasn't sold on the mobile devices. Now, I'm sold!
And, as a new mobile Apple user, I've come to rely on iMore to guide me on this journey.

+ I am definitely one of 21,934,786 readers per month who visit iMore frequently to update news/discussion about iPhone/iPad/...
+ I am definitely one of thousands iFans who press F5 again and again on iMore to update about this Apple event every years to see the next big things
+ I have iPhone4, iPhone5, iPad4 who're my close friends day by day
+ iMore = (More) than (I) expected

After coming from webOS when HP killed it in 2011, I've purchased the 4S and the 5 for myself, three 5s for family, 5 iPads, one iMac, 2 Mac laptops, and tons of apps and a bunch of accessories. So, I guess you could say I love Apple, yes?!. And I check iMore 2-3 x per day, so I guess you could say I love iMore, too, no?!

I went Mac/iPhone in 2008 and never looked back! And where else can you get the best Apple coverage except iMore? Nuff said.

I love Apple due to the simplicity and beauty of their products. The beauty of their products speaks for itself, but more I love how their products are functional for everybody. Another all time favorite, is how their don't releasee a new device every month like how android been doing. I am not what sure happened with the iPad 3 and 4, but least they haven't been pulling that stunt again, which I am thankful for. imore I can say is the most updated and most thorough tech media on the web.

iMore is my favorite forum! I check it a few times a day. I've been an Apple fan since I was a teenager. I've always felt their product was superior and that every PC I bought was just me settling because I couldn't afford the Mac. When I finally could afford a MacBook, I got an Air and I was smitten! Apple is innovative, and when the first iPhone came out, I knew I'd have one someday. I had to wait until Verizon carried the iPhone and got the 4. Now I have the 5 and couldn't be happier. I just love Apple!

I love Apple because they make the best and most premium feeling mobile devices! I love iMore because they provide information and updates on my favourite mobile device manufacturing company! (Apple obviously! ).

Tried Blackberry and Android... but after my iPhone 5 I can say I love Apple! iMore is my go to phone all my iPhone questions and news. Can't say enough how much I love iMore.

Apple's pretty dern great, iMore's one of my most frequently visited sites cause they're just dandy!

I love apple because of its innovation and iOS has such a clean fresh ui, and is always reliable and useful.... Imore is the best for apple tech support and tech news

My iPhone is my meditation buddy. I don't get up until it dings (usually).
Good luck with the live coverage today, team iMore!

Apple produces the best products, that is why I love them!!! As far as Imore goes, they report the most interesting tech news and I find my self going to imore to get my daily tech fix. You guys rock!!

I love all of the new information, tips, and tricks that iMore gives me each and every day. It's great to stay informed about all of Apple's latest and greatest.

I love apple and their products, if i win it will be hard to say goodbye to my old and faithful iphone 3G, and i really loves iMore!

I love iMore because it helps me stay up to date before anyone else with Apple news. I love Apple because their products look, feel, and work so much better than the competition!

I'm an android guy but i would love to get my hand on an iphone and see what the big fuss is all about. And the only place to see everything apple is here at imore. Enough said.

How much can I say about iMore? Well, first of all the quality of the research and writing is phenomenal. I look at other tech sites who lower their standards of professionalism and online decorum to appear hip and modern of which neither are achieved. Rene and the iMore team understand that their business is about content, content, and content which is always top quality, in-depth, and about my favourite luxury reading topic: Apple!

I love apple because it has the best mobile operating sysytem! Its the best looking phones! And iMore is the best site where you can learn stuff about apple. And I want an iPhone 5S badly

I love the way iMore remains objective and realistic with all the rumors that circulate before an event like today. So many site post anything they can. But if it's on iMore it's reliable.
Love apple products, but who doesn't? Even people who "hate" Apple products are really just trying to hide a jealous love. Haha

iMore is simply the go to spot for all of my Apple information and the forums are priceless.... Apple is the leader in style and technology!

I've had them all! Windows mobile, Blackberry, And Android. Never have I had a more complete "Out of the box" phone!
I LOVE Apple. Apple completes me!

I log on to at least once a day to stay on top of everything Apple, see I even went on today!!! Plus, my iPhone needs to be retired! I need a new one...please!

For technology news and opinion, there are thousands of places on the internet to go. In the upper echelons you have your engadgets, etc. But, iMore is THE place to go for your Apple news. Whether it's iPhone, iPad, iPod, or whatever is next, iMore has you covered and brings you the best!

As far as tech/gadget companies go, no company provides an ecosystem quite like Apple. Sure, the Google's, the BlackBerry's, the Samsung's will do their best, but in the end it still feels cobbled together.

Apple + iMore = <3

I've been an Apple follower as well as an Apple fanatics since 2006. I now have 3 iPads, 2 iPhone 5, 2 iMacs, 1 MacBook Pro, 1 MacBook Air, 3 Time Capsules, 2 Apple TV, 2 iPod Nanos and I manage a dozen businesses with Mac OSX Mountain Lion Server all linked to iMacs and Mac Minis. I would love to win an iPhone 5s as this will probably be the first time that I will be sitting out this upgrade (although both my iPhones 5 are unlocked and off contract).

iMore is the best source for all thing Apple and iPhone. I'm a huge Apple fan and iMore I my go to site to find what I need. Thanks for all you do!

I've been using Apple since they were just called Macintosh! Apple will always have that love from me!

I love iMore because it keeps me up to date with all things iOS & Apple. I love Apple because it makes your life simple with how simple their products are but yet you can be advance with them as well.

Love this site because of up to date news, Want new iPhone because my poor iphone 4 is in need of replacement :( got it as a quick replacement after a string of unhappy android relationships ( about 7 androids in 2yrs.. ) help me fund my 5s purchase! :)

Apple event today!!!!!!!!! Wooooohoooooo. Can't wait. Just love apple. Really eager to see what they have up there sleeve this time. Going to listening to the event coverage or if Apple allows it a live stream of the event on my iPad. Me and my family's two year contract is up on Verizon and would love to get the new iPhone. Love you guys too. Been listening to all your iPhone/iPad podcasts and tuning into your show when I can. I also check your site every morning to see what's new as well as the rest of the day lol. Love hearing news about apple and you guys just do an awesome job covering it. Thanks. Can't wait so excited.

I've been obsessed with Apple ever since I got my first iPod back in the early 2000's. Since that obsession has grown and now I religiously wait for new product releases, I rely on iMore more than any other source for all the news, rumors, and updates. You guys rock!!

I love Apple because Steve Jobs is my role model! I love that he didn't sugar coat anything and just told people how it was! And iMore is the best place on the entire interwebz to find out about Apple!

Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

I love Apple sooooooooooooooooo much because they keep innovating. I dream of a day where we will have an iWorld (iTV, iCar, iPhone, iFridge!).
and I love iMore so freaking hugely much because it is, by far, the #1 source of news apple related. You guys don't repost the info found everywhere else, you always have great unorthodox news and I love it.

anddd...I am from Montreal so you know, favors favors! :P Pick me!

I love iOS because it is so simple to use and does everything I need. I love imore because they keep me updated on everything, you guys are my go to source everyday

I love Apple! The iPhone has totally changed I manage my day-to-day life. I love iMore! They are the only place I go to for all of my up-to-date iPhone news!

Actually right know I'm wielding a Nexus 4 but I look really forward to whatever Apple shows us today. I always like to see new kind of technology and especially Apple has a track record of introducing great and interesting new features.

And by the way: The Macbook is still the best PC in the market :-)

My wife is so very excited about replacing her iPhone 4. Can't wait.

I'll be watching the best site for all thing iPhone right here.

Apple is one of the true great companies out there. They seem to just get what people want. It may not always be bleeding edge stuff, but when they do implement something, it's usually done right (with some exceptions). I have been following iMore's great, focused, coverage of all things Apple, iOS, iPhone, and iPad since the TiPB days. I am looking forward to the ongoing great coverage of the tech that I love! Keep up the great work!!

I sincerely love Apple because they're a company that puts the user first, in my opinion. I have always been shafted with getting the raw end of the deal with other companies (like refusing to repair an out-of-warranty product), but every Apple device I've ever owned has never given me serious problems. Also I've been using an iPhone since 2010 and no other smartphone experience comes close to it. I've since had a 4S (also a 4 after I lost the 4S), and am hoping to upgrade to the 5S soon.

That said, only recently I have rediscovered iMore. However I feel it's THE site to go to for anything Apple. You guys are now a strong favourite of mine, and I love a lot of your articles. They encourage critical based thinking, and stimulates lively discussions in the comments section (which is always fun to read, if not participate.) Also the articles are quite insightful, a joy to read if I say so myself. Furthermore, I like how iMore is so social compared to other Apple sites, and that you guys are usually accurate with your reports.

In light of that, I do hope I am picked as the winner (Really, who doesn't?) as it would make me a very happy college student.

I love Apple products because they are shiny and Shiny.
I love iMore because they get to the gritty and don't let my expectations run away with themselves leading to a giant pit of disappointment filled with big spikey things.

Have had the iPhone since the 1st and imore previously TIPB is where I look for all my iPhone news!!!

Sent from the iMore App

Kinda new to iMore, coming from Android Central, but the coverage looks great. And who wouldn't want a shiny new iGadget?!?!

I love apple because all apple products is elegant and minimal. I love imore because loves apple

Who better than iMore to provide all the latest and greatest from Apple than Apple itself. What a no-brainer! Looking forward to the introduction of what's next in just a few more hours...the countdown continues!!

Sent from the iMore App

Apple is amazing! Simple and beautiful! The perfect description for something you use every day all day! I more allows for everyone to have an up to date view of everything apple in the same format! Simple and beautiful!

I love Apple for it's simplicity and how a majority of all my devices can be in sync. And iMore is my one stop shop for all my apple needs, and it's the one site I use to set all others straight when they hear rumors.

I love, love, love Apple and the iPhone.
And I love, love, love, love, love iMore and their iPhone reporting. ;-)


To say that I LOVE APPLE would be an understatement. I have been in LOVE with technology since I can remember. Growing up the newest products always excited me. I got introduced to apple in the late 1990's and ever since I have had a serious infatuation and desire to own any of their products. My first APPLE device was the "shuffle" and I still have it to this day. My dream APPLE product is the Iphone and the Macbook Pro "Retina". I have been saving for both for some time. Once you get introduced to the APPLE "eco-sytem", everything else just seems "inadequate". Also, once you start using a MAC, its is hard, if not impossible to go back to anything else. I would be so so appreciative if I am the lucky one to win this. All the best to everyone entering. I'm gearing up for the event in a few hours.

I LOVE Apple products! My iPad got stolen, and thanks to iMore's "How to set-up and use the find my iphone app", i was able to GPS track it to a house and retrieve it, and also get 2 punks off the streets for a little bit. Lets see other phones and tablets do that!

Been waiting on this one. Ready to replace my 4S. Love all my apple products, and check with iMore daily to keep up to date with all the latest. Thanks for that.

I love Apple because, even though I don't always agree with them, I deeply appreciate the principled passion behind their products and decisions. I love iMore because of frequent, balanced, comprehensive coverage of all things Apple.

Not only do I love Apple products, i have a chance to own a couple of them through the years. The one i missed the most for now (the connector is defective) is the ipod nano 6gen, it used to be my daily watch, loved it. Good luck to all

I've been gradually switching over my devices to apple and winning this would help!!! I always check up on imore daily to keep up on news & stuff... Love it!!!

While I am in both worlds of Apple and Android I love both and iMore gives me what I want to know when it comes to Apple and cant thank you guys enough.

One of the many reasons why I love you guys is because of all these great giveaways you are always having. I like Apple for their quality products.

I have a mac mini and ipad mini and an android (stuck in a contract) I would love to complete the apple family with a iphone 5s!!! Fingers CROSSED!

I Like apple products because the hardware is of high quality and the software easy to use. I Have a balckberry 10 right now and i love it but with all the uncertainty of with the company and with BBM supposedly going to iOS maybe this would be a good incentive to make the switch to apple instead of Android.

My therapist says I love Apple and iMore too much and I should try other activities like eating and sleeping. I'm looking for a new therapist.

I love Apple products because they just work. It takes less time to keep them up so I can spend more time doing what I need to do!

Ive been following Imore since its tipb days. you guys have been my go to page for any apple or iphone news for the last few years. its great to see your personalities in your writing. Thank you for that. Im a poor college kid and cant afford to upgrade my 3gs to a new phone. Getting one from a writers that I follow would be amazing. Thank you for the consideration.

My life is very hectic and busy. Apple is simple and makes everything else in my life simple by association. To me, that is priceless and irreplaceable.

The two things I liked hearing from Tim this year were both at All Things D:

"We believe very much in the element of surprise. And we think customers love surprises."

Q: You've never [diversified the iPhone lineup].
Tim: "Well we haven't so far..."

I love Apple and all their products I recently sold my 6 month MacBook Air just to get the 2013 model but I need a new phone I'm still running the 3GS I was a great phone still is but outdated hardware and I love iMore because of news and other Apple related things!

My original cell phone was Palm Treo 650 - got info from Palm Central. iPhone announced and got info from tipb. Mobile nations, iMore, and the iPhone have been in the daily routine for years. They rock.

Apple is great is the best mobile phone and OS. I am looking forward to the iPhone 5S and iOS 7. I can't wait!

iMore is the best place to go for Apple news, commentary, and discussion. I love coming here.

I am and have been a devout Apple and iMore reader for many years now. It is a sort of marvel to watch these two entities transform over time, always catering and innovating for their followers. Hopefully, both will continue for a long time to come, adapting and providing the wonderful services that they commit to doing.

Not sure if I commented already but this would be an awesome upgrade from my 4s. Cant wait for the keynote!

Please please please. Apple products are far superior to all of their competitors, and I cannot wait until they release the next version of the iPhone. Maybe some other products too (an iWatch for instance). I know that I will be first-in-line to buy the product(s) announced today.

Apple, excellence delivered with simplicity! iMore, opinions delivered with clarity!

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I feel like a traitor, I love Android but theres something Apple products that keeps me coming back. Plus what would we do without imore!?

As a full time Apple support Supervisor, Apple is the finest tech company in the world. IMore is first on my list in Zite with the best breaking news when it comes to Apple

I love Apple because their quality is unmatched. I love iMore because they have contests that give these tremendous products away :-)

I love Apple because their products are part of my routine and help a lot and iMore because they it keeps me up to date.

Apple delivers high end products to the market year after year. I enjoy reading all the articles and news here at iMore. Great job on the lead up to this event.

Hi there,
This is a great contest especially with the new iPhone 5S waiting to be announced. I like Apple for the way they make products, investing just a little more energy than others to details and quality. iMore is a great place where I get my news about iDevices and gadgets in general, not only Apple made. The content is always fresh and high quality and that's why I'm reading you everyday.

The reason why I love apple so much it because of the quality of their product. My first apple product was an iPod shuffle 2nd and I was amazed how tough that little thing was. Then I got myself an iPod touch and now I have an iPhone 4S. I find the iPhone amazing when it comes to staying in contact with family and friends while I'm at college
And as for imore, this website is part of my daily life. I always come here to check the news and read through the forums. This place is amazing!!

I have a macbookpro and an iPad for work and my iPhone works perfectly with both of them. I love how easy everything works. Love apple products. I love iMore because it's an objective view of Apple but you can tell they still love the products.

Wow 1001 man that's a lot. Pumped for the new iPhone and iOS nvr win anything this would be awesome

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Would love the new iPhone 5s. Having my first baby any day now due date is the 24th so this would make a great camera for the new baby.

I love apple so much from here moon.
iMore is one of the best places to get up to date with apple news.

(Then i woke up)

I love Apple because their products are reliable and easy to use. I love iMore because it's dedicated solely to Apple!

Waitng for IOS 7, followed soon (I hope) by the new Mac Mini so that I can finally purge Windows PC's from my life.

Since Apple started, the company has shown us that when you are done and about out, you can overcome anything and rise up. Apple is one of the most popular companies in the world. IOS 7 and the New iPhones are going to be great!

Your information,how-to's etc.written by your diversified group always seems to the viewer aka the reader. The topics you cover and how it's applied from my point of view is great.
I utilize the Eco-system of Apple and have incorporated the best of the rest into what works for me and every morning whether I'm home or away and whatever platform IMORE IS SCOURED!

Will try my luck here, have never tried an iPhone, thinking of buying one...if I win, great! or else I will anyway buy one! :P

iMore is the best for Apple news and reviews! And Apple is the best because their hardware is unmatched in the industry - they just look and feel like they should be carried all day!

Of course i love Imore as much or almost :-) as i love apple
In portugal is the best site we have for apple news and new tecknologies

I love Apple because everything just WORKS. No reset, no force close. It just flippin works. Their design quality is also top notch. I love iMore because your articles are helpful and well written. They don't bore me like some other sites. I also feel like the website is very well designed. I love both iMore and Apple and I'm so stoked for today's announcement!!

I love that apple provides users with constant updates and iMore keeps me up to date on everything iPhone related. Keep it up guys!

Mobile Nations is my "Go To" source and who does not love a new apple toy? Select me, ill be your bestest friend, lol.


iMore is the only place I go to read reliable Apple news. I can always count on Rene and the crew to verify any rumors, or just give insightful information. I really appreciate the things you do for the Apple community. That's why I listen to the podcast, read all the breaking news through the iMore app, and watch all of the videos posted to youtube. You guys are great! Happy Keynote Day!

I love apple and imore both because they both do a great service for Canadians, and neither one compromises at all!

I love Apple because they make amazing devices. And I love iMore because you give such good coverage and tips on those devices! Now I would love to win!

Apple TV, two iPhones, iPad, iPad Mini, and technically three MacBook Pros. We are definitely an Apple family. And I like iMore because of the insights and app reviews.

I love apple and my iPhone. Can't wait for the event today. And I love imore!! I'm on this site all day every day!