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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

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  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I really do love Apple. I'm so thrilled for iOS 7!! It looks like the best and biggest change yet to the operating system. iMore is a great place to come to get news on anything and everything Apple. The articles are thorough, and always very well written. The podcasts are great as well

Excited to hear about the 5S today. I've been an Apple and an iMore fan. Thank you for all the latest news and worthy articles.

I love Apple because it works. I know that is an advertisement line, but it is true. All of my Apple products work together and that is great. I love iMore because it keeps me up on all things iOS and Apple and of course there is you Georgia ;)

Best products and that ecosystem!

Best unbiased reporting of Apple news and the most awesome/well produced podcasts!

I love Apple! Their products are awesome and I can always count on them to work! I love because you guys provide every bit of information needed for apple products. I can alays count on iMore to have the latest news. Thanks for having such a great and useful site. Much love from Barbados.

When I was deciding whether the first iPad would be a smart purchase, I stumbled onto, and the rest was history. I log onto the site about 5 times a day, I've gone from the 1st iPad, to the 2nd, to the 4th, to the Mini, the iPhone 4, the 5 and soon, the 5S and the Mini 2. Let's not even discuss my MacBooks. Thanks for everything, and I hope to win!

iMore completes me. More than any other Apple blog on the web, iMore gives me the info and resources I desire when needing to make an informed decision. I love my iPhone 5 and I'm sure I would love an iPhone 5s even more, especially if its free! In summation, iMore and iPhone are a perfect fit, like Rene and Georgia!

Luv Apple ,can't wait to see that new 5S ,but mostly love imore for it's whole team .

Did I suck up enough to win ?

I love imore simply because I find its one of the most organized and most reliable blogs for iOS out there! I check this site about 10 times a day. Apple products are just great in general from build quality to software they're all around very reliable products plus they're always so stylish and that's why I like them!

You guys have been my go to source for years. While my main phone is a galaxy s4 but my ipad and I touch work better than any other devices I've owned.

I love iMore because I love Apple! And I love Apple because I use the Mac since 1993 and cannot imagine life without it. You guys at iMore help me keep my love for Apple fresh with all the information and details about its products. And that's why I love you too.

I'm a total Apple Fanboy and not ashamed to admit it AND I love checking out iMore every single day to get me latest iPhone news and info. Thanks iMore!

I was Windows phone user, but iMore triggered a love towards iPhone and now I am using it. Some people carry Rolex watch, some drive Rolls-Royce, and I use iPhone. This is a phone for everything and everyone, it's like a necessary jewel to have, plus it does millions of things. Great invention by genious minds. Thank you Apple, thank you iMore.

This sure is a lot of excitement surrounding nothing but speculation... That being said, I'll be tuned into the keynote at 1!

I LOVE APPLE SOOOO MUCH!!!! At school I'm known as the Apple guru or the potable genius. I'm always up to date with Apple news 24/7 especially with imore because it always has the information available and easy to find. If I went to rehab, I would have to go because of my addiction to Apple but I wouldn't be cured because there is no cure to be obsessed with perfection

I have been an Apple supporter for years. I had the original Apple II, and have been running Apple products ever since. I like the hardware. I like the operating systems (OS & iOS). I like everything they make, and everything they stand for! Apple is a higher quality than the "other leading brands", and no matter what people think of the company, I will always stand behind them!

I am ALWAYS keeping up to date with iMore. Even use the iPhone app and marked it as a favorite on Google Chrome. I am everything Apple and would love to get the iPhone 5s

Apple just works when I need it too the most for all my daily activities and iMore is always there to give me the latest news on Apple and articles that I'm interested in reading.

Apple. Need I say more. Is there any other technology products as good as Apple. I personally don't thing so. iMore well where else would you go to keep up todate with Apple. What a great team they both make.


Apple rules! With iMore I can get the most of it! Thank you all for all the hard work to keep us informed with the latest news of Apple world and even better, with prizes. I hope get lucky!!

Thanks iMore for all the great contests. Love your coverage off all things iPhone and iPad.

Fingers are crossed for this one. Here's to hoping.

I love iMore for its honest and impartial reporting on Apple, the company and its various product lines. I love Apple because it may have finally lured me away from Android, BlackBerry, and WP with iPhone 5S!!!

i want an iphone 5s and want it now, please please please ;-)

I luurrveee Apple and Imore is visited every single day

i miss my apple stuff so much i had to sell most of my stuff cause im a new dad and this would be another great gift

I am currently a BlackBerry Z10 user but I own an iPad and use Apple TV which are both awesome! So I want to convert completely to Apple! A new iPhone 5S would complete me!

No doubt about it, Apple cannot be beat. Everything they make is of the highest quality, and they never leave their devices just hanging. As for iMore, no one brings you more information about the latest and greatest from Apple. I would absolutely love the chance to have this amazing phone... so PICK ME!!

iMore is great because of the vast amount of informations they have. Their articles are informative and the forums are packed with everything you can think of.

Love the quality of Apple products. Love iMore for the best coverage available of those products. If love iMore more if I won and didn't have to wait for my upgrade to become available for iPhone 6!

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple more than any,but I must keep my feelings secret.iMore and the rest of thefamy are my favorite tech sites to get the freshest news and happenings. You could ask for better stories and sources.

I love Apple and iMore. Apple for the best products, and iMore for the best Apple news site on the web.

I am a fairly recent convert, starting with the original iPad and since have switched everything from iPhone to Macbook Pro, you can say I am hooked on Apple and of course I depend on iMore for all my latest news fix. Love and love on both counts! Thanks for all your hard work guys!

+1 for Apple. I believe in their philosophy of putting people first with their technology. It is this belief that I always try to bring to my work as a developer. Futhermore, iMore has been a great resource for good, reliable, and truthful reporting of Apple news. Props to Rene and the team!!

I love iMore because whenever I need any info or if I need to purchase any accessory for my apple products it's all here, all in one place, the name describes it all "i more"!!!
I have no words to describe why I love Apple, Apple its just awesome!!!

I have never owned an iPhone before. Too expensive for me at the moment. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to have one!

iMore has been my go to site for all things technological! Thank you for keeping all of us up to date! I love Apple products because for this single, busy mom, it has simplified my life in such a manner that I spend time doing more of what I love to do, which is being with my children.

Apple and iMore are a match made in heaven. All the info you can get about Apple is here on iMore and I've been a fan of Apple for a looooong time now. I'm all Apple at home.

apple - great products and innovation
imore - great reviews and insight on above and beyond.

will ios7 be released today?

I had an Apple ][+ back in the day, then took a couple decades off (mostly using Unix/Linux), and finally came back on board with Apple about 5.5 years ago when I got a Macbook Pro. I've been very happy since.

I started reading iMore (then TiPB) and a few other Apple-related sites in 2009, when Apple released a 27-inch iMac just a month or two after I'd bought a 24-inch one. I decided I needed to be better informed about the likely timing of new products. :-)

Looking forward to updating my iPhone 5 and iPad 4 to ios 7 and giving the new 5S that I win to my wife :)

Can't wait to see what the event today is going to bring.... I want the new iphone!
Woot Woot

Keep up the great work, love the video sessions and all the tips and tricks!

For the longest time I was of the mindset that Apple computers were only for geniuses. But when I learned that a colleague/friend of mine was an avid Mac user for the sheer simplicity and the fact they weren't a computer genius, I began to explore the world of Apple. Once I started down that path I haven't looked back since! I got my first MacBook Pro (still do) in 2009 for my birthday and I was blown away by how simple and powerful, and elegant, and "how it just works", I began to seek out other Apple products. Not because they were "cool" or had that popularity, but because I loved the hardware, software, and the business itself. Since I've been a Apple user, I have searched and discovered and hopped from one tech/Apple resource to the next. That was until I discovered iMore (TiPb). The amount of in depth coverage and insight and help you provide to your readers is second to none! I truly appreciate the thoroughness and the accuracy that come from the high level of standards of journalism from the iMore team. You guys are the best, and I don't say that lightly! I have yet to return to any other Apple tech source for the plain and simple fact that iMore supplies all my tech needs! Thanks guys!!

I've had just about all of the different mobile OS's and fell in love with the iOS and I've been following iMORE since the Tipb days! Love you guys!

I just bought my first Ipad 3 months ago and since then all I can think of is apple, apple, apple... Planning to buy an iphone 5s but if I can get one for free, that would be insane! More power imore!

I will love Apple about twice as much as I do now if they can get fingerprint unlock working well. I had an Motorola Atrix and I miss that feature a *lot*.

And iMore's one of the best tech sites out there. You Mobile Nations guys do a great job of reporting on tech that you love without getting fanboy/girl-ish. That's harder than it sounds.

I hopped on board the iMore site ever since I got my 4S. It was my first iPhone and I learned a lot more about Apple and the iPhone through this site. I check it at least once a day for updates. Winning would be amazing!!!

Can't wait to see the new iphone/s. Also looking forward to the public release of ios 7.

Thanks iMore for bringing the freshest apple news, you guys are awesome.

You can't deny Apple's strength in both the smartphone and tablet arenas. Look at their market share. They must be doing something right!

Apple makes quality products that just work and iMore delivers quality content with insight and objectivity. I check this site every day and am never displeased with what I read.

I am an Apple Certified Field Tech, been using Apple products since 1991. My first Mac I purchased for myself was a Powerbook 3400, and then upgraded it to a G3. Currently use an iPhone 4s, iPad mini, 27" iMac and 2012 Macbook Air for work. I love Apple obviously and only read iMore for my apple news fix! Good luck to everyone, and hope I get a shiny new iPhone 5 in "Vader" black! =)

The iPhone 3G was my first smart phone (still have it actually) and I can't wait to get my hands on the 5S! I have a special place in my heart for Apple and all of their products :D
Keep up the great work, iMore! I read everyday to keep up to date!

I've had the 4, 4S, 5 and gotta have the 5S! I read iMore daily and love Apple products.
Thanks for the chance to win!

I have a iphone 3gs and have been waiting till it's technology has really been pushed to it's max. I can play some great games but newer ones are out of my reach and the operating system is beginning to lag. I doubt I could get away with using it with ios 7. This new iPhone5s looks to be awesomely fast! I love how you guys at iMore keep us up on the latest developments. I'm always checking in to see what new rumors and info you've uncovered. I keep waiting on more Mac Pro info! That's my next big purchase and I'll be watching here to find out all about it. Thanks guys.

I love Apple I cant wait for the event!!! I wouldn't be so excited for the event if it wasn't for imore getting me so pumped up for it all my friends ask me whats going on with apple because they know how much I am on I love this sight!

Each time Apple comes out with a new phone, I *just* *need* *to* *get* *one*! It really does not even matter whether they just made the black shinier black or the phone lighter! I just need to get one! Please please please make this one free for me!

I really need a phone upgrade (see username), hopefully imore will bring the news of the new gear AND pick me to win a little brother for my ipad.

Can't wait, wife gets my 5, and I get the 5s. Been that way since the 3gs. I keep mine spotless and get the top of the line one. Wife likes all the new tech but doesn't like to pay for it. Works for me!

I love Apple because of their patience among the hate and I love iMore because of the amount of great coverage and community. :). Good luck to everyone :D

I love the simplicity and elegance of most of Apple's products, from my first iPod to my two Mac minis; joining iMore just helps me keep in touch with everything Apple :-)

I love iMore more than memes with baby kittens.....i love apple more than I like any other healthy !

I actually love iMore than Apple. The news and commentary is always assuring, informative and never reactionary.

Having said that, I'm all in with Apple. Hand me the Kool-Aid.

I love Apple because it is a company that doesn't just mass produce products because it can. It takes it time to refine details and produce a product that will enhance its consumers lives. And its all done with class, sophistication, and simplicity.

The reason I love is because it is the number 1 pitstop for all things Apple. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I love imore because Rene rocks. The reviews on Apple's products and 3rd party products come in handy when deciding which accessories will compliment your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

My favorite thing about iMore is how prolific you guys are. I don't know how you manage to crank out so many quality posts in a day! As for Apple, it's having a computer in my pocket all the time. ;) PS: Pick me!

i love apple because Salesforce loves apple and where their Apps go i will follow. I love iMore because Mobile Nations that's why.

I love Apple 'THIIIIIIIISSSS' much. [hand gestures wide]

Im a big apple fan because my older 2008 macbook still looks like it's a new laptop compared to the other stuff being released my other OEMS. And I like imore because Rene does a great job covering apple. And he represents imore well on macbreak weekly.

Imore has been my go to Site for all apple related news. And I'm proud to be to be a part of the mobile nations. And I love apple products because I get to be connected to everything without the need to reach for other devices. Love y'all!!

I love imore is because u have many news of tech I excited when have some new product imore will preview the tech thing and talk like to hear to. I love apple is because I have iMac and ipad I just one new product iPhone 5s on now, apple are my first choice of product I wanted when I buy pc or tablet. I like apple is because they have IOS and many more so hope I can get new iPhone 5s on hand. I love imore and apple horrey....

iMore. Apple. Innovation. And the future. Big love and keep doing what you are doing, your team rocks ! Enough said.

I check iMore daily, In my opinion, it's THE trusted source. I'm so excited about iPhone!! I have come up with my own slogan, "Perfect just got more perfect" I want more... iMore!! Love this site!!!!

I love Apple because of the quality, and the ecosystem and how the company represents itself to the world. I love iMore for for it's comprehensive and quality coverage of news, reviews, and opinion. Would love to get the 5S

well i always wanted to own an iPhone. its been considered as the phone with a style statement, but i could never afford one coz its too expensive in India. So... maybe i could win one here on iMore :)

I bought my first iphone to try and join their developer program and I fell in love on the spot. It was so perfect. It still is (several models later). I found iMore recently through Zite and I read every piece I spot since. You are very informative and interesting. Thanks you!

iMore is the best site for all things Apple. I have enjoyed Apple products since I was a kid and my dad bought a IIgs. Can't wait for iOS 7.

Apple because all their products are friendly and works really well.

iMore because it's my go to website everytime I want to know something about Apple in general.

I love apple because of their fantastic designs. I love imore because you guys cover all things apple!

Apple is my favorite company and has been since I was a kid. New product releases are my Super Bowl and imore is my stadium of choice. I love this site because it always keeps me up to date!

I love Apple because they have continued to innovate. Like Mr. Jobs said "Stay hungry, Stay foolish". I love iMore because they give me all the relevant news, tips, reviews, and many more on Apple products. Thank you.

Apple is the most stabilized mobile os out there, and iMore is the one stop, super shop for all things Apple.

As much as people complain about Apple's walled garden, jail, and whatever they want to call it, Apple has the best approach to their business. I have had a MacBook Pro for years and it still runs wonderfully. I have had an iPad (until it got stolen :/ ) that was so sleek and beautiful. For this reason I would love to win an iPhone, as I have never had one before and still have a "dumb" phone. Only Apple crafts such visually appealing products that run like champs on the inside as well.

Speaking of champs, let's get to iMore. Who else has THE MOST up-to-date and complete run down of all things Apple? Who else had an iOS 7 preview as extensive? Who else fed us every rumor of the iPhone 5S? iMORE, iMORE, iMORE! Need I say more?

I've been using Apple devices delightedly for decades. And today I'm a huge Rene/iMore fan as well; it's the best general Apple commentary anywhere.

I've been a user since TiPb and love the Apple news, specifically for iOS devices which I love of course. I've never strayed since I got my 3GS.

I love Apple and iMore for all the gadgets and lifestyle that comes with quality products and truthful reporting.

Love iMore since this lovely Band o' Misfits will be the first to carry me over the Apple threshold & pop my cherr.. err apple? This would be my FIRST iPhone, ever*

I love apple products because they just work and I love imore because they keep me up to date with the goings-on in the world of all things Apple!!

A couple years ago, my wife was leery when I recommended that she switch from a Motorola Droid X to an Apple iPhone 4S. After using the phone for 5 minutes, she was thrilled with the iPhone. Thank you, Apple, for making an excellent device, and thank you to iMore for providing quality information on apps, accessories, and answers to questions to allow us to use our Apple products in ways we never thought possible.

I'm a Blackberry user... But I've always been interested in trying an iPhone and with iOS7 and it's new touch in design, it looks fresh and new. Can't say I don't love Apple for its hardware and ecosystem! :) And despite reading a lot more on CrackBerry, iMore does keep me updated often in regards to Apple-related news!

I love my Apple products! So naturally I love iMore because they keep me up to date on Apple stuff and also show me how to better utilize my iPhone and iPad!!

I have been using an iPad 2 and my iPhone in my class for several years now. The iOS system has been excellent and useful for everything from making videos to creating activities. I use iMore for the answers to all of my Apple questions, and I send tons of people here daily as they ask me for help with their iProducts.

Let's make it happen captn'... joined to comment just for this. Don't really love iMore like the rest of you apparently do, but I have no issues with it-plus hey you can't go wrong with free stuff! Maybe then the love will sprout.

Enjoy your day.

#IChooseBlackBerry10 because I get things done (too soon)?

I've been an apple enthusiast since I got my first iPhone back in 2007. iMore is by far my favorite source for the latest apple news because it rarely posts false info or pathetic link bate. Thanks for all your hard work guys!

I love Apples a whole lot. They keep my teeth clean, freshen my breath and keep the doctor away.

What's eye-more?

I jumped into the Apple family with the 3GS and have been loving it ever since. Followed up with the 4 and 5, iPad 1-3 and 3 Apple TV's in the house... oh and an iMac. Having said that I enjoy iMore even more for their interesting and insightful journalism. I can trust iMore will give me the fact straight and not just fanboy it!

I love apple because their devices make my life easier. As a student and aspiring creative professional, I have a lot on my plate. Apple's mobile devices and iCloud help me stay on top of my crazy schedule, share files and keep in touch while the powerful MacBook Pro gives me a portable and stable platform to run the software I need to do my job.

I love Apple because they're consistent and they make a quality product, and I love iMore because they keep me informed as to what Apple has going're my first source of Apple news.

Apple's simply the best! How can anyone not love it? I personally love apple for all the effort and dedication they put into their work and they always deliver the best! And Imore is just great It literally is the first tab I open whenever I go online ! I love it because its the only place I go to whenever I want to know something about apple!

Hello lovely iMore Staffers!

So, I'm not trying to butter you guys up or anything .. but this site is totally rad. Yes, I said rad. Yes, I know "rad" is really not what the "kids" are "saying" anymore, but whatever. After years of being slightly less of a BlackBerry addict (and psuedo-advocate), I made the natural progression to the Apple promise land a couple years ago, and haven't looked back. As a poor college student, I rationalized eating ramen noodles and burritos for two weeks just so I could get a new iPhone.

I hate ramen. Burritos are alright, but pass on the ramen.

Please, allow me to continue my path of iPhone progression and own this new piece of awesomeness.

Love always,

Apple continues to lead the market with products that consistently deliver the features and performance desired by their customers. iMore continues to supply us with up-to-date information involving iOS and iDevices.

Good luck Apple! User of apple do not understand why other ios and products exist ;)

Sent from the iMore App

iMore is my one stop place to find all the best gossip about apple! I love apple ever since aim chat on my G3! I need a new phone bad!

i don`t even like apple iphone, my phone loves me so much, we are always together, even in shower, kitchen..etc.. i think we need another family member..yep we need

Apple offers the best products and is definitely a favorite of mine and my entire family. Our house is basically an Apple Store.

While Apple may be our number company iMore is definitely my number source of all Apple news and rumors. I need to check it at least 4 or 5 times a day!

Apple and iMore are the perfect combo because I can get all of the information first for the products I want to know about and love!

Big fan of iMore because it's my one stop for all my Apple news, app reviews and sneak peaks of upcoming products. Big apple fan since purchasing my first black macbook. Coming from a PC I thought macs were too difficult to use because I wasn't used to it. Little did I know it was the easiest, fastest, most reliable platform of them all. The feeling did't waver once getting my hands on the first iphone, been a fan ever since and would love to win the 500$ towards the latest push of innovation from apple.

Love iMore for their efforts to keep apple users updated. love i phone for its sexy look and smart operation. love the phones stability compared to other smart phones i used.

pick me. want to gift this to my wife. cant afford to get one on full retail.

I love Apple, and I love their iOS. I really enjoy following the iMore blog and love the live broadcast. Watching now. Can't wait to see what Apple has up their sleeves today.

Apple was and is so innovative that it has pushed the limits of technology years beyond current consumer technology. It has done so with an aggressive marketing strategy while having a soft core that has enhanced millions of lives. Children are even touched by this brilliance.

iMore, gotta luv ya! You're my daily read whether it be to stay current with Apple tech and competitors' tech or to just learn about features for iOS, apps, or the hardware themselves. Truly, a great place with a wealth of knowledge while allowing its followers to voice their opinions and discuss those opinions. Keep up the good work!

First Apple and now iMore, two halves completed, two wheels of a cart, soul mates united, iMORE YOU COMPLETE ME!

how much i love apple and imore? i like them just like stars from the sky that no one knows how much it is .. Apple just like the shining star and imore just like NASA that always give the things that we want to know ... :) Apish <3 Apple N iMore

I love my iphone and ipad mini because they just work so well without all the endless adjustments associated with android products. Everything seems to have been so well thought out. Apple makes prducts for "doers," not "do-it-yourselfers."

I love all of my Apple devices and would be lost without them. I love iMore because they keep me updated on all things Apple. I also love iMore because of their reviews of Apple products and apps.

I never win anything, but it doesn't mean I am going to give up. Thanks iMore for this opportunity. You guys are the best!

Sent from the iMore App

Apple rules all schools. After winning the $500 gift certificate, a savory iMore tattoo will be emblazoned on my lower back in celebratory fashion! Like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie! On a side note, I haven't had my coffee yet and that unequivocal claim may be revisited once caffeine is coursing through my veins. At very least, I can guarantee vigorous posts and tweets will be repeatedly flooding news feeds and timelines on said day of victory.
All kidding aside, iMore is the ultimate source of Apple news. Heck, even Rush Limbaugh agrees. Keep up the great work.

I love the simplicity of Apple products and I absolutely love the quality of the coverage here at iMore! Plus iMore is part of the great Mobile Nations and helps to keep me up-to-date on mobile technology.

True dat. I love iPhone because it changed my life. Tried other stuff and it just never gave me the satisfaction. So absolutely I'd love to win. Good luck to everyone.

I absolutely feel its time for me to give the other side a try. Plus I really want a phone with a wider array of 3rd party accessories, like a bike mount.

Can't wait. This will be the best iPhone to date. Hoping they actually do upgrade the camera. I have become an addict to the iphone photography post that put on a few months back. It has helped out so much. Since then I have purchased both olloclips and enjoy using those!
Thank you iMore! You guys are great!

I love Apply because they make the best quality devices on the market today, and iMore helps me better use these devices with helpful tips and tricks. Thanks iMore!

I love Apple simply because of their products. They show how much they care about the customers by offering the best quality products with the best design.

Although i only recently found out about imore, you quickly became my first choice for Apple related articles, mostly because of the excellent coverage, great depth of the content and excellent editors. Thank you for that! :)

I've made my rounds from Blackberry to Android to iOS to Windows Phone and came back to iOS. Apple's device synergy is unmatched and their software (both mobile and OSX) is second to none. To say that I love this company would be an understatement; they've invaded my home and are more like a part of the family to me.

With regards to iMore, this is hands down the best Apple tech site on the interwebs. My literary swoons would not be sufficient enough to express my deep appreciation for you and your associates, but I will try: Mi amore, iMore.

I never win anything, but that's not going to stop me from trying. Thanks iMore for this opportunity!

Sent from the iMore App

I love technology in general.. Apple, android and all the options.. I sold my iphone 5 and I am sitting with an iphone 3gs.. Please give me a new iphone 5s!!

I love Apple because for the most part "it just works". I love iMore because it is one-stop shopping for everything Apple.

Sent from the iMore App

I love iMore because you guys will give me my next apple device :P HAHAHA !

Okay, here is the best place to find everything about Apple, which is just the best brand in the world, integration, design, quality... everything they do is awesome!

Because I love excellent products and beautiful software thats why I love Apple even if is very expensive in my country, and of course you guys because thanks to you I get the best Apple news on first hand!

I love Apple because they make simple devices and always seem to be ahead of the curve. iMore is the ideal site to get Apple news.

I love apple because they don't just cobble together a phone from whatever off the shelf parts they can find. And call it the best thing you can get I love imore because the site is very reputable and doesn't post a lot of the Crap rumors you see floating around .

I love Apple because they make the best consumer products. I love iMore because of the team's dedication to coverage

I love apple because of the style and quality of their products. I have never found any product line that can touch there design and quality. Other than my work laptop everything else is apple phone, tablet computer, laptop.

I check iMore everyday for news and love my Apple products. Thanks for the contests, hope I win this one.

I would love to get the new 5S, I think they've come a long way and I would love the change to try one out. As for the site, it just keeps getting better and better.

I LOVE all things Apple and for keeping me updated on events, news, and them amazing app reviews! I do have to say that the new iPhone 5s, looks look marvelous darling! haha! (: Thank you iMore for having these great contests!!

I am a huge apple fan!! All the products in my house are Apple (iPad iPhone Apple TV, Mac). As for imore?!? I spend probably several hours a day reading through articles comments blogs you name it !!! Rene has my dream job!!!

Sent from the iMore App

The reason I switched from android to the I phone was because of I-More! Will never switch again. Thanks for the great site I-More staff!

I love Apple because it gifted us with the iPhone; I love iMore because it teaches us how to get the most of it :)

I love the form factor of the iPhone and love iMore for keeping me up to date with the latest happenings with Apple products.

I'm in heaven today! iMore, thank you for all the amazing work you do! Even if I don't win the 5s contest I think it's awesome that you do fun stuff like this to engage your followers- thanks for being great Rene and Gang!

Love Apple because of the quality and feel of their products. Everything works they way is supposed to work and little problems.
Imore is just consistent with their information and i just reload the page every 5 minutes to read the most recent news

as a fairly recent apple convert (first iPhone was the 4S), i must say that as much as people claim that iOS is stale, I left android for that very reason. Every Android phone I owned was so boring and no matter what skin I used, it was the same old laggy sub par experience. I haven't looked back since and I'm mostly looking forward to the new iOS7 more than any hardware announcement. iMore has been a great resource through my learning curve, and I often rely them for troubleshooting tips and the latest iOS news!

I love Apple obviously because they have the best consumer electronics device around in the iPhone. Without iMore I'm not sure I could go on each day; include all of Mobile Nations in that statement.

I believe iPhone 5S is being build for Security. Just like 4S was for Siri and Speed, 5S will be for security, in all senses of the word. Of course Security will come in the new Fingerprint Sensor home button, but that security will also be for linked Password Keychains (as we have learned is an integral part of both iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks) as well as security for stored credit card information (another integral feature of the new Apple software across all platforms). Should NFC be included, which I doubt it will be on this iteration, NFC security could also come into play.

I envision Apple forcing users to use the Fingerprint Scanner for Security to access password keychains, credit card information, social media sites, and most importantly, to unlock the iPhone 5s.

I love Apple for creating products that last the test of time , they really seem to care about the product and the consumer that will be purchasing it and of course I love iMore for giving us the scoop on these products whether it be fact ,fiction, rumor or truth.

Big fan of Apple since 1984.

Thanks for your voice of clarity iMore.

What will Apple, and Rene, have to say about the new iPhones today?

I love Apple and I love the information that iMore provides. I would never buy another phone. The best part of Apple products is that they work out of the box and there is nothing complicated about using them.

Thanks for the contest. I am a big fan of the blog, and it has me very excited for this new phone. I'm especially excited by the possibilities the fingerprint sensor presents.

I love how Apple's products mesh with my life and I love iMore for keeping me up to date on all my Apple news!