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Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPhone 5s!

Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Reader comments

Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I love Apple and iMore! I need to get back to Apple! Just used my contact update to try out a android! Bad idea, can I win please?

Reading about my favorite company, Apple, on my favorite web site, iMore, would be so amazing on my brand new iPhone 5S. I can't wait!!

P.S. Again, I love both Apple and iMore!!! (Free phone, please?) ;)

i love apple because of the overall quality, and would enjoy a chance to use the latest and greatest!

I am thinking of switching to Apple. Never had an iPhone so winning this would help me with that transition!

What the heck. I'll enter.
This would be for my daughters who are in love with apple stuff. They both have ipods and would probably die with joy if I was able to win them an iphone. iMore is the only apple site I frequent (mobile nations family).

Apple since 1984 with more computers and devices than I can count. iMore is my "go to" place for information. Really want a new iPhone to replace my 4s!

Apple products exemplify quality, design and functionality. iMore does the same with their coverage of Apple!

Since apple comes to my life I began to feel the simplicity of techonology, is like they can know what I need and when I need. IMore guys you are my way to keep me always informed and motivated about apple products and the best of it. I love both of you.

Oh wait, I thought this was the leave a comment to win a Samsung Suc-u-vac look alike Dyson contest?!>! I heard it is different because it both sucks and blows at the same time. Apple Innovates, Samsung!

Why I love:

Apple - Seamless integration between my phone (4s), my wife's phone (4s), my daughter's phone (4s), my son's iPod, my wife's iPod, my tablet (iPad mini), computer (MacBook Pro) and network (Time Capsule).

iMore - Keeps me informed on all the latest news, apps and rumors. Community is there to help when I am actually able to break something in the ecosystem and need help.

Thanks guys, for everything!

I love This site!!!! Always giving away never asking for anything!!!!! I love apple for making products so that I can visit this site everyday!!!!!

Love iMore, great coverage and less biased than most company/ecosystem based sites (true for all Mobile Nations sites). Apple I'm loving less and less these days and hope that they start turning that around later today.

iMore is the best source of Apple information I'm addicted to iMore. Apple just does it better, they have the best user experience.

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple product :) if only me given a chance to attend every event they have I will but for my job preference and locations can't :( but any way been waiting every event and new product they come out and now this iphone 5S can't wait hopefully I can have one and dreaming to have one cause I got still the iphone 3G and wishing to have one and as my Birthday gift for myself this coming Sept 29 but just a dream and wish until for now :)) Good Luck Apple people and have a nice day!!!!

Well, I like imore because I can come to one place for comprehensive apple ios device news, along with commentary and reviews. I like apple because their hardware and marketing is second to none. :)

i really like apple and imore or else i wouldnt be here i cant explain my love for apple maybe because they always had great phones and OS.
i love IMore because its the best place to find out about the great products and its my best source for apple news.
cant wait to see what the new iphone 5s looks like and hopefully i win this contest

I love Apple for making products that I WANT to own. And I love iMore because you're the first place that I go for any software/hardware problem for any of our iOS devices!

I love Apple because life is so much easier and comfortable with their products. They have truly changed the world.

And I love iMore because you guys have great content. Also I have found your opinions are aligned with mine most of the time! I enjoy reading you very very much.

I love Apple so very much because Steve Jobs was a brilliant guy trying to improve humanity and Apple continues his work. Ofcourse I love iMore a bunch too for its coverage of Job's and Apple's continuing positive impact on humanity.

I could always use a new iPhone! Love iMore for their coverage on all things related to iPhone and iPad. It's the first place I go for information. Thanks.

My sister is such an Apple fanatic, this would be an AMAZING birthday gift for her :) And I love iMore because it keeps me up to date on everything, iMore and Mobile Nations has made my life so easy!

I love Apple because superior quality, service and experience matter to them. iMore is awesome because it keeps me up to date on all things Apple! I've been saving and saving for a Mac for so long! It would be great to update my iPhone 4 to a 5S as well! Thanks for the chance to win iMore!

If you want the best products in terms of notebooks, tablets, smartphones u basically have no other choice than Apple. But thank god, I love their products ;)
iMore is my favorite site among all Apple related sites. It really is. René Ritchie is the best.

I've been a fan of apple ever since their ipod..great products that are nice and easy to operate. The best platform for media consumption (apple tv). And I like iMore for their great coverage in bringing the latest news to us (also love the contests)

Hmmmmm....guess apple is ok....willing to give it a try....not sure if it will stick though...

I want to try the fingerprint sensor. If it's anything like in the photos it at least looks cool. iMore rocks!

Well I've been a long time Microsoft user, but with everything I've read about the new Apple products being introduced today, I've decided to make the switch to apple. I have iMore to thank for providing me with all the information needed to make my decision. If iMore could help me buy my first iphone, I would be a fan and reader for life.

If I told you how much I love Apple, might just think I hit my head really hard when I fell off the turnip truck. If I told you how much I love iMore, you'd probably think the fall off the turnip truck was the least of my worries. ;-D

iMore really is the best site out there for all info. and news about Apple and iOS. I love my iPhone 4s but I recently shattered the screen and I could really use a new phone. The iPhone 5s looks fantastic and I look forward to reading all of the news here on iMore today!

Apple just gets the world attention with their products! iMore gets the Apple fans attention with their stories! :)

I loved apple from the day I got my first iPod (nano, 2nd gen, RED) and have been using apple ever since. iMore is pretty much the only website I use to find out stuff like new iPhones (maybe also twitter), basically I love em both

I love apple because they've built amazing products that help my business. I like imore because the site is unique compared to other apple fan sites. They have discussions with the other mobile nation websites that are interesting and informative. Hope to win this. thanks ;)

I love apple because everything works the way its supposed to its awesome. I more because its my source for anything apple

I am the Apple promoter (read fanboy) at my company. Everything Apple is awesome! Staying up with Apple news on iMore is a close second!! I need to replace my youngest daughters hand-me-down iPhone 3GS. Winning this contest will bring such joy to her 12 year old life. Help me bring her in to the light that is iOS 7 on a new iPhone. I beg you.

I love the look of iOS - props to Apple - but I love the look of Georgia more - props to iMore :)

You can’t help but admire Apple’s attention to detail and amazing craftsmanship that helps them make great product after great product. Then iMore or course is the only place to go to get your info for all things Apple. You guys do an amazing job. Way More than just a fan site.

I love all Apple products and have been using them forever. I really want an iPhone 5S because I am still on the iPhone 4

I love the perspective and competition Apple has brought to the industry over the years. I also love the perspective that comes out of iMore and their sister sites. It makes for a well rounded tech news company.

I've been a fan of Apple since I first used an Apple IIe at the age of 6. I'm really looking forward to the 5s and hope I win this!

Sent from the iMore App

I've never owned an Apple device (BlackBerry runs in my blood), but if you're giving one away, I'll consider it.

Apple. The best. Period. Always imitated, but never duplicated.
Imore. When I wake up, I check on my wife and kids, Imore, the news, and my email. People ask me how do I do this/that on my (name your apple product). I direct them to THIS site. I have turned my place of employ from a featureless phone workplace into a Apple loving 30-40 Iphone/Ipad environment. AND I use Imore to troubleshoot every day! Success!

I really need to replace my mom's aging iphone 4 and this would really help. I really love how well she can use the home without much tech support from me.

ill be honest i dot like apple and dont care for imore but i love the sister site androidcentral (not here to bash apple) but i my sisters wedding is coming up and she wants a new phone (still on a 3gs). best gift there? i think so

I love Apple because of their iphones, everything is more convenient and easier with them. AND I love imore because no one else has the great articles you guys have regarding iphones, all in one place. I come to imore on a daily basis because I always find something relevant :)

Love the iPhone for the simplicity and love iMore for keeping me on top of everything iPhone! Luck be an iPhone today!

I've been using an iPod Touch 5gen for 6-7 months, and even (cough) prefer some of Google's apps on iOS than Android. Would love to start using an iPhone for my daily driver....

This really wouldn't be for me but for my wife who is a die hard Apple fan and still rocking a iPhone 4 :( because of financial reasons. I myself am a complete mobile nations fan and so I read all of the iMore blogs as much as all the rest and think they are just great!!

Good Luck everyone!!

I can't do this.....i can't pretend to love apple or the iPhone. I'm a blackberry z1p guy, but if you let me win I can learn to love imore. Who needs love. I'm willing to have an open relationship with imore and apple.

honestly, apple has changed the way people look at phones. always updating and exploring new ideas. apple is a great company and stamp for our generation. imore is a great site that ive been using for awhile but the news and forum always keeps you informed of great information. very sold that this is the best site when it comes to anything iphone. great job guys!

I love Apple for simplifying my lifestyle both work and personal with ease of operation and the tools available and love iMore for always keeping me up to date.

I love it because.. it's what everyone does! Because I happen to own an iTouch, an iPhone would be nice! And because it's such a wonderful website to be giving a free phone!

I would LOVE an Apple iphone. Sorry Kevin time to switch from Blackberry. Time to get a phone with all the apps I need. Can't wait.

I love Apple and iMore is great for learning more about it. Macbook Air = best purchase EVAR!

I check iMore so many times a day I probably need therapy. It could technically be considered a disorder, as it affects my daily life. Whether that's good or bad, I don't know. Productivity is definitely negatively affected, so you tell me! APPLE! APPLE! APPLE!

Totally an Apple fan, been using their products since 1980, and always will! iMore of course hasn't been around as long, but totally love them too, great articles, great contests and great people!

I love Apple because of the delight their products bring me and I love iMore because of your superior and in-depth reviews!

Technically I am not the die hard. My girlfriend is. She is begging me to buy her an iMac, iPad, and now a new iPhone after she smashed her 5. So as they say "happy wife, happy life"

help me make her happy?(which with women we know is not easy) lol

I love apple because of their streamlined user interface and incomparable performance. iMore is my place for any apple news, and I can easily switch to any other mobile nations sites to find out about other platforms.

Apple has got to be one of the best product companies of all time the hits keep rolling and iMore keeps us in the know better than any other Apple news site out there

I was a die-hard Android fan until about 8 months ago when I got my first iPhone, an iPhone 5. I was having problems with my Galaxy Nexus phone resetting constantly, poor battery life, glitchy apps and just unimpressed with the "flagship" device this was supposed to be.

I was able to upgrade to an Apple iPhone 5 and can say I am very impressed and love the iOS system very much. Suits all my daily needs and then some. I can firmly say I will be sticking with Apple for a long time to come. I was an avid follow of Android Central at the time, so when changing to an Apple device, I needed a new place to get the latest Apple news, luckily iMore and Android Central are basically cousins, so the transition was VERY easy.

I enjoy reading the articles and news updates here, just as much as I enjoy my iPhone.

Keep up the good work!

I gotta admit, it is a pretty sweet piece of hardware. Count me in please. There is NO better place for Apple info than iMore!

I'm VERY excited about the announcement today. Can't wait to hear the official word on the 5S. I'll be watching iMore all afternoon!!

I Love iMore so much because it has always the best stories, telled the best way! And the only thing I love more than iMore, is Apple, because without Apple, iMore wouldn't exist!

i love the iphone because it brings simplicity by connecting with all my idevices. Plus its awesome for on the go gaming and music production. imore lets me learn about new products, and how to make future products better. i love the podcasts.

Want to know why i LOVE apple?? Simply because it works ha! I know if i have a single breathe left and moments will determine if i live or die my iphone will get the job done and wont freeze up on me lol. I will survive!! And i love iMore Thhhhhhiiiiiisssss much for informing me about apple

I love Apple and their products. I am big fan of the company and I am following the company closely. iMore is the best place to go for Apple news and discussions. I love coming here to find the latest news and to read comments of like-minded users.

Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is to check what is new on iMore. It is a AMAZING source of information.

Thanks iMore, keep up the great job!

Love Apple...convert! want more! No better way to stay up to date than iMore!!! Today is another BIG DAY!!!!

What I love abut imore is that they keep relevant to me even though I have be one or 2 generations back on my iDevices. They will talk about issue and apps that I can relate to or can use.

The iPhone/iPad is the easiest user interface for ANYONE to use.

Every time Apple holds a news event it feels like Christmas morning!! When the Apple website goes down with anticipation of new toys it feels like my birthday!! Obviously a BIG DAY!!! Please don't disappoint Mr. Cook.....

Apple was my gateway into computing. It became an indispensable tool, a way to earn a living, a joy to use, a communications device, a musical instrument, a contact to the rest of the world. iMore helps me appreciate it more completely.

I can't believe how easy Apple makes it to communicate with all our volunteers. They are a fantastic company and have raised the bar for all of us who desire devices and solutions that are seamless, easy and innovative! Imore is my everyday check for the latest in news and solutions! It's my go to place for any issues I have! Well done Rene and team!

My Apple products have kept me productive and entertained, and iMore has been my most trusted place for info. Thanks for the work, guys!

I love Apple for the hardware and iMore for the information on the Apple hardware. It is like an infinite loop of bliss.

I love apple because of their perfection at creating the simplest and greatest of products.
And iMore because of their quality articles and speed, not even a day something happens at apple and it is on iMore

Apple makes a simple and elegant product (I own the phone, iPad, and MacBook Air) and iMore makes using that product that much better by giving me all of the information I need on software and add-ons.

I have never been an iPhone person until iMore made me fall in love. I am so excited for this new iPhone, and will be switching from a windows 8x to an iPhone as soon as I can afford it.

Apple makes the best hardware with the greatest attention to detail along with the best Mobile OS ever created. iMore is the place to find out all about it! MoreiMore!

iMore is the light in a world of so much tech stupid. The antidote to so much Apple Derangement Syndrome.

I have an iPhone and an iPad mini, and I've had macs in the past. I've loved this site since the days of tipb. Even when I only had Android devices I'd come and read this site (like I do now with Android Central)

I wasn't always an apple junkie but things have changed the last few years. Thanks to iMore I look at apple products first now! Thanks for all the great information and help!

You know how parents say they love you to the moon and back, well we love iMore and Apple to MACS0647-JD (farthest known galaxy) and back

I'm constantly checking iMore for new content because it gives the best all-around coverage of Apple without being link-baity.

Apple's products are so elegant and useful that I find it hard to imagine a current day and age without the use of my Apple products.

I love Apple products mostly for their quality and reliability. I can always count on them to work as they should and even when they do innovate and change things, everything makes sense and is easy to find - done in an intuitive and user friendly way. iMore has been my Apple/iPhone resource from the time it was TiPB and I got my first iPhone - the 3G. I've always looked to iMore for the latest iPhone and Apple news, the best apps and their reviews, and just recently their user-friendly repair guides. Thank you for being such a great comprehensive resource.

I know I'm going to get flamed for this but I love my BB10! (sorry iMore community)

Then why am I posting on the iMore contest page looking for a new iPhone 5S? I want to get it for my girlfriend as a surprise.

If Mobile Nations can stay in harmony, so can people with different phones. I would love to be able to get my girlfriend the best present I could think of (for her), and that's a brand new shiny iPhone. It's what makers her happy

You guys are the best. Thanks for all tips over the years! I love Apple products and you guys just make me love them more.

iMore Team,
My journey following Apple news and products started with you guys. There truly is no better source of staying up to date on the latest and most crucial Apple information. Not only are the articles accurate, but they are intuitive, and eloquently spoken. My passion for Apple's products could not flourish without the almighty public service iMore provides to the world! On that note, all I can say is thank you. Thank you for what you guys do. May iMore and Apple live on forever.
Best regards,

I think Apple is pretty sweet. People hate on them because they say Apple releases the same product every year. But that's just good business. Plus, their products are nice, either brand new or relatively the same.

I also like imore for reporting on all things Apple an iPhone.

apple products are awesome have been using them for 5 years, since i started working and saving up for these expensive machines, definitely worth the extra $500! cant go wrong with a free phone also!

I am a tech freak! Apple is always on the forefront of innovation and iMore always helps me keep up the latest and greatest Apple has to offer. I can't afford to get one of the latest iPhone so if I could win one that would be awesome!!

My iPhone is great! Much better than the Blackberry and Droid it replaced. That said, while Apple may have great products, they'd be NOTHING without! ;)

Love my Apple Iphone 4S, its still going strong. And love imore, to get all my info for my ipad and iphone. It's the greatest!!

I've loved Apple since the Apple II days, they are the best innovators in technology! As for iMore, I love it for keeping up with the latest news, reviews and rumors!

I like the new features of the redesigned user interface: translucent, new icons look, changes on control center, airdrop, itunes radio,mail, messages, notification center, photos,safari,siri, weather,camera and multitasking a la PalmwebOS ;) and much more. I hope to win the contest, it would be my first iPhone :)

iMore, thanks for yet another great contest, and on my birthday too. You guys are great. Whenever I want to read up on anything Apple related, announcements or rumors, I come to iMore for the best information available.
I love the integration that Apple provides for all my devices at home or on the road, my stereo receiver, thermostat, lighting, etc, all can be controlled from my Apple devices. These are the best devices on the market, and I can't wait for iOS 7 to come out.

Since owning the iPhone for a couple of years, I have grown to love Apple and all of their products! I have been slowly converting everything to Apple, but this would help me do so a little faster. Also, I love iMore!!! This has been my go-to site for all information Apple for several years now. You have the best staff and relay the information to readers like me better than anyone else out there. Thanks for the contest iMore!!!

Oh, how I love Apple and iMore, let me count the ways... I'm a tech junkie!!! Need I say more?! Thanks so much for the chance!!!!! ;D

It's been amazing to see iMore grow and innovate right alongside Apple and the iPhone. I have a huge tech geek itch and iMore and Apple always know exactly how to scratch it! :)

I have Apple everything. Their stuff works and works well together. iMore is always behind the "real" news, not just reporting "junk" like some others.

Apple is great is the best mobile phone and OS. I am looking forward to the iPhone 5S and iOS 7. I can't wait!

iMore is the best place to go for Apple news, commentary, and discussion. I love coming here.

Apple has always been my first love. But could never afford it. Hope this time im lucky.

iMore is my goto site. The best out there

Only way to stay updated on aapl and ios is on! iMore always stays on top with the most recent news and rumors, love the site.

I love apple because they are such an innovative and well thought out company. They consistently put out top quality products that I enjoy using. iMore is a great asset to the technology community. Back when you were TiPb was my first introduction. I love reading about all the iPhone news and being kept up to date by iMore. Keep up the good work!

I try to read iMore everyday to keep up on all things mobile. Have an iPhone 4S and would love to have an opportunity to upgrade!

I love Apple SO MUCH it's crazy!! And I love iMore even more for giving us a great place to find out about the great products we love!

iMore is my one stop shop for all my Apple Needs!!! I can't wait for the iphone 5s and hopefully iMore shares the love!!!

I must say... I resisted becoming an Apple fan for years. I resisted to the point where I had the Palm Pre when it first came out but quickly got on the iPhone bandwagon and have not looked back since! iPhone, iPad (original, now mini), iMac at the house... I'm ALL OVER my iOS products!
iMore is my portal for all things iOS... great reviews, great store, just... well, GREAT.
My iPhone 4S needs to go to pasture... plus, being the envy of all of my friends wouldn't be bad either.

Thanks for all you do, iMore... to be honest, I don't think there's any "iMore" I could ask for! Yeah... that was stupid but I couldn't resist!!!

My daughter would love to have a new phone she has the old 4s which is still an amazing phone but I could just picture her face if she won one

Love apple... Own an iPhone and iPad mini....
Love iMore as itz d best place to go for apple news on the entire web...

Apple is the new Wu-Tang! I really appreciate the quality of product and the app selection I get from these products. I really look forward to the information unveil in 30 minutes. I am praying for iOS7! Woo! Hopefully I win this competition too! Wu-Tang!

I'm just learning to love Apple after having a PC and Android for so long, but I really could not live without my ipad anymore. iMore has been great helping me with the learning curve and finding "the good stuff". Thanks for a well-organized site, useful blog, and of course, this contest. :-)

I love Apple Products because I prefer minimalist design and user interface. I love and prefer iMore the same way; clean, no clutter!

We are on a mini vacation in SD, but I'm still tuned to imore and waiting to hear about the new Apple phones. We needed to bring 4 chargers and a power strip just to charge all of the Apple products for just the 2 of us! Love Apple, love imore!

I've been iPhone faithful since the 1st gen in 2007 and I've been visiting this site since before iMore during the TiPB day! You guys always provide great news and I love viewing your liveblogs of the Apple events.

I love imore because of the accurate news the team provides to us daily, and I look forward to following their ventures for years to come! Apple has always been the love of my life. I hope I can eventually win something from Apple, especially the new iPhone.

I love imore because their my number 1 source for all my apple news and I love Apple because their devices are innovative and dependable while maintaining a beautiful design.

Because I love apple, I love them tondesth, their design, their attention to detail. I just can't always afford the shiny new product from them.

Thanks iMore :D Well my iPhone has been the only phone I've had that I actually wanted to still keep after my 2 years were up. Once I found iMore I didn't need to look anywhere else for info you guys are great.

I'm so excited, my love for apple is nothing compared to mi amor para imore if I win that gift certificate :-)

Apple is the best I have an iphone and iMac and they are great all the App Store is great and I'm team apple for life! Go apple!

I went from android to Apple. Apple's products are well made, work great and get updates
until the product is to old to handle the latest software. Not to mention the app store and
apps available. Plus everyone from a toddler to a very old person can easily use an Apple
When I was researching ipads and Apple, I came across a link for imore and have been
following ever since. It is a great site that always has the latest Apple news and content that has really helped me in learning how to use my ipad. Keep up the great work! I would love to have an iphone because I have never had one before.

I love every Apple product because of the great quality and ecosystem and the best way to keep up to date with Apple is iMore, there's no match for you guys. Keep the great work!!

Never owned a iPhone, but since I bought a Macbook pro last year, i decided that I wanted to try the Iphone 5s when it comes out, so I can try connect all my apps, and my daily college life together. My brothers always had Iphones and they always been teasing me because i would always have andriod so now i diceded I wanted to try something new.

I love Apple and iMore because the former has got me up at 3am to follow an event they're holding, and the latter is going to keep me covered as a live stream isn't looking likely yet.

I love Apple because of it's ease of use. So easy that my computer illiterate mom has even learned how to use it with proficiency! My entire family is an apple family.
As for imore, you guys are great! You keep everyone that's come here very up to date about products!

I love Apple and iMore cause they give me what we want... Cool toys to play with, good reviews and up to date information :)

Sent from the iMore App

Cain wait another 30 minutes !!! Much love to imore and one of my favorite times of the year ... Love my apple stuff and imore for showing us great news !

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple because they make great products and I love iMore for reporting on those products.

Sent from the iMore App

I loved Apple for Steve's innovative vision. I love whatever Mobile Nation coz they are the best mobile device community.

I would definitely like to win iPhone5s only if it's better than my Z10 coz #IChooseBlackBerry10

I havn't had a phone for more than a week now just waiting for today in hopes that the old iphone will at least be discounted. Would be so great if I won a new 5s though!

My passion has been apple since iMore started wayyy back in 2007. I can't tell you how excited I get when there are product or software leaks, brought to the masses by you guys. Apple had my heart when I worked retail and training for them back in 2007-2009 but iMore kept me excited and going strong. Please whatever you do, don't stop what you are doing. You guys are doin such a fantastic job. Best of luck to whoever wins the iPhone gift card and I hope you guys know how awesome you are. I love the whole team.

I love Apple because of how simple and efficient everything works, I have an iPad and get all of my music and videos through iTunes, and iMore is great at keeping me up to date on all the Apple related gadget news & stories!

This will be more for my wife than me. She loves Apple so much more than me. She reads iMore everyday and if she reads this she might dislike me more. She loves how iMore keeps her up to date with all apple products, and your in depth analysis. Oh and did I mention she LOVES apple and her iPhone!!

I love Apple a ton! My family has a Mac and iPad but everybody other than me has an iPhone and I really want one badly for my birthday! I also love iMore for being so generous and offering so many contests; I can't thank you enough... Even if I don't win this contest,I hope you guys at iMore know that I deeply appreciate all your efforts.

I am looking forward to today's event and will be watching the iMore live stream. I'd also love to win a new iPhone 5S. But I'd be lying if I said I'm not disappointed that Apple still doesn't have a 4.5"-5" screen device.

OK, I've joined the cult. I'm back in school so I can get a job at Apple's flying saucer. My reality is distorted. I'm lining up to get a phone that's slightly different than my current one on the first day, wearing my iMore T-shirt from last year's event, reading the iMore forums on my iPad while waiting. And I'm dying from anxiety because the keynote starts in half an hour!

I was in love with my iphone 4 but I'm worried about ios 7 on it(laggy).They (apple) just keep making great products that work an last. For example, I'm hoping that my 2007 iMac will be able to run Mavericks (wow).

I've used 3 mobile operating systems, Android, WP7, and iOS. I have to say that Apple makes the most elegant OS and easily has the best app ecosystem. This is why I love Apple. As a former WP7 user, I frequented Windows Phone Central, and since making the switch, I've been using iMore for all of my Apple news.

Apple is great if just works. I'm a windows Microsoft and blackberry defector and happy I made the choice. Apple is the right choice. imore is the premiere source for all things Apple. Im here checking several times a day.

Imore is the best way to find out about everything Apple and I'm really looking forward to playing with ios7 on my iPod and iPad; would love to add an iPhone to the mix!

My first computer was a Mac Classic II with a color screen back in 1992 in seminary! I love Mac and Apple and will never leave. Keep up the awesome innovation. Enjoying iMore every day as well.

I've been using Apple Products since 1990, call me a fan boy if you must, iLove Apple! And iLove iMore's coverage of all things Apple!

So lucky to be alive today and getting the chance to be part of Apple in it's prime. Love the gear and the company. Apple fan always.