Countdown to iPhone 5s contest: Follow @iMore and retweet for your chance to win $500!

Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!

Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPhone 5s!

Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!


Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, hosts the ZEN & TECH podcast, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Prime.

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There are 7030 comments. Add yours.

trinikristopher says:

I am entering this contest not for myself, but for my mother. While she was in the hospital for 2 days and asleep taking a nap someone stole her iphone 5. The hospital (Memorial Sloan Kettering) claims that they do not have video cameras inside the patient's rooms or in the hallways (wish I personally think is bs).The phone itself was turned on and I tried using the find my iphone app to locate, but the person who stole it, disabled and turned the find my iphone app off. She loved her iphone 5 because it's easy for her to use. I explained my mother's situaution to AT&T and they told me that I could not get my mother a replacement iphone without paying full price (I upgraded her phone last December). So I would love to win this contest for her. If anyone else is selling a white or black 16 gig iphone 5 for a reasonable price please contact me also because the prices on ebay are too high and I would like to get my mom a phone as soon as possible.

Joma1124 says:

The reason why I love the iPhone so much is because it's a device like no other. It makes life simpler. You don't have to carry around a bazillions devices because they are ALL in the phone. I've had the iPhone since the 1st gen brick iPhone. Never looked at another phone twice. The reason why I love I more is because they always post amazing articles and they keep you in the know of all apple. They make you feel a part of the team.

Sent from the iMore App

devoted101 says:

I love Apple and iMore because I'm not into celebrities and this is my TMZ. Apple the ne'er do well celeb and iMore the shrew team ready and waiting to take Apple to task for not being the role model she should be, or praising her when she does well. I salute you fine folks

hackacrack says:

Own Ipad mini, 2 MacBook pros, iphone 5 and ipod 4, apples are better than oranges ;-)

AMROnian says:

How could anyone not love Apple and/or iMore???


.................................still waiting.

Paul Duncan1 says:

I love Apple because it's NOT Android and I love iMore becuase they are giving away a free iPhone. What more can you say....

Peter12345678910 says:

I love apple because they are the leader in tech.

Daniel Vescio says:

Very excited to see what Apple unveils today! Been a long time iMore + Mobile Nations sub site reader since I can remember - you guys always do a fantastic job with the content you post. Been following this contest all month on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Google+.. would love to win a $500 gift certificate to use towards the next iPhone! Have an old HTC Android phone right now from 2010, really need a new phone.. fingers crossed!

Prince_Poppycock says:

Apple makes great products and imore is the best place for all things Apple!

rally5464 says:

While my love for Apple has not been shown on this site, I can contest that I love my 2009 macbook, itouch, and classic ipod. But honestly, I feel like I am missing something... That thing is an iPhone. Thanks iMore for this opportunity!! Lots of love.

Nigandnog says:

I am a hardcore android fanboy but iOS7 excites me! Mostly the look and the new airdrop capabilities but the fingerprint reader also has me intrigued!!

Ricardo Lopez2 says:

And did I mention how hard it is to choose a color for a iPhone ? Imore can give you a free phone but good luck choosing a color !

Krzysztof Patyna says:

Never had an I phone before so that'd be one heck of an early christmas present!;)

sataml says:

I love iphone and everything apple. I remember growing up in school when they introduced some of the first apple computers. In high school they had those ones with the color back on the monitor. Man I feel old saying that right now. I love imore because they have got me out of some pickles when my phone isn't working. Over all one of the best sites and one that a frequent on a daily basis so I know what is happening in the world of apple.

natasftw says:

Oh so much, on both accounts :P

William Baltazar says:

fingers crossed. hope I win this time!!

md8232 says:

Imore and Iphone what a great combo.

Ricardo Lopez2 says:

Who remembers when imore used to be "" lol I've been on this site since then !!

abbacktoiphone says:

I had the iPhone 5 and it got destroyed then I used my upgrade on a galaxy s4 because I knew the 5 was getting dated, I regret it so much and have no upgrade I cant keep this for 2 years!! I have all apple everything besides the phone and it sucks. iMore is my go to apple site (even tried finding it in the play store lol) PLEASE iMORE!

ehutchins says:

I remember just deciding at he last minute to go to the 2007 Macworld conference. Seeing the iPhone in a plastic cylinder case with a 'Zoolander' video running. Hard to believe today that I'm walking around with an Apple computer in my pocket. ;) Thanks to iMore for the great site!

allthingspixel says:

As a graphic designer and technology enthusiast, I spend most every waking moment of my day interacting with an Apple device. Apple's products make the things I do easier and more enjoyable. iMore helps me discover new ways of using my Apple products and connects me with others who share a love for Apple. I'm an Apple geek through and through but iMore gives me a place to feel at home where I can let my geekiness hang out!

Sent from the iMore App

MacBipes says:

I am ready for the announcement! I sure hope Apple gets it together with something cool this time!

ca.rubio says:

I've been an apple fanboy since the dawn of OS X! of course i want to have the 5S now!

Rajmessi says:

I'm just here to get a new iPhone 5S, no sucking up or anything. So can I ? :) lol

Severian126 says:

I love iMore so much, I still remember when it was TiPB. It was back in 2008 and I got my first iPhone - the iPhone 3G. One of the first sites I visited back then? TiPB (The iPhone Blog) - now called iMore, the site we all know and love.

PreJamison says:

I love technology. I love newness. I love Apple Keynote days. It is better than my birthday.

rmcarr says:

i dig Apple because they have the best cradle to grave computing experience. I dig IMore because they keep me iformed about that experience.

Russ Troester says:

I love Apple because their products, software, and support are great. As for iMore, I love you guys because you have great info on everything Apple and you're just super cool (not to mention this sweet contest!)

cmiraback says:

I must say I'm a long time android fan but have considered an iPhone in the past. I currently have an Android phone, but maybe winning this could convert me to iPhone?!

thatguyinNYC says:

Oh Heyo iMore! I'm a fan of Apple, but more importantly, am a huge fan of your event coverage. Good job, dude. Also, winning stuff is excellent.

VThokie78 says:

Love Apple? Of course I love Apple! I would even get a tattoo that said iPhone5S all across my back! Apple is my life. Heck, I still have the 1st generation iPad! It was my wedding present for my wife, so of course I am NEVER getting rid of it! I use that sucker everyday! Forget the tattoo. I would immediately go to the barber and get iPhone5S shaved into my hair! Then the tattoo! I would eat a thousand pieces of licorice! Better yet, I would eat 10 of the hottest wings on the planet. Wings that cause intense stomach pain.

As for iMore, I can't get enought iMore! I read it daily. It is my bible of knowledge. You all keep me so informed. I am addicted! I LOVE iMore! One side of my head I will get iPhone5S and the other side I will get I LOVE iMORE! To top it off, I will name my next pet iMore and iPhone5S.

Oh please pick me! I would love to win this! I will make a video of myself getting the logos in my hair!

castro719 says:

Concrete jungle wet dream tomato

aallison05 says:

Always love to have the latest greatest, can't wait to see what Apple has in store for us today!

Joshua Abrams says:

I'm completely sold on Apple--I had been a fan earlier on (and learned Logo in the 80s on an Apple), but had gone to PC until the iPhone came out. Since then, I keep upgrading and have gone wholly Apple. I love iMore--it's the best source of information!

stephenjohnelliott says:

Greetings from the UK, waiting on the apple event, thought I might as all enter this competition, don't enter then no chance of winning, fingers crossed, hope to win, but know I won't.
Hope we get a few nice surprises from the event.
Good luck to all that entered the competition.

PH_BBknight says:

I loVe apple premium products as much as imore quality content to us readers. Go imore go iOS!.

steelCT says:

An architect, I love that apple made design cool again. I also love how my iPhone allows me to do so much more. iMore is awesome for helping me to realize the potential and get the most out of my iPhone!

ptbahr says:

I love both of my iPods and would love to add a 5S to the mix!

venom5150 says:

Ever since I was young I loved Apple. Easy to use and reliable. I love iMore because of all the relevant, factual, information pertaining to iPhone / Apple.

Nomad Nate says:

I am a recent addition to iMore, but not to Apple. I have been a close follower of Apple for 7 years now and I generally like most things they come out with. I first heard about iMore on Mac Break Weekly where Rene Ritchie makes frequent appearances. iMore is always in their commercials by Leo, but only recently did I actually go check it out. You guys one of the highest quality websites to find out everything Apple and there is no shortage of content. I've kept mobile notifications on for my phone and was amazed at how many tweets were coming from iMore. You guys really have it together here!

ut666 says:

I love apple and the thought and finish which goes into their designs. and I love imore due to it's reliability in getting facts straight and general up to date apple news coverage. I visit the site at least 4 to 5 times a day! which speaks volumes!

willows3 says:

Let me count the ways...
her devices are beautiful
they are always dependable
mac fever is addicting
and they're oh so lovable

iMore.. your knowledge is sexy and your updates are exciting. I think this love trio is excellence in the making. <3

bennywhite says:

Simply the best place to follow up what is cooking in the iOS (Apple) world, keep up the good job :)

viking05 says:

Apple has the greatest products on the market! Coupled with iMore, one can stay up to date with anything concerning Apple.

demaree72 says:

Apple is cool and trendy, and their os is adequate for my needs. I also love the entire Mobile Nations community. says:

I like apple but i love Blackberry i would love to hav a BlackBerry Z10...... thank you

JeevesVic says:

I'd love to have an iPhone 5S! Everything in my house that could be apple is apple! I'm constantly on imore reading the forums and the site!

irie says:

I know I am not going to win but what the heck. Can I has a new 5s to go with me S4? I love imore to keeps up with news on my ipad!

Jerale Hoard says:

I've never had an iPhone. Would love to buy one. Right now I have a BlackBerry Z10 and I enjoy it. Best platform I've used by BlackBerry. I want to try out iOS7 if I can. I don't love Apple because I'm in love with me BlackBerry. Diehard BlackBerry fan for sure. Since I never win anything from CrackBerry (your older brother site) I thought I'll give this a try. You never know I may wind up ditching my BlackBerry ;). Give me a iPhone 5S to try. I want mine in Gold.

jman222 says:

I'm a huge fan of Apple products. Best way to go IMO!!! Can wait to see all the new features. Imore you guys rock, YO!

moxon64 says:

I love imore and iPhone. I hope today's coverage is uninterrupted. I can't wait for the fingerprint scanner

Sent from the iMore App

dave schmidt says:

love the best updates and articles out there. I work in Verizon store in cincinnati and play with all types of phones daily. Always loved the iphone since day 1. Can't wait to get my hands on the iphone 5s.

sauron4 says:

My mum could do with a new phone... Would be good to win this for her...

napoleonsuarez says:

I use all Apple products and I use iMore to keep me up to date with them.

ReedMA says:

I love apple/iMore so much that I came home from work early to hopefully catch a live stream on my Apple TV. Not sure if there is going to be a live stream, but if not, I'll keep it locked to

kmrdeva says:

I was never a fan of Apple products until I stumbled onto iMore via the Mobile Nations linkup from CrackBerry. Guess what, after a few months of following the articles posted on iMore (especially Rene's), I jumped ship. My only regret is that I didn't make the move earlier. Apple doesn't make perfect products but from owning and using their products, I can feel that unlike the others, they sincerely try..

xKrNMBoYx says:

I would love this phone for myself but my mom's iPhone 4 is near it's end. It would be nice to be able to give her a nice 5S which has a bigger screen than the 4/4S.

MDG99 says:

After life with some older iPhones & a new unlocked phone with OS7 would be great

spawn1130 says:

I love apple because you can sync everything together and iMore keeps me up to date!

spyeagle says:

Would love to win this to take my personal app building to a new level

stevedee says:

What do I love about Apple? The unbelievable integration that is slowly drawing my family over as devices need replacing. Now, with an iPhone 5S in my holster, I could dream about An iwatch or even a touchscreen MacBook Pro. And iMore let's me explore the whole iOS universe vicariously.

dgene84 says:

Apple is revolutionary and iMore keeps you up to day on all the whats happenings in the iWorld

chriswicke says:

I would be happy to own a new iPhone. I've carried an iPhone since the 4 on it's release day.

iMore is a great place to get info on apple products

RomBot says:

iLove iPhone, iLove iMore, save me from BlackBerry, can't take this anyMore!

joeyray15 says:

I came from Android and got myself an iPhone. I loved it immediately, to date I have had only a handful of errors with it, its ease of use and great look are wonderful. I love the iPhone even more after I had to use my friend's Moto Razor Maxx and it overheated and kept telling me the processes failed and I had to quit. So happy to have an Apple iPhone.

JasonR02 says:

Apple and their products have added so much to my life. I live in California and all of my family lives in South Carolina. Facetime on our phones has meant being able to be there in some way for birthdays and family picnics. I love Apple for keeping me connected to my family even though we are thousands of miles away. iMore, of course I love you too for keeping me up to date on all things Apple. Y'all are the best!

Joe5268 says:

Because both Apple and iMore are awesome!

rafluna80 says:

I love apple and all their products!

Sunny M says:

Love apple and their quality products, cant wait to get the new iphone 5s, but more than that i love imore to keep me updated

kguay says:

I still have a not-so-smart phone… please upgrade me!

kevdogg3291 says:

Would like an improved iPod touch ;o)

honza_h says:

Apple has a good style, iMore has a good style. I like the good style.

fifthgear001 says:

Love me some Apple and imore. really want this phone.

Bakdat says:

Love my iPhone, love my MacBook. iMore saved me from HP's "in the coming months" misery. Goodbye Palm, hello Apple! It's been two years and I've never looked back.

crwoo says:

I love apple products so much that if you dont give me one i will have to buy one... :)

Christian Lauritzen says:

I'm from Denmark. I like because they are first with news from apple and i like apple because they are first with Technology synching with hardware.

TxGoatHead says:

Looking forward to all the updates...iOS and iP5S!
Not a better website to keep me informed on all things Apple than
Thanks for all you do!

gchahinian says:

I dare you to try and convert me from Android with one of these new fangled iPhones...go ahead, I double dare you!!!

Jeb says:


bringthesky says:

I love apple crazy the iphone is the only phone I've never tried to upgrade early. Imore always keeps me up to date which is awesome I'm in the app least every hour to see if something new is happening

Sent from the iMore App

wubeone says:

It's almost time to get to know new 5S. It's almost time for me to win it. iMore is the place to do both.

zeratul65535 says:

great contest, and great coverage of the event! thanks for making it happen imore!

parvezjj says:

Mannn I work at BlackBerry and I'm always on this site

bvol says:

I love apple because their system is the best and i love imore because their website is the best..

zuccherodolce says:

I love iPhones and can't wait to hear all the news on imore!!

KingGinger55 says:

I want to sell- I mean win an iPhone 5S. Yeah that'd be swell.

QuezXLV says:

I love the simplicity of Apple and the iPhone. I've used other devices and the Apple devices just ... work right!! iMore is always on top of everything I need to know about my favorite device.

langley182 says:

I want one. I can't upgrade for another month or two.

Yellowfddriver says:

Winning would be awesome. A 5S would complement my Retina MBP and my iPad (and replace my iPhone 5).

iMore is really one of the best Apple (and really mobile news) websites out there. Great information, very professional and the humor thrown in. I love it.

Joseph Grigoletti says:

I do not currently have an iOS device and I've been using android for about an year. Truth be told I miss it. I would love to go back to iOS. I prefer the iPhone over Android after using the two.

cakachvartanian says:

I love Apple and iMore cause you guys make it to keep me always updated! You do everything to keep us always in the technology and always a step ahead of others! Thanks for everything!

spoofer09 says:

Love the simplicity of Apple products!

Quinn Denning says:

Apple makes great products. Would love to get my wife the new 5s to replace the 5 that was stolen from her this summer.

5tephen says:

I never win these things, but if I could win that'd be great. I still have an iPhone 4!

Sent from the iMore App

guitarist92 says:

I actually didn't care for apple at first and was all over android. Then I got an ipad.. Don't really like android now

tythornton says:

I have to admit, I was anti-i (anything apple created but specifically the iPhone and iPod). I was a crackberry addict and LOVED my Blackberry device. Nope, wasn't going to change and no one was going to make me do it.

I went to visit my brother in Orlando and my then 1 year old nephew happened to pick up his iPhone and proceeded to go to Neflix and start up an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. I was amazed at the fact that a one year old could do this. I then asked my brother if he taught him that and his reply was, "No, he figured it out on his own."

This intrigued me enough to want to learn more and would you believe on October 14, 2011, I became the proud owner of an iPhone 4S. I love my phone. The ease of use, simple navigation and the multitude of apps available makes this the best phone I have ever had. Happily, I am no longer anti-i. Sad I had to learn this from a one year old. LOL!

vyrenee says:

Always go to imore for the critical information!

davidcox6 says:

I love your iMore website and love my other Apple products so it would be great to win a new iPhone so I can see how well their integrated solution works. Thanks!

Jayfus says:

Apple's products are easy to use and well designed. iMore is the best source of information for everything Apple, in my opinion!

thegame460 says:

I love Apple because they take the time to get a product right, unlike it's competitors that require 50+ devices a year to even come close in comparison. I love iMore for its love of Apple.

reinermatthew says:

I love Apple products, they are just made well! iMore has always been good at looking at Apple's products in an unbiased and thoughtful way. I love that Rene is part of MacBreak Weekly, he is a valuable part of the cast.

MARIRO says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE apple and imore!!! They both keep me up to date on & with technology.

Jessika Ramirez says:

It will be a gift to receive and win this...I love iphones!!!
for $500 it would be a blessing from God!
If i don't win i will still be thankful for all that i have. Still hope i do tho !
Cant wait to see ios7 (:
God Bless

Ravel7 says:

iPhone is the best and most exciting phone ever so I love apple not only for iPhone but also for all the products it makes. Thanks to imore for keeping us up to date and for having great content.

Name Error 404 says:

I don't really love Apple (as a monolithic global corporate entity). I do, however, love their products. I like (most of) the philosophies they aspire to in their products.

I love iMore as a great source and community for technology information (though I still call it TIPB out of habit).

Stoep says:

I could tell you how much I love you, and that I always follow your news. I do, and I am a frequent visitor to your website, and you are a regular in my facebook and twitter feed. But if that isn't enough, wouldn't letting me win the iPhone 5S be the best way imaginable to make my love for your website stronger? ;)

JDRiggs says:

3 iPad's, 2 4s', and 1 iPhone 5! I want the new one!

Alex Marques says:

fashion, technology and know-how. 3 words, 2 companies, 1 meaning: evolution!!
Do you need anything else?
Love iMore, Love Apple. :)

bren9200 says:

I love to read the latest and greatest apple news from the imore website!!!
I love Apples technology it is the best!!!

omegadivine says:

I have been following imore since the iPhone 3G by far the best apple mobile blog. Even after swapping from an iPhone 4 to a galaxy s3 (now back on iPhone 5 because I didn't enjoy the ecosystem or ui) I was reading imore and it helped bring me back to Apple.

Lorenzo Garza says:

Awesome! I can't see my self with no other phone than my iPhone, got ieverything the best and imore great that it keeps me updated ;)

rookier says:

Love both equally. Best in the business.

KekoaLani says:

Aloha, I have been an Apple "addict" since my first Mac SE and when I was an Apple Classroom of Tomorrow teacher in the '80s! IMore is my go to site to find out about all things Apple. I can count on you to keep me well informed! You also run the best contests! Mahalo for the chance to win another great contest!

RodneyJ725 says:

I love Apple, it's philosophy of Technology meeting Art, and I especially love how Apple implements that philosophy. I also Love iMore as they give me in-depth coverage of all things iOS and Mac. When I need an initial view or opinion of an item, it's iMore I look to first, and then challenge my own point of view with iMore's as a ruler.

swarlos says:

Loved Apple ever since getting my first iPod back in 2003 and have gotten a Powerbook, iPod Touch, OG iPhone 7, Retina iPad, iPad mini and today an iPhone 5 and MBP. Also iMore is amazing love all the awesome articles, great contests like this one and the awesome community!

Andrew Helfet says:

My wife could use a new phone. Her 4s is old. Yes please

I will be back says:

I had BBs and Androids but never, iDevice so my love is == 0
I love iMore for the chance to improve my love to iPhone.

rsmith677 says:

I love apple, love being a part of the ecosystem, and love the new and coverage that iMore brings!

rrodrig02 says:

The reason i love apple is because they changed the game! They came an innovated a smart phone that changed the world and the challanges creating new technology. The reason i like imore so much that is that they are ahead of the game on news and also like flipboard. imoredid a 360 flip from itip era,and i love to look at gerogia's videos shes amazing.

billh1012 says:

i would love to have the new iPhone 5S. My iPhone 4S is reaching the end of its life. Can't wait for this new iPhone. i'm watching the live blog for the iPhone 5S right now!!!!

kallan42 says:

Both Apple and iMore are thoughtful and intelligent in their work, which shows in the products they produce. I love them both!

MXDrake says:

From getting the iPhone, then iPad, then, Macbook Pro and then finally an Apple Tv. The love for apple is there but the love for iMore is greater since it helped me to make my decisions to get the apple products. So PICK ME!!

stuntmonkey says:

I love Apple this much: <Holds hands apart about the width of an iPhone 5s>

Meagey says:

I would love nothing more than to win this phone!!!! I love apple they are the best company in the world!!!!

Grey Thedarkhours says:

I love Apple because their products have longevity and the operating system remains crisp years after the initial purchase of the device.

I love iMore because they stay up to date TO THE MINUTE with great news and reviews of interesting app sets and new applications

paraswrite says:

Apple: better
iMore: much better

1magine says:

I love that Apples are healthy and grown in America. And what's not to love about non-removeable batteries, non-upgradable memory, and proprietary connectors - WOOOT baby. And I love for helping to bring me all the news about red delicious and granny smiths.

Allan Cajudo says:

I love apple because of its product's RELIABILITY! Apple products are made to last! I have the 2nd gen iPhone and still have it and still working. I'm currently using an iPhone 3GS for 3 years now and it's still working perfectly fine. And I'm just waiting for the new iPhone to come for me to upgrade it with. AND I love iMore, because I can get a lot of latest insights on my favorite device and the accessories that you guys sell for way cheaper price with so much more options!

njcoutinho says:

Well Apple pays attention to detail and thats what I love every corner every edge even every icon makes me a designer wish I was on the Apple design team.I love the performance and the ease of use of Apple products. Yes I have used android but Appple just feels more like home. Thank you iMore. You guys keep me up to date on all things apple .absolutely love your articles keeps me wanting more

MacFamMedia says:

I Love Apple for its SIMPLICITY and INTEGRATION of it products........IT ALL JUST WORKS!!!!!

Sent from the iMore App

Buzz88 says:

I've never used an iPhone, it'd be kinda cool to try it out.

Datalux says:

Well, Apple is just a soild product. It doesn't have some of the bells and whistles others have but what it does, it does well. I would have to say the same about, it's just solid.


I love Apple so much I should marry it! really. They really stand behind all of their products.
imore rocks!! Never takes a break from keeping us fanboys informed with no BS. Rene really brought it to macbrake too!

luniboy26 says:

Me and my wife would rule the world with our S4 iP5s combo so make us that power couple you know we should be.

thedadams says:

I absolutely love Apple products, and iMore is my place to go for news, rumors, and reviews!

welsom2689 says:

Apple is amazing, they are always innovating! looking forward for that iphone 5S/6!!!

stevethomp says:

iMore has good coverage with no crazy rumour mongering, plus Rene's Canadian focus is great for me :)

Nells says:

Love iMore! Love Apple! Would enjoy to get my my ageing iPhone 4 replaced!

soulsergeant says:

If you Take my iPhone away, then cut off my arm!

M.Rizk says:

Would love to get one as a back to school (college) gift :D

iDonev says:

I hate Apple but I love their products...

nerd.Boy says:

I love Apple & iMore so much that I enter these contest and retweet your posts regardless of the chances I might actually win!!! Plus Georgia is easy on the eyes.

getitoutme2 says:

I love iMore because not only do they have the best Apple coverage and news but they also cover stories and feature content from the areas of the mobile/tech world. I personally haven't had an Apple product since spilling ginger ale all over my Mac Book Pro, earlier this year. Certainly wouldn't mind another go. (:

Zack123690 says:

I love apple and I would love a iPhone 5s so fucking exited!!!!!

joshaquino says:

I would like to try something new never really worked this type of device new to this

WyldKard says:

I love Apple enough to dedicate a whole folder/category to it in my RSS reader, and I _write_ about the company's products as well. As for iMore, it's currently my "main" Apple news site!

jsmith5238 says:

Love Apple and iMore...thanks!

android3k says:

Here we go! Another year, another model. More mind blowing upgrades! Ah yeah!

marjofraz says:

iMore is on my daily watch list. I check it several times a day! Love it. Also, love my iPhone and my iPad. I as so ready to see what's coming up next!

dwjensen says:

Apple makes my favorite gadgets. And iMore is my favorite place to read all about them. :)

alejandro.lopezavila says:

I love the iOS ecosystem, I used to be an android user and was surprised when I switched to the iPhone 4S, everything works like it should be, great support for the OS updates, and iMore has been one of my daily news sources since I switched.

Luciehalasova says:

Simply the best! User friendly and quiet usefull! I love it

jgc70 says:

Apple rocks because of the ease of use and the great apps available for it. Love it.

rubiconreader says:

The iPhone is the only phone worth having. Period! iMore you rock for keeping me/us up to date with all the Apple rumors! You are my daily fix!

welsom2689 says:

Apple + iMore = all you need to stay up to date!

SamSh23 says:

I love Apple because I believe in good products and iMore because I believe in good pages.

Cleveland2k says:

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Why would someone not love Apple! Without Apple we wouldn't have anything!

batrad says:

Want to convert my daughter to the Apple brand.. away from her crappy Android device......

aaronbrown22 says:

I love Apple products, but I love learning about them on imore even more!!!

pretheeshmt says:

apple is useful... android in usable...

justincirello says:

Hi there! I have been an iMore frequent visitor since it was called TIPB! I love this place so much. Great insight and news from the very own Apple. Glad to be here!

cdobeso says:

Apple innovation, me likey :)

Lei Pan says:

I love apple but I love iMore more!

Cares says:

Yes please give me a free phone please.

Daggnar says:

I really appreciate my apple products! I enjoy the quality, the usability and most of all, THE DESIGN!!! I can't wait to see what the new announcements are today.

ivansar3 says:

I need an iPhone 5s please. I love the iPhone so much I went from a Samsung galaxy 3 to an old iPhone 4! And imore is way better than androidcentral! Much better coverage

Jay Mobile says:

Apple products just work, and iMore is a place where we come together to discuss the awesomeness of it all

omg1tzjustin says:

i should win this so i can get rid of this blackbery Z1O i have i love imore for this opportunity and keeping me up to date with the latest apple news!

quailallstar says:

I'll take one! :) Make me switch from Android over to Apple.

dblancha says:

I really need an excuse to switch over from BlackBerry, and iMore is the is way to do it!

hippocat says:

It's simply elegant and amazingly fluid. Doesn't get better than that

Ashlea_K says:

I love Apple for creating high quality products that solve problems, not just add features for the heck of it, and I love iMore for helping me stay updated on all things Apple!

kato0919 says:

Would love nothing better than a new IPhone 5s...

Stephxieh says:

I love the iOS ecosystem and no matter what other products i have tried I always come back to apple.

Devin Robbins says:

lets give this a go... I'd love a new Iphone 5s

smittysgirl1 says:

iMore has been the one place where I have learned the most about my iPhone. I don't think I would have stayed with the iPhone as long as I have if it weren't for you guys. As far as the phone itself, it is one of the most reliable and greatest gadgets of this time. If this thing could carry as a purse I would die happy.

BeKure says:

I love Apple because they manufacture the most stable handsets in the planet. Mutual feelings for iMore because they are the most reliable source of Apple news out there. Hands down!

psiclne says:

I love Apple because "It Just works"...whether it be my MBP, iPhone, Shuffle, Touch, iPad, Mini or Classic. Coming from CrackBerry, I wanted to stay within the Mobile Nations family - thus iMore!

Dave Vana says:

It is my birthday day today! What would be a better present!

errade says:

I enjoy iMore because sometimes it's great to just have a passion without the need to worry about being unbiased. Sometimes you're just excited about what a company is doing and that comes across from you guys.


Apples iPhone is the best phone ever created and iMore is the number site for getting all your information surrounding it.

brad514 says:

I love Apple products, I love, and I really love fee stuff!

Joda82 says:


Kudos0030 says:

I've been an Apple fan since back in the 80's and I love iMore more than chicken soup!

asattersten says:

Gotta love Apple and iMore...

yoestaban says:

Can't wait to upgrade from the 4S - tried the HTC1 - have to stay in the family.

n7ryy says:

I love my apple products! I have an iPhone 4S and an ipad mini. And an old iPod classic

Felipe Barajas says:

Apple is amazing, they make everything so simple for even a toddler figure out how to play with an Iphone or Ipad. Imore is the place for all the geek Apple fans. Rock on!!!!!!

Mr Mister says:

Apple makes competitive smart phones, and imore writes competitive articles. Hook me up comrades!

EMF says:

I love Apple and iMore!

geekAdrift says:

I love Apple because they make great toys. (I use Macs for work too)
I love iMore and Mobile Nations because they cover the whole mobile tech world.

Umesh Kolhe says:

I love Apple for sharing such a wonderful, simple to use, efficient and beautiful devices to this world. And i love iMore to provide me to opportunity to win what i love so much ;-)

Cool Jay Cooper says:

i do love apple.. i love imore i been a fan since the original named site.. been so long ago i cant even remember it!! i have everything apple.. user experience and customer service truly make Apple a company of its own!!

NAMISH says:

I love Apple because it changed the world with its vision. Smartphones and Tablets both took a huge leap because of Apple and there's no denying that.

And I love iMore because it's the best source of information for anything related to Apple. A premium website to go along with your premium products!

jake501 says:

Love apple... Wish to get the 5s, love iMore, best iPhone site.

oscaramzz says:

Can't wait for a new iPhone after 2 years! Hope this 5s lives up to the hype!

volzalum says:

Apple iOS provides a very good platform for mobile devices. iPads, iPhones, and iPods are very intuitive devices that easy to teach to people that are not so computer savvy. I have converted most of my family to iPhones and/or iPads.
iMore is a great source for up to date information on these devices, and other Apple products. Thanks for the contest, I'd love to win, as would all of the other commenters here too, I'm sure. :-)

Bacon Munchers says:

I still believe that iOS is the most stable OS on the market today. It also has second to none function for streaming RSS related stuff.
(iMore) is a clean site that is easy to navigate.

mike_13 says:

Love love love Apple! Love love love iMore! Hook me up!

sillar68 says:

Apple and iMore - it doesn't get any better.

phantomtech says:

After using so many different phones I keep on coming back to Apple. That is why I love them.

wayneniu says:

wanna try ios7 with new features

Pyhroh says:

I love apple I've had my iPhone for 2 years now and I love imore for keeping me up to date with everything apple :)

loscachilapos says:

Thanks iMore for this opportunity!

Braun00 says:

I love apple lot - that's why I eat one everyday :-)

CJM says:

I've always loved Apple and the iPhone. A solid product and stable platform. Apple has been a market trailblazer.

Lenin17301 says:

I'm certainly polyamory on mobile matters, and iMore is one of my lovers :)

Zaphiront says:

Imore is a great source of Apple info, and Apple has great quality products.

parikhtarak says:

love you apple for amazing products and imore for keeping us well informed

Jtaylor1986 says:

Rene Ritchie is my hero. #Apple

Leanne McKenzie says:

I <3 Apple and cannot wait to get the new iPhone 5S!! It plus my ipad will make everyday the best when paired with My Solavei!! Looking forward to the announcements today! I need another ipad too!! <3<3<3

DJLevy7 says:

I <3 Apple and iMore!

------> pick me!

Danfys says:

Ive been an Apple user for almost my entire adult life , including the fact that i have an Apple - true 'til death tattoo, iMore has always been my spot for Apple and iPhone related news because they seem to only report the most significant and resourced stories and rumors, if its on iMore its got traction. Thanks iMore for keep my Apple news legit!

Julie Wilson2 says:

Well this is my first iPhone and love it! I would love to win the iPhone s. :-)

bobritz says:

I've been using Apple products for close to 27 years and feel that I have gotten the best product on the market with the highest quality every time I have purchase an Apple device. I feel that Apple will not let the consumer experience a shoddy product.

ultbruin says:

Apple and iMore are the best!

Jade Lotus says:

I love my Apple products and iPhone, looking forward to the upgraded OS.

iMore is my go to for all that is Apple!

kdog#AC says:

I am looking forward to the new iPhone and iOS 7.

iMore is my favorite place to go for Apple news, commentary, and discussion.

beathookup says:

My love/hate relationship with Apple is something I need to work on :(

iMore, really? If I had any more I don't know how I would get work done its a fact, just had my yearly review and my boss said I spend entirely too much time here and not enough on work :)

Toymaker says:

I love Apple's design sense and their no-nonsense approach to be easy to use for whatever I need to do. I think iMore quite nicely echoes that same methodology for this website. Thank you iMore for being my go-to site for news, reviews and helpful information to all things Apple.

Vendur says:

Could need one for work, but I am for sure not loving apple or i-Devices ^^

erwaso says:

My wife loves Apple and her old iphone and i send her here for help, so she loves you too! Make us both happy and have us WIN!


AnonymousUser says:

Apple has always been revolutionary & has always made absolute quality products. And I love that!

I love the way they warranty their products right there at a local store instead of shipping it in to some far off facility. No one can even come close to offering that type of support.

iMore has always been my 1st stop for finding information on all things Apple for my aging iPhone & my iPad Mini. I have found, many times, information on how to Jailbreak (and found out when it was available) my iDevices, new features, etc. iMore is absolutely fantastic.

I even loved when they had that Halloween special where Ms. Georgia had dressed like Wonder Woman to have an honest conversation with Siri. That had me asking Siri about Android myself. :-)

Thank you iMore for always being there & not only being informative, but doing it in style & with some humour! And thank you for always having awesome contests! I love this place.

dphillippi says:

I love to win a iphone 5s - why because I love my ipad mini and I need a iphone to be cool. imore is the best - I really mean the best web blog for the latest and happen place to be.

PiotrJot says:

I don't know yet, why Iove it, as I don't have any apple product. But I do love iMore for the great contests :-D

mlief says:

I have an iPhone 5 and would love to upgrade to the latest/greatest. I get all my news from iMore - you guys do a fantastic job! Good lucky everyone.

Vsundonna says:

Love the Apple devices and especially iMore for all the great App tips.

Ginmtb says:

Have had an iphone since the original and iMore is the best site hands down (I remember it from the old "iphoneblog" days... :)