Official iPhone 5C and 5S pages live!

You've already read up everything we've had to say about the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c leading up to today's event, and now Apple's product pages are now live. You've got some great photo galleries showing off all of the new colors, lots of official run-downs of the new features in iOS 7.

There's at least one video in there, and we're going to start trudging through everything to see what little gems we can find. Is there anything on the site that you didn't notice from the liveblog?

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Official iPhone 5C and 5S pages live!


The off-contract pricing of course... ;)

iPhone 5S: $649, 749, and 849... for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models respectively.
iPhone 5C: $549 and $649 for the 16/32 GB models respectively...

Ok, apple did some pretty cool stuff with this new phone. People are doing exactly what they did last year Bitch! Then once it's finally in their hand they buy. Their is some real substantial technology jumps with this phone and its camera. Not a bunch of gimmicks you play with and turn off. Like everything Apple does they think on a different level and see the future of mobile. We will get our bigger screen next year, but apple is not going to sacrifice the technology just to spit out a phone. When you hold an IPhone it's a modern work of art and it has a way of stirring emotion like no other phone can. Remember the first time you held an IPhone and think about how it moved you. No plastic peace of S@$T! with a massively oversized screen and useless features can strike that same emotion. How many peace of cheep China tech laying around the house can bring about true change. The finger print sensor technology has the potential to really fundamentally change security from simple password to a credit card security system that is truly secure not just some stupid three digit number or an NFC chip no one is using. I travel all over the country and NFC is simple not a main stream technology, but this finger print ID system has real potential to bring about change. Apple will take this tech slowly and methodically and do what they do best bring about true change. Not just throw a bunch of features at a wall and hope it sticks.

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