Angry Birds Star Wars 2 launches a day early

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 was due to launch tomorrow, but since there's just not enough chaos with updating to iOS 7 right now, Rovio thought they'd kick off their latest physics game today.

You'll find a lot of the characters form the original Angry Birds: Star Wars game, plus many more. Gameplay-wise, there are quite a few new features, like being able to pick to play on the Pork side, a tie in with real-world Telepod models, and not to mention a ton of new levels based on settings from the beloved movies.

The download link's below - give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 launches a day early


It's a 99cent game. Why would anyone need to download a cracked version for free? Do you really devalue the developers time that much?

Absolutely fantastic. The graphics and animations are far superior to the earlier versions. The levels really seem ALIVE for the first time in the series. Great sequel.