Of course Samsung is releasing a gold Galaxy S4

Less than a week after the iPhone 5s went on sale in gold, Samsung is now proudly showing off its latest creation; a gold Galaxy S4. We're not here to claim Apple was first with a gold phone, because obviously that's not true, but given all the 'copying' talk in recent months and years, it's almost predictable.

But, while – perhaps surprisingly so – Apple's gold iPhone 5s looks pretty tasteful, I'm not sure the same can be said for Samsung's effort. For one, we can't actually see the back of the phone, but the shade around the edges looks less Champagne, and more, well gold. It also comes in two very odd choices of front; brown and pink. While white and gold, or even black and gold would seem like the best option, brown and pink seems, well odd.

Samsung's Arabia Twitter account has been showing off the new phone, so it's quite possible it will only sell in limited markets. It's all in good fun of course, but what do you think to this? Gold seems to be the new black, but has Samsung gone a little mad?

Source: Samsung (Twitter)

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Reader comments

Of course Samsung is releasing a gold Galaxy S4


You could say the exact same about Apple in that regards....One only needs to tweet Nokia Record ReTweet or IOS 7 Copies Windows Phone and Android to see Apple doing the exact same thing

Yeah Apple would never copy anybody. Especially not a plastic phone, or a swype keyboard, or a notification center, or quick settings, or......

You make no sense at all. I never said Apple never copies. My point is when they do copy they do it right. You fandroids sure love to browse through our sites. Not once did I ever bother going to an android site.

The real point to this article is that Samsung isn't doing anything new to what Apple has been doing for years themselves....

Your post should say "Samsung isn't doing anything new that Apple hasn't been copying for years"

You blind faith to Apple is exactly why people make fun of you with the whole "isheep" yammering.

Good copying= a company you support copies something
Bad copying = a company you dislike copies something

Amirite? Lol

I go on both kinds of sites because I own both kinds of devices. People troll on android sites as well. Not saying that you do personally, just educating you on the fact that trolling happens both ways. Enjoy your day.

You must be an apple insider if you think Apple uses a swype keyboard. Plastic phone was copied? 3G and 3Gs much? Yeah quick settings was made by Android too huh? Weird that they appeared in custom skins/roms before google implemented them. Get your stuff straight before opening your unaware mouth.

And is that cheesy gold S4 64-bit capable? No?
Well don't hold your breath. Could take years for Google to dump out
a 64-bit enabled version of Android. Time starts now. Tick tock...

My Nintendo 64 was 64 bit. So time has been up for 17 years :P Elitists only make themselves look dumb. If android has 64-bit capabilities before your "years" that you expect, we will be coming back to your comment. Just remember that. I am an iPad and MacBook Pro user btw. Don't fall into the stereotype.

One really nice phone coming out very soon from Samsung is the S4 with a curved glass display with sick # of pixels. Pictures over at the verge. Say what you want about Samsung they do great things with mobile phones. I own a few Samsung phones, buying the Note 3 as well. I also have the 5S and think that is a great phone. The innovation going on at Samsung is over the top. I think their phones are top of the line, all this talk about cheap plastic is just cheap talk. Reason the phones feel different is very simple, they have backs that open. If the 5C had removable back, well, they would feel the same way. Android customers want removable backs, I prefer removable back with sd-card support. I am a mobile phone geek who enjoys both Operating Systems. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy my new 5S in white with 64gb of int storage, love it but I would be lying if I didn't say that I enjoy the hell out of hacking the Android OS with new roms like the new CyanogenMod and many others. Enough of my long winded comment. Samsung and Apple make great phones, that is why they are selling millions more than any other manufacturer. Just My Opinion

My old phone was a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I found it had major speed problems. I like android and iOS like you but I don't understand how samsung can release a phone that stutters all of the time due to additional software.

I got fed up of it and with the release of the iPhone 5S got one on contract. I'm loving that I can leave my phone on the desk and it will loose a few percent battery over my working day. I love that apple add new features all of the time but there are no UI laggyness. It's not perfect, I miss the keyboard changes for example.

As far as the copying goes everyone is copying each other and this is not a bad thing. All cars have 4 wheels, hell without 'copying' we wouldn't have SMS or any for of standard like HTML.

Twitter copied the hashtag from webos, Microsoft made (Granted bad) tablets and smartphones years before apple even entered the market, google copied the card UI from webos.

Copying a killer feature makes everyone's experiance better. I don't like them ripping off but being inspired by something great like google now's prediction would be great to see.

Yes. Apple is the reason Samsung is adding yet another color to their line. The phone is ugly, no doubt, but to say Samsung is copying Apple is a stretch. What about the vibrant colors and simplification of icons? Did Samsung time travel to copy that too?

LOL, Android itself is a copy of iOS. Have you seen the Google phone designs before the iPhone. It took them another year to spruce it up. The guy who programmed & initially designed Android did it after hours while he was working for Apple. No wonder Steve had a s..tfit. Samsung is even being accused of copying the Dyson vacuum cleaner designs. God only knows whom else they've been ripping off. Most of the guys that started Palm were from Apple also because Steve wasn't enamored with PDA's. Remember the Newton.

You would have to pay me to use Android. The pedestrian version of iOS.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause to the one, the only..... Mr. Me Too.

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Really is this how pathetic people are getting about colors being copied, BTW Samsung released a gold phone in China in August called the galaxy golden so it's not like they didn't do a gold colour before.. as for the gold on these s4s being more ''gold' I read somewhere that the gold is real gold hence why it's only being released in UAE for am guessing the super rich again if the rumours that it's real gold. Finally can we please stop with these pathetic copying arguments,the fact is everyone copies everyone, it really is sad that people are still in that ''your company copied my company '' mentality.

So what? Whaa. It's not a big deal. Like it's not a big deal that apple's multitasking looks like webos, or it's went flat after windows went flat, or that it there were plenty of black phones before apple's went black. Don't sweat the small stuff.

I think the all gold S4 looks a little overdone, instead of tasteful. I could see the gold/pink one selling to ladies like hot cakes on Sunday morning though.

Personally I like the gold 5S but wish Apple had made more of the front anodized. If I put a case on it, the gold will just disappear. Hopefully the 6 will be better, as that is what I'm waiting for.

Bah, give it a rest. Samsung launches a leather back and people make fun of it. Two weeks later Apple announces leather cases. And do we really want to get started on how badly Apple is more or less just lifting huge swaths of OS design from Android and WP7 at this point. Apple no longer has UI style, it's simply a mashup of the two. Let's just enjoy our iPhones and move on with our lives.

Are you really saying that this fabled "Gold s4" is tasteless without actually seeing what it really looks like? Come on. These pictures are crap and don't show anything. Chances are, it's a mock-up and the colors are skewed.