iMore for iOS 7 app coming soon!

iMore for iOS 7 app coming soon!

Yes, we're working very, very hard on an updated iMore app for iOS 7. There's been a ton of work involved, redoing a lot of stuff to make it as iOS 7 cool as we know all of you - and all of us - want it to be. Trying to balance getting it done quickly with getting all the features we want into it is proving tricky, and we'll absolutely always revert to doing less, better, than doing more, faster. We have a very aggressive roadmap, and a ton of things we want to bring you in the iMore app, both now for iOS 7, and going forward. We really, truly want to make it the best app on your phone, and we won't stop until we get there.

Now, I don't want to tease a timeline yet, because there are way too many objects in motion to do that yet, but the redesign will be soon, more will follow, and hopefully you'll love it as much as we do.

Meanwhile, check out the photo up top, it shows the current working version, and let the team know what you think!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

iMore for iOS 7 app coming soon!


Can't wait!

It's looking great, seems to fit in well with the design of iOS 7!

Keep up the great work iMore!

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That looks slick and really cool
features wishlist:
1) Parallax effect for all the images
2) offline reading mode
3) Cover page for the trending article
4) night mode for reading
5) Fast mode ( good for slow net users, it'll download all the data and small resolution images)
6) Translucency and menu bar disappearing while scrolling (like safari)
7) a sleek and cool iMore logo

That's it for now :)

In the current installed version , open in browser function does not work. Copy function doesn't actually give you a link... At least for me

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Share function should send whole article or link, not just the headline when texting. Ampersand shouldn't cut off the rest of the comment. I often get told I need to log in to comment, requiring me to log OUT then back in. KEEP THE CURRENT KEYBOARD!!!

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Please make it completely accessible with voiceOver. Please make a scope for visually impaired to follow this wonderful knowledge Article base

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Some hopefully constructive feedback:-
The overall feel of the current app is excellent.
I am using iOS 7 on an iPhone 5 and since upgrading to iOS 7 saving to Pocket is broken.
The comments have always been difficult to follow (ie pre iOS 7 as well) with the list being jumbled (or at least that's how it appears to me!).
The example you gave of looking at the 'photo above' highlights another issue in that unlike many other apps there is no way of selecting the photo to enlarge it for a better view.
Overall really like the app, just the above issues sometimes make me use other sites as I'm wanting a quick news fix and can't justify my time overcoming these issues, which is a shame because your articles are very well written.
Thanks for all your good work.

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It's looking amazing guys, keep up the great work. Long time reader, first time sign up. Would love to see this turn into a universal APP.

Looks like a good update!

Things I would like to see:

iPad app!!
Offline mode
Faster load for slower connections
Allow more articles to be accessed ( previous day articles are not visible which I don't like)
Landscape orientation refresh in current version is not possible. I need to turn to portrait mode in order to refresh.
Open in safari option
Option to upload photos from app for photo contests.