Contest winners: Solace cases and our final iPhone 5s!

If there's one thing iMore loves even more than all the iThings, it's giving fantastic prizes to our awesome readers. This week we have the amazing new Solace cases from Element Case and one last $500 gift certificate for winner's choice of new goodie from the Apple Store! I'm sure you're all anxious to see who the randomator has selected so let's get to it.

The winners are:

Congratulations everyone! Winners will be contacted via email in the next few days. Looking for another chance to win? We always have a contest underway for something cool, so keep your eyes on the blogs for those announcements.


Michelle Haag

A nerdy little birdy and the Doctor's next companion. While I'm waiting, I do the dirty work for Mobile Nations.

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There are 26 comments. Add yours.

abc1111 says:

I didn't win :( but congrats to the winners! Woot woot!

zdn1042 says:

Congrats to the winners! The next contest is mine!!

mkdll says:

Hurray for you, winners!

M_Rod says:

Dang I was hoping id win. Congratulations winners

ame says:

Congrats everyone! Enjoy your rewards!!!

YohanesPatrick says:

Congcratz for the winner!!!!!!! Hope im the next

Raven45 says:

Yea, winners!
Looking forward to the next one :)

khobia2 says:

Congrats to all winners!

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antonio_jimenez says:

why I never win? :'( parabenz people!!

END says:

Congrats to the winners!!
I did not enter the contest, so I helped in some small way to improve your chances lol.


jngmin00 says:

deng it.. I never win any contest :(

Winston Loh says:

Congrats to the lucky winners..

Becjr says:

A toast to the winners!

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suz5ive says:

Spend that gift card wisely "timscottbennett".

fishfarm20 says:

Wow, that's awesome! Thanks iMore! Congrats to the other winners!

XiakL says:

Congrats! :D

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Ogie Ruiz says:

I just purchased the ipad mini and I love it, except for the fact that I need to get the screen replaced. I dropped it, hey it still works great anyway. My phone just died and I'm on a fixed income but I sure would like to have the iphone 5. I'm new to apple products and so far I'm a changed man and I plan to stick with a product that makes me happy and works great.

gchhe2 says:


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alshraify says:

Congrats to all winners! =]~

ThatChick123 says:

Congrats guys!! :D im happy for yall!! Hopefully i win :-) next time

fishfarm20 says:

Hey Michelle! When will someone contact me? Thanks!

Cimi Hannah says:

WOW.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ipad and can't wait too win THIS!