Push returns to iCloud email in Germany as Apple continues to battle Motorola in court

A couple of years ago, as a result of a patent suit in German court, Apple was forced to turn off push for iCloud email users in Germany. Today, it's turning push back on. David Meyer of GigaOm:

Apple is still appealing the decision and, at the end of August, it won an interim decision allowing it to resume services as normal. As PC World pointed out on Wednesday, Apple had to pay a hefty €100 million ($135 million) bond, given the interim nature of the ruling.

As a result, on Tuesday it could tell its iOS users: “Push email service available for iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL, QQ, and NetEase users located within the borders of Germany.”

If you're in Germany, let me know if iCloud push email is again working for you, and if so, how well it's working.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Push returns to iCloud email in Germany as Apple continues to battle Motorola in court


No PUSH, tested with iOS 6.1.4 & 7.0.2 on 4s & 5 device,
@me.com and @icloud.com :-(

gr33tz from Frankfurt

I live in Germany, but unfortunately it doesn't work on my iPhones so far. I even tried to delete my account from the device and added it back again without any success.

a few minutes ago i tried again,
deleting the icloud account
under Settings,
(take care, press the button > keep data on the device <)
after delete
put the ID detail again in,
and combine the data with icloud on your device
it works perferct!

wenn jemand hilfe brauch
kann mich gerne kontaktieren.

Sorry, but no. I tried it for several times exactly as you wrote, but unfortunately it doesn't work.

Same here. Still doesn't work on my iPhone 5 on 7.0.2. Tried deleting the account with and without merging data. No luck so far!

Push email worked for one day , after that no more , deleted account , and installed again , still no push .
Bitte um hilfe

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