AT&T announces Filip, a connected wearable for your kids

Say hello to Filip, AT&T's new connected wearable device aimed at your kids. Looking a little like a children's Galaxy Gear, Filip is part smart locator, part phone and part watch, and the connected part helps parents keep a tab on where their kids are at all times and provide a means of communication.

FiLIP focuses only on the features that parents want - location, voice calling, and direct messaging to their child. The parent remains in control at all times through an app on their smartphone, including the designation of five trusted contacts with whom the child can communicate.

So, it looks fun, attaches to a child's wrist, and offers a little piece of mind. For example, a programmable safe zone can be set that will trigger an alert to your smartphone should your child leave that safe zone. It looks to be compatible with both Android and iOS, and will no doubt require some kind of additional payment to AT&T to activate it. There's no word on how much it'll cost yet, or when exactly Filip will be gracing the shelves of AT&T stores nationwide.

What do you guys think of this? Something you'd consider for your own kids?

Source: AT&T

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Reader comments

AT&T announces Filip, a connected wearable for your kids


Seems interesting. Would have to see it in person. Could be clunky, and, depending on the age of the child, overkill, if your child has a smartphone. Great idea, though, and assume it will get better with time.

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Terrible idea! What a way to lure parents into a false sense of security. Parents will put their children in more danger by allowing them to play further from home because they'll be able to track them. Anyone wanting to abduct a child will know to remove the bright green object from the childs wrist, and the parent won't have a clue where the child is. It shocks me that humans are stupid enough to rely on technology such as this to put their mind at ease where their children's safety is concerned. I for one wouldn't put my daughter's safety in the hands of such a gadget when my eyes and ears do a far better job!

So humans are incapable of compromise? Why can't this product be an extra layer of security rather than a false sense of security? I am pretty sure most parents wouldn't suddenly let their children wander the streets just because they have this product on their wrist.

I think we're all getting a little tired of people like this thinking their contrary ideas, in a poorly veiled attempt to be the Tenth Man, is necessary.

The Filip can be a great idea, if it is implemented correctly and used as a tool for parents... not a substitute for good parenting. Just the idea of being able to set up a geofence that will alert you if your kid leaves the boundaries unexpectedly makes this watch a valuable asset. I would like to see the Filip available in other colors... something a little more subdued so it isnt so conspicuous for starters. Secondly, I doubt that anyone will give the watch a second notice once that novelty period wears off when anyone wants to play with their new toy as much as possible. If such a thing as a child abduction happens by a stranger, they would be more concerned with getting away as fast as possible from the scene before stopping to inspect for any phones or other electronic trackers. The most likely scenario would be an abduction by a relative/desperate parent/etc that already knows the child has the watch and what it is capable of.

I'd hardly say "Tenth Man" was appropriate here saynt. I'm not a worst case scenario kind of person, in fact, on pretty much everything tech (besides this) I'm the opposite. Even you have to acknowledge that certain things (like your children's safety) are better left up to instinct. Yeah, a geofence might sound good in principle, but it only takes the parent to believe that the child is in the garden, when in fact they've taken off said device to do a runner through a gap in the fence...
Now, a GPS skull implant... I'm all for that!

Yes I will definerly get one for our 9 year old. We live in a different and dangerous age now. Kids are being abducted whether we admit it or not. Years ago this would have been ridiculous but not today. If this will help me keep him safe, I will get it as soon as it is available.

It is the media's constant bombardment with non-stop negative reporting that makes modern times seem more dangerous than the past.
Any time in human history has been a far more brutal, dangerous and lethal circumstance for children than now, with ruthless levels of infant mortality, effective child slavery, virtually zero protections against physical and sexual abuse, trivial levels of health care, minimal opportunities for education and upward mobility....and on and on and on.
And technology is not a substitute for responsible and intelligent parenting.

Nice idea but it depends on how much it costs per month. I'm already on a family data share plan. Taking my old iPhone 4 that my son uses as an iPod, adding it as an extra line, and using Apple's Find My Friends app might be cheaper and accomplish the same thing.

I like the idea, but wonder if it allows for an analog clock option? I won't let my boys (ages 5 & 8) wear digital watches until they have telling time on an analog clock down cold.