Final Fantasy VII on mobile is 'years away' according to producer

Just days ago we heard from Square Enix about the launch of Final Fantasy VI for iOS this winter, and also that Final Fantasy VII may be on the cards down the line if all went well. Another day, another interview, another Square Enix producer and we're told that Final Fantasy VII on iOS or Android is "years away." From Shacknews:

"Unfortunately, it's not that it's not impossible for us to develop Final Fantasy 7 for mobile," Tokita told Shacknews. "It's that currently, space will be an issue. Phones won't be able to contain the space it takes. It's over a gigabyte. People are probably going to have to wait a few years."

When the classic RPG launched on the PlayStation it required the use of 3 game disks, and the recent re-launch for Windows PC topped in at over 3GB. The App Store limit on app size is currently 2GB.

There's some sensible truth in what has been said. There's still too many 8 and 16GB iPhones, iPods and iPads out there to make something as ambitious as Final Fantasy VII a viable option for many iOS gamers. When many of those same devices struggled with free space to complete an OTA update for iOS 7, paying for and downloading a massive game isn't exactly the greatest idea.

But, these things can change, but it's not being ruled out, which is good. Is Final Fantasy VII something you really, really want on your iPhone or iPad, or are you in agreement with the storage issue?

Source: Shacknews via The Verge

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Final Fantasy VII on mobile is 'years away' according to producer


This is the reason that, I believe, the iPhone 6 should come with a minimum of 32gb, not 16. That means the top tier should be 128gb.

It would ideal on a iPad. iOS gamers need not worry about the future iOS gaming. Home consoles are going obsolete as we know it.

iOS will take most of the Microsoft Xbox market share, but Playstation will entirely migrate to the Playstation Vita possibly with android integration. The Mac/PC will not go obsolete and regain market share which it has lost to the home console with the help of social media platforms like like the Facebook platform .

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I game expected size to be an issue regarding bringing that title to iOS... FF VII was 4 CD's on the Playstation! Sure there are large apps out there now, but despite their usefulness or entertainment value, they don't last on my device long. Whenever I upgrade to a larger capacity device, I won't sweat this issue quite so much.
I really hope that they bring the graphics of FF VII up to date a bit. I'm not expecting a total over-haul, but it would make a great game even better if Square Enix was able to style it a bit after Advent Children.
(I apologize to my iPhone's battery in advance)

It would be a game for the fans, not really a mass download title. Such games can afford to demand more space. And it won't be the first game over 1gb. Look at Vice City - it's even larger and still sold well.

Solution for iOS - Jailbreak it, install PSX4ALL, install a BIOS, rip your FF7 Cd's to your PC and upload via a program on your PC to the relevant rom folder. Done.

Solution for Andriod, same as above but no such thing as jailbreak (as Android is not jailed) although you may need to root if you can't access the rom folder.

Why wait for SE to do this for you?