Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!

Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPad or iPad mini!

Apple will be announcing the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 review? Our complete new iPad rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, and iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you a chance to enter to win a brand new iPad or iPad - technically a $500 gift certificate! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday October 28, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Reader comments

Win a new iPad contest! Comment now to enter!



Doesn't matter what Android phone or tablet i purchased, everytime i woke up with an Apple phone or tablet the day after... Again again again and again.

(No seriously, this is true! I have had a LOT of phones, but they all made me homesick and desperately gave me the need to go back to Apple)

I love Apple because of the quality that goes into their products and I love iMore because they are a great place to find out about Apple products and news!!!

Never had a virus or issue with any of my MANY Apple products in 25 years.
I'll pay the extra for the quality all day long. Once you go Mac you never go back.
Champion of and converter of friends to Apple since 1988, with an iPad 1 & 2, 2 iPod touches a classic a MacBook Pro, an iMac and two iPhones.

I love . I everyday look on imore site to get new information . is a treasure and storehouse of knowlegde of apple gadgets. I love apple company very much. I wish to win it. Please.....

I like all tech products, but Apple's iOS is great for tablet usage. I could really go for a retina iPad Air as my current screen is just too small and not sharp. Love iMore's coverage of course!

I would love to have one of the new iPads. Currently have a 3rd generation and would love to upgrade to the new connector.

Same here.

My wife has an Ipad 2.

My kids have ipod touches.

Purchased an Apple TV in March 2013.

Bought a MBP in December 2012.

Going to buy a Mac Mini or iMac soon.

Would love an new Ipad for me for the home automation products I am installing.

I'm from centroamerica Honduras and my family there just starting to know about Ipad and asking me to buy those items for chritsmas so if i win one thats one less i have to buy.

Apple has opened our eyes to a whole new world and new experiences. Imore, you give us the quick and useful knowledge we need. Thank you both for changing the world to a better place.


I love Apple's sense of design and brilliant user experience. And I love iMore's writing style and great photography! I'd love an iPad!

Doesn't matter what Android phone or tablet i purchased, everytime i woke up with an Apple phone or tablet the day after... Again again again and again.
And yes, the first thing i do after i wake up is get some coffee (sorry iMore) and THEN open up iMore ;))

(No seriously, this is true! I have had a LOT of phones, but they all made me homesick and desperately gave me the need to go back to Apple)

Everyone knows that Apple and iMore go hand in hand. iMore makes it easier for people to understand what the future of Apple holds in its hand. :)

I have loved Apple since my 1988 Mac with the built in molded carrying handle! I have loved iMore since my first iPhone - the 3G.

I would love to give this as a gift to my girlfriend, I love apple so much! I already have an iPad and have my girlfriend an iPod shuffle as a gift, I would love to give her the new iPad.

I love Apple because they make great products that I don't have to customize. I love imore because they have smart coverage of the tech world.

I love iMore because after switching back to iPhone from Android I found this site incredibly helpful! I also loved the countdown to launch here. I love Apple because it is stable and helps me get my work done quicker. I've never owned an iPad and would love to have one!

I love apple they make the best working and looking products. Would be awesome to win the iPad. Can't wait for the event!!!

I'm all in with Apple. Converted about two years ago & I'm a devoted follower of iMore.
Would love to win the gift cert.
Good Luck

Apple products just work and play nice with each other; and iMore just keeps giving us good info and great products from its store.

Since becoming an all Apple family, we are all geared up with every gadget except the iPad Mini. IMORE keeps this family up to date on all things Apple.

Easy, Apple has the best ecosystem and hardware, hands down. iMore covers Apple better than anyone out there. What's not to love?

Comment... will that work? Technically it's a comment of "comment. "

I would really like a new iPad. I am an apple fanatic, i have an apple tv, iphone, ipad 2, macbook pro, time capsule, even have the apple rechargeable batteries.

iMore, is my go to for apple information, i would truly be lost with out it. I love you guys!!!

P.s. hire me :) is doing a very good job of spreading information on apple gadgets. I stay up to date on imore website. I am very fond ipad but i dont have it yet and thus i want it please. I will be very happy if my favourite website will give me a chance to win ipad . I love it..

I love Apple products for their design, intuitive usability and because 'just work'. I love imore for their in-depth editorials and helpful tutorials. Keep up the great work

Apple is number 1 always have been,all of Their products work great together and are so easy to use,and imore tells it like it is.

Sent from the iMore App

I love apple because of the multiplicity of devices and apps that suit my lifestyle and needs. I love iMore because it helps me get the most of those devices and apps :)

Thank you iMore, particularly for the in depth reviews.

Thank you Apple for the innovation.
Hopefully the next iPad Mini will be "resoultionary!"

I own a Mac Book Pro, an Air Port Time Capsule, and I'm on my third iPhone. Need I say more, iMore? I'm missing an iPad to make my Apple lineup complete.

iMore gives good, current information on all things Apple. It's an everyday read for me!! Of course Apple speaks for itself. I've had every iPhone and iPad. And I've always had MacBooks too. Love them!!

I love Apple because they make great products that work well together. I love the community at iMore because there is always an interesting discussion going on. I love the articles that are written as well, they are always informative and have great information.

My iPad 3 has not left my hands since it was purchased on the launch date in March 2012. How did I live without it? In the mean time it has become my bank, my library, my filing cabinet and the source of all my communications. The iPad is wonderfully portable and totally easy to use. It is irreplaceable.
Thanks iMore for the useful tips and how tos and for just keeping me on the edge of what is happening in my iPad driven life.

Imore running another giveaway because of an apple event is one of many reasons to love imore! And apple is streaming the iPad event today is a reason to love apple today!

I love apple for being intuitive, means my wife asks me less questions :) and I love the Ipad because of the light weight and mobility!

I wanna win iPad mini fit me because my iPad 2 big no room that's why I WANT iPad mini small more room fir it perfectly I love apple strong and real thing and real time apps of course Wink!!

What is not to love! Apple is TOP SHELF! Quality products. I love the way they look, feel and work. iMore is my go to place for all things Apple, LOVE it!

My iPad 3 is starting to feel a little long in the tooth. iOS7 isn't that friendly on it. Could definitely use a new iPad!

Apple does and has that special something that others just can't replicate. iMore is where we can appreciate it. That's why we love both.

Imore is a great source for all things tech and keeps me up to date with tge latest and greatest! Apple makes products that make you feel like your in the future and they never disappoint! I love em both

I switched to iOS for the phone from BB10 and love it so far. Would be nice to have an iPad and to move from Android for tablet part too. It's been stable week for me without news that my phone company is going to nowhere.

Apple is by far the most advanced and user friendly system, in my eyes, that exists. iMore is great for keeping all of us up to date on the most recent news, fixes, etc. in the Apple world. I would love to win a new iPad because my wife wants one desperately and it would be great to be able give her one this way!

I switched to Apple and never looked back. And ever since my first iPhone, iMore has been my go-to site for Apple news.

Love Apple because they make great products that are a joy to use, love iMore because they bring me great Apple news! Thanks

I love apple because they make my personal and work life run smoothly with ease! I love iMore because they keep me in the know and more! I learn so much about all things apple and how they stand against other devices from iMore.

We have several Apple products in our household and another addition would be great! I need to replace my iPad Mini with its cracked screen!

I love iMOre because it keeps me abreast of the current Apple goings-on. I love Apple because their products have the highest build quality in the industry.

I used to be a recovering BlackBerry addict, without much understanding or appreciation for Apple's products. By sheer luck I received a brand new iPhone 5 last year and my appreciation for technology and Apple has profoundly changed. Their products work...they just work without having to think about it. No battery pulls, no fiddling around with settings and Googling repair methods. They just work, and very well I may say. I would love an iPad to add to my ecosystem.

I am a big fan of imore and apple. I even dream that i am have many apple products. I wish imore will give ipad in my hand . Thank you...

Sent from the iMore App

Apple makes quality products that I don't have to spend hours fiddling with. iMore gives straight forward advice. What more can you want (other than a $500 gift card?)

I'd love to have one! It would go good with my new 32GB 5s that I paid retail for, if I can offset the cost (free) on an iPad, it'd be awesome!

I love Apple [--------------------------------------------------------] this much.
I love iMore [------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] THIS MUCH!

Love Apple because of the iPhone. Never had an iPad but I would love one so much. It would make my business trips so much enjoyable. And I love iMore because it always gives the information I'm looking for. Thank you for everything.

iMore is my go-to site for all Apple related news and updates. I've learned so much from the tips and the reviews posted here and I can't wait for the new iPads. I'm due for a refresh! I also hope to see some enhancements to IOS7.

I'm a new apple enthusiast from Greece! Congrats for beeing the most accomplished apple tech website on the net. Keep on...

First i want to thanks imore for giving us a chance to win ipad . I would say that everyone must stay up to date on imore . I love ipad and my dream is to win from imore. Please please

I love Apple because they simplify my life. It's robust enough to do everything I need and simple enough that even my three year can steal my iphone, open it, unlock it (I still don't know how he did that) and launch his favorite app. I love iMore because they keep me informed on those products and services that are integral parts of my life. Thanks!

Apple, how I love you!
I live to roam your store.
The only thing that might compare
are podcasts on iMore!

i love the great apps Apple provides with iOS and the app store. I love how iMore is one of the first if not the first sources to let us know about Apple news

Got an iPad2 for Christmas last year and love it far more than I thought I would.

iMore is my go-to site for all things Apple and part of my morning website review.

Great coverage and podcasts. Keep up the good work. We certainly appreciate it. Oh, and Apple makes some fine devices as well.

I love how beautifully all their products work together. It makes for a fantastic ecosystem which helps me stay productive at work and relax at home. Not to mention, they look and feel really cool :)

Thanks iMore!

I love . I everyday look on imore site to get new information . is a treasure and storehouse of knowlegde of apple gadgets. I love apple company very much. I wish to win it. Please.....

I love Apple because the iPhone is just AMAZING! iMore never fails to keep me up to date with new cool stuff i can do to my phone :) The iPad Mini would be a plus for when i'm at home & at school :D Especially now that rumors are saying the Microsoft Office is coming to iOS. Pick me!

I love Apple and iMore because they both brought culture, joy and beauty to a once unfathomable industry.

I want to imagine myself using the imore app on my new beautiful, gorgeous, extraordinary, marvelous, magnificent, sexy, hot, pretty thang, foxy, amazing ipad 5. That would allow me to post more content like this. Plus I would love to have an ipad for homework purposes as a nurse student.

I love apple because of the simplicity and ease of use. You can pick up any iPhone/iPad and know how to use it. Throw iMore in the mix and you have the #1 source on the web for Apple info (not to mention the best site owner in the world...**cough** suck up ** cough cough**)

LOL i NEED an iPad... you should try using a Nook for anything other than reading or watching a video. Its painful. Thanks iMore!

Simplicity and design elegance... that's Apple.

René and company keeps me up to date on the latest from my favorite tech company!

Long time reader, first time commenter.

Competitions open to international users too? Man, I just love iMore even more.

Still rocking a first generation iPad. My chipped tooth, bloodied nose and blackened eye can attest to the shear weight of this statement. #firstgenerationproblems

Love the idea of a lighter, faster iPad. iMore is my one stop shop for Apple news, updates and accessory purchasing. Keep up the great work all!

Will I love apple because the simplisty , smart , powerful , gorgeous and the unique of they devices , which satisfy our demands from they products .
My first devices was the iPod touch 4th which really capture my attention to Apple devices , and this attention increased more and more when my brother buy the Mac book pro .
And there is still much more to be said the conclusion I love apple.

Love my daily fix of all things Apple from !!! Just need a new iPad mini to stop the kids from always trying to snag mine and we'll be an all-Apple household...

I love Apple because they make quality products and I love iMore because you deliver quality content about Apple products!

I love Apple and I love iMore more than any other technology company and blog. Why? Because Apple has the rare ability to integrate all of their software and hardware and build an ecosystem that really works together, and encourages you to get all of their products for maximum cross-device compatibility. I love iMore because you guys don't feed us the rumor mill garbage. iMore is filtered. When you guys post a story, I know that it is based on reliable sources and that you guys firmly believe in whats behind it. Also, you guys have a great sense of style when it comes to the presentation of the content. Keep up the good work!

The best consumer electronic products and the best website for covering said products. What more can be said?

New Ipad, please send it my way, family of 5 is constantly fighting over the two ipads we have in the house, please help us with balancing the odds a bit.

I love apple so much I worked at the Genius bar for 3 years and didn't get any free swag. You can rectify that ;-).

i would like to say i love imore and apple more than my wife and kids.But thats not true. As i love my kids more than anything............the wife on the other hand........?

I would love it. Need a device to take notes in school! I love apple products. Broke my iphone and I miss ios7.

I love Apple, because their products just work, have great build quality. great resale value, and apple gives great customer support. I love iMore for many reasons, but their detailed screenshot tutorials for using apps and operating systems help make my life so much easier.

iMore has to be one of my favorite sites. My wife always asks me, how did you know that. I read it on iMore! We love Apple. The ecosystem is great. It makes it easier on me since I'm the family's "IT" department.

As always, I love Apple's design aesthetic and iMore's unvarnished breakdown of all things Apple.

Thanks for the opportunity to win stuff!

Love Apple products since many years. And iMore is the best source of Apple infos.

Love it !

And I'd like to win an iPad for my daughter. :)

Apple is such an amazing lifestyle company. I first laid my hands on a Mac when I was in elementary school and have never turned away. iMore has been doing an incredible job covering this amazing company while providing unique content unlike other tech news outlets. Good job guys. Hook me up!

I would love a new ipad as I have never owned one in my life. I've always used apples ipod products and recently fell in love with everything apple! Im currently saving to buy a new macbook pro, and I just recieved my first official iphone! 5s!!!!!!!!!! This would be awesome if I won!

Have always been die hard fan of Apple since 3gs. And imore is the best site for latest and genuine updates about apple. Would love to win that voucher once.!! Best of luck to me :P

Apple products simply work. When a company is building every aspect of the product everything works together. That's why I love Apple. And iMore is the best place to read about the products I love.

Why I love apple as imore? Like these reasons are not obvious enough!

Apples products besides be slicker than snot, just "work" for me and my lifestyle.

And as for imore .... great information, community, contests, etc .... I'm super glad I've had it in my life for the past several years.

Keep up the good work guys and gals, and thanks again for another great contest!

I have been a fan of Apple for many years, and very chance I get I am telling people just how great the products are. Just like most of you I wait on pins and neatles for the next new thing.

Well...I miss some things about my BB devices....but I love a lot of things about my iPhone 5! Renee and Everyone at Imore are excellent at helping me enjoy as much as Crackberry (sorry Kevin)!!

Sent from the iMore App

First thank you once again for this chance, Love iMore such a good community of thoughtful great staff and fans, love you all for the reviews of all things Apple very informative and fun for our decision making and great input on why we should stick with Apple. Love Apple for its Architecture of Simplicity in their design and optimal software in which gives them the cutting edge, reasons why we should follow and learn from them for generations to come, the future is truly here unfolding before our eyes.

Apple is for the Class and not the Mass and iMore brings that class to the mass, and hence love both

Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

Even tho i have yet to own any Apple product, i love them because they are just so classy and innovative in every product they launch. the thing i love the most in iMore is - you are reliable source in those Apple "leaks" you post. :)

goodluck to all of us! :) thanks iMore for the contest :)

I love Apple because they make the most beautiful, easy-to-use, but yet powerful hardware and software. I love iMore for having Apple news as it happens, as well as contests for free stuff! ;)

I already have an iPad but the reason why I want this new iPad is to give it to my mother as an early birthday present! Love iPads! :)

I love apple because their products are more than just gadgets; they become (for better or worse) an extension of yourself. While there are other platforms and devices out there that help fuel this craze, no one does it like apple. The iOS devices just seem to mesh with you and your life.

I love iMore because they get apple and offer an unbiased opinion and news that isn't slanted by the current "Apple is doomed" song and dance almost all other news sites participate in. Plus their personalities are top notch. Cheers!

Sent from the iMore App

I really like the transitions a fluidity. I'm in school for mobile development too, so this would definitely help me do some testing!!

I love iMore because it's really interesting, and it's the first website that I check every day. What about Apple? This is my life, I have more than 15 iGadgets and Macs. Please give me this iPad! Thanks and success.

I love apple! Not only do I love apple, I love reading about everything Apple ONLY on iMore! Love these giveaways! Hopefully one day I will win one!!! :-)

Would love to have an iPad Mini - Apple makes the best tablets and you can always count iMore to give the honest reviews and info

Ever since I start to use iPhone again and come to imore for the threads and info and updates about iPhone it has been amazing and I started to like apple products more and more.. It is growing on me slowly and can't wait to purchase my next apple products

Define love?
Apple makes some amazing products and a new iPad would make my day a little bit brighter. As for iMore, I have sent so many people to this site (and Mobile Nations) that I have lost count. Whether it is someone new to the iPhone, converting from something else to an iPhone/iPad, this is where I send them to answer the questions and learn how to get more out of their device. For iOS I have not found a better place.
So let's get this definition about love clear .........

I love Apple because they make premium products that work and get updated to several year old models. I love iMore because they are my go to source for all things Apple.
And I would LOOOOOOOOVE the iPad 5!!!

Since I bought my first iPhone I became an Apple costumer and an iMore fan (back when it was TheiPhoneBlog). I love most of Apple products and I'm really eager to get an iPad... Unfortunately I have other responsibilities and can't spend any money on one... Yet! Time will come that I'll be one of your readers on a shiny new iPad :)
Good luck everyone!

I love Apple products for use in the classroom, when relaxing on my own or with my kids. And iMore (formerly TiPB) has been great for keeping up with Apple news, reviews, and tips.

Sad to admit it, but this would be my first iPad. iPhone user for years, just didn't get the bug for the iPad until now. Plus it's likely to release on my birthday!

I love Apple and iMore because both of you make our lives better! Apple has great products, and iMore keeps me up to date with them and all of the great apps/functionality there are for them! There is not a better resource out there than iMore!!!

Apple products just work, coworkers with iPhones only ask about the next version. Coworkers with "other phones" make me dizzy trying to figure out how to do anything. IMore is awesome, especially when you created a fantastic app that tells me everything I want to know about apple and the tech world. - Chris

Sent from the iMore App

Been with Apple since 2008, iMore just as long. Could not ask for better products, user experience or better news/commentary!

iMore is just to perfect place to go to get all of my Apple news. The forums are great to, a great resource to find solutions to everyday issues.

I would love an iPad for my sons and I, so my wife could get hers back! We love Apple products: White Macbook, Macbook Air, 2 iPhones, and a mucho shared iPad. We love iMore for support in troubleshooting all our Apple products.

I am not an apple fan who loves apple because they are apple; over the last 10 years I have tried the other contenders, Palm, Windows mobile, android, Blackberry, Archos, and even creative (been a while since they were a contender!). and every time I have ended up going back to apple because when all is said and done, their products are just better. That is why I love them; they earned my love.

Been following this blog since it was the "iPhone Blog" and has been my first news source for everything iPhone/iPad related and am a fan of Apple products because they can universally appeal to both the average consumer as well as the pro user!

Always been an apple fan and with iMore I can be on top of all related news. Hope I win!

I tragically lost my iPad mini on my car and I'd love to win to replace it.

Thanks for running the site and this contest.

I absolutely love Apple's design, beauty and functionality. I'm also a huge reader of and fan of the way this site presents relevant news; witty, precise and ahead of everyone else.

I want to win because I have wanted an iPad since the iPad 2 came out! I'd be making music, keeping up with iMore news and so much more! Apple has always made products that have been reliable for me. Also, it would look great with my iPhone, MacBook, and my iPod.

Love Apple's products. Specially the design and attention to detail, and would love to win an iPad 5 (hint).
iMore is a great site! Rene and his team do a great job reporting everything and anything mobile related with great insight and unbiased analysis.

I want apple as well as imore because it satisfies and continuing to satisfy the unsatisfied needs of individual in terms technology. Apple has the very updated,fast and innovative technology to cope up the desires and pleasures of people. furthermore, apple properly securing the quality of product that they will deliver to their prospective customers. perhaps, apple gives the best services as to compare to all other technological companies ( not to mention).

I love Apple so much that I keep reading about them every day. And I love iMore because it's one of the best - and certainly the friendliest! - site to satisfy my daily dosage of Apple news. :)

iMore has the most reliable coverage on everything Apple! You are the greatest!
I would really love to have an iPad to complement my iPhone!

I really love Apple! I have an iPod nano and an iPhone! :D i have always wanted an iPad so badly but I dont have enough money for one :/ sucks right?
iMore is awesome :) it always keeps me up to date with new products and tec news! I love it <3

Love Apple products and eco system, easy to use and for my whole family to connect. Love all the tips and info iMore provides to complete the Apple experience. Thanks iMore!

I do love me some apple; i've been with them since the mac II, even through the dark days of the late 90's. i more is a good source of apple news. and i'd LOVE a new iPad!

I love iMore and Apple so much that I stayed home from work just to catch the live event on my iPhone. Now that's love.

Yes thanks for this giveaway. I would love to own this mini and what I would do with it is dress it up in cute sleeves and then change into more outfits :)) it will become stylish in my hands and well taken care of. Thanks


This Apple concerned blog covers one the one hand the average user who needs a hand on they new iOS 7,issues like the iMessage-Down as relevant and the latest news about the company you care about. On the other hand you distribute an enormously informative and nicely to read content for people who are really passionate about Apple. Furthermore, I really like to check on who wrote the news report or article; as I understand you all have your own style and signature. I really like this fact and it keeps me getting back to check on iMore frequently. Thank you for this daily input.

This company follows structural and further,let's say rules that enter in the philosophy of simplicity with the always-important-relationship between design and functionality. This principle is reflected by every product. This all may sound blinded,apple fanboy talk. I do believe and feel that using certain devices enriches my life in a way that your devices really play a role in getting the job done,in general. People nowadays might be criticized for using their smartphones as areminder for daily stuff. Well guess what: people used to carry around notepads, where they wrote down oh-so-important stuff. Just trying to prove a point here. After all,all this passion should not be the reason to question apple'a moves and strategies. And I do feel that in the iMore reports;like journalism should be. Best regards to all of you and a happy keynote! :) Kevin

I love the core of apple products being as powerful and useful unlike anything else. And as for imore, knowledge is power and that's what you have always provided.

Apple because they make good products and iMore because you guys go above and beyond. Apple & iMore FTW

Everything in my home is Apple. I'm a loyal customer, but just recently I dropped my ipad 2 from a two story building in a hurry to class. after all this time I think I deserve to win one after dishing out $700 bucks for it. I miss my iPad.. :(

I love Apple because of the infrastructure. Helps me interact with famiy and friends. iMore provides comprehensive accurate information on Apple products.

Hello Georgia and the rest of the iMore crew! Thanks again for all of your diligent work covering all things that are Apple! I would love a new iPad as I am still using my iPad gen 1. Its terribly slow but still chugging along. Thanks again and please consider me for the contest.

Love the fact that Apple is helping family in more ways that one. From my wife not having to use a laptop to do the things she loves online on her iPad, to my 3 year old son playing games and applications on the iPod touch that will help them to learn, from watching our favorite movies and TV shows on the Apple TV, and for myself to work on projects and school work on my Mac Mini.

Since I purchased my iPhone 5 and ditched my galaxy Nexus, I have enjoyed greasy fast speed and a total lack of force closes. This has been refreshing. The fine folks here at iMore have been very helpful and friendly whenever I have a noob question too. I never feel as though I will be lambasted for asking a question that has been asked before. I love my iPhone and I hope to love a new iPad!! Keep up the great work iMore!

After converting to apple, I wondered why it took me so long. Apple is the best because everything just works.

Why do I love iMore....because of all the useful information, reporting, and helpfulness of the community.

Would love to have a new iPad to be able to read iMore on the road each day! As it stands, "I more" or less check you guys out 3-4 times a day on my iPhone. Thanks!

I want a new iPad mini! I've loved apple and imore ever since I got my first apple product with the iPad 2! I shattered the screen on it and haven't been able to afford to fix it or replace it! Please please please!

We have an iPad 1 in out house - need an upgrade! Love iMore on twitter makes it easy to pick and choose articles of most interest and relevancy to me.

I so wove Apple! I want to hug them, and squeeze them, and kiss them , and hug them some more! I gots Apple TV's, iPhone, Macbook, and a Hackintosh.. me wants a tablet!!!!!!! PLEAAAZE! ;D

iMore news and podcasts have been awesome place to get my news and to help filter out the rumors that likely just help short sellers on the stock market! :) Thank you iMore!

I love Apple and iMore so much I would watch yesterday's Monday Football Game again....with the commercials.

I have been a huge apple fan for a long time and I only use imore for my daily dose of appl!

Sent from the iMore App

i love imore to grow and increasing my knowledge with apple tech and instant help out on problems..
i love apple due to user friendly devices and operate systems as well its just @simply the best@

I love iMore !! It has always been my first source of information about Apple. I have an iPad 1 and still use it. I would live to buy the iPad 5 !!

That's what i've been waiting for.You guys seriously rocks.The wonderful attraction to your website are these cool givaways.I really really really wanna win this at any cost.I love apple and imore.Please count me in.Please lemme win this time :)

Thanks to iMore for keeping me updated on all that is Apple. I would love to get my hands on an iPad, but just haven't been able to afford one yet! Thanks for the opportunity.

I love Apple because of the iOS software and the features, such as iTunes Radio and the iWork apps since I'm a college student! Very handy! iProducts are just flawless to me! Haha and I love iMore because they are the company that delivers the latest Apple news! And this is an iOS only app lol not to mention, the writers and editors of iMore are active on twitter! Cool, right?! :)

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple because it has helped me move to another level with my photo processing and distribution.

I love iMore because I get the latest news and interesting topics related to Apple. Thank you!

My love of Apple started when I got my first MacBook Pro. After using only Windows this was my first Mac. Afterwards I got the iPhone and have had an Apple TV and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen iPads. I sold the 3rd gen iPad last year waiting on the Mini but since it didn't have a Retina display I passed it up. I love Apple because of the experience more than anything. All my devices work and in harmony with one another. It's as great as getting an iMessage and no matter if I'm working at my desk on my Mac or I'm walking around with my iPhone I can get the message and answer. It's the ability to update my devices to the latest iOS version the day it is released without waiting for carriers or manufacturers to vet the new OS update. It's the simplicity of going to an Apple store for a genius bar appointment when my iOS device or Mac misbehaves. It's as great as having a feedback tool where I can try to add value to the devices and software I love and use. Where do I go to read about, give advice and talk to friends I've made? iMore ofcourse. I've listened to the podcasts and been a member of the forums since they weere TiPb. I've had the satisfaction of helping others to fix and enjoy their Apple devices and I've met so many cool people. I love listening to the podcasts, getting informed, meeting new people in the forums and helping who I can help. I feel like a small part of the growing iMore family and it's pretty cool. Now if Apple releases a Retina iPad Mini today or an iPad 5 with a Touch ID I'd love to put both of my two loves together by getting one and being able to read from the iMore app and browse the forums with the iMore forums app (not so subtle hint) cough cough. Oh and one more thing "Here's to the crazy ones"

I love Apple products because I can count on them and I love iMore for the great information you provide!

I've been an Apple user since the iPod, and have always been blown away by the quality of their products.

I found iMore through tWit's Macbreak Weekly, and it's been my go-to site for tips, news, and everything Apple ever since!

Because like crack I'm addicted to updates and iMore gives me what I need while Apple keeps hitting it out of the park! Hotdogs and beer please? Keep on grooving guys and thanks for the opportunity to win a most coveted iPad!

I love apple products so much I'm still using my 2006 Macbook! This thing is still going strong and apple products are made to last. Hopefully I can win a new ipad :). The larger ipad that is.