iWork app updates arrive on the Mac App Store

Numbers, Keynote, and Pages better known as the iWork suite, have all now been updated in the Mac App Store for those of you out there who have been patiently waiting since the iPad & Mac event.

Existing owners of the Mac App Store versions are able to directly update to the latest versions while new users will now be able to purchase the each app for $19.99.

If a new mac purchase is something you have planned though, no need to purchase these right now. As announced previously, the iWork suite will be available as a free download when purchasing a new Mac.

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iWork app updates arrive on the Mac App Store


iLife apps as well. Important note. My 2008 iMac does not get the new iMovie. Graphics card isn't recent enough.

GarageBand appears to be a new app, not an update (ass all the iWork and iPhoto and iMovie are). Must be how they get around the "removal" of features paid for before.

All also updating on iOS as we speak.

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I first bought iWork & iLife when the only way you could get them was on a DVD... fired up the Mac AppStore this morning - guess what was available as updates? The the iWork and iLife Apps... Way to go Apple. :)

Quick question: I JUST finished updating my iPhoto and iMovie on my MBP, but it looks like the old apps are still on my computer except they no longer work. How do I go about removing them?

Thanks in advance.

I updated to maverick's but I am not showing any updates available for my iLife or iWork apps on my MBP. My iLife '11 and iWork '09 apps where purchased on CD, not through the App Store. Am I unable to upgrade because of that? iPhoto is completely broken, when I try and open it it says it is not comparable with this version of OSX and sends me to updates but there is no update available to download and install. It would be a bummer to have to pay full price for all these apps when I already paid for them.

I am also using the 2009 versions, which were purchased on disc. I was expecting to have to ingrate to the Mac App Store version when they were available.

Same here, the Mac App Store always had the updates to these when available, but when I looked up the new versions they are regularly priced, except Garageband, that is listed as Free.

@galley Im running all 2009 versions and 10.6.8 and right now the only one thats free is garage band, Question to all Do I have to update to mavericks to get them all free? Thank you

I don't mind paying the price for the Mac apps but wish it was a package deal for my ios devices too instead of having to buy each separate. My wife is still hooked on Microsoft Word and Excel got to move her over.

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I have a 2011 MacBook Pro that I received iWorks on CD (and that I updated to mavericks earlier today). Earlier today when iWorks was released for free (the updated version), each was showing up as $19.95 for me on the Mac App Store. However later when I checked again (about 30 minutes ago) they were being displayed as 'update' (with no price) and sure enough, I was able to update Pages, Keynotes and Numbers for 'free'. Not sure why it took so long.

On my wife's new MacBook Air (just purchased in August of this year) all 3 apps on the Mac App Store still show up as $19.95 each. I updated her MBA to Mavericks earlier as well. Not sure why she's not able to get them for free as well at this time.

I have iWorks on CD too, but the apps still show up as 19.95$.
I tried to click on pages, planning to cancel the buy when it requires the password and it made me buy it without asking for the password -.- (in my account they charged the full price)

Found this fix on another sit, it worked for me:
1. Create a new user account, standard type call it test or something....you will delete it when you are done
2. Log out of your account and log in to the new one you just created.
3. Open the App Store and log in to your app account.
4. Go to your purchases and you should see the iLife and/or iWork apps available to update.
5. Update the apps and log out of the test account.
6. Log in to our account.
7. The dock should have your new iLife app icons, but will have the old iWork icons that will launch the old apps so delete the icons from the dock.
8. Drag the new iWork icons from the finder apps folder to your dock.
9. You should be good to go, just need to delete the test user log in and delete your old iLife and/or iWork apps.

Not sure what to say other than it worked on my MBP. I tried to included a link to an article on macrumours, but the system wouldn't accept the post thinking I was trying to post spam. In the article others have described a myriad of ways that have worked for them, maybe one of them will work for.