Apple gives game developers the ability to boot cheats from Game Center leaderboards

Apple gives game developers the ability to boot cheats from Game Center leaderboards

Call it poetic whack-a-mole, but Apple has just given game developers the ability to obliterate fake scores from Game Center leaderboards to help crack down on cheaters. Apple:

You can now view and manage the top 100 scores and usernames for all of your Game Center leaderboards. Protect your legitimate players by signing in to iTunes Connect to delete fake scores or block players that post fake scores. You can also restore scores and players within the same time period. To learn more, read the Managing Game Center Leaderboard Activity section in the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

So if you someone posts a 100pt win in a soccer match, rest easy, the red card is on its way.

(Seriously, though, how often do you see fake scores in Game Center?)

Source: Apple

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dalaen says:

Almost every game has fake score in Game Center, which is pretty annoying...
When you see a few guys having 2^32 points or 2^64 when a really good score is 50... Well yeah.

AMosha says:

Angry Birds is notorious for having fake scores.

shumburger says:

Just look at Tiny Tower. The top 75+ players have over 9.2 quintillion floors...

manchot says:

dump question - how do they do it? is it a jailbroken device?

Becjr says:

I just need the cheat code to up my bank account balance ... Just a little.

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bunkscene says:

Side question: what game is that?

zdn1042 says:

Finally! Now, the cleanup begins.