Google+ for iOS to get background image sync and full resolution uploads

Announced at this mornings Google+ event, Google+ for iOS is in line to get pretty substantial update for those of us who use the service for backing up our photos. Thanks to iOS 7, Google+ will soon be able to auto sync your photos in the background, instead of needing to have the app open as is currently required.

Better still, iOS Google+ users will soon be on a par with their Android cousins, with the ability to upload full resolution images. Currently, a scaled down version of your photos gets uploaded, but all that is set to change in the next update. This in particular is a welcome addition, after all, why would you want to share scaled down photos shot with the impressive camera on the new iPhone 5s?

So, Google+ users; happy with this? I know I am, let me know what you think of it!

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Reader comments

Google+ for iOS to get background image sync and full resolution uploads


Yeah, it's kind of a failure as a traditional Facebook-style social network, but in terms of media storage and manipulation tools, it's fantastic. And the Hangouts platform is really, really useful.

It's not exactly a million miles away...

Besides; Google's apps will always follow Google's design. We should probably accept that. The iOS 7 keyboard would be nice though

The current apps follow iOS 6 guidelines. Everything from buttons to toggles are for iOS 6. The rest of the apps are already pretty 'flat UI' as they are. But I do want some of these UI elements to be updated, especially the blending in of the status bar in the app.