Sprint announces LTE service in 45 more cities!

Sprint announces LTE service activation in 45 more cities

Sprint has flipped the switch on LTE service in 45 more markets today. That bring's the carrier's total LTE coverage to 230 markets. LTE coverage from Sprint is now available in Lexington, Kentucky, New Haven, Connecticut, and Spokane, Washington. Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, N.Y. now have LTE coverage as well. Sprint also says that their 3G service has been improved with better signal strength and call quality.

Not sure if you're in an LTE area? Check out Sprint's Coverage Map to find out.

Source: Sprint

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Reader comments

Sprint announces LTE service in 45 more cities!


I hate to tell you, but its not going to matter. I've had Sprint service for two years in Nashville. We've been told LTE this, and LTE that...but guess what - neither 3g NOR LTE work in this town.

Most of the time, I get the dreaded 1x status.

I was at a Titans game the other day - scored some good seats, and wanted to text my wife at home to let see. I tried about 12 times to send it, all throughout the game, and it never went through. Meanwhile, the guy next to me who had the same iPhone, but on Verizon, was texting pics to someone throughout the game.

Data is non-existent on Sprint. It doesn't matter that its cheaper.

As soon as the 5s becomes available in stores around here, I'm switching to Verizon. I'm done.

Glad to see this so soon after the last announcement from Sprint. Finally starting to see pockets of LTE around Phoenix on Sensorly. Still no Tempe though. :(

I get LTE in many spots around downtown Phx, though its still being built out. I am glad to FINALLY see it as well.

Their LTE goverage here in the Twin Cities keeps expanding, but is not complete yet; however , I have noticed that my 3G speed has improved! Using the web when I stop somewhere to shop and/or eat is usually faster than the joint's wi-fi! Go figure.

I'd like to support the underdog and not the big guys like Verizon or AT&T but Sprint's rollout of LTE has been terrible. I live near Apple HQ and they still don't have LTE here. I'm upgrading my 4S to the 5S and will be dumping Sprint for Verizon.

was on Sprint for 12 years. Sprint LTE got deployed here in Miami 6 months ago. Its still bad. I switched to AT&T 1 month ago. Highly satisfied I made the switch.

As my brother recently lamented after trying 10 times to send me a simple text from his Sprint iPhone, "Sprint is in the running (if not the winner) for the most ironically named company of all time."

I've actually been getting LTE in parts of Greenville, SC for a couple of months during their testing phase. Glad to see finally rolled out!

I left Sprint for Verizon haven't had data in 2 years with Sprint.They refuse to fix anything just say it's getting fixed.Best move I ever made switching to Verizon.

I'm in a university town in Texas. We got LTE for sprint a year ago and it works great. I love it. I'll go to the park and sit and watch a movie on Netflix in HD. Unlimited data is wonderful. Too bad other can't share the same experience as I do.

Until it's a better system. I will stuck with my verizon lte unlimited data. But I doubt it since sprint still doesn't uses SIM cards even in lte phones. I like to switch phones to often

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Had sprint for last year with iphone 5 in Orange County Ca. Dumped it for a tmobile iphone 5s and it's awesome having a phone the works as advertised. Sprint been dangling the LTE carrot for years. Tmobile kills them.

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It's sad but true I work for sprint and also have AT&T service because sprint data doesn't work. I live in the Bay Area in California and the coverage map shows lte and we have bunch of people complaining everyday about how horrible the service is. This is how I see it. How good is unlimited data if u can't even use it.

Here in St. Louis we're seeing pockets of LTE. It's been slow though and I'm still stuck on 3G most of the time. Even now, I'm sitting in my office building in downtown St. Louis and am on 3G. The rollout can't come soon enough. I'm hoping this provides all around better coverage in the process (like they're promising).

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