Feedly transitioning to Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress as preferred login services [updated]

Feedly, one of the more popular RSS aggregators in the post-Google Reader world, has announced a change to the way you'll soon be able to login to the service. Up until now Google OAuth has been the preferred choice, but as Google slowly moves towards a Google+ login system, Feedly is doing the same:

Google has been slowly transitioning from Google OAuth to Google+ as their unifying identity system. This transition opens the door to interesting opportunities like simpler login across devices – and a lot more.

We are following on Google’s lead and transitioning feedly from Google OAuth to Google+ login.

The changes will be implemented on Feedly's web portal this week, with the Android and iOS applications following suit in the coming weeks. Feedly also says this move opens up some "interesting sharing features" they've been working on that we should see more on in the coming weeks.

Feedly has also announced that they're in the process of testing alternative login systems utilising Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress. So at least those who don't partake in the Googles will be well catered for.

Update: Following some constructive feedback from the Feedly communities, the decision to move to Google+ login has been rescinded. From the Feedly blog:

[Update: the fact that this changing is forcing users to create a Google+ profile and that Google+ is not available in some companies and on some Google Apps domains outweighs the benefit of being about to login more seamlessly across devices. So we are going to rollback this change later this afternoon - Friday 1:00pm PST. We will try to make it optional in the future for some users who like Google+. Thanks for the feedback].

Source: Feedly

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Reader comments

Feedly transitioning to Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress as preferred login services [updated]


This is unfortunate. I'm not a fan of signing in to Feedly with a Google login, and this move to requiring Google+ to login is enough to push me to another service. As a result, I am willing to pay a yearly fee to Feedbin to stay as far away from the ever-expanding reach of Google, something I would have done with Feedly had Feedly developers also opted not to use Google for login.

And to be clear about something, Feedly does not have an alternate login option today, and the Feedly developers have indicated on their blog that alternate options will be coming over the next 7 weeks. 7 weeks! That's absurd.

Doesn't matter though as their alternate options are just as bad. Facebook? WordPress? Twitter? Really? How about your own, non-associated login option? How is that such a difficult concept for the developers to grasp?

Their blog entry, and the not-so-thrilled responses from users: http://blog.feedly.com/2013/11/07/google-authentication/

It appears that Feedly developers have already backpedalled on their decision to move to Google+. Good for them. I've already moved to Feedbin, however, and at this point have no interest in going back. Feedly seems a bit too eager to integrate with Google, Facebook, etc., and that concerns me.

Google is getting worse than FaceBook when it comes to privacy now. They are coercing people into using their real names, everyone who added you into their circles can read everything you do on YouTube, etc. They must be on the NSA's payroll. I'm now using fake names, birth dates, and use a non-US vpn paid with bit coins.