How to manually add your credit card to iCloud Keychain for OS X Mavericks

How to manually store your credit card to iCloud Keychain in OS X Mavericks

If you're using iCloud Keychain in order to store your passwords, you can also use it to store your credit card information and sync it across all your iPhone, iPads, and Macs. Any time you pay with a credit card on your Mac, iCloud Keychain will offer to save it. However, you can also add a card manually any time it's convenient. That can save you a mad dash to your wallet in the middle of the night.

How to manually save your credit cards to iCloud Keychain on OS X Mavericks

  1. Launch Safari from the desktop of your Mac running OS X Mavericks.
  2. In the top left menu bar, click on Safari and then click on Preferences.
  3. In the top menu, click on AutoFill.
  4. Next to credit cards, click on Edit...
  5. Now click on Add in the bottom left hand corner.
  6. Type in your card information and then click Done in the lower right hand corner.

That's all there is to it. iCloud Keychain will then sync your card information between all your OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 devices.

How to get more help with iCloud Keychain

If you have specific questions about iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks in general, check out our iOS 7 help and discussion forum or OS X Mavericks help and discussion forum. For more on Safari in specific, check out our ultimate guide:

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How to manually add your credit card to iCloud Keychain for OS X Mavericks


I'm all in. Have about half a dozen in there. Works great across Macs. Have yet to do use one on my iPhone or iPad. Some sites are a little funky, but for the most part, regardless if the CC field is all one or split into 4, it seems to work well.

I understand the nature of worry when it comes to this info. I combat that fear by obsessively checking my accounts (at least every other day).

For the record, this behavior existed in me prior to iCloud keychain.

I have an iPhone 5 / iOS 7.0.3 i have a problem with my apple ID in the app store the old apps purchased it is hiden i cant find it plz help me

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So far for me, card entered on iPhone shows up on iPad but not on iMac and card entered on iMac is not showing on iOS. Also, there is no place to end CVS code. And, as iSRS said, always be vigilant of your accounts.

I'd take full advantage of this but Safari is not my default browser on my Macbook or my iPhone. I wish this functionality was available on different browsers.

Something to note is that there is not a place to store your security code from the back of the card, you can put that in a secure note but it isn't as convenient as other password managers that store that information in the same place as the rest of the credit card other information.