MOGA controller for iPhone leaks out, gamers start salivating

MOGA already makes some pretty fantastic game controller add-ons for gamers on other mobile platforms, but what we see here is purported to be the company's first specifically for iPhone. Posted by notorious leaker, @evleaks, this is claimed to be the MOGA Ace Power complete with 1800mAh on-board battery.

As is so often the way with @evleaks, we get the picture but not much in the way of details. When iOS 7 initially launched back at WWDC 2013, MFI game controller integration was one of the many new features we were looking forward to.

So, what else are we looking at. A dual analog stick setup with a d-pad and the traditional 4 buttons seen on game controllers for generations. So, it looks at least like a serious tool for serious gaming. Better yet, as we see from this second image, the Ace Power appears to close up once you're done gaming and want to pack it away. Clever, portable, and something we're hoping appears sooner rather than later. What do you think?

Source: @evleaks

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Reader comments

MOGA controller for iPhone leaks out, gamers start salivating


I don't play many games on my iPhone or iPad because I hate the touch screen controls. I'm really looking forward to these 3rd party controllers becoming more common place. I'm more looking something to work with my iPad because I'd love to game on that big screen no matter where I'm at.

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Collapsing is cool. I want to be able to use it as a Bluetooth controller with my iPad when collapsed, but that may be asking too much.


In retrospect it seems odd that we didn't see a few of the controller designs featured in the iPhone and iPad launches, but I guess that's because they aren't Apple products.

It would have given a way to feature games, which were an odd omission from the recent launches.

This is exactly what I have been hoping for and waiting for for years! I really hope that all the major game developers support it. This would kill any small linger desires that I have for a PSP since I could get a REAL gaming experience on my phone.

I want. Now. Touch screen works for some games, but when you need to actually press buttons, you need that feedback of an actual depressed button.

Want this badly. Next gen gaming is things like this and those Steam boxes launching soon. Screw XBOX and PS!

I hope game developers of already released games update all their best games for this API. Including the people who did the DOOM and Wolfenstein ports. Maybe also Crazy Taxi. Would be nice if this also worked with an iPad mini.