App Review: Documents to Go for iPhone

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Matt Miller, editor of our sibling-site NokiaExperts, got an advanced look at Documents to Go for iPhone as part of his ZDNet gig, and has already gone live with an amazingly detailed review: Review: Documents To Go raises the bar for iPhone word processing.

Matt loves the low price point, the Word editing, and Exchange support. Obviously, he misses the Excel editing support, but knows that's coming.

Check out his full review for more, including a huge screenshot gallery, and overviews on editing, syncing, and Exchange support.

Thanks Matt!

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App Review: Documents to Go for iPhone


I will get this just because of the price... Lol. Not because I actually need it! In fact, no exchange on my iPhone, but I will be purchasing the Exchange version.
$4.99 / $9.99 are awesome price points.

ok, so i went and downloaded this, most outstanding! better than on my bold. the ability to wirelessy synch my doc folders with my iphone is amazing!! i am in love and 5 dollars truly well spent.

So other than the price, what might Docs to Go have that Quickoffice doesn't? If I already have Quickoffice, is there any reason to buy this too?

@ Jason, if you already have quick office, i dont think you would need this. i ALMOST bought quick office, and then caught this blog post. saved me some cash i guess. i still really like the functionality of the program though.

I could actually use this and was thinking it would be great to have an app like it...only to find out there is one already! And for a great price! Very cool though, thanks for highlighting the review.

I'm a little disappointed with Docs To Go for iPhone. I was really hoping for the excel release too, and I know that it's coming in a free update, but still, bit of a let down. The word processor is good EXCEPT you cannot edit font size or font type... I know that you can at least enter font type in QuickOffice. Lack of mobileme support is disappointing for me too.

Yeah. Absolute disappointment. All that waiting for nothing. They kept on talking about doing unique things with the app, but I don't really see exchange attachment support as all that unique. If there was a way to get a free exchange account I'd be happy, but there's not. I was thinking they'd implement an in-app email client to download and send attachments from POP3 & IMAP accounts, much like 'Print and Share' does. Of course, in saying all that I can't complain about the price.

Another big difference - at least for now - is that D2G has Word 2007 (docx) support, which QuickOffice doesn't. -Joe

Not too impressed at the moment. Bought the Exchange version and can't for the life of me get it to work. The DataViz website listed in the log to allow you to check sync error codes does not exist and my attempt to log an e-mail support request about it failed when I hit the send button with the neubulous 'technical difficulty' response.
I have an Exchange account configured for e-mail that works fine, and syncs calendar and contacts but on this, nope. Same settings fail.
Will persevere over next few days to try this but cannot say I'm that impressed so far and would happily have stuck with QuickOffice had it not been for the Exchange option. If that will not work I shall be demanding a refund!!!!

@Mr P. I had some trouble with the Exchange syncing as well. I had the same settings and all. What I did was turn SSL off in the Docs to Go settings under exchange and it seemed to correct the problem. If you tried that already sorry for the repeat. But give it a shot if you haven't.

One question for those who have tried it with Exchange: Once you've downloaded the document from the exchange e-mail to your device, is it permanently saved on the device and no longer associated with the e-mail from which it came? In other words, once downloaded, can you delete the e-mail and have the document remain on the device?

Good app for the price, however can not get MS EXCH towork?!?!?
Hope Dataviz will sort this, comes across as 'not quite finished' - surely after so many years in business . . . . . .?
Will try the SSL toggle-thanks for that tip !

If I buy this from itunes (to make sure I get the price) before having my iPhone (it's ordered), will the license properly be assigned to my new iPhone when I get it?

Thanks for the tip re SSL. Tried it but unfortunately it does not work for me. With it disabled I get an SSL error message and with it enabled I get Error 0xa777777a. When you go to the page their Log suggests re error codes you get 'Page cannot be found'.
Beginning to think I made a mistake buying this. I have logged a tech issue via the DataViz site and hope it can be resolved but, having bought an Exchange version I would expect it to work. If it doesn't I shall be going for a refund through the app store and telling them why.
Not impressed at the moment.

@ Mr P
I am experiencing the same issues (exact same errors). I too have logged a tech issue with DataViz. I sent them a copy of the verbose log, as requested. I'll see what they come up with.
Right now, I am of the mind that even with Exchange not working properly, I am satisfied with the functionality I am getting for $9.99.

@ Mr P
I received the following response from Dataviz.
"This happens if the Exchange Server uses self-signed (custom) certificates. Docs To Go does not support self-signed certificates (this is mentioned in the system requirements on the product page). Basically, any certificate that doesn't have a "real" CA (Certificate Authority) such as Verisign or Godaddy will not work with DXTG and will cause this error. The built-in "Mail" app on the iPhone doesn't support self-signed certificates either. It won't give the same error, but it will essentially leave the user at a dead end."

@ jstrickland.
So they ask you to buy a certificate in addition to $9.99? Sounds scary to me.
I would rather choose Quickoffice coz they evolved much better than docs to go and in the iTunes description they promised that there will be a free update with full attachments support not limited to Exchange account.

I got the same 0xa777777a error and read the Data Viz reply. It says that all mail apps will have this problem.
I'm puzzled because i already have Exchange working fine for my emails on my iPhone even though Exchange uses self-signed.

I just can't pairing Documents to go Desktop with my iPhone. When It's pairing Documents to Go Desktop Windows Vista Home Premium appears this msg "Documents to Go stops to work. Windows will verify a reason to this problem...". Then "Windown can't solve the problem..." Then Documents to Go close. Why?

@ JStrickland
How did you go about getting this certificate and what did you do with it? Our company can provide me with a zipped signed certificate that we install on out laptops when getting this error but, for security resaons they will not use public.
Without Exchange working it's still OK BUT if it doesn't work I needn't have bought it, I could have opted for the other one. Private certificates are mentioned in the app store now but it's buried quite low down in a manner which for me does not reflect the critical nature of this issue. In my view they should put a large asterisk next to the title of the app and pick it up immediately below pointing that it requires public certificates to work, uring those who do not know what their company uses to check.

I'm having the samie problem that Sergio has, but in my case I have Windows XP Home Edition, and it shows me the same trouble, I can't paire my iphone with my computer, “Documents to Go stops to work, Windows can’t solve the problem and Documents to Go Desktop gets closed. Somebody has a solution about it?

0xa777777a error
This happens if the Exchange Server uses Self-Signed/Custom SSL Certificates, which are not supported by version 1.000 of Documents To Go for iPhone. Any certificate that does not have a trusted industry standard Certificate Authority (CA), such as VeriSign or Go Daddy, will not work with Documents To Go 1.000.
This error will be resolved in an update for Documents To Go for iPhone, which will be version 1.100. This update will be available soon. When it is released, if version 1.000 is installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch, the App Store and iTunes should both show that an update is available.

So to confirm until the 1.1 update is released I will not be able to open Word attachments from an exchange email? I haven't bought yet.

Will you keep the pricing static until 1.100 - why should we pay full whack (1) for something that is not working 100% (2) for being effectively your beta testers?

I have the same problems with a Mac computer. When it comes to step 3, after about 30 seconds of trying to connect with the iPhone 3GS, the following mesaage pops up: Pairing failed - Pairing with the device failed 346540. Hoepfully this problem will be solved with version 1.10....

With the 1.1 update Exchange sync now works OK even if public certificates are not used. Much better.

(sergio) hi! i read your problem and it seems we are both on the same boat, my ipod touch could not be paired with the desktop DTG. i followed everything they've given at tech support and still i can't make it work.i wonder if you have solved yours already, i hope you can share how you did it.thanks in advance!

This app is nice but ultimately quite disappointing to me. I personally feel that the following items are needed FAST:
1) Imap and POP3 email support, both editing attachments and the ability to send attachments.
2) Excel editing support. Sure we get this in the future, but when exactly?
Lesser Items:
1) Powerpoint editing support. The blackberry has it so why not the iPhone?
2) the ability to change fonts in Word.
3) the ability to create and edit tables within a word document.
All in all it's a pretty poor start. Sure the price point is low, but frankly it should be. So much for the two week sale as well. The prices are still the same.

I used Documents to Go on my Palm constantly & almost never made real changes to the files. Personally I just liked it because it makes syncing a heck of a lot easier (you don't have to have some "sync folder") & so I can keep things @ hand w/o having to moving or copy things around.ccna ccent

i need the manual docs togo in spanish please help me
i cant sync el ms with me imail of my iphone
necesito el manual de docs togo en español no puedo sincronizar el ms change con mi imail tengo un iphone

i tried quickoffice.just the setup for synch gave me a headache.I bought docs2go and the synch was magical.
i am a fan of this product since my palm days.
Currently iphone 3gs and vista.

This app (spreadsheet) is quite disappointing to me.
1) Hard to select multiple cells, though the instruction claimed that it's easy to do so
2) File formatting change after synchronizing to iPhone