#CESlive: Bluetooth Earbuds from Jaybird

Jaybird's big claim to fame is Bluetooth earbuds designed for sports enthusiasts. They distinguish themselves with exceptional battery life - up to eight hours per charge, about twice what other Bluetooth earbuds can manage. But that's not all they do.

Judd from Jaybird explains that it isn't a headphone company, it's an active lifestyle company. New to their 2014 line is Reign, a new fitness wristband that goes far beyond just being a pedometer. It displays your life by activity, measures your sleep, and lets you know when your body should be active. It's coming later this year.

This is #CESlive!

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#CESlive: Bluetooth Earbuds from Jaybird


Really nice earbuds. I like the app as well. These are a must have! Thanks for the review. I'm sold!!!!!

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I had the BlueBuds X headphones for about a year and mostly loved them. The sound was excellent and the noise isolation was very good but not great. The seal in the ear breaks often but they don't fall out too often (far less than any other headset I've worn). The sweat-proof feature is relative. I in fact shorted out my first set at the microphone/volume control when wearing then in the over-the-ear position - Jaybird exchanged the set for the cost of shipping. The bluetooth connection was good and allowed me to keep my phone in my gym bag and move all over the gym without loss of signal. My only quibble was that the signal cut out periodically for a second, like it was refreshing - not a deal breaker but annoying.

Why did I say I HAD a pair? Well, the dog liked them too and chewed one ear off! Bad Dog!
I decided they were too expensive to replace but if I decide I want to cut the wire to my iPhone again, I will look at these headphones again.

Not very familiar with their headphones but it seems that they're of very good quality seeing how Danny raved about it.