iPhone 3G S (Finally!) Available via Apple Retail Canada

iPhone 3G S at Apple Retail Canada

Up until now, the only places to get iPhone 3G in Canada were Rogers and their subsidiary Fido. Apple Retail Stores didn't carry them.

Friday, with the introduction of the iPhone 3G S, that changes. Per Apple mailing:

Available at the Apple Retail Store June 19th. Stores open at 8:00am.

Which may be up to 2 hours earlier than your local Rogers/Fido store to boot. You can also book a personal shopping appointment to help you get in and out faster if you so choose. (Though we can't imagine spaces will last long).

So, Canadians, who's going to Rogers/Fido, and who's going to Apple Retail?

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Reader comments

iPhone 3G S (Finally!) Available via Apple Retail Canada


Apple needs more retail locations in Canada for this to be any kind of effective. They have them in major cities and that's it. In US, every city has an apple store almost.

you probably need a contract, which is non negotiable, unlike talking to a rogers rep, and getting a better deal. I wont be happy unless I can purchase an iphone 3G S without a contract.

32GB is gonna be $800 so.... I'm gonna say I won't be buying it anyway.
But I will be working full-time soon so I guess my financial situation is going to change drastically.. so hmm.. mebbeh!

Great! Maybe next year they will let us pre-order online with delivery, then instead of having to Square One this Friday I could be enjoying my two favourite activities: not moving and getting stuff.

I got an 8am appointment, but, I'm surprised that there are still spaces available, but all the early ones are taken. I called Apple Store, they said they will be able to take new contracts, as well as sell then non-subsized.

will you have to go rogers or fido at the Apple Store?
Will you have to start a new contract or can you upgrade? - (if eligible of course)

I called Apple at Eaton Centre and the rep said they will not be selling an non-subsidized version! Also Rogers and Fido have stripped away the info that DEVICE ONLY PRICING WILL BE AVAILABLE. BOO!

Just called the Apple Store Yorkdale, there seems to be some confusion about no-contract pricing. When I first asked if they were available no-contract the representative said no, upon pressing she stated that I could buy the device outright at $699/$799 but i would still have to use rogers. The point being, if you say “no-contract” they sometimes think “unlocked” just letting you know, Yorkdale WILL be selling unsubsidizaed phones. See you guys there at 7am :P
Also, i booked an 11am appointment, will they hold a phone for me, or should i go in the morning to be sure?

Right on Reality Check - thanks very much for posting that link.
I've been hoping something like this would be happening - I want the new 3G S, and when I phoned the local dealer they were quite adamant that I would "have to wait a year" - phooey! Life is too short - I want my toys NOW! haha.... video, voice stuff, compass and more speed is going to be great! Yay! Now I just hope they don't sell out before I get to the dealer.

Alright, questions still havnt been answered yet.
Im planning on getting the iPhone 3G S this friday, but all my Roger and Fido stores are sold out. Now, if you know the answer, please reply, otherwise dont waste your time.