Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!

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Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPhone 5s!

Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Reader comments

Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I love Apple. Apple is THE BEST on creating devices. I love, love, love it!!! I even am entering this contest on my apple ipad. Imore, i cant even explain. Its amazing. I really really want an iphone 5s! Anyway, imore is the best place for information, and SO much more. I hope so much for the Iphone 5s!!!

I have been on the iphone gang for almost two years and I love it!!! Ive been looking to upgrade though I would love the iphone 5s because there is no other way I will get one if I dont win it. Not trying to win pity votes, it is the truth. I love all Apple products!!


Some people say that happiest moment in your life is your wedding day or your graduation. For me its getting a phone. Of course the people who beg think there going to get it but no. imore could change my life. my mom could barely afford to pay for her phone. She could barely pay the bills. Getting an phone would change my life so much. and if i dont win i guess my wedding day will be the best day ever.

My Mothers Birthday Is Coming Up & I have no money. I don't want to be her only child not to get her anything and I know she's been wanting a iPhone for a while. So, please Give it to me?

I loves Apple product.I have a great experience of apple.Apple gives best app library ,iOS system.imore is best place to explore yourself about apple.I just love it

I love apple because their iphones,ipads and ipods are off the chain. I want an iphone because i want to expirence a new kind of phone that's so awesome

I really want this iPhone!!! It'd be AMAZING if i got the opportunity to win it ,
If Winning and iPhone is no scam im going to recommend imore to my friends (:

For iPhone ,I will stay for days talking but i will write shortly.I like iPhone from the all aspects.His design iPhone is created so beautifuly,its design is wonderful, he is so comfortable in our hands.Maybe iPhone is not as big as The Samsung Galaxy but the iPhone is a phone which you can keep in your pocket.His programs are simple and understable.I will not write anymore cause it will be so funny but shortly I think IOS IS BETTER THAN THE ANDROID AT THE ALL ASPECTS !!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE APPLE PRODUCTS! I love the simplicity and classiness of Apple's designs. Owning an Apple product is A MUST for almost everyone. iMore is the best way to stay updated with Apple products and I love it because without it, I wouldn't know about this wonderful giveaway ! I HOPE I WIN! :)

my love 4 apple and iMore is much muchhhh moreeeeeeee that i cant explain it to u i will be veryy happyyy that day when i will win a iPhone 5S my dream will come trueeee :-)

Well believe it or not the apple company as provided me with my phone, also my first laptop, now that there coming out with more better technology I'm excited to get my hands on new products they make, i like the new designs on the phones they made, like the iPhone 5S and 5C, especially the new IOS 7, very new and different, so you can say Apple is the company i trust.

whatever i will comment now is real . i am not typing a fake comment to win the apple iphone . I have
used many smartphones but I did not enjoyed them so much . when i used apple iphone 5, I thought
that what a nice phone I am using . It was very easy to work and it was enjoyble . I have not used any
better smartphone than the i-phone 5 .I will be the luckiest of all if I won an Apple i-phone5 .
Thanks for seeing my comment .

I love apple, a friend of mine has recently bought a new Apple Iphone 5 which was installed with IOS 7. And tell you what. I'm very jelous. The features it has are amazing and the picture quality is amazing. I ave always loved apple. Since I bought my first product an Ipod Touch last year in March. Apple is the best company to create technology. It is very reliant and helpful for everyday needs in life.

Imore is just the same. It is very helpful and it is designed very imaginatively to help the person have an understanding of the all the products being made and sold in our society.

Apple and Imore are both very reliant and handy things in this society today. Both are very straight forward and help people out a lot.

Apple is amazing, it is the best I love the quality of the camera and the flash is very handy. They are very straight forward and there isn't once that I didn't know how to use a product. It is very amazing how much Apple products have improved over the past years. I cant wait to see what they bring out next.

I am absoleutly obseesed with apple and imore. I genuinely love everything ever made by apple and would reall really appriciate it if i won thnak you.

I really love how apples iPhones and other products are simple to use. They don't have confusing pages like androids do and they aren't huge like androids either. They are stylish, useful and are really high quality. They iphone 5s is so cool and has the fingerprint sensor which is just making aple better and better. I love iPhone!!!

Apple is probably the best tech in the world an i dont know what the world did without it and i come on imore every day to check the latest update and i constaotly follow the news on here i just love this site and dont know what id do without it cause im so inlove with it xxxxx

I love IMORE i come to IMORE everyday literally to check out news about apple products and i'm obsessed with apple products. i love the iphone because it is so simply to use. overall the iphone is better then any other phone, but not just the how it works but the design. everywhere you go you see someone using an iphone it is so unique.

It was love at first sight when I saw Apple iPhone first time............after that i used 3gs now wanna be upgraded to iPhone 5 .......... for god's sake ...... let me touch my love...........

I LOVE APPLE AND IMORE ITS AWSOME.... this is the first place I go when I sit on the computer I always look up the new stuff u have keep up the good work .. will hope I win really need these money thought

well...what can i say about imore..
its easy lovely and convinient
one should use it for gadgets updation
my need is of iphone 5s so i wanted you to consider it
im not that rich to purchase it...i am asoftware developer...i can test it too..or work for you
so please consider me

Hey I love Apple because they are sooo reliable, they don't have the technical issues that other companies have, and they continue to impress me with there new improvements on their products. I also love iMore because they are a reliable source for finding out about Apple products, there web-cite is easy to navigate, and they know what there talking about. 2 great companies, THANK YOU!!

I am a very big apple fan and I believe that apple isn't only better in features, but it is more reliable. I've had a Mac for a while now and it hasn't given up on me yet whereas other brands of computers freeze or get bugs. Same thing with my Macbook Pro. It is my baby, and it hasn't broken or gotten a bug or froze ever since I got it. I am a very strong and vocal believer that apple is better than android and I have no problem searching facts that'll prove my point, as if I need to. I think that apple is one of the best inventions of this generation and that Steve Jobs was both an angel and a demon when he made this. He was an angel for the shear fact that apple is amazing and reliable, and a demon for making it so perfect you never want to go anywhere without it. I love apple and I would love a new phone.

Boy o boy..,, what would i say!? I do have tons of reason
To say why i LOVE IPhone(any of it).
i would say the aesthetic appeal and the way it feels in
Our hand is amazing and jobs presentations defined exactly what it truly is.

I am daily visitor to iMore
when ever I feel bored or lonely iMore turn out to be my perfect partner.. I just love being here, knowing about products and latest technologies.. its really great to be here
and the point of this iphone 5s contest.. I was aware of it but saying frankly dont mind but I thought its all fake.. But now am too registering in this contest cause I am die heart fan of iphone 5s.. its body, screen, features, camera and specially finger print unlock touches heart.. I just want it but I dnt have enough money to buy it... I live in india where one dollar costs aroung 65rupees!! I love my country but its too cost to buy in india.. I would be thankful from the core of my heart if iMore gifts me iphone 5s.. I hope and pray to god for your site's success and even to get iphone 5s from you.
thanking you. - Abhishek Mahato from India

I didnt used iphone yet, because i cant afford it. Its my dream to have an iphone, So now i am also adding my comment in the list of Winning iphone, Hope i will.........Thnx

i love electronic items............. I m the biggest fan of Apple & Imore.............. I love apple and imore more than sony, samsung etc.......... If i win i will be the most lucky one.......................

I LOOOVVEEE IT SOO MUCH that i would do anything in the world !!! I love it soo much that i got the idea of having a bake sale in my school so we can help the poor instead of buying a new iphone. I really love imore it tells us about ios and whats good about it and the accessories and etc. I love apple soo much the style of them look soo good to eat!!! I love this phone soo much and my family. My dad has an ipod touch ans my sisters have an ipod as well. i want to be the first person in my family to have an iphone!! I LOVE IMORE AND APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would LOVE, to wish my wife a MERRY Christmas with the best cell phones ever made, with undeniable quality, full of everything she needs in a phone, I KNOW she's safe when she's not with me and APPLe is just best above the rest in every product out there in tech world, she would just be so thrilled , I would be more thrilled knowing I did something I usally wouldn't for HER, my woman of 31+ years, she deserves the best and I simply can't afford to buy it for her this year after all she's been thru this would be the bow on the package an APPLE product made with quality, and care>

Love Apple! My all frendzzzz have apple phone. its cool to have apple phone and imore and apple are great combination i also love apple and i want to have these type of phone. To be honest i also like its look and its functions.

I love apple so much because it has everything that any other brand dont have .. apple just makes everything to be at the fingertip. For the generation now its very advance easy to be used and handled. Moreover apple is riched in ecosystem taht is very helpful to us. I really love apple so much .. and iphone 5s is just a dream came true and I'm a true fan of iphone where I look for the preview of each and every iphones .. I'm so in love with iphone especially 5s which is so much advanced .. I would be so grateful to have one .. a life long eish to own one :) thank gig so much for giving tjis opportunity

Apparently, you've never visited an Apple Store or spoke to one of the knowledgeable gurus at the Genius Bar. You'd "think different" then. In all my years with Apple (since 1989), their customer support has been nothing short of stellar. They've replaced iPods, repaired screens, etc., etc. There's a reason their customer service always gets high marks. It's not perfect, but it's better than almost everyone else.

Every day I sit at home with my iPhone 3gs and my friends always make fun of me. All my family is upgraded and has ipads and iphone 4s's. I love Apple so much they always have something cool and modern. I love them and was so sad when Steve Jobs died. I have faith in the new ceo though. I love APPLE.
In Apple We Trust.

To start out I don't love apple I ENJOY APPLE!! I enjoy apple because apple is on of the best technology's that was ever made I had a lot of apple technology and it goes FAST!! I also have and iPhone 5 and I dropped it from hight distance and it didn't brake I also have an iPod that I drop a lot of times and it never broke. I'm trying out to win this contest because for Christmas I'm trying to get my mom something good. So there for, I think that apple is the top number one technology ever made because it's doesn't brake fast and is goes fast.

I love Apple SO MUCH it's insane!! And I can't even begin to explain how much I love iMore! Great place to find out about the great products I love! also i dont have one i really want a iphone5s i dont have any apple thing .. and im a outside were im at but i wanna be part of some thing ..people call me a no body but maybe i but part of some thing ... and my only friend she was my best friend and she move across the country to denver ....she wants to face time but i dont have any apple things so im hoping i get this iphone ... good luck to every one

Hey my name is raven and I would like to tell you that I'm the only child in 8th grade that don't have a iphone5s. The reason why I would like an iPhone is because I would have an nice phone just like them. I hope you receive my comment I really do just please let me win please please please.

i have no phone :-( . My cousins use i phone. and i have also . used that. not only i phone but i pad . i pod. I love this brand soo much. i want it as my personall . this is the world best brannd ever .

I love the apple company they aways have good iPhones and iPads I never own a iPhone I hope I win and I more u are a very good web site I never won but I hope I won next time and every body should use this app and try to win I love the web site it's very cool u can win stuff and more please pick me

I loVe apple iphone because...itz iphone......itz something diffrent from all other phone..and it is a distinct beauty...executive it...want an iphone....

Just joined iMore. Think it's pretty informative and uplifting. I've always been a big fan of Apple's. The two together: Awesome!! I love my iPhone 4S ...but I'd LOVE to test out the newer iPhone 5s by being the lucky winner!! :-)

Nothing goes better with a great piece of hardware then a site you can read about it on everyday!...... i love imore and apple............

Apple is a dream company..products are just so awesome..imore is a wonderful app which gives you all the important updates and information about Apple...Apple and imore combination..u cant ask for better!!!!!!

Apple is just apple and no one can grab its status and position in mobile market .That's what I feel an apple iphone is

Hi i would love to win and iphone as my house has no apple products and it would make a dream come through for me <3

I love apple so much my room is decorated in Apple every thing based on every product y'all put out I have but the most reason I'm at this site is because I broke my iPhone and need a new one so I can cover it up from my parents or give it to my sister for Christmas but I really need it thanks any way even if I don't get it because I know you tried. I LOVE APPLE

I love Apple because the devices are so clean and
[usually] intuitive! I'm loving iMore because the
design of the site is beautiful!♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥ I want tu use apple of my own

Apple is the only product in the market today that I wil do ANYTHING to get my hands on. Get a twitter account for, a facebook account for, post and enter so many competition for the hopes to win for. I am so desperate for an IPhone 5s becuase it is so awesome. And anything that has to do with an IPhone 5s is completely awesome too. IMORE being the best out of all of the things to do with Apple. Why? Obviously because of all the apple product articles that are produced here and selfless apple prizes this site keeps giving away... Wow! We really need more people with this hospitability. It is unmatched to any other so called apple sites, This site keeps me coming back for MORE and MORE and MORE IMORE! I can't stop it. Even if I win, even if I lose, nothing will keep me from IMORE. I'm sorry, I am officially addicted and hooked on this site. Thank You IMore !!!

Its the most advanced device that would help me in giving wings to my creativity, what else a technology geek could long for.

It is 2013, the android invasion hit the earth. The Machines took control of everything. The GoogleNet killed almost all the resistance. The Blackbery's Battalion fell in the Waterloo battle. The Redmond's company sent their soldiers to suicide attack. We are the last stand before the Android dominance. Because the Iphone 5S is what the earth deserve, but not the one it needs righ now. So they keep hunting it, because it can take it. Because it is not our hero. It's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark (silver) Iphone 5S.


Then, please give it to me.

Oh well since 12 years old the ever furnished and ever perfected phone in the world was part of my ventured dream and now i'm 18 years old my feelings and my admiration to iphone was never vanishes...... Thank you iphone for letting me always study hard and have an ambition in life in order for me
to afford this iphone 5s.

well i love apple prouducts because i have ipad, ipod, so i just really want a Iphone 5s really bad so i could twin with my friends with there phones and so we take picutures togather and so i could have memory of my sisters so i could remeber them forever and my family

i'm a teen and love technology and iphone offers all the great things i love, so it's simple, being a teen means loving iphone. Plus it's cool, so works for me!

The only way to judge the gadget is to look it from the point of view of its contemporaries
The OS stands out from the stock android and the notch up of the ios7 is a step over to the fluidity and as we all know , apple always comes with something new and makes it into a trend, the new TOUCH sensor compliments to the integrity of the company and still helps to brick the foundation laid by Jobs.

Iphone has a class apart from all other devices it gives such a premium feel which any other device cant give it has a classic aluminium body even the a phone from apple which is plastic doesn't really feels like plastic its just awesome

I love Apple so much i named my dog apple! ! me and apple have this emotional connection. i see its symbol and i can't take my eyes off it. I'm inlove with apple i love it ALOT. I search for its products all the time. That's where i found iMore i instantly fell in love with it too!! i love it so much because it brings me some really good contests and giveaways of getting what i love the most Apple products! !! ♡ i love iMore I LOVE IT. I got overjoyed when i just first saw the website! !. i LOVEEEEEEEEE iMore.And APPLE!

i honestly love the iphone5S so much. if i got it id treat it like a baby,its a beautiful phone probably the best phone ever? i really love it. my mom has on and she said its brilliant.

I love apple it's better than normal phones. When I got my first iPhone 4 I was really happy but it's getting harder to use it because it's getting to slow. I want an iPhone 5s because everyone rubs it in my face. N the iPhone 5s has so many things on it. It is soo fun. Ik it's fun because my friend has it so I use. It but please I would be very very very very happy if I win an iPhone 5s like you have no idea how happy and greatful I'd be

I love apple (the product) more than anything else in the world! Apple is like, totally my life... I use apple every single day of my life, we'll only since August.. My birthday:D and if I ever win iPhone 5s, I would probably get so crazy about because I never had a phone before. But anyways, Apple is cleaner and it just... IDK don't know how to explain!

hi.My name is dylan and i had one apple device iphone 4.and apple is my favourite company by far i wanted an iphone 5s but mom wants me on pre paid she doesnt really want to buy it cause its exspensive and she got me iphone 3..But i want the newer one imore inspired me soo much like i want the new 1 bec the iphone i had people looked threw my stuff..and that has finger print cause i dont want people reading my messages or my facebook.

i am using windows mobile where i dont find apps like iphone has......!!!so i wanna try apple ios coz i nevr had a chance to get dis mob...:(

I think the iphone 5s is a beautiful design I can't afford it right because budget issues I would be thankful if you would let me have this phone I know there's a lot of people wanton this phone and it's 5% chance I might not win but if you possibly ever picked me contact me at

i love iphone 5s and iMore because its in my blood and it make me crazy and insanw while using it also creates an environment about awareness relating every aspect of knowledge by using safari in an integrated manner.

Because i love apple and i can't afford that price i only see these phones with my friends
imore = I'm here and comment this comment

I love IPhone and would love to have one but can't afford it. I'm in love with the features.

God Bless Apple

I never had an iPhone let alone an iPhone 5s. I would love to win one because I am obsessed with apple and its company. I more always keeps me updated with all the information I need to know and I love it it is my biggest weakness. I wanna win so bad I need something to make my day with loosing my great grandmother who just died it has been the saddest holidays and winning will be like my grandma watching over me. Like I said I am an apple fan big time and would love to win an iphone 5s. Love imore and,apple always am tryin,to get one but due to the bills haven't been able,to,switch over. Please please choose me I need something good to happen,.and am probably,one,of the biggest fan for apple,and,imore..

I absolutely love Apple because the technology just can't is so high-tech and cool! I just can't get enough of it! iMore provides all the info about everything Apple. It is a cool website to visit when trying to find out about Apple. I would love to have the iPhone 5s!

Smart phones may be smart, but iphone is nothing like anything...
Its an incredible creation..........I really want to get one for me! ;)

I would love to have my first apple product I have heard absolutely great things about it, although I can't afford any phones from there because my dad just lost his job): also imore is my favorite place to go when I want updates about apple products and I just love it! It would mean so much if I won because I never ever win anything and I just want to fit in with all the others because I always get made fun of because I have a little Nokia phone. Please at least read my comment please and I hope I win. It would mean a lot!!!((:

imore and apple both are great combination,i love this site because it tells each and every news about apple products and i'm obsessed with apple products.Apple is the best company i know i LOVE apple because you don't really have to pay much stuff they apps are awesome, and imore is the best website i know. i would REALLY LOVE to win iPhone 5s I've been ding to get one of them they are the best

I love apple iphone 5s because it is just perfect. I like its unique feature fingerprint scanner,its size, design &everything about it specially ios 7.

Please have me as the winner of the contest because IMore helps me out all the time and I really need a phone because my mom is single with 3 kids living with her including me and everyone needs a phone because my mom doesn't have the money to pay for phones and one in my life I got stuck on the road late at night and I needed a phone to call my mother and I didn't have one so I had to walk 3 whole miles to a gas station to call her when it was really late at night so please iMore please have me the winner of the contest I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't contact my mother without a phone far away so thank you for giving me this opportunity to explain myself try and win this iPhone for myself and my family thank you and have a supertastic day.

Apple products and Imore are interlinked with each other.I feel immense pleasure that i have found such a site.Apple is the only company I love & imore is the only site i love.Please give me a apple iphone 5s in black colour.

apple brand is the soul f mobilenation.........N man it keeps u fit too if u read an APPLE a day keeps d doc away :P..........n imore i wud start lovin u if i win my gold fruit i.e APPLE 5S gold edition

I love apple so much it is the worlds best mobile company and has best OS ever there is no comparision of apple to any other...really Apple Inc. is wonderful and amazing.
And thanks to imore for a big move..!!

We people need gadgets to communicate others and this can also help us in any weather conditions and we can catch up more about our work. iMore tells us more about apple products and updates us any latest activity. If ever i win and get the new iphone5s, i thank iMore and apple for giving me this opportunity to have their phone. and to have my first ever iphone5s phone. Thankyou iMore :) i Hope i can Win this thing :)))

I love apple because :
- ios is stable os
- it's durable and less lagging,better optimization of hardware, battery.
- excellant performance of apple devices
- premium devices and very durable and impressive
- supports lots of apps and superb games..
- simply i love apple

And i love imore :

- Because it's simply amazing
- it provides all the rumours, inventions, devices, progress in technology, cool contests etc all in one place.
-imore is cool thats why i joined it recently and do develop my knowledge in ios and newer cool gadgets...
-that's why i love imore so much... :-*

I love apple because everything works and its not hard as other phones. I love imore because its great because they always have things you want and there so generise for everything you guys do.

Apple is such an amazing company. Their products have better displays every time and the new iphone has a sweet A6 processor. iMore is just as amazing because it helps feed my Apple obssession. I love visiting sites such as MacRumors and LifeHacker, thanks to iMore.

I Love Apple's designs rarely feel cheap or half-baked. There are the obvious feats such as the slim, beautiful iPod Nano and the flat-panel iMac. Microsoft's Zune just doesn't compare to the Apple's pure style. And I Never Buy Iphone in MY life im poor and My father has No job THats Why I LOve Apple ANd I LOve Imore For This IS NOt UNfair Website this website is right decision to who won So Thats I Like imore.................

I truly from my hear love apple it is the best tech evrmade really nothing alse comes close samsung and android tryed but they have failed i love apple so much please let me win and i will be able to experience the awesomness of the apple please apple is the best love it

apple phones / electronics , are very good source to use . i love it because it holds alot of data , and way more accessories than other phones . apple phones are very good phone use .. i bbelive that every person that needs a good phone should get a imore , also their better servicee and camera veiw ..

I like apple Beacause how there products work its fast it takes good pics it has siri a finger print processer I never had a phone before but friend lets me play with hers and imore it gives me a lot of info it has a lot a cool things I would recommend this site to friends and family .

I absolutely LOVE Apple! It is good quality and it's better than all the other brands I can think of! Quality is the most important thing and apple comes first place for that! And to think of it, without apple, iMore would not exist! iMore is the best app I could ever think of!! It keeps you updated with the things happening around us and it is so realistic! Like other apps could be fake but this is real! And to put it in an easier way, I LOVE both of them!! They are the best!! Thank you for your smartness in creating these things!!!!!

5s by apple is just an awesome phone. And i like that because apple has maintained its own standard. I love apple....

I love my gadgets, apple products are the best by far, I have the ipad 4 & iPhone 4, I would love the iPhone 5s, I would not buy any other product ..,,,

Simplyy.....nothng to say abt
you can use any other smart phone but i phone is best..
if you use it one time or just see any one using it with pleasure you cant stop yourself to get itt
thats why thumbs up to both
imore and applee

to be genuine...i want iphone because of its consistent high prices unlike other cell phones which initially are sold at high rates but later come down to a rate at which everyone buys it and also i want it as it also behaves as a status symbol..............i really need it..... my mom isn't allowing me to invest so much money in a cell phone instead she wants me to buy gold as of its got increasing value but i need iphone by hook or crook....please grant me iphone ...i'l be oblighed forever n would also reccomend others to join you and promote your ...' iMore ' please give me i am short of money i am still using a oldest cell phone ...

It's not only an brand name it's my love n dream to keep in my pocket with respect it's just amazing phone which I really love to operate iPhone

I LOVE I MORE VERY MUCH AND APPLE TOO MUCH because apple company is innovative I AM THE FAN OF APPLE COMPANY i want an I PHONE 5S because i cant buy it i dont have money when iam sleeping I PHONE 5S always comes to my dreams PLEASE GIVE ME I PHONE 5S iphone 5s is a great mobile it has nice features like finger print scanning sensor and new apple a7 chip inside

Sea apple I think you should pick me because I adore iPhones they are wayy better than galaxy's and I love yall home button I just love everything about it and if you pick me you would make me very happy. Thank you for reading this Sincerly ,teala brooks

Please pick me becaus i love apple because i have ever apple product but i really need this iphone please i promise imwill take good car of it please please

apple is insane.
when someone says apple it remind about THE APPLE IPHONES .
whosoever it may be he/she want only iphone.
apple built quality and technology is the best in the world.
luv U apple

I LOVEEEEEEEE apple and imore because apple has very good products like the iphone, ipad, etc and they are all WAY better than any other phone! I also love apple because of their brilliant idea of the iphone 5c and 5s. I'm my opinion the iphone 5c and 5s colors describe personalities like the 5c is carefree and fun while the 5s is sophisticated and mature. I REALLY LOVE imore because of their great contest and shopping products (their cases are really pretty!!!!). So as you can see, I REALLY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE imore and apple!

Omg!!!!! I LOVE apple and imore soooooo much I wanna work there some day! I'm not kidding around!! That's how much I FREAKING LOVE imore and apple!!!!!!!!

Honestly, I am really hoping I win this gift certificate so I can get my wife a new iPhone. Her phone was stolen and unfortunately we did not have the money to use my upgrade on an iPhone 5; instead we had to use the upgrade on an iPhone 4, 8 GB, which is crap plain and simple. She literally has no storage for anything and I know it's frustrating for her. She's always given me her upgrade and she's always taken the older model phone. I think the time is now for her to get the new upgrade phone. Unfortunately funds are tight so winning it is the only way. Please pick me so I can give my wife the phone she absolutely deserves!

hey apple is magic n have different features than others..and m nt giving comment for winning but really it is the phone which looks awesome and all the functions are good and perfect to use.....

Apple iphone is a best i ever used. It has a so simple look but can do awsome work. Simplicity is so sophisticated for iphone. Love u iphone.

I like apple because apple is number one company in the whole wide world and I like Imore because I try entering but someone else ends up wining but I always give it my best shot.
So I hope I win wish me luck.

I love apples because there was an old saying about and apple a day so I watch u guys every day I more tells u legit info and apple is like the top gadget out there. :D

I love apple. Its better then any other company. It has got the best phone in the market. I love imore because of its simplicity and it gives us opportunity to get an iphone . Its insane and im speechless after using iphone 5s and imore. :*

I LOVE Apple sooo much that on my phone i put fake apple stuff so it feels like i have an iphone.
I LOVE imore so much that since i was young i wanted to work there

Apple iPhone 5s is the best phone ever every people wants to get iPhone 5s. Apple is no.1 electronic company ever And Apple company please never stop makeing iphones love you...

the reason I would like it is because it is my Mothers birthday soon and I would love to buy her an iPhone because I can barely afford a little gift xxxxx also my mother has sacrificed so much for me therefore I would like to give her something back xxx love you mummy xxx

i love iphones.such a worlds best smartphone.iphone 5s camera is simply awesome.the great great great phone.i love it.

Apple iPhone 5s is best phone ever made I love it very much. And I also want to say thank you imore for create this great contest.

I am in love with iphone, I have never had one and would like one so much, I am searching for someone to help fulfil my dreams, I live iMore way more.

I'm an Apple veteran, and since my 4s is completely cracked every which way, I'm going to take this opportunity to hopefully win an iPhone 5s! I just started up with iMore, but I can always add to my comment.

I have never won anything in my whole life well in games and all, but nothing real. For my whole life I wanted a I phone, but never did. I really need this. I have been poor for my whole life. me and my family don't even get enough money. there is 7 of us. my dad is the only one that works. I have always dreamed of me winning in something but never happen. in school I'm a loner. I need this phone please. I really love apple and imore because you guys bring joy in people and I want to be one of them, thank you for

i love apple i have an mac and it is so amazing and i love imore so much this is my second time i enter an contest on imore and the first one i won.

I love iPhone
my first iPhone is 3GS
iPhone looks simple
now android mobiles are big in size but apple look simple & works very faster
apple prove size is not important
I excited with iOS it's greater than android
apple is my favorite and most most wanted in my life
now I have no iPhone because of no money...
but future definitely i buy iPhone
I love iPhone & imore & iTunes..............
love u apple..

i love apple so much, cause they are the best cell phone,tablets and pc producers in the world and am hoping to get one of there new product by all means.

I love Apple! iPhones are so much better than androids but I've never had one :(. I've been able to go on my friends iPhones to check them out and they're soo amazingg!

hey!! apple is an amazing epic hip phone that any one and everyone should buy it helps you with everything cuz there's an app for that!!! it helps and now Imore can help us to!!!!! I love apple and the 5s phone:)

I just love Apple. I don't even own a phone. I told my mom im not getting a phone until I get an iPhone 5s!!! This phone I beast

greetings can you please give it to me oh i'd love to own an iphone and I love apple iphone, it is in advance, it is incredibly but its just that I can't due to situations at home but I need it since now I am at a university please give it to me as a means of giving back to the community as gift please.

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iphone 5s z the best smartphone in the world..
i want it at any cost
plz give it to me..
i m the biggest fan of apple since 5yrs

Apple is a huge part of my life. Without their amazing technology, I wouldn't be able to contact friends, and keep in touch with the people I love in such an easy manner. Apple provides easy access to email, texting, internet, and other things that have become important to all of us. It'd be spectacular to receive an iPhone 5s, it'd help me with school, communication, and tons of other things. Thank you for reading, and for this opportunity. (:

I would really like an Iphone 5s any colour as i think that they are really cool and amazing i like to be able to have apple products and would be nice to win an apple iphone 5s any colour

well I don't nowhere to start with well here it goes well to weeks ago I dropped my phone and I had a case on it and it cracked and I had that phone for two years and I dropped my remote on it and it cracked and it wont turn on so I was crying like I was about to pass out I was crying for an I don't have a phone and the iphone 5s is all I have talking about I have been going on youtube to see the results and they sound really good so please give me a chance please . Courtney f,

iMore, you guys are from far the best site in the world.
I dont have enough money for a 5S and i really need ot because if i dont have a phone my employer will fire me. Please i need it

I think I should win because I love Imore and apple products and love that they are connected because I am more exited about the apple products and Imore because a am Imore and apples biggest fans and should have the desire to use an apple product

I love Apple products but I don't have any. My cousins let me use their stuff and I asked them of I could keep an Apple product of theirs but they just hit me. I wish I had one of my own. My parents are divorced so my dad or mom don't get me anything. I hope you guys give me an Apple product

I would like to win an iphone 5s because im a fan of iphone i love iphone they are the best phones ever invented...

20 Reasons why i want a iphone:

1.) It gets wifi
2.) It has a maps app installed in it
3.) Its an ipod & phone in one
4.) You can store thousands of gbs of pictures & videos on the bigger gbs on the 64 gb
5.) You can download a lot of useful apps.
6.) If get one, me and my dad can facetime
7.) i can read books on your phone
8.) i can download apps that can help you with homework
9.) i can download educational apps
10.) It has youtube
11.) It has siri which you can ask simple things
12.) It has a good alarm clock
13.) There is a lot of other devices that the iphone can hook up to.
14.) It has safari, so its like a mini computer in your phone
15.) There's otterboxes that really protect the phone
16.) i can download movies on
17.) i can download a app that has sex offenders listed in your area
18.) There's is a lot of useful apps that you can download that are very useful
19.) There's a reminder, Your mail to your email, notes, weather, compass built into your phone
20.) If i get it, and take good care of it.... it will show that im being more responsible

so thats the reason why i want an iphone :( i want to win

hey this is first time i have seen this website while i was searching iphone 5s on the web and 5s is really cool phone i've ever seen .new ios 7 is too cool,i really love that 5s black body .And feeling happy to see this news that One Lucky will get kool iphone 5s,so u (imore)guys are too kool..atleast u'll make happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.........<<any one >> :)

Apple has always been there for me, and has never let me down or failed to meet my expectations. Imore keeps me updates and host the Imore show...every episode of which I watched...the site is a great addition to world wide web in general. Have a great one everybody and good luck. p.s. I want it bad :D

I love apple because something is special in it as it has its own ios, cool design, cool symbol and some more thing about it.I am just speechless
East or west apple is the best

It's a dream cum's true when evr i see an iphone... M d biggst fan of apple iphone they r jst incredible... Whn evr i thnk abt a bst phone... Its not samsung ,not any of nokia.. Bang on.. Its Apple iphone nd its tremandous iOS d bst os i hve evr seen.. Tat's y i agree nd alwys follow proverb of 'God of smartphone' Mr. Job nd "I m alwys hungry nd foolish for an iphone...:-) "

I LLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVvEEEEEEEEEEe(love) Iphone so much...................................More than any thing..............
Its Apps,Battery<Working> make me go crazzy..........................
lone it.......

I Always wanted to have an iPhone because of its amazing features and the most are the ios versions like the ios 7 the most version i liked in all software versions. The thing that apple was created the new generation of advanced technology is remarkably amazing that people realize how this device was perfectly created for all of us to be more fashionable and unique in smartphones. Even i don't have one of apple devices i wish i could have so i can appreciate their hard working for these devices.

The more i like in this site imore is how they review and examine all the differences of all new and latest releases of smartphones in the world. Because of this people can choose and know what's the most best and easiest to use in any other devices. The more we know the more we can be smart choosing the right device. thank you ,,

I would love to have the iphone,i never had one but it's always in my mind,wish i could win one here and thanks imore for great products,always the best...

I love apple and i think it changed the world in a huge way and it also made life easier for almost everyone and for that i thank apple

iphone is the best communication device i've ever seen in the it too much and i wish i could play with it in the future...

plz let me have this iphone 5c i really need a new phone and the iphone is right up my alley and will be easy to handle and i also love how it looks and it is a fun phone to use.

I love apple! And I love iMore for being a great help in terms of apple technology! (Thank you very much iMore!)
I don't intend to win a phone for myself, but I wanted to get one for my mom since she's been complaining about how her nokia hasn't been operating well at all. She buys me so much things, I never really return the favor. So I thought I'd get her a new phone.

Look i like many other companies like Samsung,Sony,Motorolla,Micromax,etc etc etc but Apple is the company which i feel is the bestest in the world. reaalllyyy i love apple and also honestly apple is my favourite fruit... and what about imore, u r the best from my heart... please I want Iphone 5s gold really i love it plz................!!!!

I love apple so much all I do is just play on my iPod I love apple so much......imore is the best website ever for looking for cool apple products....please choose me

Apple is simply best about their features and the person which have used apple products will not use any other company products and what else i can say i love it simple way

The iphone is slick and beautiful and I would really love one because, if I get one, it may be my first new phone ever and not a used phone given to me.

hey guyzzz i love so much apple company because its i phones are very smart phones and my all cuzns have iphone but i don't have i phone i am poor boy i love i phone how can i explain plzz help me i want i phone

I love Apple because their products have inspired me. As my friend has their hands on an iPhone 5S, I have managed to have a sneaky-peak at it and can I just say I am impressed! The 8 megapixel camera takes stunning shots. Also, apps, songs, etc install and download in a matter of seconds. I just want to thank Apple for all they have done. I love iMore because it's the best place to go for news, etc. I love them both, they are amazing!

I love apple because it supplies everything you need for every apple product and supplies the apple products for us that is why I love apple. I more gives me info* for apple to help me figure more things out for myself that is why I love I more.

i want a iphone whether it is 5s 4s 4 or 3 but the thing i love it bcz of its features its really amazing it brings some imaginative feelings in my heart its a cell-iphone i have ever dever seen in my life its really abusive....just if iphone company give me chance to win this i would really like to work in the company with the entire managemaent

I love apple because of how amazing it work all it's products are easy to use and are the best out there no matter what you know what every your buying if apple makes it it will work amazingly and you will never have any problems. The camera quality is amazing and the best out there. Apple always has the coolest most well designed technology. I would love to win this because my previous iPhone was stolen and I have been with out a phone for two months and have saved up $500 towards my new iPhone and I need some more money to help me get there and this would really help and I want an iPhone because there is no option APPLE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

I love apple and and imore because its awesome these are both really cool opportunities of the 21 century. I never win anything and I really would love to have a phone because my mom told me she would get me one and I then i got taken out of her house so thank you SOooooooo much for giving me this opportunity. I really appreciate it

Apple is so great I love you guys and I will always love Steve jobs and thanks iMore for all the awesome information

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Apple is kind of the best brands founded by the amazing steve jobbs who is god to me. Ya apple everyting is amazung. Evetything they make is with quality which cannot be taken away by amy other company. Dats all I got so best of kuck apple!!!!

Ilove you rene Ritchie!!! I love iphone!! Because it is so amazing!!! Thanks to steve jobs!! So can I have one!! Please Please!!! :)

I like reallu really totally love the iphone 4s because it helps you find very good places and where to go unlike a regular ihone and you can even chek on your kids in a nother car

i have never used an iphone ...n i jst keep on vieing youtube for this phone... i really realy waana get an iphone ..

I love Apple SO MUCH it's insane!! And I can't even begin to explain how much I love iMore! Great place to find out about the great products I love!

I love apple iphone very much i dont know why.I never won anything in my life.If i win this phone i will be always happy till my death. Thanks to imore for giving me an opportunity to win this iphone. plz elect me a winner for the apple iphone 5s. Thank you.

I have wanted one of these things forever! I just fell in love the minute I saw one and the one and only iPhone 5s its just a dream to me I mean I need one too. So I don't know how this will work out for me..... :-)

iphone is the greatest phone ever. it gives rich look to the peoples if we have that. its different mobile comparing to other phones. i luv it lotttt. i am addicted to iphone 5s.

let me tell that what extent i love iphone????
i used sony z, lumia 1320, samsung s5, these have higher ram , storage , screen size than compared to iphone bt somthing there with it ..its shape , size ,colour attract me not only me many.... i need iphone ... i love it .... i think i will get it ...

k, where do i start
it is the best brand and all the people who hates are stupid
i would like to have this apple iPhone so i can show apple is the best brand to have.
i would love an iPhone 5s. And then i would make everyone change there things to dell to apple. i love apple because i have heard how wonderful it works for others and how it is much better and i would say it is my favourite brand in the whole world. Apple i would just love cause it is better then anything in the whole world. If i win this iPhone 5s i would just love apple for the rest of my life and it would be like a dream come true
thanks iMore you are the best
thanks iMore again

"THE LEADER STANDS ABOVE THE CROWD".....Yaa APPLE, its really a leader so it stands above from all other brands..!!!

pls u knw it has been my dream to have an applephone and specifically i love apple and there product but if i were lucky i would be happy and one'again i thank u for u offer