iOS 7.0.6 and 6.1.6 for iPhone and iPad released, go get your bug fixes! [Update: Apple TV too!]

iOS 7.0.6 and 6.1.6 released with bug fixes

Apple on Friday released iOS 7 version 7.0.6 and iOS 6 version 6.1.6. Both are no available as over-the-air (OTA) downloads. Apple describes the 7.0.6 update thus:

"This security update provides a fix for SSL connection verification."

Update 1: Apple has posted the security update contents.

We'd hoped Apple would address the deeper issues, including the frequent re-springs suffered by many users on iOS 7, but that still seems to be waiting on the too-long-in-coming iOS 7.1 update on track for March. If you download and install the update, let us know how it works for you, and if you see any other changes, tell us all about them.

Update 2: Apple has released a matching update for the Apple TV, version 6.0.2.

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Peter Cohen

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iOS 7.0.6 and 6.1.6 for iPhone and iPad released, go get your bug fixes! [Update: Apple TV too!]


Hey Peter, it's Akshay from Hi-Tech Revolution.

It's nice that you're quoting other another site's article in this one, but I'd just like to point out that we posted about the new software 6 minutes before 9to5Mac. You can check Twitter timestamps for proof, we're @HTRevolution. So, if you don't mind, could you please replace the links. Can't place the link here so Google us.

Thanks very much, good day! :)

No need to be an ass. While iMore obviously cannot be aware of every site that reports on Apple related news, I do expect it to verify the claims made above and give credit where it is due rather than just remove the links to the source they originally credited. It may be that "Hi-Tech Revolution" contacted the editors as you suggested and received no response. And while the links to "9 to 5Mac" article have been removed there has still been no acknowledgement by iMore that Hi-Tech beat them to the punch. Shame on you iMore!

It's odd that it shows up (for me iPhone 5S) as a 35.4 MB patch but it won't install unless I have 1.2 GB of storage free.

Just updated my iPad Air and iPhone 5S. No noticeable differences thus far, which bug fixes generally don't show visually. Nice to be current.

What I need is a fix for my iPad and iPhone randomly rebooting! I wonder when we will see that update. It might be called iOS 8.

That's what I'm waiting to hear. MuscleNerd says to hold off until he tests it with Evasi0n.

So,hold off if you're a Jailbreaker.

nope, updated my moms 4S and lost jailbreak and cant re-jailbreak now. its not a big deal since its moms phone and not mine, she could care less so it was a good test device

Jailbreak works tool just needs updated but you can do hex edit yourself, just search for 11B511 text string then replace it with 11B651, then you're good to go.

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Ah, makes sense. I've stopped updating my devices older than the 4S, all the rest are up to date with latest from today.

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My bugs doesnt fixed?
Why im updating? I want to jailbreak my iphone, but happy to see update :DDDDD

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I used to be excited about OS updates but now I'm actually getting irritated at them in that iOS 7 is such a f*cked up OS, but none of the six updates we've had six since this monstrosity was unleashed upon us do anything to fix the real problems. Bug fixes are all well and good for the minority of folks affected by this bug or that, but it's just so irritating to get all these updates that don't actually fix any of the UI problems, or address the sheer ugliness and ungainliness of the thing.

When are they going to do something to fix the DESIGN issues instead of just obscure Internet protocol bugs?

These kind of obscure bug fixes should just happen in the background without any announcement at all so the user isn't set up for disappointment thinking something is going to be different. They also lead to "update fatigue" in that the user has to go through this whole process and for what? For some theoretical "problem" that they doesn't affect them and that they didn't know existed in the first place.

OS updates without the user knowing? Yeah, that'd go over well. As far as the ugliness of the UI, well that's just like, your opinion man.

7.1 has all of this and is around the corner (hopefully). I get your frustration though dude. I don't think the OS is ugly per say but definitely needs an update to the lag, etc. In due time dude. In due time.

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I like IOS 7 new design and I think it is a improvement. The new UI is modern and IOS 5 and 6 is out dated like Mac OS Leopard.

What UI problems?
What design issues?

Just because YOU doesn't like the look of something, that doesn't mean it's broken.
Plenty of people like the new iOS and don't see any issues there.

Apparently that include Apple, so if you don't like it, I guess you'll have to either jailbreak or buy another brand of phone.

Peter does this mean that SSL connections have been broken all along? If that is a fact that is disturbing. Its also upsetting that IOS 7 users trusting that they're SSL connections were secure could have potentially had their data exposed.

I updated, my phone shut down and now won't start back up. Is this a time-consuming process, or did I do something wrong? I wasn't thinking about whether or not I should do this while my phone was charging - it was about 40% charged, I think. Now it looks like it would if the battery is dead, but it's still plugged in. Anyone else have this problem?

I updated on my iPad Air - it totally hosed it! Can't turn it back on...having to restore to factory settings and losing all my data. This Sucks!

How can you restore it if you can't even turn it on? Mine just acts like the battery is dead even though I have it plugged it. It's not even showing the battery charge symbol. It's just dead as can be.

I plugged it into my Mac for iTunes. It popped up a message to restore to factory settings. It took overnight to download the software again...had to stop, download the newest version of iTunes and restart the download twice before it worked. :-(

After messing with it a few more hours this morning, it finally came back on! It looked like it did coming out of the box...but was able to restore it to my last backup.

Mines did too, but then it came back on telling me that I need to connect to iTunes.... REALLY????? I didn't think we had to connect to iTunes anymore. The last time I connected to iTunes was about 3 weeks ago when I downloaded music. What about all the data between then and now? SMH......

UPDATE: When I connected my to iTunes is gave me a message saying that it detected an iPhone in recovery mode and that I needed to restore it in order to use it. Then it tells me this:
"Are you sure you want to restore the iPhone “iPhone” to its factory settings? All of your media and other data will be erased, and the newest version of the iPhone software will be installed."
Needless to say it totally wiped my phone and made me start all over like I just took it out the box...... Thanks.... Thanks A LOT!!!!!

Mine is stuck on a black screen with an iTunes logo but it won't let me do anything. It eventually turns off but when I turn it back on the same screen comes up....Don't know what else to do

This is exactly what the Verizon store suggested I do. First I had to reinstall iTunes to my laptop because it was apparently not the newest version. Then I got that same message about it being in recovery mode and needing to restore. Prior I that, the verizon store had called Apple and convinced them to send me a new ("certified 'like new'," i.e., refurbished) phone. I really didn't want to wait 3-5 days I get another phone, so they told me to go home and try iTunes. Fortunately, almost all my stuff saved to the iCloud, so I only lost a couple of texts. I was certainly not in a mood to spend my Saturday on this, but at least now I know what to do next time it happens. I spent about 3 hours straightening it out. I will pass on the info that Apple shared, which is that before you install a software update, save your settings to iCloud or iTunes, and sometimes it's best so wait about 30 days when an update comes out to give them time to iron out any bugs.

Yes, this is because if you use cellular, you will consume a large amount of mobile data. Using wifi ensures that you do not use too much mobile data. I use an iPhone 4.

Good point. Most likely due to the fact that Apple wants to safeguard people in order to prevent over-the-limit data usage for non-unlimited data users.

Already jailbroken and running smoothly. Wonder if there is any cosmetic design

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No changes seen yet, its been 7 hours, the update did suck up 30% of battery. But thats normal these days when my screen is on for 10min!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! A bigger battery needs to be in the next phone of the same size!!!!!!

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LOL. Apple are about style over substance, if you have not noticed. You will never get a bigger battery, since it would hamper "design aesthetics" or something that Jhon Ivy finds unagreeable.

If you want battery life, get a WP or Android.

I have an Android Phone and an Ipad Air. Love them both but I have lot of bugs and crashes on the Ipad. Fixes are urgently needed. I get more crashes on the Ipad in one day then in a week with my nexus. And I use the nexus phone much more.

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I had avoided updating my iPad2 to iOS 7 because I didn't want to slow it down significantly. But my Software Update is only showing the iOS update and not the iOS 6 patch. Is upgrading to IOS 7 the only way for me to get the security fix on my ipad 2? I generally prefer the look and feel of 6, that security trumps appearances.

I'm having the same problem: the wife's ipad mini is on 6 and she has no interest in ios 7, but that's the only upgrade offered. Looking for ideas.

Yeah I'm the same here folks. Really don't want to upgrade to iOS 7 on my iPad 2! As of now I'm unprotected according to the gotofail website and like to travel with my iPad & use it in public places. Are we being forced to upgrade now?

I'm having issues with the new update 7.0.6, the sound on my iphone 5 speakers is distorted. Any one else having this problem?? How can I solve it?

I updated 2 iPhones and 1 iPad. Only 1 iPhone worked. The other 2 are like a new device... lost everything. Android looking pretty sweet right now.

Updated yesterday, now my iPad crashes every 20 min or so depending on what I am doing? Does anyone have a solution? Can I revert back to previous iOS ?

Updated this morning to 7.0.6 and now all my service does is 'Searching'. Can't make calls, can't receive calls. Removed the SIM but that didn't help. Going to try to restore before I go to the Apple Store.

I hope 2014 will prove me wrong but Apple's recent software endeavours don't inspire me with faith. Since January 2012 their big release was only iOS 7 and Mavericks, both are good but one was a much needed redesign with fresh colours and the other was just a solid optimisation and under the hood improvements (I'll skip ML because it was a tiny blip and iOS 6 was a disaster in system category so the less said about that the better).
I don't expect iOS 8 to be flawless but I expect more from OS XI. OS X is almost ancient and even though it grew old gracefully it's time to completely change how it works and looks (hell, it should be called XX now with all those updates) e.g. the spinning beach ball is ridiculous and makes me feel like it's still 2004 or something, just look at those other 'buffering' UI designs out there.

Update randomly turned on my Bluetooth but otherwise so far, so good! We'll see what else it does for me.

But I'm so anxious for the 7.1 update. So far I haven't had ANY of the crashing and bugs on my 5S like I did on my 4S...which I almost attribute to a 1 week old phone vs. a 2 year old phone, but...who knows. I just want to ensure I don't start repeating my 4S troubles with 7.

From what I can tell, the iOS 6.1.6 is for phones and iPods only... I am now forced to update my iPad to iOS 7. Is that correct?

i didn't have a charging problem with my ipad 2 under ios 7 until i upgraded to IOS 7.0.6... now it won't charge. i've done the Brightness thing, down to 30% and the Lock button to ON.. as suggested on another site. i've re-booted numerous times but no luck. please help me?