Best coupon and savings apps for iPhone: Ibotta, SnipSnap, Checkout 51, and more!

Best coupon and savings apps for iPhone: Ibotta, SnipSnap, Checkout 51, and more!

Whether you're shopping online or locally, these are the best iPhone apps that can help you save money!

Why pay more than you have to? If you've got an iPhone, whether you're checking items off your grocery list, hunting now a new wardrobe, or eyeing the next gadget for your collection, there are a ton of apps to help make sure you never pay full price for anything ever again. But which coupon and savings apps are the very best?


Best coupon and savings apps for iPhone: Ibotta

If you want cold hard cash savings, Ibotta can give you them. Simply browse merchants around you and either answer questions or share things with your friends to unlock rebates. Once you purchase those items you share your receipt with Ibotta and you then receive your cash rebate. You can either take your rebates in the form of gift cards or cash, it's your choice.

If you're willing to do the leg work to earn cold hard cash on your purchases, Ibotta offers tons of rebates to get you just that.


Best coupon and savings apps for iPhone: SnipSnap

SnipSnap combines coupons you already have with coupons you may not have found otherwise. Browse through their large selection of coupons and save the ones you think you'll use. You can also see a percentage rating for how successful it's been for others. If you clip physical coupons you can take photos of those and save them right to your iPhone. That way you can just show the cashier your iPhone come time for checkout.

If you want a convenient way to store your physical coupons combined with the opportunity to discover new ones, check out SnipSnap.

Checkout 51

Best coupon and savings apps for iPhone: Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is similar to Ibotta but doesn't require you to stick with specific merchants. Find an offer on something you're going to purchase and accept it. Upload a photo of your receipt and start racking up rebates in order to earn real cash. After you've earned over $20 in savings, Checkout 51 mails you a check.

If you want to save money on items you were planning on buying anyways and don't mind being bothered to upload receipts, Checkout 51 is a no brainer.

RetailMeNot Coupons

Best coupon and savings apps for iPhone: RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot has a huge list of merchants to choose from that offer coupons. You can save coupons for later and even use the in-app browser to shop right then. You can add favorite stores to the main screen of RetailMeNot so you can tap into them quickly to view what deals are available. You can view comments others have left on deals as well as leave your own.

If you care less about rebates and want instant savings in the form of coupons now, look no further than RetailMeNot.


Best coupon and savings apps for iPhone: Groupon

Groupon lets you buy deals now to use later. For instance, find a coupon for half off at your favorite restaurant and purchase the deal now. Then take the Groupon with you to that location to cash it in. The nice thing about Groupon is that you can find deals for everything imaginable, not just clothes and groceries.

If you want great deals and don't mind buying now to receive savings later, Groupon is a must have.


Best coupon and savings apps for iPhone: Slickdeals

Slickdeals aggregates all the best deals across all of the internet. Basically, it's the app to have if you want to take some of the dirty work out of search for the cheapest place to buy something. Search for specific items or browse hot deals to get great savings on things you didn't even know you needed. The possibilities are endless. Who doesn't want 100 pack of Slim Jims for 75% off?

For the best deals across the internet without the grunt work, you need Slickdeals.

Your picks?

If you use your iPhone to help you save money, what coupon and sale apps have you found useful? Let me know in the comments!

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Best coupon and savings apps for iPhone: Ibotta, SnipSnap, Checkout 51, and more!


I've had some success with SnipSnap. Basically it works when the retailer LET'S me use it. However I've had some retailers say "we don't take SnipSnap" even on coupons I added myself.

I use Ebates and Shopkick. Ebates is like most of the other apps in the article; pays you if you buy from merchants through their link. Shopkick gives you points that can be redeemed for giftcards whenever you walk in or make purchases at select stores.

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Ok so there’s a new app JUST like ibotta!!! Only you don’t have to wait to earn $5 to cash out!!! Money is sent to your paypal with every offer you buy!!! It’s called Shopmium and yes it works, I’ve cashed out many times. You buy the item and scan the receipt! Also, in exchange for the new info, I would love if you would use my referral code:MCGHUCQV when signing up, you also get a free Lindt chocolate bar for using it happy earning folks!!

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