iOS 7.1: What did it fix for you and what's still broken?

iOS 7.1: What did it fix for you and what's still broken?

iOS 7.1 is live for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and with it a whole bevy of fixes and additions. Since Apple makes updates so easy, and adoption rates are so high, that means many of you have likely taken the plunge already. It also means you've likely scoured through every change to find what's really been fixed and what still remains broken. There's no changelog or quality assurance in the world that can match millions of people hitting a new piece of software. And that's just what the iMore Forums are doing right now!

If you're looking to read about, report, or discuss the iOS 7.1 changes, the fixes, the bugs, and anything and everything else, there's no better place to do it!

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iOS 7.1: What did it fix for you and what's still broken?


5S seems faster, and TouchID has yet to fail me once since the update this morning. Seems like there are a lot of new accessibility options as well. No real drawbacks, except the shift key is retardedly confusing to figure out.

I think the shift key is easier now. Shade changes for caps, and now an underline for caps lock. Before you had three color shades...

I agree with you Mike, the TouchID is working so much better, or should I say actually working. I couldn't even use it before the because 9.95 times out of 10 it failed! I even had one thumbed saved 3 or 4 different ways at one point & STILL couldn't get it to work!! Whenever I would delete and reset the fingerprint it would work the first 2-3x then quit after that. I also agree with you about the shift key change, it is very confusing now. I often find myself going back & forth several times, I hope they will revert that.

When I paste something into either an iMessage or Text Message it deletes the last word that I had typed ... really was hoping it was fixed in 7.1 but the issue still remains.

When using multitasking sometimes when you close some apps the cards move but the icons below don't, so the icon app doesn't match it's card... it's kinda annoying... But the worts issue I had was when using the iPhone sometimes al buttons stopped working and after few minutes it resets, haven't seen that since the update thank god and Touch ID works perfect...

The icon thing is by design. While the icons won't necessarily stay centered under their tile, the center tile will always have its icon centered below it. The row of icons doubles as a quick scrollbar of sorts. Try swiping across the icons instead of the thumbnail to speed through your open apps.

So far, so good. My iPad 3 is much more responsive. The only issue I have right now is that trying to update my kids iPods, and it is 8-10 hours (after 2 hours) still to go... But figuring that number goes down overnight.

How many of you are actually successful in downloading? I can't. I am at 6+ hours and I have a 25 Mbps connection.

I downloaded and installed it on 3 Apple devices all within 25 min. Must be a lot of people trying to download it right now.

My 5c is faster notably!! The contrast on the phone is much better too. So far I'm enjoying the update.

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Yeah so is mine. Seems twice as fast now. Even Flipboard flips twice as fast and loads much much faster.

When someone calls me now, I now just get a little round picture of them in the upper right corner. The picture no longer fills the screen.

Looks like that feature has been removed in 7.1. I saw a number if complaints about this in Apple's forums. Let's hope they bring it back in the next release.

Turned them into little circle pics, I personally lied the full screen pic, don't think there's a way to enable, and the text size doesn't get big on the notifications like it used too. Otherwise great, fater, no freezes or reboots. Installed ota in 15-20 mins max.

Animations are much faster, which was the reason I had them turned off before. Touch ID seems improved. Apps seems to close out completely when they're supposed to. Awesome stuff so far, never had springboard crashes before so I can't vouch for that

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Was there ever a "week" view in cal on the iphone? if there was, it's gone on my iphone 4

I think I find the contrast sharper on my iPad mini 1st gen.

For me, they've fixed volume control on lock screen and in the music player. The touch precision was inacurate and everytime I tried to put the exact volume I wanted, it used to move beside or worst the lock screen will move trying to "slide to open". Now its perfect. The bullet volume is more precise.

Oh that's was exactly problem that I was experiencing! Thank god thy fixed that

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I don't like the fact that "Reduce Motion" is just a single giant toggle switch. One day I would like to add SOME customization, keep some animations/effects and stop others. And a separate Parallax on/off would be nice. I hate this Apple habit of "One Size Fits All."

All my still wallpaper pictures are missing from my 5S as well. In fact, they were missing from beta 5 as well. Did you ever find a fix for this?

Yeah, I am surprised at how much I miss that one. I'm turning the "Reduce Motion" off for a few days to see if I can deal with it now that the animations are faster. The multitasking "swoosh" made sense to me, unlike the folder and parallax motions.

I miss the app switcher animation. Now it looks like something is broken whenever I use App Switcher. If there was some way to only disable parallax and keep the animations, that would be great.

I agree...everything else in the update seems great...crashes fixed..etc..but then they just cut the animations all together if you turn on the reduce motion...for example in Weather there is no animations...and you need to turn the reduce motion off to have sense in that..

Hope they can have separate customization in next updates.

I noticed today that I can finally use Siri over Bluetooth in my car. Beforehand I could never get it to work reliably. Pretty happy about this.

I can't wait to try this one out, I have noticed a disjuncture with that also in my car and figured it's just something that will never work unless one has a newer car system such as CarPlay.

I've been able to use Siri over Bluetooth for a while now (over a year) using Ford Sync and's brilliant.

I'm still working through apps and playing with features. So far no crashes or the white screen.

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What i've noticed so far on my 5s:
- Animations are much faster so I now leave them on.
- Touch ID so far has no issues when my finger is not in the optimal position
- Notification and Control Center are far less transparent, much easier to read.
- Auto HDR is pretty nifty.
- In addition to the indicator showing when a photo will use HDR, there is an indicator for when the flash will be engaged.

Remaining issues/missing features I would like:
- Low light video still darker than expected (
- Still no autofocus for video (seems so easy to do)

Darker bolder headings and keys when selected!!! Much faster response opening and closing apps, almost like ios 6 but not perfect yet. Still need a dark theme, they darkened the icons(option) a little which is nice!! Not so pastel like. But still need a dark theme

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iPad 3 more responsive. iPad mini retina looks the same. Icons do not look as bold as the iPhone, but much better. iPhone 5S very fast open, and closed apps. Display very sharp looking. Improved fonts on all devices. No more wifi issues so far, and Touch ID working every time now.

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Great on 5s. Very fast. Notice location icon stays on on 3rd gen iPad. Also battery life on said iPad seems better. Not sure it isn't my imagination though. But u think there is an improvement.

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For some reason I updated and am missing some 7.1 features like the "Buy Album" option in iTunes Radio... Could it have something to do with iTunes Match subscription or do I need to re-install?

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iPhone 4 update is much more responsive opening apps and loading web pages, call clarity better.

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External speaker output used to be pretty pathetic. Kicks out quite nicely now.

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I didn't like the keyboard at first, but it's growing on me. I really like the new phone calling/dialing UI. Also setting pictures as backgrounds is way better, it has the option to zoom in and out, not automatic anymore. The enhancements with Touch ID is fantastic, I usually get an error every few times but since updating it has no happened.

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on my iphone 5c the lock screen seems a bit lag ...when I type the security code the click sound its delayed ...and when accessing the camera from lock screen it has a lag when pulling up (I reset the phone and delete all data from it after update to be a clean install)...anyone else have the same issues in lock screen? darker keyboard :((

I have a 4s and I experience the same problem. I did a clean install but the problem persists. Sliding down notification center or having dynamic wallpapers is also slow.

I'm really enjoying how much more zippy it feels navigating around. My biggest gripe before 7.1 was the homescreen crash which was happening to me at least twice a day. So I hope this update fixed that!!!!

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Like I said in other thread mine overheats to the point of getting a pop up saying "iPhone needs to cool down"
I did a hard reset and restored from scratch, we'll see what happens.

Fixed ( double number message alert ) issue where one BBM message would show as two and two BBM's would show as four.

Anyone noticed this?
-At settings/sound/sent mail- listening any ringtone while vibration is turned on, only works ringtone, no vibration reaction

The good: Everything on the 5S & iPad 4 seem faster and more stable. The email issue, where sliding to delete a message near the bottom of the screen would kick the app into edit mode, has been fixed. TouchID seems better too. I also like new keyboard - mostly.

The Bad: AirDrop still has issues. My iPad, and my iPhone, both have _my_ iCloud contact info correct, so the should work at "Contacts Only". But, I can't AirDrop between them unless the recipient device is set to Everyone. Contacts Only works fine between my phone a my wife's, but not my own two devices. Also the shift key on the keyboard being white on grey feels ON to me, but that's minor and I'll get used to it.

Just a thought... try setting up a different contact for yourself so you can send from one contact to another instead of from & to the same contact. Maybe it doesn't like the concept of sending something to itself.


Thanks for the idea. I've actually tried many things since iOS 7 was released, and while some work, they are not useable. AirDrop uses the logged in iCloud account to access the synced iCloud contacts, and the other devices primary Apple ID must be in the contacts. So it's not easily changeable.

My belief is my issues stems from two Apple IDs, with both logged in as iCloud accounts - although contacts only enabled on 1. One original I bought all my apps through, and 1 that was my address. My wife is setup with just 1 and hers works fine. Various tests get it to work but in the end I need both active which kills it.


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And the email bug showed up again this morning. Slide to delete a message - near or half below the bottom of the screen, and email switches to edit mode requiring you to hit cancel.

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Camera interface has issues if used in portrait. You can't turn the flash on or off as it overlaps the HDR settings. All works fine in landscape.

Contrary to the video walk through posted somewhere, it does NOT make app icons, and "everything" darker. What it makes darker are the text "buttons" - for instance, go to Settings > Accessibility > Increase Contrast. Notice the color of the < Accessibility text. Now toggle "Darken Colors" on (or off if you have it on). That is what it does. I prefer the Darken Colors on.

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Same here as well as the fact that my iPad 3 is silky smooth now. I am curious if the battery issues are fixed though. I used to get turn offs at 8-15%

"Flat is ugly" Must be why every major tech company that u can buy is going flat in OS design. Stick to the burger flipping boss.

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So you think mass adoption of something is proof of it's validity?
Did you just arrive in the 21st century from Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia?
They guy is entitled to his taste and preference, you narrow minded, trend sucking bigot!

Talk about iOS/design & bring up Nazi Germany & Stalin bruhs.........smh
-lighten up, obviously he/she doesn't respect opinions but you're going all crazy with exclamation points & lame character insults on an Apple blog

Sorry, but he hit a nerve.
I find it horrific to see someone use mass acceptance of something as proof it's right. That's why I used superlative examples to the contrary.
I wouldn't have gone for the jugular if he also didn't cross the line by adding an obnoxious personal attack on the guy.

Huge improvements. The biggest remaining bug is dark video recording. It is still almost unusable in low light compared with photo capture. It's obviously the same lens for photos vs video recording, so it must be a software issue. Was really hoping this would be fixed in 7.1

When shooting video at 60fps each frame in the video is 1/60th of a second. When shooting video at 30fps each frame is exposed for 1/30th of a second (twice as long). So video won't look as dark as 1/60 of a second of exposure. You can shoot a picture for 1/15 of a second, effectively doubling the exposure time again. This has nothing to do with software, it's a limitation of physics. The longer you expose a photo using a set amount of light the "brighter" the picture is. Yes, same lens, it may be the same aperture, and most definitely is not the same exposure setting.

Really great improvements and enhancements already mentioned. Above that, it's nice that there no longer is a ghosted app when attempting to swipe/close out all the apps. There was always one icon that needed closed that didn't show a preview. Thanks for tightening that up, Apple.

I can't speak of Touch ID improvements, because I have already "overtrained" my fingerprint impressions on my device.

Whew.. Apple did rectify a LOT of the touch responsiveness issues. Jumping between apps in the multitasking pane doesn't require so much waiting now; just double click and quickly hit the app card you wish to return to, as it should be. General fluidity between multitasking and home screen transitions has seemed to improve. It's still not android-fast, but it's headed in the right direction, and I'm glad because I really like iOS 7's design language.
-It still takes way too long to actually close apps from card view. Still cannot quickly fire them off the screen, must be patient and deliberately flick them off every second or so, only as fast as apple wants you to close them.

To each his/her own, but I've seen the "cards don't swipe quick enough" comments a few times & it baffles me. You're closing apps, not playing a game fast do u want it to go?? Never thought they should/could be any faster on my 5S/4S/Mini, but different strokes & all that

Finally I have continuity with my contact pictures. No more round button for some and full screen for others. I absolutely love it. I haven't had any issues. Yet

A little ridiculous that I could not update my 16GB 5s OTA because it needed 4.5GB of free space to install it.. Had to go through iTunes

I would've loved a 'close all' option on multi-tasking. Can't Apple make it so if we swipe the home screen up in multi tasking mode, all apps that were open close?

This would be the easiest way in my opinion - and really useful/time saving.

Had an issue where Location Services would keep Activated, seems that Dropbox & MovieNight caused the Problem. All is well otherwise and iOS 7.1 is very Stable.

Great update. I'm in love with my 5s even more now. It's still not perfect and Apple still has a lot of ground to cover, but much was addressed in 7.1. I do however have a few gripes, albeit rather small and personal. The first is the keyboard and control center. For one, I wish they had more options available in control center. Something like side swiping to preview messages or a task manager for apps would be godsend! Also, I was actually digging the translucency of both the updated keyboard and control center. I see that with the new update, they have now made it much less transparent and I think that took away from its beauty a bit. I understand that some people didn't like it so much and it made it hard to read text for some, but I just wish they would include an option to increase/decrease contrast and transparency. Having the keyboard's color manipulated by it's by background made it a truly stunning visual. It still retains this capability, but not to the same degree as before, and i must say that it's kind of a bummer for me.
The last thing that I believe is in dire need of an update is the spotlight search. It's convenient to pull up (or down, haha), but it's still not as intuitive and helpful as should be. This especially stands true for when searching for messages, as even when you're lucky enough to have the message you're looking for pop up in search you are still left with the daunting task of endlessly scrolling through the thread until you finally get to that message. It should be that the message in the search pops up and it just goes to that message upon selecting it, but nope...scroll and find it on your own. I find this to be a nuisance and I think this system needs to be reworked entirely. Hopefully they do this in future updates. Other than that, Apple has prettying retained my claim of best mobile OS overall, even if it still lacks a few key features. Apple is on track and iOS 7.1 is great step forward in the right direction, but if they can just fix these three things I've mentioned then I'll consider every future update as a gift lol

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Well said. Increase or decrease translucency would be great as options. Just to name a few. I guess that's why some folk dig jailbreaking.

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iPhone updated with no problem. iPad Air took 2 hours to download, then Air went into Recovery Mode. 6 hours later, it is restored. What a pain.

For me, not only is TouchID just as unreliable as before, it's slower. Even after deleting and re-adding my fingerprints, multiple prints for the same thumb, it still only works about 30% of the time.
Other than that, the few changes I do notice are so trivial they are of no concern to me.
Car Play isn't trivial, but I have to buy a new car in order to use it - Fail.

Still no fix for deleting Facebook account under settings on iPad. I changed my email address and password on Facebook and can't delete account to update to that same account just with a new email address and password. Any suggestions? I've tried deleting and redownloading and restarting. Nothing seems to work. Can't access old school email address account now that I've graduated which would fix the problem.

iCloud (including Find my iXXXX), Facebook and GameCenter still randomly get disabled or log out on my iPad 2 when running games that use GameCenter cloud saving.

That bug was introduced in iOS 7 and it's still broken in iOS 7.1. It affects all older devices: iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2, iPad Mini and iPod Touches.

Can't say I like what they've done to the text. All black text on white seems to be "bleeding" around the edges. It gives it more impact, but it's a bit hard on the eyes.

Exactly, also too bold in a way. Doesn't everyone know where all the letters on a QWERTY keyboard are now anyway? I can type on my iPhone without even looking at the thing.

MUSIC PLAYER???? What?? I'm so pissed how they continue to screw up this app. First with the cover flaw, then with the artists lists, then the horrible pinky UI, then with the random internet icon pictures, and now the albums artists are not in chronological order anymore, but from more recent to older? That's a big deal for me.. I've always liked my albums in chronological order... :((

I actually like the black keyboard when you pull down for Spotlight. Think they should give us an option, without having to invert colours.

Im on iphone4s, what i experienced uptill now is:
1. Bold font in keypad
2. Control center is fast popping up
3. Shift key have changed
4. Battery is a bit stable
5. Brightness is more bright
6. Keypad lock have a new place in settings
7. Overall useable performance is same
- im hunting more...

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For me it fixed the purple overlay in was producing when you took photos and saved them. No issues so far with it rebooting on its own. Overall I'm 100% with smiles!

Can someone out there confirm something for me or tell me what I'm missing?

I have an company provided iPhone 4 and a personal iPhone 5s. Both are running iOS 7.1. Navigating in Maps on the 4 allows me to scroll and tap on the distance and direction to turn box at the top of the screen. When I tap the map below moves to and highlights that turn. There is no direction list at the bottom of the screen when navigating. However, if you go back to the overview screen, tap on the list view at the bottom of the screen, then tap on a direction in that list it takes you to that turn or direction.

Maps on the 5s is a different set of maps below, the distance and direction box cannot be tapped on or scroll, and when you to tap, the map sort of spins around. Clicking on the directions list gives you the list, but you can't do anything with them.

I truly wish Maps on the 5s were like Maps on the 4.

However, I do like my 5s, I do like iOS 7.1 as a whole.

My iPhone 5s' Touch ID is greatly improved only been denied once. I can also see that it tries to recognize the fingerprint a lot longer before denies you.

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It's better in many areas than previous versions of iOS 7...but I have no thanks for Apple. They certainly don't have any economic pressure to release what was, in every sense, a beta OS's on it's user base.
Plus, the new features of iOS 7 could have been implemented without changing to a UI theme that is fundamentally a florescent mutant lovechild of Android and Windows 8.
This is the type of design and product quality we can expect in the future from Apple, now that time has passed to complete all the product and design legacies of Steve Jobs.

They really dropped the ball with the call screens losing the Contact photos


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No kidding! I just noticed that files played in the video app (Home Videos) only play at half volume. Anyone else have this problem? I have no other sound issues = weird.

Battery draining fast. Trying to find if I have something new turned on that would drain the battery. But I had most options on.

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Yes it is way worse on my iPhone 5 too, did a hard reset and set it up as a new device, but it's still draining pretty quick.
It also gets hotter than before, I even got one of those "iPhone needs to cool down" pop-ups.

Everything does seem faster now. All the zoom animations which I previously turned off. I'm not liking how the call screen looks now. Hope they change it back or to something different. Touch ID is much faster now. I don't see an option for the dark keyboard. Did they take it off?

So it seems my previous comment about it being faster is about all I got. Along with the previous 2 issues I mentioned, it also didn't fix my incorrect attachment mailbox count. It still reads a crazy 42949667295!

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I have a 4s and now the lock screen seems a bit laggy. Sliding down the notification center, sliding up the control center or the camera using the camera icon in the right down corner from the lock screen are very sluggish. Also the lockscreen dynamic wallpapers have low fps now and it's not pleasant at all. I tried a clean install from itunes but the problem persists. Anyone having these issues? I read on the comments someone experiencing the same on a 5c.

I don't have the ability to update applications. I have a few notifications from applications on the App Store that need to be updated but they will not download/load on WiFi or LTE. Anybody else experiencing this?

iPhone 5,2 CDMA & GSM Global
Capacity: 64GB Black Slate
Model: ND209LL/A
OS: iOS 7.1 (11D167)

Bug List:
1. Enhanced Quality Voices
2. Ring Tone & Vibrations
3. Crazy Crazy Battery

Number One

Selecting Enhanced Quality causes strange pause followed by the the UI saying "Preparing Download". Loading "blue line" appeared and goes crazy back and forth as it downloads it's very confuseing and definitely a bug.

Number Two
Settings/Sounds/Ringtone or Text Tone
When selecting a specific text or call vibration (any of them) and then tapping a specific ringtone or text tone sound the custom vibration will play with it as part of a preview. This is all inside Sound in the

However if you then go to and go to contact to set a custom Text/Ringtone and Vibration something weird happens. Let's say I select S.O.S and Tweet as my system wide vibration and sound for Text Alerts but I want to set set Heartbeat and Chord for my Girlfriend. When I select Chord sound it will play that sound but instead of performing the Heartbeat vibration it will use the system wide S.O.S vibration and in fact sometimes just use weird vibration patterns that don't even exist in unison with different sounds you select. This is very confusing when trying to set Vibrations and Sounds. Also in Text Tones the default sound is a ringtone not Note (Default). It's very hard to explain over text so go try it yourself.

Number Three
Simply put the battery status has list its mind.

1. iPhone at 5%
2. Connect to Charger
3. Time Passes
4. iPhone at 35%
5. Unplug iPhone
6. Mins later iPhone is at 1%? How
7. Plug in iPhone battery instantly at 35%?!
9. Unplug drops to 29%

I have been having these battery problems on my iphone 5 64gb since i first got ios 7!!!! It shuts off whenever it wants! Last week it was at 71% done!!! I plugged it in and it was fine. But for the most part it shuts off between 10-35%, so i charge it 3-4 times a day to keep it above 50%!!!! Cant wait to upgrade! Convinced apple does this to force upgrades! Fu&$ing ridiculous!

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Dear iMore team,
How to fix the missing wallpaper stills on iPhone 5???
They are gone after update to 7.1
I've restarted my phone, updated through iTunes and no luck.

Same here also when i open certain apps such as Mail, the top satis bar disappears. It camoflauges with the white background.. HELP!!! this is annoying.

Petty i know...but I've never liked the new plugged in/charging sound that came with ios 7, perhaps bring back the old, or make it an option etc...

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My Air seems slower since the update. I am starting to see the little spinning circle more than I use to. I am definitely not seeing the speed increase others are experiencing.
Maybe my ISP is throttling.

My Reminders quit working. When I click on Reminders on homepage, a "New List" pops up with a + sign on the left. Noting happens when I tap on New List or the + sign. There is a search area on top but when I type anything in that area and click to search nothing happens. There is also a clock to the right of the search area. Nothing happens when I tap on it, either. Can someone please help me? I use the reminders all the time but now they are all gone......

Is anybody having issue with the alarm not ringing?
this morning the alarm did not ring, and I have two separate times set.

Swipe up for control center still is not smooth on iPhone when the keyboard it up. Not sure if that is on purpose. But my iPad 4 pulls it up no problem.

Also keyboard clicks sound goes out randomly. And the "sleep" click goes out randomly as well.

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i love how all the animations are faster and the way everything has been made easier to use like turning month view into list view in calendar and the x turns into it's own clear button oh and most importantly touch id works much better for me now works first time pretty much 100% where as it would work 2 or 3 time before

Having a ton of problems downloading pics PDFs and attachments. I live on the road and now both my iPad and iPhone are screwed up.

Touch ID seems way more reliable. One thing I wish apple had fixed is the ability to add existing playlists into new playlists... They removed that with iOS 7.

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My iPad keyboard has many, many missing keys. It restarts when I try to type. I am so tired of Apple.

My location services icon won't go away, I feel like it is draining my battery on my iphone 5. How do I fix this with the new update ?

iPhone 4 problems - I had an alarm go off while talking to someone and the button to turn the alarm off wouldn't work and had to hang up in order to get it to stop. When I call people it will periodically try to put it through as a FaceTime call. The Facebook app won't open now.

the new update seems to have broken more things than it fixed for me. I am unable to use any of my apps. They open and then close immediately. I'm currently restoring my phone to see if that will fix it but that's such a pain in the butt. I HATE having to restore it and set everything up again.

I am an iPhone 4 user and I've noticed that on my home screen, there is a shadow above my wallpaper. Others that have updated do not have the same issue & I am really curious how to fix it! Please help

I was hoping the bluetooth syncing issues I have bee having in my 2013 Honda civic would have been addressed. Ever since I updated to ios 7 the music will start playing automatically, Bluetooth connection drops, etc. Hopefully apple and Honda will have it fixed by the next update.

Good day!
I was moving around some of my apps, and... well, my game center has disappeared :P
Luckily i can still spotlight search it (obviously) :D
also had huuuge issues syncing it with my laptop... it took about an hour to sync, i shit you not.
But i'm loving 7.1 because my iphone 4 hardly lags anymore.

Touch ID, Touch ID, TOUCH ID FINALLY WORKS! Prior to 7.1, I'd suffered 4 Genius Bar trips, 5 complete reinstalls of system and all 350+ apps from scratch (at Genius insistence), 3 new iPhones -- and had read countless user forum posts -- all in pursuit of making Touch ID work. Got under the skin that so many iFriends were merrily enjoying it and saying "What, it isn't working for you? Works for me!"

Got to know fellow sufferers on the forums pretty well, all enraged that the marquee feature of iPhone 5s -- the reason we bought it! -- was an utter fail.

So imagine the joy of having this suffering suddenly lifted! Before 7.1, Touch ID never survived longer than 24 hours. Since the update, haven't needed to re-set main print once.


1. For best results, set up just one print.

2. Carefully program the fingerprint by dividing it mentally into a tic-tac-toe grid, then filling it in, starting at bottom center, then bottom right, bottom left, center center, center left and so on, being careful to overlap fingerprints.

3. If Touch ID seems to err more often, use an app like Sys-Activity to restore your supply of Free Memory. Touch ID seems to need it. Always, when Touch ID errs, Free Memory turns out to be 29mb or lower on my phone. Bringing Free Memory back above 350mb always fixes the problem.

4. Touch ID never stops learning, it seems. If it seems to have "forgotten" part of your print, you can re-teach Touch ID by starting from the sector that still works, locking the phone, then unlocking using an overlapping sector of your print, and repeating as often as desired.

I have noticed that does not happen all the time but some of the messages do not come up when I drag the notification center down.

It works fine for emails, app notifications and all. But for some strange reason some text messaages / imessages come up and others do not... It is pretty frustrating.

On safari youtube i try to watch vids on full screen but it remains the same screen and the other part of the screen is white

I can't believe they have removed the full screen caller id picture. I loved seeing the big beautiful pictures of my family when they called. It was so easy to see who was calling at a glance and from a distance. Now I have to pick up the phone and look closely at the tiny picture in the circle or small name next to it. I don't understand why they would do this. They could at least offer both options. I've sent my comments to Apple on this issue and hope many other people will too. The feedback link is:

when you get a text or a regular notification and you want to and you want to dismiss it by pulling it down then pulling it up to hide it, it worked flawlessly back when IOS 7 was released but ever since the first update after the official IOS 7 release it's been very ugly and buggy to dismiss the notification..

With the iPhone 5S, I had many resprings before 7.1. Not even 1 since I started using 7.1
But they toke away the full photo caller on the incoming calls and they implemented something really stupid, tinny circular thumbnail. I hope they do change it to how it was or come uo with something better on the next versions of iOS.

iPhone 5s - I've noticed around 24 hours after I installed the update - actually within a few hours this morning - that it's no longer automatically going to lock screen. If I'm on Spotify and viewing the app, then leave it for 1 minute, it doesn't fade to black / lock it.

If I'm on the apps screen it fades to a dark colour / shadow but I can still see the icons and it doesn't lock.

If I'm already on lock screen and click to check up what message I've just received, what track I'm on, missed call, etc, then it goes back to black just fine.

Anyone else having this issue??

Have only had the iphone for 2 weeks so a bit confused!

MAIL now crashes back to springboard ( the main iOS 7 screen ) mail looks like it just quit but its still running. This happens as I'm typing a reply usually if it happens as its random. Never had a problem using mail with any other release on my iPhone 4S. My partly typed reply is just gone when i go back into mail !

(iPhone 5s) I didn't see but 1 person mention the issue with the screen not rotating with the phone. The screen locks in portrait mode, and is no longer switching to landscape when you rotate the phone either way. If you watch a video in the YouTube you have to click the button for it to expand, but it stays locked in that mode regardless of whether your phone is turned that way or not, but at least you CAN watch it on fullscreen. If you try to view a video any other way it won't even allow you to view it in full screen. You can select the 2 arrows for expanding, but that's all it does is make it larger. So it basically zooms in, cutting off the right & left sides at the screen's edge, making over half the video to be completely out of view.

My wife is on iPhone 4 and since iOS 7 she's been experiencing accident buttons pressing while talking on the phone. I can see by looking between her face and the phone that proximety sensor doesn't shut down the screen. Does anybody have the same issue?

The new update completed deleted everything on my calendar on my 3rd gen iPad... And when I go to add everything back on it, everything disappears again. Didn't happen on my iPhone, though

Someone help, as soon as I upgraded from 7.0.4 to 7.1.2 my lockscreen slider text has gone black even on dark wallpapers! Can somebody please help? It seems un-natural to have all text white but the slider text colour.