Updated, Even More Integrated

I'm starting to think I really do have clout around this interweb thing (I can dream)

First, received a search feature after I complained about the lack of it in my review. Now, my other complaint, the slight hesitation after installing new programs that sends you back to your unlock screen, has been fixed. It now quickly relaunches your Home Screen to seamlessly load the newly downloaded programs, which essentially makes and its functions even more integrated into the iPhone.

Other noteworthy items in the update include the ability to refresh one source at a time and a search feature in the Uninstall category. Now in v3.11, is becoming a powerhouse of a program and perhaps the most integrated native app that jailbreaking has to offer. is automatically installed when you jailbreak your iPhone with iLiberty+ or ZiPhone.

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Have you had any recent issues with Installer crashing?
For a few of us jailbroken iPod touch users, Installer will not fully load or refresh sources without crashing back to the home screen.
At this point, Installer is completely useless.