iPhone 3.0 Parental Controls Allow First Adult App onto iPhone (NSFW-N)


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Well, at least it took longer than push notification or turn-by-turn navigation, right?

As should be no surprise, given how the porn industry is typically among the first to adapt to new technologies, Macenstein reports that the first app to feature nudity has made it into the iTunes App Store.

The app is rated 17+ for frequent/intense sexual content or nudity, and frequent/intense mature/suggestive theme. This means the new Settings > General > Restrictions > feature for parental controls in iPhone 3.0 can be used to globally allow or block the app (or any app based on several age-based levels). MacRumors explains the results:

If an App falls outside of the allowed rating they will simply disappear off your home screen. Once you turn the restrictions off again, the affected apps reappear.

This should mean we don't see any more app rejections for search-based language or content, but it also leads us to wonder how long it will be before we see major adult entertainment companies come knocking on the App Store door...

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Reader comments

iPhone 3.0 Parental Controls Allow First Adult App onto iPhone (NSFW-N)


There's enough smut out there without the AppStore perpetuating it more. Apple shouldn't allow stuff like this to drag their brand down.

And so it begins. Apple spent the past year being criticized for censoring apps. Now they will spend the next year defending their decision to allow adults the right to choose. They can't win.

You know - if it's legal what right has anyone from complaining about adults exercising their right to enjoy whatever the heck they want within the law? Each to their own IMO.

I like the fact that Apple is turning to adult content but I don't really care for this app.
Now that I think about it, I never really cared about "adult" apps.

To everyone saying this is bad, this is America (at least for me). In America if you want to buy things like this that is your right. No one is forcing you to buy these apps and you never have to see them. It is simply not possible that someone else being able to have this app will ever harm you or degrade your iPhone experience. Please respect the rights of everyone around the world and grow up. As adults we have the right to choose to download these apps if we want.
Now, where is my South Park app? I see Family Guy didn't waste any time.

@sting7k I agree. I myself will not be getting this or anything like it for all I know but it will make some people happy and the point isn't Adult Apps. The point is more things can be allowed now such as violence. A lot of games have been rejected because they had too much blood. Anyone who complains about it is stupid. Either don't look at it, or if you are worried about you're kid, set some parental controls! That is what they are there for! And I also agree that I hope they resubmit that South Park App. :P I really wanted it. haha.

As much as I wouldn't like to see this app available. Remember that this is still business, the more apps Apple can sell, the more money they can line their pockets with. Will I use my iPhone for adult content, I highly doubt it. If it is there then it is there, and I hope Apple will not promote it anymore than just making it available. I rather use my phone for other things than adult content!!

It's a very thin line for users to be determining what's appropriate for the app store or not. What one person thinks is appropriate another will think is pure smut. If we start complaining about application content then why not complain about iTunes content as there are songs with verbally explicit content, or we should complain that Safari on the device can access very mature content. And Apple should not be bound by some moral obligation when approving applications. They have taken the legal option of providing for content restrictions and it is now up to the user to decide what is appropriate for their (or kid's) device. I probably won't use these applications, therefore I won't download them; it's that easy.
And I can see there becoming a new "Mature Content" category in the app store to control the new influx of applications like this one. Yeah, right below the "Medical" category to give users the feeling of having to walk to the back of the video store to look at the mature videos.

I don't think you will have to worry much about seeing these apps featured on the app store home page in iTunes. And remember, Apple already sells explicit music and videos.
I wouldn't mind a mature content section just to see what's out there.
@PeterM11, gonna mention it over at southparkstudios.com on the forums. Their staff are pretty active so hopefully they see they can get these apps approved now.

Good for Apple, they make 30% with each of hese paid apps AND no one should be complaining about apps being rejected due to unsuitable content anymore.
@ sting7k: Yes, I hpe the south park app Devs, resubmit it.

My prediction: Some big-headed media buffoon will try to make headlines claiming this is the end of the world as we know it, a threat to all puppy dogs and whole-milk cheeses, and then same big-headed media buffoon will be caught in public consuming the most bizarre fring pr0n imaginable on the iPhone.
Always happens.

The other interesting thing is what happens when Apple gets sued for sexual harassment when it assigns some app store reviewer to review all the porn apps?

I see the fake moralists are already up in arms over this, I guess they didn't realize you can see hardcore porn with Safari? And what's with people calling this "porn"? Has this country become so un-educated that they think a picture of a topless bikini model is porn? So sad, I'd expect attitude's like that in Iran, not here. I agree with how George Carlin felt about stuff like this, it's not like people are forced to buy it, I think some people just need stuff to complain about because they have no life of their own to keep them busy.
I see that they already pulled it, for once it would have been nice for a big company not to cave in to the whining from the religious nuts ofthe world.

I was able to get the app.
What can I say. I'm a sucker for hot women.
But the app no longer shows any nudity.
Just girls in lingerie and bikinis.
Oh well.

The App has been pulled
"Apple will not distribute applications that contain inappropriate content, such as pornography. The developer of this application added inappropriate content directly from their server after the application had been approved and distributed, and after the developer had subsequently been asked to remove some offensive content. This was a direct violation of the terms of the iPhone Developer Program. The application is no longer available on the App Store."
Off Cnn's website

That's it! I'm outta here! I've been waiting for Apple to come up with a worthy option to my Treo Pro and they give me porn? I waited for cut and paster, a decent word processor, a spreadsheet, and a good PIM and they finally made it (kind of).
Yes is is America and we do have freedom but my choice is to not view and not listen AND to not support, insofar as is possible.
Soft/hard? What's the difference? I'm selling my 3G and going back to WinMo. At least then I won't feel like I'm a direct contributor to the problem.

@bill: I'm not sure if you're aware, but Apple didn't develop the app, a third party did. But if boobs trigger your sense of moral outrage to such a degree, maybe you're making the right decision. Because god knows you can't see porn on a WinMo phone.

Check out macrumors.com. Apple has issued a statement regarding not not distributing "inappropriate content, such as pornography." Good for them! A really gutsy move by Apple. I guess I will keep my 3G and buy a new MacBook Pro after all! Yay!

This falls to a question of Apple allowing some chicks naked picture on the App store then Apple succumbing to yet another lawsuit because said chick says she never allowed that photo to be taken... It makes Apple a target, its a shame but thats the society we live in today... Blame society not Apple...

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