iPhone Shackles Users to Apple's Walled Garden


p>bilde.jpgAs "iPhone euphoria" slowly wears off, replaced with sobering reality, some of iPhone's less shiny aspects are beginning to come into view. Wilmington North Corolina's StarNews (I didn't know they had newspapers in NC. Wonder if they have internets as well ;) ) pointed out the unfairness of Apple's FairPlay digital rights management (DRM) technology which locks users into Apple's walled garden by limiting playback of songs purchased through the iTunes Store only on Apple authorized hardware. Since Apple doesn't license FairPlay to any other vendor, that means you can only listen to these legally purchased tracks on an iPod, or iPhone in this case.

Needless to say a good many users, and competitors to Apple, are not happy with this arrangement. Some are seeking legal recourse, accusing Apple of being a monopoly.

As consumers become more aware of how copy protection limits perfectly lawful behavior, they should throw their support behind the music labels that offer digital music for sale in plain-vanilla MP3 format, without copy protection.

Apple pretends that the decision to use copy protection is out of its hands. In defending itself against Ms. Tucker’s lawsuit, Apple’s lawyers noted in passing that digital-rights-management software is required by the major record companies as a condition of permitting their music to be sold online: “Without D.R.M., legal online music stores would not exist.”


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iPhone Shackles Users to Apple's Walled Garden


Or just boycott online music in general and buy DRM-free lossless CDs. Nice cover art too. If something's too obscure to find at your local store, hit eBay or Amazon.

Meh! Call me crazy, but I have no issues with DRM. After downloading purchased music via iTunes I simply burn back them up on CD, and or convert them into a unlocked format like MP3. Boom! No more DRM.

At least iPhone can play back Apple's DRM'd music from iTunes. Zune can't play back any "Plays 'For Sure" tracks you may have purchased! :(

lol Raleigh (capital of NC) is often called Silicon Valley East. It is called home by Redhat, RedStorm Interactive, Epic Games, IBM and more. We most assuredly have internets and newspaper here. ;)

Ah, shucks ma, there be 'riting' 'bout uz agin in this here fog or blog site. They thinks we stupid or zomething . . . . . .
Give me a break. How long are we going to hear about these old bullsh#t stereotypes? I agree with the guy from Raleigh. Besides those companies he mentioned, there is also SAS Institute in Research Triangle Park.
North Carolina gave the world Maya Angelou, Thomas Wolfe, Edward R. Murrow and Thelonious Monk. Not to mention countless others. But I guess you're too stupid to probably even know who these people are.
Here's some advice: Get some education, get some traveling under your belt (especially in some beautiful parts of the South), get a book and most importantly, get a life!
That sophormic B.S. about ignorant southerners gets old real fast. Grow up.
I travelled all around this world, but some of the most ignorant people concerning the southern United States has been people - from the United States. Go figure. The guy from Germany knows more about us, then you do. Pitty . . .
P.S. And I wasn't even born here. I lived in Chicago for 13 years.
Asheville, NC