iPhone SDK Beta 6: Now Carding!

iPhone 2.0

Apple has just dropped the sixth (6th!) update to their iPhone SDK and 2.0 beta firmware. Pre-req is Apple's almost simultaneously dropped OS X Leopard update, 10.5.3, so developers are forewarned to get that first before beginning the SDK install.

No word yet on what new treasures may be hiding in this version, but if past betas are any indication, there'll no doubt be something hidden in them there strings

According to TUAW, however, Apple is now carding. Yup, they're checking Application IDs at the door, so make sure you're registered before you try to install apps on a test iPhone.

Head on over to Apple's iPhone DevCenter to get yours now!

A New Version of the iPhone SDK is Now Available Sixth beta version just posted.


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Reader comments

iPhone SDK Beta 6: Now Carding!


I'm not smart - what does "carding" mean in this context? Is iPhone 2.0 checking IDs? Do I have to be 21 to use it?
....OH! I get it. They're checking IDs of apps. You clever clever man!

No, no, I was impenetrable again. Edited for clarity :)
(No idea yet on what Apple's bouncers look like, but Phil Schiller could be the model... shudder...)

They'd better not be modeled on Jobs, because apparently Michael Dell of all people thinks he could take him in a fight!

Shouldn't Dell be returning some money to his shareholders right about now? :)
Besides, we all know Jobs doesn't fight. It's not Zen. He simply uses the Vulcan death grip... (Or gets his new Avon lady to roshambo them, apparently. Seems to have the same effect...)