Tip o' the Week: IMDb, iPhone Style.

How many times has Elizabeth Taylor been married?  Where was Planet of the Apes filmed?  Is Harrison Ford really turning 66 this year?  Indy is a senior citizen??  These are the kinds of questions (and more) that can be answered using the Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com).  If there is something you want to know about your favorite actor, movie, director, character, etc., the IMDb is a great place to find it.  Now, courtesy of Nolan Brown, we have Mobile IMDb for the iPhone and this week's Tip!  Please read on!Mobile IMDbBeing a fan of film and trivia, I have often used IMDb online to learn more about interesting movies, television shows, actors, directors, and anything else connected to the entertainment industry.  At times, it's been a great way to settle an argument or win a bet!

Now, thanks to Nolan Brown, you can access IMDb on your iPhone via Mobile IMDb.  This version has been formatted specifically for the iPhone and provides a very simple interface for the best user experience.

Unlike the full version of IMDb.com, using Mobile IMDb on your iPhone allows you to avoid ads and get straight to the information you are looking for.  Try it today and you just may want to add Mobile IMDb to your Home Screen!

Disclaimer:  Tip o' the Week makes no guarantee, express or implied, that any tip found herein will be new or particularly useful to the reader (and we don't recommend that you use Mobile IMDb to stalk Chuck Norris.  After all, he IS Chuck Norris, and he knows Kung Fu).

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Tip o' the Week: IMDb, iPhone Style.


IAC Says:
May 29th, 2008 at 9:21 pm
It is the Internet Movie Database, not the International movie database.
Thanks, IAC! I certainly had a brain cramp. Corrected!

Steve, apparently you cared enough to leave a comment :) Some people care, some don't. If you care to suggest a Tip of your own, then email it in.

If I may submit two things — the imdb iphone client pictures is not the work of Nolan Brown. It is the work of Martin Grayson. Second, there is a third player in the game. http://www.iphonemdb.com. In my opinion, the latter offers a better interface, which takes you directly to the official imdb results, and is more refined in its result than the other two. Just sayin'...

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