Nike+, SportsTap, Stoneloops of Jurassica -- TiPb Picks of the Week


Every week a few of us from team TiPb, bloggers and forum crew alike, will bring you our current favorite, funnest, most useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they're iPhone (or iPod touch) related, they're fair game.

So who's on deck this week and what are our picks? Find out after the break!

James' Pick: Nike+ (3GS version)

I am an avid runner and used and iPod Nano with Nike+. Nike+ tracks your runs and syncs with an online website/community. Now with the iPhone 3GS and Nike+ built it, I have one less item to carry around when I travel. [Built in]


Justin's Pick: SportsTap.

It's been an app I've used for a while, but now with push it's really useful. Makes it easy to follow the score of the Marlins. [Free - iTunes link]


Leanna's Pick: Stoneloops of Jurassica!

My hand cramped and I nearly got a callous on my finger from playing Stoneloops so much. Enough said. [$0.99 on sale - iTunes link]

stoneloops of jurassica

Matt's Pick: Helios

For any cinematographer or photographer that does any serious work, this is a must. Helios helps you determine when and where the sun will be for any location on the Earth, as well as tell you the azimuth & the shadow length. Lastly, my favorite is the Inclinometer,which can be used to determine when the sun will come out from behind or go behind an object. The application has saved me a lot of time. And for more practical uses- you can use it (as I have) to find the parking space likely to have the most shade ;) [$29.99 - iTunes link]

Rene's Pick: Stoneloops of Jurassica

Sigh. I love TiPb's community. I really do. But they recommend games that end up consuming vast portions of not only my life, but the lives of many staff members. Trails of gems snake their way towards a skeletal maw, and you fire more gems at them in an attempt to make matches, blow them up, and prevent them reaching their grim gateway. Combine 15 levels repeated, with additional colors each time, over several ecosystems (jungle, desert, glacier, etc.) and you have a lot of fun for your iPhone. Like the very best casual games, Stoneloops is quick, simple, and utterly addictive. And yeah, I totally got Leanna hooked too! [$0.99 on sale - iTunes link]

stoneloops of jurassica

Your Pick?

You're part of team TiPb too, so what's your pick? What app was your absolute fav last week? Let us -- and everyone -- know in the comments!

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Nike+, SportsTap, Stoneloops of Jurassica -- TiPb Picks of the Week


Wunder Radio. Only discovered this week. Brings radio stations from all around the world.
When away, keep in touch with home radio, or when home listen to radio abroard.
With Shortwave almost dead and reception on Wunder Radio much better, as a keen Cricket follower, it's been great for example being able to listen to The Ashes here in New Zealand while they're being played in England.

I never used sports tap until they started pushing score updates for any team you want. I love that, I don't even open the app I just use that. Go Cardinals.

Andy, yeah, I'm Miami.
I just got my Nike+ shoes and sensor yesterday, so this might be my pick for next week ;)

RunKeeper! When I read about Nike+ a month ago I was a bit disappointed I don't have the 3gs. But then I found RunKeeper, a great app to track your runs (or walks, bike rides, etc.). Using it on every run now! Unlike Nike+ it uses GPS to track where you're going. And it's got a free and a pro version. The free version is very functional though, maybe enough for most people. Url: