Two Handed Typing on iPhone Works!

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First, my applogies for disppearing this past week, but with the Fourth of July holiday and some much needed time off, I had to step away from the blogosphere (how I detest that term) for a while. But fear not, I'm now back in the saddle ready to resume regular news postings and commentary. Look for another installment of my ongoing iPhone explorations later today, chocked full of goodies.

For now I wanted to apprise you on my experiences with the controversial on-screen keyboard, having more than full week under my belt.

Shock #1: It's not bad at all. In fact dare I say I'm even beginning to preferit to all these clunky plastic keyboards found on most Smartphones! There is no question that acclimating yourself to a virtual keyboard takes time and exercise, but once you adapt yourself it's really not an issue. Even the predictive spelling feature that I lamented about in my previous entry is improving. Apple must have designed some form of adaptive learning algorithm to iPhone, because it seems to improve the more text you enter. After a week, it's far from perfect, but still a marked improvement over the first day or two of writing emails and text messages.

Shock #2: Typing with two hands, or rather thumbs, ala BlackBerry is actually plausible. Initially I had written off any hope of inputing text into my iPhone as I would on my QWERTY keyboard devices. It seemed one finger was the best and only method suitable for iPhone's onscreen keyboard. After typing two-handed for the past two days I can safely WORKS! It does require a bit more attention to what keys are being pressed, but I had surprisingly very little problems in tapping out whole paragraphs with my two fat thumbs.

Look for more observations in my upcoming post. Now, onto the news...

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Two Handed Typing on iPhone Works!


Yes, works with iphone
Ok, I tried Earthcomber and they already have a iPhone-tuned safari site. Very nice - looks "native". Since we can't get real GPS, it's especially handy to have all their emulation options. And it's nice to get above all the mapping. That's pretty, and fun, but with Earthcomberit’s a total informational upgrade from map-focused programs like Google maps – it’s like Earthcomer was meant for the iphone.
It’s clean, easy, noticably fast considering we're not on 3G. If you've never done Earthcomber, you have to be ready to think of it as sort of like personal radar - it looks for things in batches that you can tune (or delete, or compose). The cool thing is that you not only get the necessities nearby but also my personal points of interest and things like old mansions and dog parks I didn’t know were there. It basically, yes, "combs" the world around you. Or I should say, the US only. But then again, the iphone only works in the US, so that kinda takes care of that. It would be nice if they'd let you customize in the iPhone version, but you have to go over to the if you want to set it up to pick your own stuff.

Two-handed typing works, but not very well. Maybe my opposable thumbs are not as nimble or just fatter than yours, but when using the two-handed typing method I perfected on my Blackberry, I find myself hitting the wrong letter about a quarter of the time on my iPhone. I am reminded of a particular Simpsons episode: "The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the keypad with your palm, now." I've found it's much quicker to use a lone poking index finger. The option to have wider "buttons" on the iPhone, even at the expense of the tradtiaional QWERTY layout, would be much appreciated.

Coming soon from Mike Cane Labs, Inc:
Thumb Girdles!
Yes, you fat-fingered freaks, you too can make your fingers nice and svelte and adapted to the iPhone!
The Thumb Girdles will be a cool light-sucking black of the same material used for Jobs's turtlenecks (except with UltraSpandex added!).