Poll: Will You Keep Your iPhone?


Since the iPhone has now been out for nearly two weeks, and for many of you that purchased iPhones at an Apple Store that means your evaluation period is due to expire, now comes the question - Will you keep your shiny new toy, or will it be returned? Answer the poll the below.


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Poll: Will You Keep Your iPhone?


Still on the fence:
Pros: seductive UI, nice photo vault, can browse anywhere, decent phone quality, one device for phone + iPod
Cons: browsing can be sloooow, email features rudimentary, overall size a bit large, storage a bit small, and as "next iPod" replacement it doesn't support Bluetooth stereo headsets.
So time to decide: keep iPod, or swap out for a Samsung Blackjack and save $400+? Hmmm....

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Is it just me or does anyone else feel annoyed that a standard head phone jack won't fit the iPhone? I was ready to listen to some tunes but soon found out my Bose headphones did not work with my iPhone as the socket is so deeply recessed... frustrating!

Sold mine with my contract., I went to the HTC Kaiser. I liked the interface on iPhone and the iPod is the best yet, but it just wasn't worth it. For all the hype, I was a bit disappointed. I liked the UI and that was pretty much it. The UI was fluid and flowed and coverflow was very cool. I found it limiting tho, no MMS?! I can only send pictures by email? Not everyone has a phone that can recieve email. Plus not having any 3rd party apps doesn't really make things fun to customize on the phone. I'm not even gonna start on the software keyboard, takes twice as long as a hardware keyboard. Hmmm what else is there, well lots, no A2DP (woah major bummer) and only proprietary headphones, no video capture, no real push email system, no gaming or emulation, no Slingbox (forget youtube, I want MY TUBE), also on the youtube app, it plays off of m.youtube, I can play the FULL youtube on my kaiser, no GPS (ouch!), no replaceable battery or even the ability to have a backup battery ready for swap, no expandible memory, Edge is Edge, not every location has 3G yet but it would be nice to include that band, my kaiser uses both, and don't forget APPLE CONTROLS EVERYTHING DOWN TO THE RINGTONES! So what did I like about the iPhone, it was pretty. And pretty just don't cut it. The iPhone has good software, but software is just that and can be and has been emulated on other devices as well. So, ya...if you want a really pretty looking touchscreen sidekick featuresque device, the iPhone will be your bag...if your a poweruser like myself and looking for a more capable device, there are plenty out there that smokes the iPhone.

I am interested in an Iphone...paying to trade in my treo 700p. What phone do you think is better. I am presently with Verizon who actually has better coverage than AT&T in the part of AZ I am living. Thanks Mary