Germans Think iPhone is Wunderbar!


Germany's biggest retailer says iPhone mania is sweeping the land of Beer and Wursts. A spokesperson told to German newspaper Tagesspiegel that it receives more than 1,000 inquiries a day about iPhone, asking when it will be available.

As a nice segway to the earlier story posted today revealing that 25% of iPhone users have switchted to AT&T, more than 50% of Germans say they too would switch carriers to get an iPhone.

Sehr gut!


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Reader comments

Germans Think iPhone is Wunderbar!


Was wondering where you got your info on the 25% of users have switched to AT&T? Really like your site. Nice to see someone who appreciates the iPhone's capabilities.

I'm sure you call all French frog eaters and italy the land of pizza. How narrow minded and racist can a site like this be? One would assume you guys went to school and learned something about the world, particularly that it doesn't stop at U.S. borders.

Well apparently the universal language of humor stops at U.S. borders.
You need a bit of educating.
It's ironic that you accuse me of racism when it's against my own ancestry - I am German! In fact my surname, Pribbernow, is German.
My ancestors emigrated from Germany to the this country at the dawn of the twentieth century, and settled in the state of Wisconsin. My family has a strong and proud German heritage, passed down from generation to generation. For you to accuse me of racist slants against the very culture I was born and raised is not only insulting, it's obtuse.
However, I'm not so much offended by your accusation of racism. That's typical of uneducated people who lash out at what they don't understand. What I find more irritating is your gross ignorance of Germany. Being a person of German descent and culture I can tell you that beer and sausage, however trivial they may seem to you is very much sacred to German cultural heritage.
Of course that's not all there is to Germany, but unless my century old (in America) German family is somehow different from all other Germans, that's what I have come to know and appreciate.
As a point of evidence, notice that I didn't say Bratwurst in my post? I said Wurst, which applies to the multitudes of varieties and types of sausages and meats known as Wursts, such as Knackwurst, Mettwurst , Bockwurst, Kartoffelwurst.
In future I suggust that you educate yourself before making ignorant and slanderous remarks.

In Germany you can get Iphones at Ebay ( so their is no problem to get an Iphone in Germany (cost 500 Euro).
But no german Provider can work with the Iphone featers, thats the problem in Germany.